How Do I Access the Network54 Archives?

I was looking for a story that is in the Network54 archives, but it says that the topic is private. I was wondering what I need to do to access the Network54 archives.

Posting support questions in the correct section would be a good start. :slight_smile:

The short answer is only members of the admins group currently have access due to a legal issue.

Actually, since you have the link, send me a message (click my name and the the Message button) and send me the link. Unless the story is subject to the legal issue I mentioned, I’ll move it to the Stories section as that is a process I’ve been working on.

That’s why @Teekabell’s R.O.O.M. story recently showed up there. Where possible I’m moving stores from the archive to the main stories section and changing the owner to the original author. :slight_smile:

Why can I see it then?

Because of an issue with how the forums are configured at the moment. Although you can’t see the admin panel or access the mod tools, the system thinks you’re me because of a plugin I wrote to make my life easier. I’ll be removing it during the next maintenance window and then it will treat you the same as any other user. :slight_smile:

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