"How I Married the Babysitter" - A Bedwetter's Tale, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The day after Scott had revealed his secret to me, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had told me. The thought that he had been a bedwetter just like me, and that he had actually worn diapers at night too was my whole world now. I wasn’t alone anymore. My mom had always told me that I wasn’t the only kid in the world who wet her bed, but for the first time, I realized she was right. My problem wasn’t unique, other kids could also be just like me…wearing diapers at night because of something they can’t control.

I was bouncing around the house all day. I couldn’t get the thought of Scott wearing diapers out of my head. “What’s gotten into you Lizzy?” my mother asked me. I wasn’t paying attention to anything, I was just smiling and humming and even dancing around at times. My lack of focus and my intense happiness became apparent to me when wet my pants that afternoon. It was an accident, like so many I’d had before, but this time I wasn’t ashamed. My mom was disappointed in me as usual, but this time, when I told her I was sorry, for me it felt like going through the motions…I said I was sorry, but I sort of wasn’t…I didn’t care that I had wet my pants.

Over the next several days, I spent a lot of time wondering if there were any girls or boys in my same grade at school that also had this problem. I wondered if any of them wore diapers at night, and if any of them liked to wear their diapers…if they had day time accidents, or had ever gone poo poo in their diapers or pants like I had. These thoughts filled my head, especially at bed time. I would lay awake in bed after being tucked in and told good night. Laying there under the covers in my diaper, I began to think about Scott…picturing him wearing a diaper too. I wished so desperately that I could have been there with him, that we could have been in our diapers together. I pretended that he was next to me in bed, wearing his diaper and snuggling me. The strange sensations that I had felt when he gave me the horsy ride would start to return. I thought I would wet my diaper while I was still awake, but it never happened. Still, I would wake up wet just the same as every other morning.

The worst part of having these new feelings about Scott was that I couldn’t talk about it with anyone. I promised Scott and we made a pinky swear. I was so happy about what he had told me…so happy to know that it was true that I was not the only bedwetter in the world. I had so many questions. I wanted to ask Scott if he had had accidents during the day time too when he was my age, I wanted to know if he had ever pooped in his pants or diaper. It was frustrating for me, all I could do was wait and hope that he would be babysitting again soon before Tom got back from camp and on a night where Robby was at a sleep over.

It didn’t take long at all for my waiting and hoping to pay off. Two weeks to the day, Tom was still away at camp for one more week, and as luck would have it, Robby would once again be sleeping over at a friend’s house. Scott and I would be alone for the evening. Once again, I was bouncing around the house with excitement. My mother could tell and told me to control myself. She even sent me to the bathroom once during the afternoon and told me to try even if I didn’t feel like I had to go. I was glad that I had listened to her because after only a few seconds of sitting on the toilet I began to pee, a lot! I hadn’t realized I had to go so badly if mom hadn’t told me to go to the bathroom, I may have wet my pants again.

Early that evening, when we had returned from dropping Robby off at his friend’s house, Mom made me take a bath. I played in the tub with a small plastic boat while she washed my hair. I was humming and smiling.

“You sure have been happy this week sweetie” she said. I just continued to smile and hum and play with the toy boat.

“Kitty cat got your tongue?” My mother asked. This I did respond to.

“Can we get a Kitten?” I asked. “Pleeeeese!” I said. Mom knew that I had wanted a kitten forever.

“I thought that might get your attention” was all she said…avoiding my kitten request once again. Dad was allergic, it would never happen.

“You seem like you’ve been having a lot of fun lately sweetie, If I didn’t know better I’d think someone has a crush on a certain babysitter?” Mom said.

“Mommy! No I don’t!” I said in a half annoyed, half embarrassed tone.

“I’m sorry Lizzy, I’m just being silly with you.” She said as she rinsed my hair.

When I was done with my bath, mom lifted me out of the tub and dried me off. She then had me lay down on the towel and I waited while she diapered me for the night. When she was done, I got up and walked down the hall to my room in just my diaper, my mother following close behind.

I went to get my PJ’s and found that I only had a nightie to wear as my PJ’s were all in the wash. This usually happened at least once every week or so. I normally hated having to wear just a nightie over my Pamper, but this week was different. I had never felt embarrassed about being diapered around Scott before, but now I really didn’t care at all. I was willing to walk downstairs in nothing but my diaper and a t-shirt if my mom would let me.

My mother helped me into my nightie and gave me a hug. “Ok sweetie…you want pizza for dinner tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah!” I shouted happily.

“Well ok then. We’ll order it as soon as Scott gets here, go to the TV room and play.” She said.

I pamped off to the TV room crinkling loudly as always, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to be alone with Scott. I sat in the TV room playing with my dolls and waiting anxiously. The doorbell finally rang and I was off like a shot. I ran to the front door and got there just ahead of my mother. She laughed as I cut her off and opened the door.

“Hi Scott!” I shouted.

“Hey there Lizzy Dizzy.” He smiled and held out his hand for a high five. I gave him one.

“We’re gonna have pizza for super” I shouted.

“Yummy!” Scott said and then tussled my hair a bit.

Scott said hello to my mother and they worked out the details of where my parents would be and how to reach them that evening…when they would be home, what he and I wanted on our pizza… This was something that had to be done back in those days as mobile phones didn’t really exist for the average everyday person yet. Sure you could get one if you were ultra rich, but it would be about as big as a suitcase and weigh as much as a brick. When all of this had been settled, Scott and I went into the TV room and found something to watch until the Pizza arrived. We had recently gotten our first VCR and we had some movies to watch. We had Wargames out from the rental shop and Scott seemed excited about it so I said put it in. My brother Robby had gotten it a day ago. I didn’t really understand all of it but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be sitting there with Scott on the couch.

Eventually my parents said goodbye…the pizza arrived and we ate in front of the TV. I drank a whole can of soda again, which I wasn’t supposed to do, but Scott didn’t stop me. I’m not sure if my mom even told him not to let me have a whole can or not. I remember that it was still early when the movie ended because the Love Boat hadn’t come on yet when we flipped back to TV. That’s when I did something bold. I don’t know why I did it, I just couldn’t contain myself. I stood up, and lifted my nightie up revealing my Pamper to Scott.

“Look!” I said, with a big smile on my face.

“Hey what are you doing that for silly.”

“It’s my diaper.” I said.

“I know what it is, why are you showing it to me?”

I blushed and put my nightie back down. I didn’t know what to say and I just started talking at a mile a minute which is what I would do when I was nervous back then.

“Umm…I don’t know, I just wanted to…I…thought, maybe you would want to see a Pamper because you told me about your diapers and that they were cloth and you didn’t get to wear Pampers so this is what a Pamper looks like if you wanted to see one…”

Scott seemed a bit flustered at first. Then he said. “Well, thank you for that Lizzy, but I have seen a Pamper before. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite as cute as the one you are wearing tonight though, you must have lots and lots of comfy Pampers to wear in this house?”

I smiled. “Yeah, come on I’ll show you my diapers.” I said and I ran out of the room heading upstairs. I didn’t know why I was doing this; I just wanted Scott to see everything, the box of Pampers in the upstairs bathroom, the plastic sheet on my mattress. Even last night’s wet diaper that was still in the garbage pail.

“Where are you going?” Scott shouted after me.

“Come on! I’ll show you my diapers; I’ll even show you my diapers!” I shouted back.

He did follow me upstairs after a bit, and when he found me in the bathroom I had the door to the closet open and was pointing at the big box of Pampers.

“See!” I said. Scott seemed to be blushing but he was looking at the box with interest.

“You can touch them if you want too.” I said…as if he needed to make sure they were real. To my surprise, he did. Scott got down on his knees next to me and touched the top of a Pamper inside the open box. He then got closer to the box and seemed to be sniffing it.

“I love that smell.” He said and smiled.

“I do too.” I said with a giggle. “I wish you could wear them with me…but you’re too big for Pampers” I said.

Scott blushed. “Lizzy I don’t wear diapers anymore you know that…and remember that’s a secret.”

“I know. I won’t say anything ever” I said. “I was just thinking it would be fun…and since you didn’t get to wear Pampers when you were my age that maybe you would like it.”

“Well kiddo, if I were the same age as you, I’d wear a Pamper with you any day of the week” he said and then gave me a pat on my diapered bottom.

I giggled. “Come on, look at my room!” I shouted and pulled on his shirt to get him moving again. Scott got up off the floor and followed me to my room where I bounced on my bed and told him to feel it so that he could know about my mattress cover. I then lifted the lid on my garbage pail and pointed at my previous night’s diaper.

“See, I wet my diaper last night.” I said.

“Oh…well…um thank you for shar…er showing me that.” Scott said as he glanced down at the used diaper.

“Did you have a crinkly cover on your bed too when you were little?” I asked.

“Yes I did, and I always worried about my friends coming over and finding out if they came in my room.” Scott said.

“Me too!” I said.

“Lizzy, let’s go back down and watch TV ok?” Scott said. He seemed to be nervous, I didn’t know why.

“Ok, can you carry me?” I asked, and held up my arms showing that I wanted to be lifted up.

Sure" Scott said, and he lifted me up.

Because I was wearing a nightie, his arms were touching my diapered bottom directly. I smiled as I wrapped my legs around his mid section, arms around his neck and then rested my head on his shoulder. He carried me all the way back to the couch in the TV room, and when we got there he did something I didn’t expect. Scott turned sideways, and fell back onto the couch with me still in his arms so that we were lying on the couch and I was lying on top of him.

I was so surprised that I let out a little scream and then giggled loudly as we landed together. We arrived just in time to catch the beginning of The Love Boat, but neither of us was watching the TV. I had my eyes locked on him and he was smiling at me. I straddled him and got myself up right. I was sitting with my diapered bottom right on his crotch. At that age, I didn’t know that what I was doing would make him uncomfortable, or that it might not be right for me to do.

“Horsy ride!” I shouted. “Just like this!” and I started bouncing on him.

“Oh…umm…I don’t know Lizzy.” He said.

“Please!” I shouted and bounced again.

“Umm…ok…but just a short ride and then you have to sit down…”

“No…Horsy Horsy Horsy!” I said and continued to bounce.

That was when I felt something under my diaper, it seemed like maybe there was something in Scott’s pocket. I didn’t know what it was, but I liked the way it pressed against my Pamper. I bounced on it some more. And Scott began to move his hips up and down on the couch pushing me up and down, giving me the horsy ride I so desperately wanted.

His face looked funny, like he wasn’t paying attention to anything. I began to feel funny in my diaper, the same feeling I had the last time Scott gave me a horsy ride. I felt like I had to go pee, but I liked it. I bounced back as Scott bounced me, and before I knew it, I was wetting my diaper. I didn’t jump off of Scott this time, I didn’t even try to stop myself, I just continued to wet my diaper until the pee stopped coming. That was when I looked down at Scott; he made a funny face, and closed his eyes.

“Oh…oh…no…uh I…I need to get up!” Scott practically shouted. Before I knew what was happening, he lifted me up off of himself and placed me down on the floor. I was still in a bit of a trance from peeing in my diaper. Scott sat up with one hand covering his crotch.

“I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute.” He said in a nervous sounding voice.

“Are you ok?” I asked…I was worried. I lifted my nightie, looked at my diaper, and it was soaked. Had I leaked on him? “Scott I’m sorry.” I said quietly as he ran out of the room. He didn’t hear me.

I sat there on the floor beside the couch, thinking I had ruined the night by peeing on Scott’s pants…right where his boy parts were…it would look like he wet his pants, and it was my entire fault. I began to cry. I sat there on the floor in my wet diaper and wept quietly for what seemed like forever until Scott came back.

“Hey…what’s wrong Lizzy?” he said as he came back over. I looked up and noticed that he had pulled his tee shirt out and it was hanging down low, covering his front.

“I…I’m sorry” I said.

"What for kiddo? He asked.

“I wet my diaper and it leaked on your pants” I said as I sniffed back my tears.

“Oh…um Lizzy, no, you didn’t leak on me…I just, umm. I had to really go to the bathroom badly and needed to get up quickly.” He lifted his tee shirt up quickly showing me the front of his pants “See” he said.

I looked at his pants but didn’t see a wet spot, but it looked bigger there…like he had something in his pants. I didn’t say anything. He sat down on the couch and told me to stand up. I did, and he gave me a hug.

“I’m sorry that you wet your diaper Lizzy Dizzy, is it really bad?” he asked. I nodded yes.

“Can you show me?” He asked.

I lifted my nightie up revealing my wet Pamper. “Uh Oh” Scott said. “That is really wet…I don’t think you should sit back down on the couch in that” He said. Then he said something that I’ll never ever ever forget.

“Do you want me to change you?” Scott asked.

I was frozen. I didn’t want to stay in the wet diaper all night…and I had already shown it to him. Did I want him to see me naked? I wasn’t sure at first, but then Scott said “It will be our secret forever.”

“Ok” I said.

Scott took my hand and led me upstairs to the bathroom. When we got there he put a towel on the floor and told me to lie down. I knew the routine and did as I was told. I lifted my nightie up so that my wet diaper was exposed.

“Everything is in the closet?” he asked. I nodded yes.

He opened the closet and found what he needed, wipes, and a fresh Pamper. Scott went to work. He untapped my wet diaper and I squirmed a bit as he opened it. I blushed, and I giggled.

“shh….hold still Lizzy Dizzy” he said. He seemed nervous. I lifted my bottom so he could take the wet diaper out from under me. He then started to wipe me with a baby wipe. He did it very gently, as if he wasn’t sure he should be touching me. It took three baby wipes for him to get me all clean. He then opened the fresh diaper.

“Lift up” he said.

I lifted my bottom again as he slid the diaper under me. I lowered my bottom down onto the Pamper and he adjusted it a bit. Scott very quickly opened the front of the diaper and brought it up between my legs. It took him a bit of adjusting before he finally sealed the first tape; the second tape was easier for him.

“Ok…I think I got it. How does that feel?” Scott asked.

“Good” I said and smiled at him.

“Stand up…let’s make sure I got it tight enough…it doesn’t feel loose or too tight does it?” he asked.

I stood up and wiggled my butt around. The Pamper crinkled, I giggled and Scott smiled. “It feels perfect” I said. “You did a good job.” I told him.

“Well…I remember my mom doing it to me, but she used safety pins…tapes sure seem easier I think”

I lowered my nightie down and gave him a hug. “Thank you” I whispered in his ear.

“You’re welcome kiddo” he said as he hugged me and gave me a pat on my bottom. “Let’s get rid of this wet diaper and go back downstairs” He said.

Scott picked up the wet diaper and hung the towel on a hook. He rolled up the wet diaper and buried it in the garbage can under the other trash, and then he washed his hands.

We got back down to the couch, things on The Love Boat had hit the half hour mark…where all the couples were having some sort of problem with each other that would surely be resolved before they pulled back into port. We sat quietly on the couch together and watched the rest of the show. I scooched over next to Scott and he put his arm around me. We didn’t talk anymore about my accident or about him having to run to the bathroom quickly. I wondered if maybe he would have peed his pants too if we had kept bouncing the way we were.

Eventually I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to another wet diaper. I lay there in bed wondering when Scott and I would be alone together again…and if he would ever give me another horsy ride like that one.

The summer went on, Tom returned from camp, mom started to let him watch Robby and I on nights when he wasn’t over at a friend’s house. Scott didn’t babysit for me alone too many more times after that one night. Summer turned to fall, and then winter…time moved on. We all grew up. I would still see Scott often though, but eventually he went off to college and I would only see him around the holidays.

Over the years I would often think about that night, and in my teens when I learned about boys and their parts, it dawned on me what probably had happened to Scott during that horsy ride. I had felt his arousal through my diaper, I had seen the look on his face…how quickly he had moved to get me off of him and get up to run to the bathroom…I always blush when I think of that night, it would be 15 years before Scott and I would ever discuss it. I would be 22, he would be 29. Three years after that, we would be married.

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