Hot Fun in the Summertime, EPILOGUE.

The summer of 2000 was truly unforgettable and changed all of our lives. As mentioned before, this was based on my friends and I, and the summer we had that year, with a few embellishments here and there.

To begin with, the addition of Marie was a bit of a stretch. Chrissy does have an older sister, and this sister was aware of our diaper play, but never joined in. For this story I put Marie into diapers because I always used to wish she would join our fun, and also because I felt it added a fair amount of fiction to this story. The stuff in the last chapter between Sean and Marie is based on a true story, just different characters. That interaction actually comes from Joey and Lisa from their later teen years.

Joey would continue to be a bedwetter on and off over the eighth and ninth grades. Because of that, he continued wearing diapers to bed. Around the time his sophomore year rolled around, accidents were so infrequent that he reluctantly gave up his diapers. After graduating high school, Lisa and Joey ended up going to two different schools and ended their relationship for a while. During this time, Joey dated a girl in college, and after one particular party, they staggered back to her dorm very drunk and passed out in her bed. They woke up the next morning soaking wet, as they had both wet the bed. Joey used that accident as an excuse to get back into diapers, convincing his girlfriend it would be better to wear them to bed after nights of heavy drinking. Several parties and wet diapers later, Joey and his girlfriend hosted their own party known as the Diaper Ball, during which all guests were clad only in tee shirts and diapers, and the object was to drink heavily and use the diapers throughout the night. The party was such a success that it continued to be brought back even after Joey transferred. After a year and a half, Joey transferred to the same school as Lisa, where they rekindled their relationship. I would go into further detail, but recent revelations about Lisa’s early college career and then knowing how she and Joey ended up are pretty interesting, possibly enough to earn their own story here on the board.

Sam and Chrissy are another story. They are very much soulmates, having been together without interruption for over ten years now. Sam is very much still a diaper lover, and luckily for him, Chrissy never really got over her bladder issues. Being on the small side to this day, Chrissy can still fit into the larger Goodnites, and wears them quite often. At night, Sam diapers her and occasionally she returns the favor. While her bedwetting isn’t what it was as a teenager, Chrissy probably still wets at night about twice a week. Even as recently as Thanksgiving, when Sam and Chrissy drove the long trek from Florida to Washington DC to visit Lisa and Joey, she arrived in a saturated diaper that Lisa was more than happy to change.

Such visits have allowed time for reunions of the “Wet Diaper Club” from time to time. While coed sleepovers were strictly forbidden throughout their high school careers, their parents relented just once, allowing Joey, Lisa, Sam, and Chrissy to have one last sleepover on the night they graduated from high school. The four teens were ecstatic upon hearing this news, as they had not all been together in the pool house since the summer five years prior. While that night may push the lines of propriety to describe here, it was another life-changing evening for all four. To keep it short and simple, all four wore nothing under their graduation gowns except for a diaper, and late that night after a long and interesting evening, they all fell asleep in the same bed, nude save for the diapers they wore.

If there is any interest about that particular night, or what happened with Lisa and Joey over the past five years or so, comment and let me know and I’d be happy to write about it. Just be aware that it would be a bit graphic, as the four of us have grown up and gotten into some “grown-up behaviors” that some may find fault with.

And finally, the characters themselves. Sam, Chrissy, Joey, Lisa, Marie, etc are clearly not our real names. And while each one is clearly based on either me or one of my friends, I changed things up a bit too. Certain traits from Sam were given to Lisa, Joey to Chrissy, Chrissy to Lisa, etc. I did this to kind of protect us from people we know stumbling onto this story and figuring out who it is, but also to try and spice up the story a bit. So while Joey is about 75% me, the other 25% comes from different traits of the friends who are the basis for Lisa, Sam, and Chrissy. I hope you all enjoyed our story, and let me know if I should continue! (If not, maybe I’ll try some fantasy)



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That’s a nice little touch, and, I suppose, commits you to writing the next part.

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i would love to

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Me too :slight_smile: had a nice time reading your story, and would love to read more :slight_smile:

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i would love read what happened. looking forward to reading more

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Considering this story was FINISHED over 4 years ago, I would have to say your chances of reading more about it are slim to none at best.