Hotel of Life chpt 1 "a begining of a song"

Hotel of life

Chapter 1 a beginning of a song

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
‘this could be heaven or this could be hell’
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say…

-----CLICK----- “That song I don’t need to listen to.” I think as I drive the last Five hundred feet to what was to be my new summer job, courtesy of my father. He’s loaded and is paying my way through collage but as he said to me couple of days before.

“There are no free rides BOY! A mans got to earn his way about life. So you’re having a summer job.”

And just like that I’m the new night clerk at Elysium fields hotel.
“Elysium fields hotel what a name for a hotel wonder how many guest know it’s a part of Hades, hell in the Greek mythologies ha! Welcome to hotel hell!” was my grim thought when I first herd of it.

And that eagles song had to have come on just when I saw the hotel. The fact that it was on a desert stretch of road and hark there’s a church bell on top of the huge adobe or maybe stucco walls and look there’s a lady holding a candle at the door way, seeing this I I think for a minute that the world is a warped sense of humor. ( I have always favored the story that the song was a references to some serial killings that happened in a California hotel) After telling my self to stop being an idiot I park the car, grab my suitcase, and walk up to the lady.

She looked grandly beautiful like Anne Bancroft that movie the Graduate. I quickly quenched the rising fantasy. “Older women are trouble.” I say to my self parroting my father.

“Welcome to the Enlightened Disciples of Grenga please come in and become one with the immortal Aliush” she says serenely as I step out of the car and walk to her. The total look of incomprehension on my face produced a profound change on her facial features.

“Your not here for the EDG are you? No! you’re here for the MYU’s damn pansies taking decent people! I wont stand for it!” she screeches raising her candle

What this crazy women would have done with the candle became mute when I hear
“Serlina! What did I tell you about abusing my guests! Go back and tell your high priestess or whatever she/he is called that your banned form door greeting! Now get!” roars this awesome female voice. Followed by this huge woman like you see form pictures of old opera’s you know the Valkyries.

Serlina runs back into the hotel fleeing.

“Sorry about that the cults con is always a little high strung. that’s why I’m the only hotel in the USA willing to host it. I tell you some times it don’t pay to advertise that I’ll host any con or party.” she says grabbing my hand

“lord don’t you look like your father when he was your age” She says to me in greeting
“I’m Arlwuet. Well lets not just stand there. Come on I’ll show you around this is a big place to get lost in.”

With that she hustles about her business. Inside is a huge lobby with 2 half twirl stairs like you see in grand mansions with a beautiful chandelier in the ceiling.

Looking up she says " I know gaudy and tacky beyond all sense but I inherited the place and saw no reason to change it besides when the Goth convention comes it dose nicely to with their decorations"

In front way to the back is the check in office to the right is the entrance to indoor pool, sauna, and, hot tub. All along the way there was a litany of items that I had to apparently had to know. I mostly let it wash over me to worried about my own sorrows to car much. I had a chip on my shoulder that felt like growing into at bolder. But one thing did catch my attention.

“…but you learn all this on your first shift tonight for know you need rest.” she says ending as we come at last to my new room for the duration of my stay at what I now thought of as hotel hell.

She opened the door hands me the magnetic key, walked away my thoughts totally tumbled and unable to make them selves coherent.

Instead I looked at my new home for the summer. It was I guess nice for a room so small at a guess I would say 15 by 15 ft my room at home was way bigger it had some luxuries to it. Bed, surprisingly comfortable. bathroom, smaller then my walk in closet. Tv, full cable that was a surprise. Chairs and tables dressers and night stands all looked to be hand worked and nice. The room as a whole was nice and this I came to learn was considered the cheap rooms.

I stood inside mutely wondering what I should do when I hear a kids voice say
“oh wow you must be the new guy come to work for Arlwuet. I’m Ricky” says the voice and before I could even turn around to look he was gone with no trace. Shrugged and closed the door put away my clothes and took a shower be fore falling asleep on the bed listing to some oldies channel on the cable music stations.

Hotel of Life chpt 1 “a begining of a song”

This seems like it’s a cool idea and it’s the first new story in ages, or bit of story in fact.

However, it is littered - or rather not littered - with missed commas and there is the occasional spelling error or misplaced word.

Furthermore, this whole ‘Hotel Hell’ thing is based in error. Hades as a word originally designated solely the Greek God of the Dead, Hades. In time this name became synonymous with the Abode of Hades, or Underworld, or Land of the Dead. That does not mean, however, that Hades meant hell, but simply ‘Place of the Dead’ or similar.

Elysium, or the Elysian Fields, were the Greek equivalent of heaven, meaning that the hotel has a perfectly logical name. The Greek hell, for the record, would be Tartarus.

Hotel of Life chpt 1 “a begining of a song”

i do know that but there is a thing called poetic license
ps check out what your afterlife was expected of if you went to Elysium fields as any thing other then noble. if you where there it was as servent to the lords

so i feel quit confidient as my use of it. besides i hapen to know a an Elysium hotel.

Hotel of Life chpt 1 “a begining of a song”

But serving the Lords is good in ancient Greek philosophy. You know, everything has it’s place etc. and what’s good is when it’s there. It explains science as well etc… Ergo, serve the lords and be grateful =D Was just a pointer though, no big deal.