"How I Married the Babysitter" - A Bedwetter's Tale, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The big night had finally arrived. All day long I had been giddy with excitement. A few times I almost wet my pants because I was not paying attention and just thinking about having all of Scott’s attention and no stupid older brother’s around to tease me. But I stayed dry all day.

Robby left for his sleep over at 4 in the afternoon. Scott wouldn’t be over until 6:30, and then my parents were going out to a summer party at the lake club that would last until late into the night. I kept asking my mom over and over again what time it was. She eventually got sick of me and sent me outside to play.

I didn’t have anything to do so I just sat on the back steps with one of my dolls and brushed her hair. Eventually I got bored with that and went inside to find a coloring book; there was nothing on TV for kids in the afternoons on Saturday. Back then we had like 8 channels, and more than half of those didn’t have anything good on them. There was no Nickelodeon back then.

When Scott finally arrived I wasn’t even ready for bed yet. I ran to the front door to meet him. My mom was already there letting him in.

“Hi Scott, thanks for coming.” She said.

“Oh you’re welcome Mrs. Charles.” He said. He was so polite.

I stood in the front hallway holding a doll behind my back and rocking back and forth from heel to toe, blushing, with a big smile on my face. I was so excited to see Scott.

“Hi there Lizzy.” He said with a smile waving at me.

“Hi Scott.” I said shyly, blushing.

My mother was smiling at me and she let out a little laugh. She knew I had a huge crush on Scott. She told me on my wedding day that she knew from the moment I met Scott as a little girl that she could tell I was crazy about him. She had been right.

“What have you been up to all day Lizzy?” Scott asked.

“Ummm…nothing much.” I said.

“Nothing much?” he replied. “Well that doesn’t sound like much fun.”

He was joking around with me, and I loved it.

“Umm…well I did do some stuff… I did some pictures in my coloring book, and I played with my dolls…and um…I wanted to watch TV but there was nothing on so then I played with my dolls again…and then I waited for you to get here and now here you are…so we can go and I can show you my pictures…and we can watch TV…and eat Pizza for dinner…and…” I was going a mile a minute, just like the excited 7 year old that I was.

“Hold on there little missy.” My mom said. “Before you do anything else you need to come upstairs with me and get your PJ’s on.”

I stopped speaking. I blushed an even deeper shade of red. Scott knew that what my mother meant was that it was time for me to get diapered for the night.

“Scott would you do me a favor and go in the kitchen, call Antonio’s and order a pizza, and anything else you want to drink or eat for dinner. There’s money on the counter for Pizza…and for your time of course” My mother told him.

“No problem Mrs. Charles, thanks.” Scott said. “What kind of pizza do you want Lizzy Dizzy?” he asked me as I started upstairs ahead of my mother.

“CHEEEEEEEESSSE!” I shouted. I giggled; I loved it when he called me “Lizzy Dizzy”.

“You got it kiddo.” He said.

My mother scooted me up the stairs and into the bathroom.

“You know the drill sweetie, clothes off, hop on the toilet and try to do pee and poop now before your diaper goes on.” My mother instructed me.

“Yes mom.” I said stubbornly as I undressed completely and hopped onto the toilet.

“I’ll be back in 10 minutes sweetie, I want to know if you went when I get back.” My mom told me as she closed the bathroom door and let me do my business.

I didn’t feel like I had to go but as I sat there on the toilet all happy and thinking about Scott, I did start to get a ticklish “I need to pee” feeling down there and eventually I did start to pee into the toilet. I sat there for a while after thinking about how funny it was that I made myself go pee just by thinking about Scott and trying. I think that was the first time in my little life that I actually got a sense that I might have some actual control over my bodily functions.

I sat there for another five minutes trying to poop, but nothing came out. Soon after, my mom came back into the bathroom.

“Well sweetie, how’d you do?” she asked me.

“I went pee, but I can’t go poop.” I told her.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Nothing will come out…I pushed and pushed but no poop wants to come out” I told her.

She giggled. I didn’t know I had said something funny. As if the poop had a mind of its own and would decide when it was good and ready to come out, after all, this had typically been the case for my poo poos.

“Ok then, up off the toilet and wash your hands” she told me.

I did as I was told and my mother glanced in the bowl to see if I had actually done any business. When she was satisfied with the pee she had seen she flushed the toilet, went to the closet and retrieved a fresh Pamper for me. I had just finished washing my hands.

“Ok sweetie, lay down”

I did as I was told and my mother went through the process of diapering me. When she was finished I stood up, naked except for my diaper.

“Go get your PJ’s out.” My mom said.

I Pamped down the hall to my room, giggling that I was running in nothing but my diaper, happy that no stupid older brother’s were there to tease me about it, and that soon I would be downstairs with Scott.

Mom followed me into my room and waited as I grabbed my teddy bear off my bed and then got my favorite pink PJ’s out of my dresser drawer, mom helped me into them and started brushing my hair.

“Are you excited to play with Scott tonight sweetie?” she asked.

“ummm yeahh” I said shyly.

“Well your father and I are going to be home very late tonight, so you’ll be asleep before we get home.” She told me.

“Ok.” I said.

“Sweetie you’re sure you didn’t have to go poopies before?” She asked.

“Yes mommy!” I insisted.

“Ok then.” She said.

“Can I go down stairs now?” I asked as she finished brushing my hair.

She gave me a big hug and a few soft pats on my diapered bottom. “Of course you can sweetie, have a fun night.”

“You too mommy” I said as I hugged her back.

I practically ran downstairs; my Pamper crinkled loudly the whole way. I found Scott in the kitchen; he was on the phone ordering the Pizza. I stopped right in front of him, holding my bear close to my chest I smiled up at him and waited for him to get off the phone. When he hung up, he looked down at me and smiled.

“Hi there Lizzy Dizzy…you all ready for beddy?” He said.

“It’s not bedtime yet!” I said.

“I know, but those sure are some nice PJ’s you have there…and you don’t look sleepy either, you want to go see what’s on TV? Or maybe play game?” He asked.

“Yeah!” I said.

“Well let’s go then.” He bent over and scooped me up. At 14, Scott wasn’t a big teen…he wouldn’t have played football, and never did, but he was still bigger than me by far. He was easily able to carry me to the TV room and plop me down on the couch.

Scott walked over to the TV and started to turn the channels. We didn’t have a remote yet. Back in those days, it would be another few years before that was standard equipment with TV’s.

“What do you want to watch kiddo?” he asked.

“um…I don’t know…Disney?” I asked.

“That’s not on until 8 O’clock” Scott said. “Let me just flip through and see what we have.” He said. It didn’t take long; there were only a few channels. Scott found a rerun of Gilligan’s Island on channel 5 that was our best option.

“This good?” he asked. I said “Ok”.

He sat down next to me and I snuggled up next to him. He put his arm around me and gave me a quick pat on my head. I was so happy just to be sitting there with him I could almost burst.

My Dad came into the TV room and told us that he and mom were leaving; he came over and gave me a kiss on my head. Scott and I said good bye and continued to watch TV. After Gilligan’s Island was over, the Pizza arrived. Scott helped me put a slice on my plate whenever I wanted one and I drank a whole can of soda. I wasn’t supposed to but Scott didn’t say anything and mom wasn’t here to stop me either. As the night went on we played a two person game of hide and seek, I showed him my pictures, and he even played dolls with me for about 10 minutes before Disney came on.

At 8 O’clock we sat back down on the couch and watched Disney. During one of the commercial breaks there was an ad for Pampers. I started blushing while it was on because I was wearing one. Scott didn’t notice, but he did say “Pampers are fun for scrunching” and gave me a small tickle on my side. I giggled and said “Can I have a horsy ride?”

“Sure thing” Scott said, he lifted me onto his leg so that I was straddling it, held my waist and started bouncing me up and down.

“Yay!” I shouted and began to laugh.

I was really excited now; I could feel my diaper between my legs pressing back against me with every bounce. It was crinkling very loudly. Then Scott started saying “Scrunchy, Scrunchy crinkle crinkle” and laughing over and over again as he bounced me. This made me laugh even harder. It felt wonderful, I don’t know why I liked this so much. It made my diaper area tickle, like I had to go pee but I didn’t. I thought I might be about to have an accident so I told him to stop.

“Ssstopp, sstop stop!” I said.

“What’s wrong?” Scott asked as he stopped the bouncing and held me upright.

“I got the hiccups” I said between gasps for air. This was true, I had been laughing so hard that I did actually have the hiccups.
Just then the show came back on so I sat back down next to Scott.

“You sure you’re ok Lizzy?” Scott asked.

“Yeah…I’m fine, that was fun…I like hearing the crinkles and feeling my diaper when I bounce” I said.

Then he did something I hadn’t expected. He brought up the subject of my diapers, this was the first time we ever talked about my need for them and how I felt about it.

“I didn’t make you have an accident did I?” He asked.

“What?” I said.

"You didn’t laugh too hard and wet your diaper did you? He asked.

“No.” I said.

“Well that’s good.” He said and gave me a little snuggle.

I smiled; for a second I thought about telling him that he did make me wet my diaper the last time he gave me a horsy ride, but I decided not to. I felt good sitting this close to him. I still felt like I had to pee but it wasn’t bad, it was nice.

“So you like your crinkly diapers huh?” Scott asked me.

I blushed again at the question. Suddenly I wanted to talk about my diapers…my brothers were not here, and with Scott I felt safe…like I could tell him anything.

“I like the noise they make yeah…and…they feel nice and soft, especially when I bounce like that.” I said. “You don’t think I’m a baby because I have to wear them do you?” I asked him.

“No of course not Lizzy Dizzy” he said. Then he said something that floored me.

“I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anyone ever” he said.

“Ok” I said.

“Cross your heart and hope to die” he said, making the x sign over his heart.

“I do.” I said.

“I used to wet the bed too when I was your age” He said.

I just stared at him dumbfounded. I hadn’t expected to hear something like this.

“Really?” I said.

“Really.” He replied.

“Did you have to wear diapers too?” I asked.

“I sure did” he said. “Only my mom didn’t get me Pampers.” He said. “I had to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants…right up until I was 9 years old.”

“Really Really?” I said. “You’re not joking.”

“Why would I joke about that silly?” He asked.

“You mean you really wore diapers just like me…at night time?” I asked again, still not believing what he had told me.

“I did.” He answered. “But I don’t anymore, I slowly stopped wetting at night over time, and right around 9 years old it stopped. I’ve been dry at night and out of diapers for good ever since.” He told me.

“Really?” I said again, still amazed at what he had told me.

“Yup…and someday you won’t have to wear them at night anymore either” Scott said. “You’ll grow out of the bedwetting just like I did.”

“When I’m 9?” I asked.

“Well I don’t know when it will happen for you…but I know it will happen…so until then…you’d better get all the scrunching you can!” He said.
I giggled. “I like scrunching…did you scrunch in your diapers too?” I asked.

“Well the plastic pants were kind of crinkly but not as crinkly as your Pampers.” He said. “I wish I could have worn Pampers like you, but my mom wouldn’t get them”.

“Why not?” I asked.

I don’t know, we had just moved here and my dad wasn’t making as much money as he does now, maybe they were too expensive? Maybe I wouldn’t have fit in them, I was bigger than you are. But anyway…she just never did. I wish she would have…because you look comfortable in yours." He said, and then he patted my bottom and smiled at me.

I giggled. The thought of seeing Scott wearing a diaper made me happy. “I wish I was there with you when you were little” I said. “Then we could wear diapers together and both scrunch” I said.

“ha ha…that would have been fun I’ll bet” he said. “But remember, this is our secret…you promise not to tell anyone right”

“I promise” I said. And I did. I never, to this day, ever said a word about Scott being a bedwetter to anyone."

“You know, I’ll tell you another secret.” He said. “I liked wearing my diapers.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yup, they were soft, and thick, and made me feel really good.” He said.

“I feel good in them too!” I said. “But don’t ever tell Tom or Robby I said that!”

“Of course not silly…I’d never do that.”

“I feel good in mine when you bounce me!” I practically shouted. “It feels good here.” I pointed at the front of my diaper between my legs. This caused Scott to blush a deep red.

“You know what Lizzy Dizzy…let’s keep that one our secret too ok?” he asked.

“Ok.” I said.

“Pinky swear?” he asked and held out his little finger. I hooked it with mine and said “Pinky swear.”

I don’t know how it would have played out back then in the 80’s if I had said “Mom, guess what, I like bouncing on Scott’s leg in my diapers because it makes me feel good where I go pee pee.” Most likely it wouldn’t have been good. But I know that today, Scott would probably be banned from everything and end up on some kind of list. It wasn’t like what anyone might think, nothing truly inappropriate ever happened between us back then…there was one accidental incident that some might consider wrong…but we were never intentionally physical with each other until many years later when both of us were in our twenties. But thinking back, that horsey ride was probably the first time I’d ever felt some kind of arousal in my life.

Two weeks later Scott would babysit for me again…Tom and Robby would be gone for the night again, and that accidental incident would occur.

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Very nice story you writed there Lizzy! Hope we will have chapter 4 soon!