Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 7.

Ch 7 – July 4, 2000

Mrs. Stevens was up early on the morning of Independence Day. She hurried throughout the house, tidying up in preparation for the big party the Stevenses would be hosting later that day. Weather reports indicated that, with the heat index, it could feel like 114° outside. Mr. Stevens was out at the store, picking up bags upon bags of ice. Normally when getting ice for a party it’s for drinks. This ice was for the pool. Mrs. Stevens finished getting all the fans they had in the house from the garage and set them up around the screened-in porch. As she reentered the house, she saw that it was 9AM and Joey was still sound asleep.

Joey’s mother trudged up the stairs, marveling at how warm the house was even with air conditioning. Mrs. Stevens opened her son’s bedroom door and couldn’t help but smile at what she saw. Joey had apparently been hot, as his shirt and shorts were on the floor and his sheets were kicked to the bottom of his bed. His mother couldn’t believe how cute her thirteen-year-old son looked sleeping in a wet pull up. She walked over to the bed and gently shook him awake.

“Hey Joey, it’s time to get up buddy,” she said softly. As her son stirred, she heard her husband pulling into the driveway. She grabbed Joey’s sleep clothes from the floor and handed them to him.

“Quick, put these on and help your dad with the ice,” she ordered.

“K mom,” Joey groggily replied. Joey pulled on his basketball shorts and tee shirt that he had discarded the night before. Rubbing his eyes, he made his way downstairs and into the garage, where his dad was beginning to unload his SUV.

“Morning dad.”

“Hey there sport!” Joey’s dad said, tossing bags of ice into coolers. “Give me a hand hear, will ya?”

“Geez,” Joey said as he took two bags from the back of the vehicle, “How many of these did you get?”

“About thirty or so of the five pounders. I took all they had.”

“Why do we need so much?” Joey inquired, still hauling.

“Well, you said the pool was warm the other day, and we thought this might help cool it down, considering how hot it’s going to be today,” Mr. Stevens explained.

Joey had to admit, this was a pretty awesome idea. He couldn’t wait to cannonball through ice cubes! Within ten minutes, Joey and his father finished unloading the ice. Joey, as instructed by his dad, went to see if his mother needed any help. She told Joey to have some breakfast first, and then fill a bunch of spray bottles with water and put them into the fridge. Joey was impressed by his parents’ cool ideas to keep their guests comfortable in the unbearable heat.

Joey got himself a bowl of Trix and sat down at the table for breakfast. He had just poured the milk onto his fruity cereal when the urge came for his morning pee. Joey sighed. He hated mushy cereal and didn’t want to leave to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, nature called. Joey stood, and then it hit him. The crinkle of his Goodnite reminded him that he never changed into normal clothes! Smiling, Joey sat down and began eating his cereal as he began peeing into his already wet pull up.

After breakfast, Joey ran upstairs to get out of the wet udnergarment. He took off his shorts and dropped the pull up to the floor. Using baby wipes, he cleaned his privates and walked over to his bureau. Instead of getting a clean pair of boxers, Joey opted to put on another Goodnite. Joey pulled his shorts on over the pull up and went back downstairs.

Once Joey had finished with the spray bottles, his parents kept finding odd jobs for him to prepare for the party. While he was cleaning the porch furniture, Joey wet himself once more, smiling as he did so. He liked wearing his Goodnite around the house. At 11, his mom told him to get ready for the party, which would be starting in an hour. Joey took off his wed pull up, showered, and dressed for the big 4th of July bash.

For whatever reason, the WDC’s parents always insisted on them dressing nicely for this particular party. Each year, Lisa’s dad would take a photograph of the kids in front of the pool house. Normally, they would be expected to remain dressed this way for at least a couple of hours, but not this year. Mrs. Stevens told them to change into their swimsuits as soon as the photo was done, as it was far too hot to remain as they were. The kids were all too happy to grab their things and disappear into the pool house.

“You look really cute, Lisa,” Joey said with a bashful smile. Lisa was wearing a sky blue sundress with white sandals. Her blonde hair, usually in a pony tail, was instead slightly curled and resting on her mostly bare shoulders.

“You too Chrissy,” Sam added, not wanting to be outdone. He wasn’t lying, either. Chrissy wore a yellow dress that tied behind her neck and left much of her back bare. This was complimented with yellow sandals and a hair clip adorned with a yellow flower that held her chestnut hair in a bun.

The girls thanked the boys with a giggle and returned the compliments. The boys were dressed in a similar fashion. Both wore khaki shorts and polo shirts, with Sam’s shirt being blue and Joey’s being red. The girls headed into the bathroom with a reminder from Sam to knock before exiting.

Joey and Sam both began to get undressed. Joey was actually looking forward to this, in a way. He was eager to see if Sam’s development had progressed any faster than his own. Joey was naked quite quick, and waited until Sam pulled his boxers down before springing his little plan into action.

“We should probably put on sun block before we put our suits on,” Joey suggested, grabbing a bottle of Coppertone.

“Oh, yeah, good call,” Sam said, turning around to face Joey. Joey’s eyes immediately dropped to his best friend’s crotch. Sam was definitely hairier down there than Joey, which was a change from the previous sleepover. Joey decided to speak up.

“So, um, when did you get all that?” Joey asked awkwardly with a gesture towards Sam’s private area.

“Oh, um, I don’t know,” Sam replied, “I guess it’s been happening since the end of school.”

“Yeah, me too. I don’t have as much hair though,” Joey began, “But I think I’m a little bigger.”

“Nuh uh, I think I am, but my hair is hiding it, that’s all,” Sam defended.

“I don’t think so,” Joey retorted.

“Look, I’ll show you, come here,” Sam said. Joey walked over and stood directly in front of Sam. Sam demonstrated what to do. “Push your pubes back like this, and you’ll see.”

Joey did as Sam did, and they compared. Joey, who felt that he needed the size edge over Sam since Sam had more hair, was disappointed with what they saw.

“See?” Sam pointed out, “We’re the same!”

“Well, it doesn’t matter now,” Joey said defensively, “It only matters how big it is when it’s hard.”

“Ok, well let’s see!” Sam exclaimed, as his curiosity on the subject was now beginning to peak. Just as both boys took a familiar grip, they heard a knock on the bathroom door. They scrambled for their bathing suits.

“Hold on!” Joey hollered.

“Joey was right, your dress is cute,” Chrissy said as the girls entered the bathroom.

“Thanks! Yours too!” Lisa replied, clearly excited. “Wanna see something cool?”

“Sure!” Chrissy responded. Lisa quickly stepped out of her dress and proudly thrust her chest out.

“It’s a real bra! No more training bras,” Lisa began proudly, “I’m a 34A!”

“What’s that mean?” Chrissy asked, wondering what size she was, as her chest had finally given a small indication that it was no longer going to resemble a board.

“I don’t know, the ladies at the store measure you and tell you what size you are,” Lisa explained.

“Cool,” Chrissy began, “Marie is going to take me bra shopping soon!”

“Awesome!” Lisa replied, giving her friend a quick hug. With that, the girls began to quickly change. Lisa quickly removed her bra and panties, both pink, and replaced them with her pink bikini. As Chrissy took her dress off, Lisa noticed that her friend’s chest was indeed different from a few weeks prior. Chrissy pulled down her panties and put on her new bathing suit, a yellow bikini. Lisa knocked on the door.

“Hold on!” came Joey’s muffled reply, and a few moments later, “Okay, come on out.”

The girls joined the boys in the main room of the pool house. Joey peeked through the curtain on the window and saw the adults dumping ice into the pool.

“The pool should be ready in a minute,” Joey announced.

“Ready?” Lisa asked.

“My mom and dad got ice to put in it to try and cool it down,” Joey explained.

“That is so freaking cool!” Sam exclaimed, running to the window to see for himself.

“So, are you guys ready for tonight?” Joey asked. Everyone nodded. “What did you bring?”

“I have a Sesame Street pull up,” Sam responded.

“Marie’s gonna get our diapers, we don’t know what they look like yet,” Chrissy replied.

“Wait – Marie knows?” Joey asked. Chrissy blushed and nodded.

“We’ll explain later and we can all model them, ok?” Lisa declared, ready to get into the ice-filled pool. Everyone agreed, and the four members of the WDC dashed outside and jumped into the pool.

Later on, after everyone was sufficiently stuffed full of burgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, and pickles, everyone sat around the table on the porch, chatting away. The mothers, in between reminding the kids to keep up with their fluids, were discussing plans for the Disney World visit later that week. The dads were trying to determine whether or not the Buccaneers actually had a chance to make it to the playoffs this year. Sam and Joey animatedly shared their excitement to try out the new Rock-N-Roller Coaster at Disney. Marie, Chrissy, and Lisa busied themselves with gossip about boys.

Eventually, the four moms retired to the main house, but not before telling the kids to go put on a movie in the pool house to escape the heat. Marie excused herself to run to the store, and the dads each took out a cigar and continued their gridiron debate.

Once back in the pool house, the WDC elected to watch Austin Powers. Joey suggested they change first.

“Well we can’t, Marie’s not back,” Chrissy pointed out.

“Yeah, and I probably shouldn’t watch that movie without a diaper.” Lisa joked, drawing laughs from her friends.

“Ok, fine,” Sam said, “What should we do then?”

“Truth or Dare!” Lisa blurted out, a bit over excited, as usual. Everyone laughed again, and agreed. Lisa was excited. She had been thinking of this since she left their last party. Lisa had a clear goal with this game.

“Ok, Lisa, truth or dare?” Sam asked.

“Dare!” came her reply.

“I dare you…I dare you to kiss Joey for ten seconds!” Sam dared.

Lisa smiled. Sam already took care of half of her plan for her. Joey was ecstatic as the bikini-clad Lisa crawled over to where he sat on the floor and they kissed as Chrissy and Sam slowly counted to ten. Once ten was reached, Lisa returned to her spot on the floor.

“Wow,” was all Joey could say. Everyone laughed.

“Ok, Chrissy, truth or dare?” Lisa asked.

“Oh, I guess I’ll take a dare too,” Chrissy said.

“Oh good. Go kiss Sam for ten seconds!” Lisa replied.

Much like their friends, both parties involved were more than happy to perform this particular dare. Lisa and Joey gave them a nice, slow ten count, and then it was Sam’s turn.

“Ok Sam,” Chrissy began, “what will it be?”


“I dare you to kiss me again!” Chrissy said after a moment of thought. There was no counting this time, instead Lisa interjected.

“Ok, ok, that’s enough you two,” Lisa chastised her friends. “Joey hasn’t had a turn. So truth or dare?”

“Well I suppose I’ll take a dare too.”

“Ok Joey,” Lisa acted as though she had to think it over. “Oh! I got one! I dare you to moon us!”

Embarrassed, Joey stood and turned his back to the group. He thought he was going to get another kiss. Instead, he bent forward and pulled down the back of his bathing suit.

“Lisa! I dare you to smack it!” Sam blurted out. Lisa laughed and complied. Joey then sat back down, rubbing the spot where she smacked his butt.

“Whatever happened to the rule we had last time? Don’t you all have to moon too?” Joey reminded them. To his surprise, they agreed. One by one, each person in the room slid down the back of their bathing suit to reveal their bottom. The game continued in this manner for a bit. There was more kissing, more mooning, butt grabbing and slapping, and other such blatant flirtations. By this point, although no one pointed it out, everyone was painfully aware that the boys were sporting noticeable erections and that the girls’ nipples were firm and visible through their tops.

“Ok, here’s one,” Lisa began, very caught up in the intense game, “I dare all of us to jump into the pool naked!”

The room fell quiet, yet nobody objected. Slowly, each one stood up and prepared to disrobe when a knock on the door signaled the end to a game that had clearly gotten out of control. Signs of arousal quickly vanished as panic set in. Another knock was followed by Marie coming into the room. She immediately could tell she interrupted something.

“What, no one can answer the door?” Marie jokingly demanded.

Joey and Sam blushed deeply. They saw that Marie’s shopping bag contained two packages of diapers, confirming that she knew about their little club activities. This did not go unnoticed.

“Oh relax you two,” Marie said. “You didn’t think I would notice that Chrissy came home in a diaper? Anyway, your secret is safe with me.”

The boys were noticeably relieved at hearing this.

“Before you get your party started, I have a few things to say, and you should really listen,” Marie began. “I know that you four have coupled off, but be careful. There’s no need to rush anything, you’re all still kids. On that note, don’t think your parents aren’t going to figure it out soon, so if I were you, I’d behave especially well for your next few sleepovers.”

"The four nodded solemnly. Lisa blushed and felt guilty about starting the truth or dare game.

“On a lighter note, the Disney trip,” Marie continued. All four perked up at the mention of this. “Unfortunately, none of our parents can take the time off right now, everything’s too crazy with the Millennium celebration. So I’m going to take you on Sunday, and hopefully it won’t be so busy as everyone will be leaving after the holiday. Sound good?”

The immediate chatter that came from Joey, Sam, Lisa, and Chrissy illustrated just how they excited they were about the trip. Marie chuckled at their excitement, which to her proved that they were still innocent little kids, at least in her mind. With that thought, she cleared her throat and gestured toward the girls.

“Ok you two, in the bathroom,” she ordered. Lisa and Chrissy obediently grabbed their overnight bags and scurried into the bathroom. Marie followed and shut the door behind her. Marie pulled the two packages from her shopping bag.

“Let’s see now,” Marie said, examining the packages. “For Chrissy, we have Blue’s Clues, and for Lisa we have Disney Princesses!”

Both girls were happy with the selection. Chrissy stepped forward and lifted her arms in the air, allowing Marie to peel off her bikini top. Lisa sat down on the toilet seat, and watched with a bit of jealousy as her friend’s big sister took care of her. Marie pulled down Chrissy’s bottoms and had her lay on the floor. The older Carter girl opened both packages of diapers and took out a Blue’s Clues one for Chrissy. She slid it under her baby sister’s bottom and left it open as she dug through her purse. To Lisa’s surprise, Marie pulled out a tube of Desitin, some baby powder, and a pacifier. Marie popped the pacifier in Chrissy’s mouth and rubbed the cream onto Chrissy’s pubic region, butt, and inner thighs before powdering her and taping her diaper shut. Marie took Chrissy’s yellow sun pajamas from the overnight bag and helped her little sister get dressed. Marie looked over to Lisa, who was staring longingly at the entire process. Marie took action.

“Your turn, kiddo,” Marie said, pulling Lisa over to her. Lisa stood dumbfounded as Marie untied her top and bottom, leaving her naked. She laid Lisa on the floor, and a smile crept onto Lisa’s face. She was very excited to be babied, just as Marie suspected. She reached into her purse.

“I thought as much,” marie commented, pulling out another pacifier. “Lucky for you I came prepared with an extra binkie!”

Marie put the pacifier in Lisa’s mouth and Lisa happily began sucking on it. She giggled as Marie rubbed the diaper cream into her most intimate areas and powdered her. Marie lifted Lisa’s legs and slid a diaper under Lisa’s powdered butt. Marie taped the diaper shut and Lisa admired the smiling faces of Belle, Cinderella, and Aurora that adorned the front of her diaper. In Lisa’s bag Marie found a green tank top with Tinkerbell on it and a matching pair of tiny little shorts. She helped Lisa get dressed, and giggled. Neither of the girls’ pajamas hid their diapers at all.

“Ok girls, you’re all set!” Marie said, walking to the main room. The girls half walked, half waddled behind her, hiding their pacis behind their backs. The boys were waiting on one of the beds, each with their selected garment in their hands.

“I assume you boys can take care of yourselves?” Marie asked. They nodded and went into the bathroom, blushing.

“Thanks big sis!” Chrissy exclaimed, giving her sister a big hug.

“Yeah, thanks, that was really cool,” Lisa agreed.

“Anytime ladies,” Marie said, turning back as she headed out the door. “Be good tonight!”

While the girls got the movie ready, grabbed water bottles from the mini fridge, and plopped on their bed happily sucking their pacifiers, the boys were in the bathroom, naked.

“So, do you wanna see who’s bigger now?” Joey asked.

“Nah,” Sam said, shaking his head. “After truth or dare I don’t think I could get it to go back down again.”

Joey nodded in agreement. He pulled on a Goodnite from his new pack. It had a choo-choo train going across the front. Sam pulled on an actual Pull Up, decorated with Ernie, Bert, and the rubber duckie. Joey covered up with his basketball shorts and a Mickey Mouse tee shirt, as Sam also had a pair of basketball shorts to wear along with a Goofy shirt.

The boys were shocked to find the girls nursing pacifiers when they returned to the room. They also immediately noticed how obvious it was that both girls were wearing diapers. Lisa popped her pacifier out of her mouth.

“Do you like our binkies?” she asked innocently. The boys nodded. “Yay! Time for our fashion show now!”

The girls scrambled out of bed and met the boys in the middle of the room. Chrissy stood in front of Sam, and Lisa across from Joey.

“Ok, on three,” Lisa began her count. “One, two, THREE!”

On three, all four of them dropped their pants. They all commented on each other’s undergarments. The girls suggested that the boys try diapers instead of pull ups some time, to which the boys weren’t sure about. Joey changed the subject by starting the movie. Lisa joined him on one of the beds as Sam and Chrissy took the other.

Being thirteen, Austin Powers was incredible hilarious to the WDC. Particularly Lisa, who copiously soaked her diaper during the “Who does number two work for” scene, as her hysterical laughter caused her to pee uncontrollably. As Austin Powers struggled to turn a tram around in a narrow hallway, Lisa’s laughing again forced her to wet unctrollably, soaking her diaper near capacity. This time, however, she wasn’t alone, as Chrissy’s laughing fit caused her to empty her full bladder into her diaper.

Sam and Joey quickly caught on that the girls were wet and didn’t hesitate to poke fun at them for it. This was a classic example of hubris, as the girls turned on the boys and began to tickle them. Sam, who was waiting for an excuse, immediately peed in his pull up as Chrissy began tickling him. Joey, on the other hand, tried valiantly to block Lisa’s tickling fingers. However, as Lisa pinned Joey on the bed and leaned over to tickle his armpits, Joey had a clear view down her shirt. His jaw dropped as he saw her breasts through the neck opening of her shirt. Joey was in such shock that he didn’t even realize that he had started wetting. Lisa noticed he stopped struggling and looked down. She immediately rolled off of him after realizing what he saw.

“Oh you are in big trouble mister!” Lisa hollered as she took Joey, who was still peeing, by the wrist and led him into the bathroom, slamming the door behind them. Joey was incredibly nervous and finally realized his Goodnite was wet.

“I-I’m sorry…” he apologized.

“What exactly did you see?” Lisa demanded, cutting him off.

“I, uh, um, well, I…” Joey stammered.


“I saw your, ya know, your, um, boobs,” Joey practically whispered, hanging his head in shame.

On one hand, Lisa was mad and embarrassed. On the other hand, she was excited. It was confusing. She stood for a moment and tried to think of what to do next. Finally, she had an idea. She turned Joey around so he was facing away from her. To his dismay, Lisa then yanked his wet Goodnite to his feet.

“Hey!” Joey yelled, his hands immediately covering his privates.

“I’ll give you a choice of punishment,” Lisa said with as much confidence as she could muster. “Either I give you a spanking, or you have to…you have to show me your thingy!”

“But that’s not fair!” Joey protested.

“Yes it is, you saw my boobs!” Lisa countered.

“But I didn’t see your…your…ya know,” Joey retorted. Lisa frowned. He had a point. But her curiosity had completely overwhelmed her common sense.

“Fine. How about this? We both need to get changed, right?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, so?” Joey responded suspiciously.

“Well, we’ll turn around and get cleaned up, but before we get fresh diapers on, we’ll turn back on three, look for five seconds, then turn back around,” Lisa proposed, her face a deep shade of crimson. Joey pondered for a moment.

“Deal,” he agreed as he turned around. Lisa also turned. She carefully untaped her diaper and begin wiping herself clean with a baby wipe. Lisa heard Joey’s wet Goodnite drop to the floor and heard him get toilet paper to clean up. Lisa took a deep breath and took off her shirt.



“Take off your shirt.”

“Ok. Are you ready?”

“Uh huh. You?”


Lisa squeezed her eyes shut and took another deep breath.

“Ok, one, two, three,” Lisa counted. She whirled around and opened her eyes. Joey was completely naked in front of her. Lisa immediately looked down at his crotch. He had a little bit of hair, and she gasped as she noticed his penis hardening. Joey couldn’t help it. He turned and saw Lisa’s breasts again, and they were magnificent, in his opinion. His gaze dropped down to her private area, and he was surprised to see a little bit of hair surrounding her narrow slit. He had never seen anything like that before and had no idea girls got hair down there too. Lisa was suddenly embarrassed and slightly uncomfortable, leading her to cover up. Joey immediately blushed and his erection began to subside. He quickly pulled on a fresh Goodnite and dressed. Lisa was still standing there, one hand over her private area and the other arm covering her chest.

“Are you okay Lisa?” Joey asked quietly.

“Yeah, you?” she asked. Joey nodded. “Joey?”


“Can you ask Chrissy to come in?” Lisa asked. “I need help with my diaper.”


“Thanks Joey,” Lisa said, before adding, “And thanks for doing that with me, I was just curious, I guess.”

“Yeah, me too,” Joey agreed. “Thanks.”

Moments later, Chrissy came into the bathroom and was shocked to see Lisa standing there naked.

“Oh. My. God. What did you do?” Chrissy asked.

“Nothing, we were just looking,” Lisa explained.


“No, no, I know,” Lisa said. “I just wanted to know what he looked like and nw I know. And I don’t plan on seeing that again for a LONG time!”

“Good,” Chrissy said. “So, are you gonna put some clothes on?”

“Yeah but I need help with my diaper,” Lisa responded. Chrissy nodded and Lisa laid down. Chrissy, mimicking her sister, rubbed the cream onto Lisa and securely taped on a fresh, clean diaper.

“Can you change me now?” Chrissy asked. Lisa agreed, and followed the process for her friend.

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” Lisa said with a yawn. They went back into the main room. Sam went into the bathroom and quickly changed into a clean pull up. After the girls got into their bed, the boys came over, gave them their pacifiers, and kissed them goodnight. The four friends fell into a deep sleep, wondering where their friendships and relationships were going.

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