Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 8.

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Ch 8 – July 9, 2000 – Disney trip

Marie got out of bed, stretched, and yawned. She smiled, not just because today was the day she was taking Chrissy and her friends to Disney World, but because of how cute she found their little secret. Marie pulled her blue tank top over her head and tossed it in her hamper where they were soon joined by the green boy shorts she was wearing. Nude, Marie stepped into the bathroom she shared with her little sister and started the shower. As she washed her long brown hair, Marie had an idea. She smiled, not doubting for a second that Chrissy and Lisa would go for it.

The sound of the shower woke Chrissy up, though she was not ready to be awake. Chrissy felt tired, grumpy, and excessively sweaty. She grabbed her teddy bear, hugged it close, and promptly fell back asleep. Chrissy’s renewed slumber would not last long, however, as Marie finished her shower, wrapped up in a towel, and entered Chrissy’s room.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Marie exclaimed cheerfully. “It’s Disney day, so get up!”

Marie’s chipper demeanor was quickly quelled after she pulled the sheet that covered her sister. Chrissy groggily sat up and rubbed her eyes. She saw Marie staring at her bed, and followed her big sister’s gaze. Chrissy gasped and began to cry when she saw that she had wet her bed. Marie snapped out of her daze and hurried to Chrissy’s side.

“Sshh, sshh, don’t worry baby, it was just an accident,” Marie cooed as she gave Chrissy a hug. “Here, let’s get you out of those wet things.”

Marie helped Chrissy to her feet and peeled off her soaked pajamas and underwear. She led Chrissy by the hand into the bathroom and started the shower.

“We don’t have time to give you a bath today, so get a quick shower and I’ll be back in a second,” Marie directed. Chrissy nodded and stepped into the shower. While Chrissy showered, Marie quickly dried her hair and began rummaging through her bureau for an outfit suitable for the day’s predicted heat. Marie selected a pair of purple panties, which she covered with a short pair of denim shorts. She opted not to wear a bra, and donned an orange cami instead, which she topped with a sheer white button down that she just tied in the front. Just as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, she heard the water in the bathroom shut off. Marie hurried back in to see Chrissy step out of the shower.

“How are ya feeling kiddo?” Marie asked.

“Embarrassed,” Chirssy mumbled.

“Oh, please,” Marie began, “This coming from the girl whose diaper I changed last week?”

“I guess your right,” Chrissy giggled in agreement as she began drying off.

“Good, that’s what I thought,” Marie stated matter-of-factly. “So, I have an idea for today.”

“What’s that?” Chrissy inquired.

“I was wondering if you and Lisa would like diapers today,” Marie suggested, “That way you wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of line and stuff. What do you think?”

“I like it!” Chrissy exclaimed.

“Good! Do you think Lisa will go for it?” Marie asked.

Before Chrissy could respond, the girls heard the doorbell ring. Mrs. Carter yelled up to her daughters to finish getting ready, as Lisa had arrived and was ready to go. Moments later, Lisa walked into Chrissy’s room, saw the bathroom door open, and walked in to see Marie and a naked Chrissy.

“Lisa! Guess what!” Chrissy spouted excitedly. “Marie said we could wear diapers today!”

“Really?” Lisa smiled, looking to Marie for confirmation.

“Yep,” Marie confirmed. “What do you say?”

“I’m in!” Lisa responded.

“Ok, let’s get Chrissy taken care of first then I will get to you,” Marie said as she got to work. She pulled the changing pad out of the cabinet and Chrissy laid on it. Marie carefully rubbed Desitin on her sister’s diaper area, noting that her rash was all but gone. She powdered Chrissy and taped her Looney Toons diaper shut. Without missing a beat, Marie turned and pulled Lisa down to the changing pad as Chrissy moved out of the way. Marie lifted Lisa’s oversized Epcot tee shirt above her belly and took off Lisa’s skimpy little shorts to reveal Minnie Mouse panties.

“Aww, how cute,” Marie commented, causing Lisa to giggle. Marie turned to Chrissy. “Chrissy, get a pair of your basketball shorts for Lisa to wear, these won’t fit over her diaper.”

As Chrissy obeyed her older sister, Marie slid Lisa’s panties down her tan legs. She lifted Lisa by the ankles and slid a Disney Princess diaper under her butt. Marie applied the Desitin to Lisa as she did Chrissy, this time feeling a bit odd as she rubbed it in amongst Lisa’s pubic hair. Finally, she powdered the teen’s privates and taped her diaper shut as Chrissy came back in with the shorts.

“Thank you, Chrissy.” Marie said as she washed her hands. “Now you go get dressed while I throw a load of laundry in and pack a diaper bag.”

About an hour later Marie, Chrissy, and Lisa were in the kitchen at the Stevens’ residence across the street. Sam showed up a couple of minutes later. Mrs. Stevens took Marie into the study to go over the day’s plans, leaving the WDC alone in the kitchen. Sam couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that the girls were wearing such baggy clothes. He had been fully expecting, and looking forward to, tank tops and short shorts. Luckily, Joey was thinking the same thing.

“So what’s with the baggy clothes?” Joey asked. “Aren’t you going to be hot?”

“Yeah, but we needed to hide this,” Lisa retorted as she lifted her shirt and lowered the waistband of her shorts to reveal her diaper. Chrissy followed suit.

“You guys are gonna wear those all day?” Sam asked.

“No!” Chrissy came back, “Just until we wet, then we’ll get new ones!”

Lisa joined Chrissy in laughing at this joke.

“Besides,” Chrissy continued, “Marie said this way we won’t have to worry about getting out of line to go to the bathroom.”

“You guys should do it too!” Lisa added. The boys looked at each other.

“Want to?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, let’s go change!” Joey agreed. With that, they tore up the steps into Joey’s room.

The boys were dressed in a similar fashion, both wearing Disney tee shirts and mesh shorts for optimum comfort on what was forecasted to be an uncomfortably hot day. Once in Joey’s room, they immediately yanked their shorts and boxers to their ankles. Joey took two Goodnites from the package by his computer desk and handed one to Sam as he pulled one on himself. The boys pulled their shorts back on and hurried back downstairs just as Marie and Mrs. Stevens came back into the kitchen.

“Everyone all set to go?” Mrs. Stevens asked.

“YEAH!” came the response from four very excited, and very diapered, teenagers.

After getting Marie and the kids into the park, Mrs. Stevens reminded them to drink planty of water, bade them goodbye and went off to her office for a hard day’s work. Meanwhile, the WDC and Marie had a blast at the Magic Kingdom. After a lot of fun in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, the group decided to make their way to Pecos Bill’s for lunch, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride Splash Mountain and cool off first. As they went over the crest of the big hill, Lisa felt a tickle and her tummy and began to giggle as she peed into her diaper. After the ride was through, Lisa went up to Marie and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Um, Marie?”

“Yes Lisa?”

“My diaper’s wet,” Lisa said shyly.

“Wet from the ride or did you wet yourself?” Marie asked.

“I wet myself,” Lisa answered with a blush. Marie mussed her hair.

“It’s ok, no need to be embarrassed,” the older girl assured her. Marie then pulled Chrissy over. “Chrissy, I’m going to go change Lisa’s diaper. Are you dry?”

“Yeah, I haven’t…” Chrissy began, and then stopped short, looking down quizzically. Marie followed her gaze and discreetly slid her hand into her baby sister’s the leg of shorts to find a thoroughly saturated diaper.

“Chrissy! You’re not dry, you’re soaked!” Marie exclaimed.

“But I don’t even remember going,” Chrissy responded, clearly unsure of how it happened. Marie was concerned by this bit of knowledge, but didn’t want to get Chrissy upset.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it. You two go with the boys and get us a table, I’m going to find a family restroom where I can get you into clean diapers.” With that, Marie was off.

Lisa and Chrissy joined Joey and Sam, and they found a table in no time at all. They sat down and began talking about the rides they had gone on and the rides they still wanted to go on until Chrissy interrupted.

“Oh!” Chrissy exclaimed with surprise.

“What?” Sam asked.

“I’m peeing,” Chrissy said quite matter-of-factly, “I didn’t even think I had to go.”

“That’s weird,” Joey observed.

“No it isn’t,” Lisa retorted, “I’m wet too.”

“I guess I just thought we were wearing them for fun today, I didn’t really think about using them here,” Joey responded.

“Well, that’s what they’re for, right?” Chrissy asked. Joey nodded. Chrissy stood and turned her back to Lisa. “Am I leaking at all?”

“I don’t think so.” Lisa turned her attention back to Joey. “Why don’t you two use yours? You might as well.”

“Makes sense,” Sam replied. With that, he took a deep breath and relaxed. It felt weird, but also kind of liberating, to wet his pants in the middle of a restaurant in Disney World. He smiled as he filled his Goodnite. Joey, noticing Sam’s smile of relief, followed suit. By the time Marie got back to the table, there were four teens in wet diapers or pull-ups there waiting.

“Ok boys, you wait here while I go change the girls,” Marie ordered as Lisa and Chrissy stood up.

“Aw man!” Sam lamented.

“What?” Chrissy inquired.

“We don’t have anything to change into!” he announced. Joey groaned at this revelation. Marie looked at the boys inquisitively, and Lisa was quick to pipe up.

“They wore Goodnites after they saw we were wearing diapers and they just wet them!” Lisa explained.

Marie looked in the diaper bag. She only brought four extra diapers, thinking she’d only need them for the girls. She thought for a moment, and thencame to her decision.

“Ok, here’s the deal,” Marie began, “I have four diapers left. You boys can either go the rest of the day without underwear, or I can change you into one of these. But if you do that, you’re stuck with it until we get home tonight because I don’t have any more.”

“Uh, I guess I’ll just go without underwear,” Joey said, blushing.

“Yeah, me too,” Sam agreed.

"Ok, that’s fine. They probably wouldn’t have fit any way, " Marie reasoned. That, and she had a feeling she’d have to change Chrissy again, but she kept that thought to herself. “You two wait here and save the table. When we get back you can go get cleaned up.”

Marie led Chrissy and Lisa to the family restroom and locked the door. Inside there was a low sink, a large handicapped stall, and a changing table big enough to accommodate the girls. Marie helped Chrissy onto the table first, and then slid down her shorts as Lisa looked on.

“This is even wetter than I thought!” Marie exclaimed. “How did you not notice this?”

“I don’t know,” Chrissy answered, seemingly unaware that she was losing control over her bladder. “I peed again at the table and I didn’t even know I had to go until after I already started peeing.”

Marie frowned as she wiped her sister clean with baby wipes. She threw away the wet diaper and slid a fresh one under Chrissy’s little bottom. Marie applied the diaper cream and baby powder, taped the diaper, and pulled up Chrissy’s shorts before allowing her to hop down to the floor. Marie then helped Lisa onto the table and pulled down her shorts. Marie untaped Lisa’s wet diaper and began wiping her diaper area with a wipe. As Marie dragged the wipe down Lisa’s slit, Lisa shuddered from head to toe and let out and involuntary gasp. Marie blushed.

“Sorry sweetie.”

“S’ok,” Lisa replied.

Marie was a bit more careful as she rubbed the Desitin on Lisa’s butt, inner thighs, and pubic area, but she still could tell Lisa was trying not to squirm. She quickly powdered the teen and put her into a fresh diaper. Marie helped Lisa pull up her shorts and get off of the table. As the girls made their way back to the table, Lisa was unusually quiet. She was confused by her conflicting emotions. Lisa had been wondering how it would feel if someone else touched her down there, but she never expected it to be while she was getting her diaper changed.

Once they reached the table, Marie gave the boys the wipes and sent them in the direction of the family restroom. Sam and Joey went in together and locked the door behind them. Both boys took off their shorts and laid them on the changing table. Standing there in a wet pull-up with his best friend, Sam could feel himself get aroused. As they tore the Goodnites and tossed them into the trash, Joey noticed Sam’s erection. He felt his own penis begin to stir, and turned beet red. Both boys hurried to clean up, both embarrassed by their own arousal. Luckily, the combination of embarrassment and cold baby wipes helped subside their erections, and they were able to don their mesh shorts without worry of anyone else seeing signs of what had occurred. Without a word, they returned to the table to join the girls, where there awkwardness was flushed away at the sight of cheeseburgers.

By the time they left the park after the Main Street parade, Marie was happy that the boys had not taken her last two diapers. Chrissy again needed a change at dinnertime, and now, leaving the park, both girls were wet. Marie took a detour on the way home, buying two new packs of size six diapers at Publix. Marie had the boys stand guard as she changed the girls’ diapers in the backseat of the car. From there, they went home. Sam and Joey decided to have a sleepover at the Stevens’ house. Lisa was already planning to stay with the Carters that night, as she was going to join Marie and Chrissy the next morning on their annual trip to Washington DC.

Joey and Sam immediately went up to Joey’s room. They closed the door and plopped down on Joey’s bed. As they sat there, the awkwardness of their earlier bathroom encounter led to an uncomfortable silence, which was eventually broken by Sam.

“So, are you and Lisa like boyfriend and girlfriend now?” he asked.

"“I guess,” Joey shrugged, “What about you and Chrissy?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Sam responded. The boys laughed at their uncertainty. “So what was the deal with Lisa dragging you into the bathroom at the party?”

“Oh, uh, she was mad because I, uh, accidentally saw down her shirt,”" Joey explained.

“Holy shit! Really?” Sam blurted out.


“Did you see her boobs?”

“Yeah,” Joey began, “and more.”


“In the bathroom, we saw each other naked!” Joey admitted.

“Holy crap, what was it like?” Sam inquired.

“Well, her boobs were awesome and her, uh, nipples were kinda like puffy and she had hairs on her, ya know!” Joey was surprised at how much information he had revealed.

“Wow,” Sam began, “Actually, I kinda saw Chrissy’s boobs too.”


“Before she woke up after the one slumber party, her shirt was out of the way. I mean, she doesn’t really have boobies like Lisa, but I still saw her, ya know, nipples and stuff.”

Both boys were slightly blushing, but definitely aroused at the thought of seeing breasts, and in Joey’s case, a bit more. They could also both tell that the other was beginning to get turned on, as their shorts did little to hide it.

“Hey Joe, you remember the site Lisa talked about with the sex stories and pictures?” Sam asked.


“Well, I found it. Do you wanna see it?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, cool.”

The boys each pulled up a chair and once the computer was online, Sam brought up the site. They looked at a few pictures, and then Sam pulled up a story about a young couple that experimented with diapers and had a lot of sex. Seeing all of those dirty descriptions proved to be too much for the boy’s burgeoning libidos, as they both couldn’t resist fiddling around with their erections.

“Hey Sam…”


“Should we, ya know, compare now that we’re, um, hard?” Joey awkwardly asked.

“Um, yeah, ok, hold on,” Sam responded. He found a photo of three girls nude in the shower and left it on the screen.

With their “inspiration” on the screen before them, Sam and Joey slowly slid off their shorts. Each one checked out the other, trying to judge who was better equipped.

“Looks like we’re the same,” Joey observed.

“I don’t know, I think I can get it to get bigger,” Sam responded, eager to bigger than his taller friend in some way. With that, he began stroking away, hoping to gain the slightest advantage. Not wanting to be outdone, Joey followed suit. Within a matter of seconds, the size contest was forgotten and the photograph on the screen was the only focus. Before too long, Joey heard Sam grunt and looked over in time to see him snatch a Goodnite from the pack by the desk and use it to contain his ejaculation. The site of this put Joey over the edge, and he grabbed his shorts from the floor and emptied his sticky mess into them. An elongated, awkward silence followed.

“I, uh, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t,” Joey offered.

“Uh, yeah, ok, sounds good,” Sam stammered in reply.

“Should we get to sleep then?” Joey asked, taking a fresh Goodnite from the pack.

“Uh, yeah,” Sam replied before asking, “Mind if I wear one of those too?”

Across the street, Marie and two diapered thirteen year-old girls were finishing up a delicious ice cream dessert. Marie cleaned up the dishes and turned to the girls.

“Well, ladies, we have a long trip ahead of us tomorrow,” Marie began. “Chrissy, as always for this car ride, will be diapered. Lisa, would you like to be as well?”

Lisa nodded and smiled. Chrissy giggled happily and gave Lisa a hug. She then turned to her older sister.


“Yes Chrissy?”

“Can we play baby again tonight? Lisa hasn’t had a turn yet!” Chrissy pointed out.

“Well, we don’t really have time for that,” Marie began. Lisa and Chrissy pouted. “But I’ll tell you what. How about I give you two baby girls a bath and then put you to bed, sound good?”

Lisa and Chrissy cheered and ran upstairs to the bathroom. Marie chuckled to herself and followed them up. She entered the bathroom to find them waiting. Marie started the bubble bath and then turned to the girls. She pulled Chrissy’s shirt over her head and pulled down her shorts to reveal a wet diaper.

“Oh Chrissy, wet again?” Marie sighed.

Chrissy nodded and put her thumb in her mouth. Marie untaped the diaper, wiped Chrissy’s diaper area, and tossed the diaper in the trash. Marie scooped Chrissy up and put her down in the tub, where she began playing with the bubbles. Marie turned to Lisa and pulled off her shirt and shorts to reveal an unusual sight: a teenage girl wearing a cute blue bra and a baby diaper. Marie reached around and unhooked Lisa’s bra and then took off her diaper. She showed it to Chrissy.

“See Chrissy? Lisa is a good girl and stayed dry,” Marie pointed out. Both girls giggled. Marie, to Lisa’s surprise, picked Lisa up and put her into the tub. Marie then left the girls to play for a few minutes while she took care of a few things. Lisa and Chrissy played with the bubbles in the tub and even a rubber ducky. By the time Marie returned, they were soaked.

“Ok babies, time to clean up,” Marie ordered, grabbing a washcloth. “Lisa, stand up.”

Lisa did as she was told and stood. Marie lathered up the washcloth and washed the girl from head to toe. Lisa blushed as Marie scrubbed her breasts, rear, and private area. Marie then turned her attention to Chrissy, repeating the same process. Once finished, she smacked both girls on their butts.

“Time to dry off!” Marie declared. As the girls toweled off, Marie prepared the changing pad and took out two fresh diapers. She helped the girls out of the tub and laid them down next to each other on the floor.

“I have to pee pee!” Lisa announced in her most babyish voice.

“Ok sweetheart, hold on!” Marie grabbed a diaper and slid it under Lisa’s butt. Marie folded the front of the diaper over Lisa, but instead of taping it, just held it in place. “Go ahead sweetie.”

Lisa smiled as she felt her bladder empty into the diaper. Once she finished, Marie changed her into a clean diaper complete with diaper cream and baby powder. She then repeated the process by diapering her baby sister. One at a time, Marie carried the girls into Chrissy’s room and put them into the bed clad only in their new Sesame Street diapers.

“What about our jammies?” Chrissy asked.

“It’s too hot,” Marie began, “Besides, I won’t want you to make a mess.”

With that, she gave each girl a bottle of warm milk, which they happily accepted, cooing and gurgling just like two little babies. Marie smiled and kissed each girl on the forehead as they began nursing their bottles.

“Goodnight baby girls, see you in the morning,” said Marie as she shut off the light and went back to her own room.

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