House Sitting

Ok so i got inspired to try something new. Its sort of a diary entry thing. now im going to continue this after i finish one of my other stories, just sort of got inspired. im not sure how good this is so let me have it

House Sitting

I’m lying in my bed, my green eyes are red and filled with tears, and my bum is crimson. My short black hair is wet and tangled from sweat. My parents have just gotten back from holidays, and boy, are they mad! My voice is hoarse because I had been crying and pleading for my dad to stop spanking me. I reach out and find my binky and stuff it greedily into my mouth. It’s the only source of comfort I can find. It’s hard to be fourteen. My life has changed for ever. I can’t help but think back to my life as it was just a few short days ago.

Due to my scrawny frame, I haven’t had a growth spurt yet fingers still crossed; I don’t play many sports in school. I always found academics easier. I’m not very popular, that’s a lie I’m not popular at all. I have three friends, Eric, Eugene and Ned. We get bullied a lot but we stick together. We started a mini business for a class project and it was the best thing ever. We had so much fun; in fact we still run it. What we do is we design websites for businesses. Being the first year of the new millennium the need for a decent website had sky rocketed. We do well because we are slightly cheaper then other web design companies.

We all have different Jobs; I am not that good with computers. Sure I can install and mess about with games and use the net but that’s as far as it goes. My job is getting our name out there. And I’m very good at that, my aunt owns a telesales company and I spent my last two summers working a few hours a day with her learning how to run a business and how to advertise, also earning a few pounds in the process.

So that was my life, sounds perty dull no? Well I liked it. There is only one thing I have left out and it’s a big part of me. It affects my entire personality and it’s this huge secret. I guess you guys can relate but it’s still a bit hard for me to come clean, but it’s a huge part to my story so I better tell you. Like you I am an infantilist, oh it feels good to say that. I have been one for as long as I can remember. It was a mild desire when I was a kid but once I hit puberty it became a lifestyle. I craved to be a baby; it was vey hard for me to deal with. Like gay people can come clean and live life the way God made them. But us we can’t. If I were to tell people I would be considered a freak, I wouldn’t be aloud to wear nappies if I wanted to or act like a baby. Well at my current age anyway. Which is so un fair, in this so called accepting world people cane come out of the closet and they get commended for there courage. If I were to come off the changing table I would be shunned and probably mistaken for a paedophile. Accepting world my bum, it’s a world of hypocritical sycophants’.

Anyway I have been babbling for long enough; I guess you want to hear my story. Well it was the first week of summer vacation and my parents blessed me with a free house. They had gone to Spain, and left me to mind the house. I had decided that I would be a baby as much time as possible. I had been able to get nappies online. My dad trusted me and would lend me his credit card because he knew I wouldn’t abuse it. I didn’t have much because I only used the sites that would be discreet on a credit card bill. I have nappies, binkys a few bottles and a footie sleeper.

So my parents leave and I head straight to my room and change into my nappy. Molicare, the nappy of kings, and I put my sleeper on to. It’s blue with yellow duckies on it. It also has snaps running up the legs, for easy changing I guess. I feel so secure and comfy, not to mention aroused. Sometimes I wish I could be a girl. I think seeing a big hard on through a nappy is icky; it would be cool to have nothing there.

I don’t think I’m gay, I think I like the ladies but I’m not sure. I haven’t had my first kiss yet so I don’t really know.

So I’m sitting down in my nappy watching some telly thinking about playing some video games when the phone in the hall rings. I start to panic thinking that my parents are on the way home. I answer the phone and its Ned, he had been able to get his older brother to buy him a six pack of miller cans and he thought my house would be the best place for us to drink them. I had to think for a while. I had never had beer before and I didn’t want the house to get thrashed. Also I wanted to wear my nappies for a bit longer. But alas I gave into peer pressure, we arranged for the guys to be at my house at 8. So I could still have some nappy time.

At about six I took a shower and changed into my big boy cloths as I like to call them. It was about seven thirty by the time I was washed dressed and had all the evidence of my secret hidden. Eric and Eugene arrived a bit early and Ned was a bit late as usual.

This was the first time that any of us had even tasted beer. So after our first pint we were all hammered. It was a totally different experience to what I thought it would be. It made me really confident. Too confident in fact. I divulged my secret to my friends; strangely they were all cool with it. I don’t know if it was the beer speaking or what but they accepted it. The six cans of beer lasted us the night and Eugene barfed all over the bath room. It was a great night and I felt so much closer to my friends.

We were able to convince Ned’s brother to buy us some more booze and we arranged another night of drinking. Twelve cans this time, things were going to get messy. After we had two cans each the guys got curious about my nappies. We talked about it a bit and they decided they wanted to try them. They didn’t understand what I liked about them at all but they were still cool with it and told me I didn’t need to be ashamed.

I felt so happy, too happy; we went a bit wild and thrashed the house. In the morning the boys had to leave but we decided that tomorrow we would finish the left over beer. My head was absolutely killing me and I decided that I was going to be a baby for the day. I put my nappy on and my sleeper, filled my bottle with milk and laid down on the couch. My tummy was up set; stupidly I used my nappy for its intended purpose. I fell asleep and that is when my life changed.

I was awoken by shouting. My aunt and uncle had come over to check on me, and when the door bell hadn’t woken me they let themselves in with the spare key.

They were screaming at me for thrashing the house it took them then minutes of giving out about the state of the place before they even noticed how I was dressed, that’s how angry they were. When it sunk in they just stared at me. I was mortified. I just started crying. I didn’t know what else to do.

My aunt sniffed the air and started to pull at my sleeper. Her jaw dropped when she saw the nappy I was wearing. She shouted at me to go and wash my dirty body. I went and had my shower crying the whole time. I had no idea what was going to happen. When I was done I walked into the sitting room and saw that my aunt and uncle had cleaned up. She grabbed my bye the ear and shoved me into the car. My aunt figured I couldn’t be trusted and made me stay with her till my parents got home. I had to work in her office all day and then do choirs around the house when I came home. Then she would send me to bed at 8. It was hell, I was so miserable. I had really screwed up bad, I was also really angry. I had spent 14 years gaining there trust, and what was the point if at the first mess up I loose everything.

And well that brings us to today. My parents got home and when my aunt told them the story my dad flipped. He spanked me for what seemed like an eternity. And I’m grounded indefinitely. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if my aunt will tell them about the nappies. All I know is I’m screwed.

House Sitting

Other than a few spelling errors(cane instead of can), a pretty good story. A spell checker would help

House Sitting

Is it bad that I just find this funny?