Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 9.

Ch 9 – July 10, 2000
Lisa was the first to wake up. She yawned and turned her head to see Chrissy sleeping soundly next to her clad only in a Sesame Street diaper with an empty baby bottle next to her head. Chrissy’s left arm was draped across Lisa’s chest. Lisa gently moved her friend’s arm and nudged her awake.

“Morning,” Chrissy said with a yawn.

“Good morning!” Lisa replied in her usual chipper manner. Chrissy stretched and then looked down at her diaper.

“Aw man…” she began.

“What’s up?” Lisa asked.

“I peed in my sleep again,” Chrissy responded with a frown. Lisa gave her a quizzical look. “It’s happened like three or four times in the past week now,” Chrissy explained.

“Maybe using the diapers all the time is making you wet the bed,” Lisa suggested. Chrissy nodded, and then looked at her friend hopefully.

“Are you wet?” Chrissy asked.

“Nope, but I can take care of that right now,” Lisa replied. Chrissy giggled as she watched her thirteen-year-old best friend pee into her Sesame Street diaper.

“Let’s go get Marie up so she can change us,” Chrissy suggested.


With that, the two teenagers waddled their way through the bathroom and into Marie’s room. They found Chrissy’s older sister sound asleep in the orange cami and purple panties she had worn the day before. The two girls jumped into the older girl’s bed and began bouncing around and calling for her to wake up. Marie groggily fought them off of her bed, sat up, rubbed her eyes, and surveyed the room. There before her was a unique site that was slowly becoming more and more familiar: two thirteen year-old girls in wet diapers. Marie chuckled to her self, shaking her head. She stood and stretched, and then turned back to the girls.

“So I’m guessing those diapers aren’t dry, are they?” Marie assumed. Both girls shook their heads. “Ok, into the bathroom.”

Marie laughed again as she watched two diapered butts disappear into the bathroom that joined her room to Chrissy’s. She followed the girls in to find them both on the floor, lying on the changing pad. Marie took out the wipes, diaper cream, baby powder, and two fresh diapers. She started with her little sister, untaping Chrissy’s diaper to find it soaked.

“Chrissy, did you wet in your sleep again?” Marie asked. Chrissy nodded. Marie wiped her sister down and then rubbed the cream in before powdering her and taping her into a new diaper. Marie then turned her attention to Lisa.

“Did you pee in your sleep too?”

“Nope,” Lisa answered proudly, “I went as soon as I woke up.”

Marie couldn’t help but crack a smile at hearing a teenage girl sound proud about waiting until she was awake to wet herself. Marie then proceeded to undo the tapes on Lisa’s diaper, finding her a little less wet than Chrissy was. Marie wiped her clean, again noticing Lisa squirming and blushing ever so slightly. Marie carefully applied the rash cream and powdered Lisa before snuggly taping her into a clean diaper. Marie led the girls into Chrissy’s room and went into her little sister’s closet, pulling out two long nightshirts. She handed Chrissy one with Belle from the Beauty and the Beast movie on it, and gave a Tigger nightshirt to Lisa.

“Ok you two, here’s the deal,” Marie explained, “You’re going to wear these shirts and your diapers so it’s easier for me to change you. And don’t bother with shoes and socks, just go barefoot in the car and bring along flip flops for any stops we make, sound good?” The girls nodded in assent. “Good. Now go double check to be sure that everything is packed while I grab a quick shower.”

Just under an hour later, the three girls were on the road to Washington DC. The girls were dressed in their diapers and nightshirts, happily playing in the back seat with some of Chrissy’s stuffed animals and sipping from their baby bottles of cold water here and there. Marie again went braless, opting for a green cami with matching panties, and her old high school volleyball shorts for optimum comfort on the long journey.

Before too much time had passed, the playing in the backseat faded as the two girls drifted off to sleep, tired from their early rise. Marie adjusted her rear view mirror to check on the girls. Chrissy was curled up behind her on the driver’s side, clutching her teddy bear. Lisa had dozed off with both of her feet propped up on the passenger’s seat, causing her shirt to ride up and reveal her diaper. Marie giggled, wondering what passerby would think when they saw a teenager sleeping in a diaper.

A few hours into the trip, Marie was seriously fighting the urge to pee, and wondering to herself if she should have worn a diaper for the ride. Finally, somewhere in South Carolina, she found a gas station and Burger King right off of I-95. The slowing of the car caused Lisa to stir and wake.

“Where are we?” Lisa asked with a yawn.

“Somewhere in South Carolina,” Marie answered as she pulled into a secluded parking spot behind the building, “I figured we could gas up and get something to eat. Stay here with Chrissy, I have to pee real quick and then I’ll be back.”

Marie got out of the car and jogged into the Burger King. Lisa put her feet down and sat up, feeling a bit odd as she did so. Meanwhile, the slamming of Marie’s door was enough to stir Chrissy, who woke with a stretch and a yawn.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“South Carolina,” Lisa responded.

“Where’s Marie?”


“Oh.” With that, Chrissy lifted up her shirt and examined her diaper. “I need my diaper changed.”

In that moment Lisa realized why she felt odd. She lifted her shirt and looked down at her own diaper.

“Oh my god!” Lisa exclaimed.


“I went pee while I was sleeping!” Lisa’s eyes began to well up with tears. It was one thing to wet herself on purpose, but for it to be out of her control was an entirely different story. As she began to cry, Marie jogged back up to the car and opened Lisa’s door.

“Ok baby girls, I parked back here so I could – Lisa, what’s wrong?” Marie inquired upon seeing the crying teen.

“I p-peed in m-my sleep,” she stammered. Marie put an arm around Lisa and began stroking her hair.

“Sshh, it’s alright sweetie, it was just an accident. You were so tired from yesterday and waking up early today, plus you drank your whole bottle!” Marie consoled. “Here, lie down and I’ll put a clean diaper on for you.”

Lisa laid down across the back seat with her head in Chrissy’s lap. Chrissy offered her teddy bear to Lisa, who hugged it tight as Marie took out the changing supplies. Lisa’s sobs slowly stifled as Marie removed her wet diaper and began cleaning her private area with a baby wipe. Lisa once again felt a shiver go up her spine as Marie rubbed Desitin on her mound. Once she was powdered and taped into a fresh diaper, Lisa switched positions with Chrissy. Marie reached for her little sister’s diaper but stopped short of opening it once she touched it.

“Chrissy, are you peeing right now?” Marie asked. Chrissy’s eyes widened and she looked down at her diaper.

“I…I didn’t realize I was going!” Chrissy said, worry showing on her face.

“It’s ok, don’t worry,” Marie began, “I’m just going to keep you in diapers for the week, but when we get back I think we’re going to have start potty training.”

Chrissy appeared to be on the verge of tears when Lisa piped up.

“It’s ok Chrissy! I’ll wear diapers with you and potty train with you so you won’t be alone,” Lisa volunteered.

With the tension of the two younger girls relieved, Marie carefully took off her sister’s diaper and wiped her clean. She applied a generous amount of diaper cream, noting that Chirssy is a heavy wetter, powdered her crotch and rear, and then put her into a clean diaper. Thee girls put on their flip flops and headed into the Burger King for lunch.

July 14, 2000 – Back in Orlando

Mrs. Stevens looked up from her lunch at the clock in the kitchen that read 12:25. Shaking her head, she made her way upstairs to Joey’s room, marveling at how long he sleeps in the summer. She entered his room and pulled back the curtains to let some light in.

“Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty!” She hollered, yanking the sheet that covered her son. Grumbling, he rolled out of bed clad only in a Goodnite, and stretched.

“Joey!” Mrs. Stevens exclaimed.

“What, I’m up!” Joey retorted.

“Joey, did you stay dry last night?”

Joey looked down at his pull up. Sure enough, it was dry as a bone. He smiled.


“Well then,” his mom began, smiling as she left the room, “A few more dry nights and we’ll get rid of those Goodnites!”

Joey’s smile turned to a frown as he shut the door behind his mother. While he was happy that he didn’t wet the bed, he wasn’t sure about giving up his Goodnites, he liked them and had gotten used to them.

Over at the Johnson household, Sam had already been awake for awhile. About an hour earlier he had woken to the sight of his “morning wood” poking through the fly of his boxers. He went into the bathroom and started the shower. Sam removed his boxers and stepped into the warm shower. He began toying with his erection as he imagined himself changing Chrissy’s diaper. He imagined putting a pacifier in her mouth, tearing the tapes away, lifting her by the ankles, and wiping her with a baby wipe. This fantasy propelled his rapid strokes and before too long he was ejaculating onto the shower floor.

Instantly, a wave of guilt fell over Sam. Diapers shouldn’t make him feel the way they do, and he shouldn’t be fantasizing about Chrissy while he was, well, you know. Sam blushed with embarrassment and shame as he cleaned himself off and finished his shower.

Being a thirteen year-old boy, Sam’s guilt had faded by the time he finished toweling dry. As he rummaged through his underwear drawer, he remembered his cousin Jake’s extra Goodnites in the closet. Sam smiled and closed the drawer. He tossed his towel on his bed and went to his closet. He took a pull up from the package and pulled it into place, smiling at the sensation of being in a diaper. He took an idea from the girls’ playbook at Disney World, hiding his undergarment beneath a pair of loose-fitting mesh shorts and a big, baggy tee shirt. Happy with his idea, Sam sat down to play Nintendo 64.

Hours passed as Sam struggled with level after level of his James Bond game. He didn’t even realize that his mom had come home a little early from work. Sam just sat there trying to beat his game. Unfortunately for Sam, a few things happened in just the right order to get him into a tight situation.

Number one was that he had not gone to the bathroom yet that day, and realy had to pee. Number two was that he had his legs propped up on either side of the TV, causing the leg holes of his shorts to slide all the way down to his Goodnite. Number three is that his mom had chosen that moment to come check on her son.

Mrs. Johnson walked into Sam’s room and was about to scold him for playing video games all day when she noticed something out of place. Her eyes dropped to the leg hole of Sam’s shorts and, needless to say, she was surprised at what she saw.

“Sam! What are you wearing?” she exclaimed.

Sam jumped so high he nearly hit the ceiling. He was so into the game that he hadn’t heard his mother enter the room. The combination of being startled by her yell and the panic of being caught caused him to open the floodgates and copiously fill his pull up with the urine he had been holding in all morning.

“It’s…uh…well…I…” Sam stuttered.

“Are you wearing one of Jacob’s night diapers?” Mrs. Johnson asked incredulously. Sam nodded. “Well, why on earth would you do that?”

Sam shifted from side to side as he finished peeing. He looked down at the floor, up at the ceiling, and then at his game. That’s it!

“Well, I’ve been trying to beat this level for weeks and I thought that maybe if I didn’t have to stop in the middle to go to the bathroom I could finally beat it!” Sam explained.

“Oh Sam,” Mrs. Johnson sighed, rolling her eyes. “Video games aren’t that important. Now don’t let me catch you taking your cousins things again, he needs those you know, it’s not a game to him.”

Sam sighed with relief after his mother left the room. He would have to find another way to get his hands on some diapers.

July 15, 2000

Another morning, another dry Goodnite. Joey frowned, not wanting to lose them. He was about to go into the bathroom when he heard his mother coming up the stairs. Joey quickly dove back under his sheet and pretended to sleep as he purposely began peeing into his pull up. Mrs. Johnson walked into the room just as Joey finished wetting.

“Up and at’em!” Mrs. Johnson yelled, yanking the sheet again.

“Mooommmm…can’t I get any privacy anymore?” Joey groaned as he got up.

“So, are we wet or dry today?” she asked. Joey looked down at his Goodnite which showed the slightest signs of being wet.

“Wet,” Joey replied, feigning disappointment.

“Well don’t you worry, this phase will pass soon,” Mrs. Stevens assured him as she left the room. Joey shut the door behind her.

“I hope not.”

July 18, 2000 – Heading Home

The journey was about halfway through, with all three girls wearing the same clothes they wore on the trip up. Marie was seriously worried at this point. Luckily, her grandparents didn’t seem to notice Lisa and Chrissy’s diapers at all, as their clothing hid them well. Also, hers and Chrissy’s parents ended up not being able to make even their planned shorter visit due to being so busy with the crazy tourist season back in Orlando. So while Marie felt lucky about that, she still had plenty to worry about.

Chrissy had not made it to the bathroom to pee once during the entire week. Marie had to buy more diapers in DC and again for the ride home. She also bought some pull ups to help potty train her thirteen year-old sister. Marie was worried that this little game could have seriously affected her sister. On top of that, while Lisa’s offer to accompany Chrissy in diaper wearing was a nice gesture, even Lisa had a few accidents during the week. What was worse is that at the last rest stop, Marie had been so preoccupied with these worries that she forgot to stop at the restroom after changing the girls’ diapers. Luckily, she had just passed a sign that said there would be a rest area in three miles.

Those next three miles were agonizing as Marie was absolutely bursting. She couldn’t remember ever having to pee so badly. Her legs were clenched tightly and her free hand was firmly holding her crotch. She glanced in her rear view mirror at the girls.

“Ok, listen up,” she began. “I really, really have to pee, so I’ll run to the bathroom as soon as we get to this rest stop. Do either of you have to go or need a change?”

“Nope,” they replied in unison.

“Chrissy, are you sure?” Marie asked.

“I don’t feel like I have to go,” came Chrissy’s response. Marie frowned, knowing that this meant Chrissy had probably wet again without realizing it.

“Lisa, can you check Chrissy’s diaper please?” Marie asked. Lisa leaned over and pulled up Chrissy’s nightshirt. Chrissy glanced down as Lisa pulled at the leg hole of Chrissy’s diaper.

“She’s wet,” Lisa announced.

“I’m sorry Marie! I didn’t know!” Chrissy exclaimed.

“I know, I know, I’ll clean you up as soon as I get to the bathroom.”

With that Marie exited the highway and wound around a road into a parking lot. Next to the lot were trees, trashcans and picnic tables but no building and no restrooms. Marie groaned and put her head on the steering wheel for a moment. She had to go now.

“Ok, out of the car. Lisa, grab the wipes, I’m going in the woods.” Marie commanded,

The girls obeyed. Marie took a deep breath and got out of the car. As she took her hand from her crotch, unclenched her legs and stood, she felt a little bit of pee escape into her panties. She gave a little shriek at this, and that did it. The floodgates opened and Marie began peeing uncontrollably. Lisa and Chrissy stared in shock as they watched the beautiful nineteen year-old girl stand with her legs parted as her pee soaked her shorts and splashed onto the pavement below. Marie’s eyes teared up and she blushed a deep crimson shade as her stream subsided. She took a deep breath, determined not to cry in front of the girls, and began giving orders.

“Chrissy, get my bag from the trunk please, Lisa, get me a plastic bag, there should be one in the pocket behind the passenger’s seat,” Marie directed. “I’m so sorry about this, I forgot to go at the last stop.”

“It’s ok,” Chrissy replied.

“Yeah, I mean, you’ve been changing our diapers all week,” Lisa pointed out.

“Yeah,” Marie smiled, “Please just don’t tell anyone about this, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Marie?” Chrissy called.


“I think your bag is at the very bottom of all of our stuff and the souvenirs and presents from grandma and pop pop,” Chrissy said.

Marie groaned. Getting everything to fit in her little trunk took nearly 45 minutes, and they didn’t have that kind of time if they wanted to make it back tonight.

“Ok, what’s on top then?” Marie asked.

“Um, I think it’s the bag from the Smithsonian and then the towels we used at Virginia Beach,” Chrissy responded.

Marie, who at this point wanted to get out of her wet things and back on the road, knew what she was going to have to do.

“Just grab me a towel!” Marie called over. Marie positioned the girls in front of the driver’s side rear door and had them hold the towel up to block the view of anyone who may pull in. Marie took off her wet shoes and socks and put them into the plastic bag Lisa found for her. She then peeled off her saturated shorts and panties and dumped them in the bag as well.

Lisa stared at her best friend’s older sister, who was now naked from the waist down. Lisa felt a little funny as she watched Marie spread her legs and wipe her vaginal area clean with a few wipes. Lisa remembered feeling this way when she saw Joey naked. Her body felt a little warm and tingly, her cheeks flushed, and her nipples began to harden.

“Lisa!” Lisa jumped as Marie called her name. Snapping out of her funk was all it took for her to start peeing into her diaper. “Can you hold this bag for a sec?” Marie asked.

Lisa took the bag as Marie laid down on the back seat. To the surprise of Lisa and Chrissy, Marie slid a diaper under her own butt! It barely fit, but she was just able to get it fastened. Marie took a second to get used to the diaper, marveling at it’s comfort. In that moment she realized at least one of the reasons the girls liked wearing them. Marie then stood up and wrapped the towel around her waist.

“Ok Chrissy, lie down and let’s get you changed.” Marie said. Chrissy laid on the seat and pulled up her shirt to allow Marie to change her. Lisa’s funny feeling returned as she watched Marie rub the rash cream onto Chrissy’s pubic area. Once Chrissy was in a clean diaper, Marie asked if everyone was ready to hit the road.

“Um, Marie?” Lisa piped up, “I need a new diaper.”

“Oh, ok, well, lay down for me,” Marie responded, getting another diaper out of the diaper bag. Lisa laid down and pulled her shirt up to her chin, for some reason she wanted to expose her breasts. Marie was a bit taken aback when she saw Lisa’s chest and her erect nipples, but just assumed Lisa wasn’t shy after being bathed and changed by Marie so many times. Marie went to work changing Lisa’s diapers, feeling odd about changing a diaper while wearing one herself. Nevertheless, she went through the routine. When it came time for the Desitin, Marie had forgotten to be cautious given Lisa’s previous reactions to her touch, what with all of the craziness of the past few minutes. So when Marie’s fingers brushed against Lisa’s slit, Lisa moaned and squirmed. Marie blushed.

“Sorry Leese.”

“S’ok,” Lisa sighed. Marie wasn’t sure about the tone in Lisa’s reply, and quickly finished diapering her.

“Ok girls, let’s go home.”

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