"How I Married the Babysitter" - A Bedwetter's Tale, Chapter 8

Well, here it is the final chapter. I want to thank everyone who has read and commented. This is the first long story I’ve written after a very long bout with writers block. I’m hoping I’m over it for good and I do have a few ideas that I’ve been playing with, I hope to get something new posted before the holidays. Enjoy.


Chapter 8

When we arrived at Scott’s apartment, we couldn’t get inside fast enough. As soon as we were inside the doorway, Scott locked the door behind us, I grabbed him and pulled him into a huge kiss and we both began undressing. The shopping bags were scattered at our feet.

“Race you!” I said as I pulled my shirt off and began unbuttoning my pants.

“Oh no you don’t!” Scott shouted as he pulled off his own shirt, kicked off his shoes and began working on his pants.

I had him beat. I was pulling off my panties and kicking them across the floor while he was still trying to get his pants off his ankles.

“I win!” I shouted as I sprang up naked before him. His manhood was standing at attention creating a huge tent in the front of his boxer shorts as he looked up at me.

“Oooooh someone’s happy!” I giggled as he kicked his pants free and pulled his boxers down.

“Well, I’ll bet little Lizzy Dizzy is getting wetsy down there too.” Scott said, pointing at my most female of areas.

“You’ll see soon enough.” I said. “Diaper me!”

Scott bent over and picked up the bag containing the package of Pampers. I lay down on his living room floor in front of the TV and wiggled my naked bottom on his carpet giggling.

“Hurry up!” I said.

“Hang on there Lizzy Dizzy.” He said as he ripped the plastic bag of Pampers open. He fumbled and dropped the bag on the floor as he managed to get it open.

“Come on, Come on…” I said. I was burning up. I needed to be diapered; I wanted to feel the soft lining of the Pamper brought up over my vagina. Scott managed to collect himself and get a Pamper out of the bag.

“I sure hope these fit you well…I can’t wait to see you in them.” He said. Judging by the state of his manhood, I knew he wasn’t lying. He was hard as a rock.

“Ok, here comes your Pamper little girl…” Scott said.

“Ohhhh yaaaaaay!” I said and lifted my bottom. I was going crazy; I was even more turned on than I had been the previous night when Scott and I first made love. “Hurry, Hurry” I said.

“Ok, back down.” Scott said as he placed the diaper under my bottom.

“Will it fit?” I asked as I felt my bottom come into contact with the soft lining of the Pamper and heard the familiar crinkle that I remembered so well from my childhood.

“I think so, but it might be tight.”

“Do your best.” I told him. Scott brought the front of the Pamper up between my legs and pulled the right side up to fasten the tape. I could feel it stretching tight against my side as he fastened the first tape.

“Looks like it’s going to fit…but it will be snug.” Scott said. I felt the left side being pulled tight, it was definitely snug alright, but he managed to get the tape closed.

“Oh you look soooooo good right now I could burst.” Scott said as he admired his handy work.

I giggled. “You sure look like you’re about to burst.” I told him, then reached for his swollen member and gave him a gentle rub.

“Ohhhhhh god you’re driving me crazy!” he moaned. “Stop that…stand up and show me how it looks.”

I did as I was told, I got up off the ground and again heard the crinkle of the plastic backing, this would be one of the last incarnations of Pampers to have the plastic backing, four years later they would switch to cloth backed…as would all major brands. Scott and I didn’t like that when it happened, but by then we would discover an online community of like minded diaper lovers which would change our world. Getting to know that there were many many other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers all over the world led us to new brands of diapers which we ordered on line.

I wiggled my bottom for Scott. “It feels snug but it feels soooooo good!” I said. “How does it look?”

“You look so cute right now!” Scott replied.

“Ok big boy…your turn!” I said with a smile.

“Yes mamm”

Scott laid himself down on the carpet in front of the TV just as I had. I found the bag of Large depends and quickly opened it. I pulled a diaper out of the bag and examined it for a moment. It was white and the plastic backing felt similar to that of the Pamper I was wearing but not exactly the same.

“What are you doing…come on I’m dying here!” Scott said.

“I’m just checking it out; I haven’t seen these up close.”

“You know what to do right?” He asked.

“Of course I do Mr. I think I’ve had more experience with diapers than you have…” I said with a grin. “Now lift up.”

Scott lifted his bottom off of the floor while I opened the back half of the Attend and slid it under him.

“Back down.”

“Ohhhh that feels nice.” Scott said as his bottom came into contact with his diaper.

“Look how happy you are baby boy.” I said with a grin as I gave his erection another gentle stroke. “You’re actually throbbing!” I said.

“Ohhhhhh that’s good!” Scott moaned. “I haven’t felt this excited since I was in my teens!” He said.

“I know me too! Now hold still please.” I told him as I brought the front half of the diaper up over his groin. I started with the bottom most tape on the right side, then the left and alternated until Scott was securely diapered. His erection was creating quite a good sized tent in the front of the diaper and I giggled.

“There’s my little playmate…all happy in his diapee!” I said. Then I started to rub the front of his diaper, feeling his throbbing erection through the plastic and padding. Scott moaned with pleasure again.

“Ohhhh Lizzy….let’s go to the bedroom!” he said, hardly able to contain himself.


I helped him up, we hugged, kissed and fondled each other’s diapered bottoms for a moment before Scott took my hand and led me to his
bedroom. We were on the bed instantly. Each of us squatted down on our knees and bounced a bit on our bottoms to feel our diapers against us; we held each other and kissed. We rolled into a lying position and I mounted him carefully.

“Does this remind you of anything?” I asked.

“Little Lizzy’s famous horsy ride?”

“That’s right…and this time I want to make you come in your diaper instead of your undies…” I told him.

I began to bounce slowly and ride him. I felt his hardness pressing through his diaper and against my own. I was in an unbelievable state of arousal myself; I was going to make myself come just by humping him through my diaper…and I knew he would too.

“mmmmmmmmmmmm this is a amazing” Scott moaned. I giggled, our diapers were crinkling loudly as I continued to ride him. Scott reached up and gently cupped my breasts, I put my hands on his hands and we both moaned softly in pleasure. I continued to ride him for nearly 20 minutes…during that time I came twice in my Pamper until Scott finally released into his own.

I rolled off of him and lay beside him, panting and sweating. “Ohhhh….that was sooooo good!” I said.

Scott turned his head sideways and we kissed. “Are we perverts?” he asked.

“I don’t care what we are.” I told him. “As long as we’re together we can do whatever makes us happy…and I think this makes us both very very happy….don’t you agree?”

“Yes…Yes it does.” He said.

The night went on, we experimented in our diapers, each wetting and being changed. We ordered Chinese food delivered and I paid the delivery man while wearing nothing but Scott’s bathrobe and a fresh Pamper. We ate in front of the TV dressed in just our diapers, and later we made love again, this time with our diapers pulled aside exposing our sex to each other. I focused on the sound of the crinkles as Scott brought me to climax after climax from behind. It was amazing, and over the years, it only got better.

As time went on, our relationship came out into the open, we were officially an item, and after a bit of a fight with my father, I was finally given his blessing to move out and into Scott’s apartment. Scott and my schedules lined up pretty well. We fell into a diaper play schedule of about 2 to 3 nights a week. We each developed well known alias’ in the online AB/DL community, eventually we even posted some pictures of ourselves playing in our diapers together (never showing our faces of course).

One weekend morning after each of us spent the night in our diapers, I convinced Scott to mess his diaper, telling him that I needed to practice changing all states of an adult diaper for my nursing career. He obliged and I enjoyed watching him make a poo poo in his diaper. I did an excellent job of changing him and rewarded him with a happy diaper rub in his fresh diaper. Scott said he didn’t mind the feeling of the messy diaper but wasn’t crazy about the smell. I wasn’t either, but eventually I took my turn at messing as well and Scott changed my messy diaper too. We didn’t make a habit of messing but we would bring it into our play from time to time.

Two years after our first night of passion, which we considered our anniversary, Scott proposed to me. We were out for a walk in the snow, admiring the holiday lights around the neighborhood when he stopped, took to a knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket. He hardly had the words out of his mouth before I fell to the ground and kissed him fiercely.

“Yes!” I said. “Yes Yes Yes!”

Seven months later in July, we were married, I wore a Pull Up under my wedding dress…which I was surprised to find was actually not an uncommon thing for a bride to do. It’s not easy getting in and out of a wedding dress to pee! Scott was happy to find me wet when he undressed me on our wedding night.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… Scott and I are much older now, we have two beautiful children, and when they came along, our diaper play more or less stopped. We both agreed that it was time for us to be grownups for the children’s sake…and our own. I can’t imagine what it would be like explaining our activities to our kids if we got caught. One night recently, while snuggled up to Scott in bed and watching TV, a Pampers commercial came on and we both smiled.

“You know…in another year or two the kids will be off to College.” Scott said.

I reached under the covers, found his manhood and gave him a rub. “Crinkle Crinkle” I said.

The End

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Thank you for the good story :slight_smile: .
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this is an amazing story
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great story i enjoyed reading it

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I know that it is long overdue. But I just found the site. This was an incredible story and I cannot thank you enough for sharing it with us. Cheers!