How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Diaper

Know this is short, but I wanted to get it started and post it so I would eventually have to finish it. I know some of it will be unrealistic but I wanted to write a short story (3 parts or so) based on the idea of an ABDL getting to live out his fantasy and finding out he didn’t want it.

Mike booted up his computer after closing his dorm room door. No one knew about his unusual habit. As he typed in the password he also pulled out the package and started to open up a new diaper. He lied wearing, and had found a community online that did the same. He fell into a group that he called the purgers – buy a pack, wear for a while then feel bad or get scared someone would find out and pitch them all. But in the community he was safe.

He went to private view in his browser and then typed in the name of the chat site. He figured he had about 2 hours uninterrupted diaper time if he was careful. Unfortunately it would take that long just to find a good conversation – most of the people disconnected as they found out he was a guy.

But it wasn’t long before he found a good conversation this time. After some introductions he found out he was talking to a 42 year old mom named Barbara. Her kids, 2 girls, had been bedwetters and she had kept them in diapers. But they had grown out of it and now she missed that special bond. Mike explained how he had been a bedwetter, and diapers had been a part of it for a long time until the doctor said to stop. He had kept wetting though and ended up wishing he had worn.

DiaperMomNJ: I wouldn’t have listened to the doctors.
You: That would have helped me out a lot. I may have never developed this habit.

The two kept talking most of the 2 hours. After a little while, Barbara had to go but promised they would talk again.

Sure enough, a few nights later, the conversation picked up:
DiaperMomNJ: It sounds like you really need to relive some your childhood.
You: lol. That would be kinda nice.
DiaperMomNJ: I’ve been thinking. What if you came to stay with me for a weekend? I could be your mom.
You: um… that would kind of be cool. Are you serious? We just met.
DiaperMomNJ: If you’d be willing, I’m serious. I really want another chance with a kid.
You: Um, ok.

Mike couldn’t believe it. He was going to get to live out a fantasy. As they kept talking they found a weekend that would work. A four day weekend due to a couple of cancelled classes. He kept asking Barbara if she was serious. She kept saying yes. Their conversation moved from online to over the phone and the planning got more and more serious. She would take care of everything – he was to come only with the clothes on his back.

Finally the day came. One more call just to be sure. But soon, Mike was in his car on the road. He had directions and was moving steadily across Pennsylvania when he got another call.

“Hi Mrs. Barbara.”
“Oh sweetie, I just wanted to see where you were at.”
Mike looked at his directions and said, “I’m about an hour out, but I need to stop for a pit stop.”
There was a pause before Barbara said, “No, don’t stop. We’ll get you started right.”

As Mike pulled into the driveway, he really needed to go. He ran up the steps and rang the doorbell. No one answered for a moment, then the door opened.

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I hope you post more. I am curious what happens.

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I agree. The story is pretty rushed but î like it.

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Have been trying to write the rest of this but every time I get something down I end up deleting it. Might be a while before I get momentum back.