Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 6.

Ch. 6 – June 14, 2000

NOTE: This chapter will come in four parts, each part telling what each character did after the party. I made Chrissy’s a bit long since that’s what people seemed to be interested in. Enjoy!

Chrissy shut the front door behind her and dropped her bag in the foyer. She made her way to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water and gulped it down. Although she only had to walk through Joey’s yard and across the street, it was still hot enough outside to make her quite thirsty. Chrissy refilled her glass, grabbed her bag from the foyer, and made her way to her bedroom. Chrissy glanced down the hall upstairs. On her left was a closet followed by the master suite. On the right was her room and Marie’s room, which were connected in the middle by the bathroom they shared. Seeing that Marie’s door was closed and there wasn’t any music playing, Chrissy assumed that her older sister was napping after a long day at work.

Chrissy entered her room and shut the door behind her. She surveyed her room, thinking about her desire to mature that was currently clashing with the enjoyment she took from being babied. Her room clearly favored the more immature desire. The walls were yellow, with a border of smiling suns up near the ceiling. Her bed had a canopy over it and was currently adorned with Little Mermaid bedding. There were stuffed animals on almost every surface, including a handful on the floor. Chrissy still used the combination bureau/changing table from when this was her nursery, and the old rocking chair her mom would rock her to sleep in still sat in one corner. As Chrissy opened the Winnie the Pooh curtains on her window, she wondered if having such a little girl’s room was somehow contributing to her slow development.

With a sigh, Chrissy plopped her bag on her bed and began taking things out. The movies, games, magazines, and snacks she brought to the party were set aside on the bed. She tossed her towel, swimsuit, yesterday’s shirt, and her pajama shirt on the floor. As she pulled out the plastic bag with her wet shorts and panties out of her overnight bag, her sister’s voice made her jump.

“Hey there little sis!” Marie burst into the room with a warm greeting. She had apparently just finished her shower as Chrissy came into the house. When Marie heard her little sister in the bedroom, she decided to give her a quick hello. Chrissy wasn’t expecting to see her sister clad in a towel, and Marie didn’t expect to see Chrissy wearing pajama shorts with a noticeable bulge beneath them. Chrissy was so startled that a tiny trickle of pee came out into her Goodnite.

“Oh my gosh Marie you scared me!” Chrissy gasped.

“Sorry, kiddo,” Marie apologized. She gestured toward Chrissy’s shorts. “So what’s with the get up?”

“Um, my shorts got wet so I decided to wear these home,” Chrissy meekly explained. Marie’s right eyebrow raised as she looked at how her sister was dressed.

“And does what you’re wearing under these shorts have something to do with how the others got wet?” Marie asked. Chrissy blushed and looked down at her feet. She fidgeted back and forth, not knowing what to do. She didn’t think the pull up was that obvious.

“Chrissy, is everything ok?” Marie inquired as she put an arm around her little sister. Chrissy just shrugged. Marie began leading her through the bathroom to the older sister’s room.

“Come on, we’re going to have a nice chat before we start our sister night, ok?”


Marie sat Chrissy down on the tie-dyed beanbag chair in her room. She fetched Chrissy’s glass of water from the younger girls room and returned to her own bedroom. Marie marveled at the difference between the two rooms. Chrissy’s room still strongly resembled the nursery it started out as 13 years ago. Marie, on the other hand, had mint green carpeting and a light purple coat of paint on the walls. The walls were mostly covered with posters from bands she liked such as the Beatles and Third Eye Blond or movies like Clueless and Romeo + Juliet. The relics of babyhood were long gone, as she had a nice, full-sized bed with tie-dyed sheets and a full dresser and vanity. Marie gave Chrissy her water and began her questioning.

“So, what’s going on sister Christine?” Marie asked as she removed her towel and began drying her hair. Chrissy gazed her sister’s naked body. Marie’s dark hair reached her shoulder blades, which were nicely tanned. Marie’s breasts looked to be about the size of oranges to Chrissy, and they seemed to sit proudly on her sister’s chest. Marie was slim, and had a bit of a curve to her hips. Her hipbones pointed to a small, neat patch of dark hair between her legs.

“When did you get boobs?” Chrissy blurted out. Marie stopped in her tracks. She was expecting Chrissy to explain why she had wet pants in a bag and a diaper on. Suddenly, Marie felt a little self-conscious being completely nude, but the pleading look in her sister’s eyes quickly morphed her self awareness to pity for her younger sibling.

“I think it was like the summer before high school,” Marie responded. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, Lisa has them now, and she has hairs down there too and I don’t have either yet,” Chrissy explained.

“Well don’t worry about it sweetie, about a year from now I’m sure you’ll get them just like I did,” Marie consoled as she pulled on a pair of black panties and a very small pair of blue pajama shorts. As Marie selected a pink bra, she had an idea.

“Do you wanna know how to put on a bra?” Marie offered. Chrissy nodded eagerly. Marie smiled and explained the steps as she performed them.

“First you put your arms through the straps, like this. Then you pull it up into place, and you have to reach behind your back and get these little hooks into these little loops. That’s the tricky part but you’ll learn fast,” Marie explained.

“Yeah, Lisa was having a little trouble with that part today,” Chrissy commented.

“Well, I hope Lisa was the only one you saw naked at this party,” Marie said with a raised eyebrow as she pulled a babydoll nightie over her head. “Are you gonna tell me what happened now?”

Chrissy took a deep breath and began the story. She explained truth or dare, Joey’s problem, Sam’s fixation, Lisa’s laughing, and her own accidents. Chrissy told Marie about sleeping over at Lisa’s the previous week and all the times they’ve changed clothes together since. Chrissy talked about Joey and Lisa and how she felt about Sam. By the time she finished recounting everything, her glass of water had become a glass of air.

“Wow,” Marie couldn’t believe everything she had heard. “So when you left the DQ, you forgot you didn’t have one of these pull ups on and you wet yourself, and Lisa helped you with the one you have on now. Does that bring me up to speed?”

“Yeah,” Chrissy confirmed.

“I gotta ask, was it weird having Lisa help you with that? Did she actually change you like Mom does on our trip?” Marie asked.

“She changed me a couple of times, and I kinda liked it. I think I like it when someone changes me like that, it feels nice and safe,” Chrissy answered, looking to her older sibling for acceptance. Marie smiled and ruffled Chrissy’s hair.

“I guess I can understand it when you put it like that,” Marie said. Chrissy smiled and gave her sister a big hug.

“You’re the best sister ever!” Chrissy happily declared. An evil grin crept across Marie’s face.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. RRAAHHH!” With a roar Marie threw Chrissy onto the bed and began tickling her, sending the younger Carter girl into a fir of hysterical giggles. Chrissy managed to squirm away and dash to her room, but Marie caught up with her, picked her up, and bodyslammed her onto the Little Mermaid bed spread. Chrissy was in tears from laughing so hard.

“Okau, okay! I give up! You win, you win! Just please stop!” Chrissy pleaded.

“Well, okay,” Marie conceded, “But only because you said I’m the best. So how do you wanna start sister’s night? We could order pizza, watch a movie, play a game, do makeovers, pull out the karaoke machine, it’s your call little sis!”

“Um, I actually need to get changed first,” Chrissy said quietly, again looking at her feet.

“Oh…OH!” The light bulb went off. “Was it the tickling?” Marie asked. Chrissy nodded. “I’m sorry sweetie.”

There was an awkward pause. Marie looked at Chrissy, who appeared to be embarrassed. Marie took a deep breath.

“Would you like me to change you? I think we should still have some of your diapers in the closet,” Marie offered. Chrissy smiled and nodded excitedly.

“Ok kiddo, get on the floor,” Marie ordered. Marie went to Chrissy’s closet, and, sure enough, there on the floor in the back was a package of Huggies size 6 baby diapers with baby Looney Toons on them. There was probably only four missing from the pack, with 12 remaining. Marie took a diaper out of the pack, grabbed the box of wipes, and knelt at Chrissy’s feet. She slid down Chrissy’s yellow shorts with the smiling sun on them. Marie couldn’t help but think that Chrissy looked absolutely adorable in her little pull up. Marie was surprised when Chrissy began to suck her thumb. Marie smiled and surveyed the damage. Chrissy had wet pretty thoroughly. Marie tore the medical tape from the Goodnite and lifted Chrissy by her ankles to slide the diaper out from under her. Chrissy cooed and giggled. Lisa hadn’t lifted her feet like that, it made her feel even more like a baby! Marie wiped Chrissy’s private area and bottom clean, and then rested Chrissy’s legs back on the floor. She frowned, looking at her sister’s crotch. Chrissy popped her thumb out of her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I think you’re getting a diaper rash,” Marie responded. “Why don’t we get you into a bubble bath?”

Chrissy cooed, giggled, clapped, and happily stuck her thumb back in her mouth. Marie stepped into the bathroom to get the tub and bubbles going, and then returned to Chrissy’s room. She helped her baby sister to her feet and tugged the tank top she was wearing over her head. Then, much to Chrissy’s surprise, Marie scooped her up and carried Chrissy on her hip. Marie put Chrissy in the tub, and Chrissy immediately began playing with the bubbles. Marie was starting to enjoy babying her sister as she washed Chrissy’s hair and cleaned her little body, paying special attention to her diaper rash. Marie let Chrissy play for a moment as she left the bathroom.

First, Marie went back into Chrissy’s closet. Behind the package of diapers was the diaper bag Mrs. Carter used for their DC trip. Inside Marie found a tube of Desitin. With the tube of cream in her hand, she went all the way down to the basement and into the storage area. It only took about two minutes for her to find the box labeled “Baby Things.” Marie took from it a bottle, a sippy cup, a pacifier, a bib, and a changing pad. She brought everything up to Chrissy’s room and set it on the floor. Marie then went into the bathroom.

“Okay, bath time is over silly,” Marie laughed as Chrissy gazed up at her with a bubble-fro on her head. Marie drained the tub and rinsed the bubbles off her sister. As Marie was drying Chrissy, she made a proposition.

“Well, since you really seem to enjoy being my baby sister, how would you like it if I treated you like a baby tonight?” Marie asked.

“Will you really?” Chrissy asked, her eyes wide with excitement.

“Of course! But there’s one condition,” Marie began, “I’m not changing any poopy diapers, so that you’ll have to do on the potty.”

“I don’t think I’d like that anyway. Yuck!” Chrissy said with a face. “Wait, will you change me if I wet?”

“Sure thing, now let’s get you into a diaper!”

With that Marie lifted Chrissy out of the tub and carried her to the changing pad. Chrissy was in awe of all of the baby stuff Marie had found for her. Marie lifted Chrissy’s legs and slid a clean diaper under her butt. Marie rubbed the Desitin all over Chrissy’s bottom, privates, and inner thighs. Marie taped the diaper snuggly shut and helped Chrissy to her feet. Marie took a long Little Mermaid nightshirt from Chrissy’s dresser and helped her sister into it. She gathered up the rest of the baby things and noticed Chrissy eyeballing them.

“Aww, does baby want her binkie?” Marie cooed. Chrissy smiled and nodded, and Marie popped it into her mouth.

Throughout the evening the girls had dinner, watched a movie, talked about boys, played Candyland, and generally had a fantastic night. Chrissy managed to wet and Marie lovingly changed her baby sister’s diaper. A couple of hours after dinner, Marie prepared a bottle of warm milk and brought Chrissy upstairs. She sat in the rocking chair with Chrissy in her lap and fed her the bottle. Marie smiled at Chrissy as she began to drift away, nursing the bottle. Marie heard Chrissy sigh and felt Chrissy’s diaper expand. Marie gently laid Chrissy on the changing pad, which was now on the bed, and changed her diaper. Marie gave Chrissy a stuffed bunny and her binkie before tucking her baby sister in.

Sitting through dinner was agonizing for Sam. When it was finally over, he told his parents he was tired from not sleeping too much at the party, and went up to his room. Once he was inside, he immediately shed his clothes and pulled on one of Jake’s Goodnites. Sam sighed happily.

Sam sat his computer and decided to try and find the website that Lisa told them about the night before. It only took a couple of minutes to find it. He pulled up a story called College Nights, but the language was a little crass for him and he felt more embarrassed than turned on. As he scoured the site for something interesting, he decided to use the search option. Sam typed in “diaper” and to his surprise, about a dozen stories came up. As Sam read the stories he could feel his erection struggling against the soft pull up that covered it. The second story he read mentioned being “ABDL.” Sam searched through Excite and found a website with pictures of people Marie’s age wearing diapers. Sam shoved his hand down into his Goodnite and began furiously pulling at his penis until he coated his diaper with his sticky discharge.

Almost instantly, Sam felt a twinge of guilt. He felt bad about finding pleasure in such an odd thing. What kind of person gets excited by diapers? Could Chrissy like him if he likes weird things like this? He thought back to their conversation on the way to the park and began to wonder, could Chrissy actually like diapers as much as I do?

Much like Sam, Lisa could not wait to finish dinner and get to her room. She, of course, had different reasons. She was wearing the clothes they wore to the park and felt gross. As soon as she shut her bedroom door, she took off all of her clothes, grabbed a towel, and got into the shower. Once she was finished with the nice, cold shower, she dried off and went back into her room. Lisa pulled on her favorite sleepwear; her Hello Kitty nightshirt and the matching panties.

Lisa grabbed her journal and plopped on her bed. She began thinking about the past two days. Images of kissing Joey, holding his hand, and seeing his Goodnite danced through her head. She began doodling hearts with their names in them all over her journal’s next blank page. She wrote her name with his last name to see what it would look like, and began to wonder what their kids would look like. Lisa giggled at the thought of kids and the process that led to them. Lisa then recalled when she accidentally walked in on Joey and Sam getting changed. Although she told Chrissy she didn’t see anything, she did. Lisa saw Joey’s penis. She giggled at the thought of the word. When she saw it, she couldn’t believe how tiny it was. But later, at dinner, when her dad said he wanted to watch Seinfeld, she remembered the bald guy on that show saying it gets smaller in the pool and figured that’s what happened to Joey. Not that she cared about that stuff yet, but she couldn’t help but think of how cute it was. Lisa started thinking about Joey again, and being his girlfriend, marrying him, and then back to seeing him naked that morning. Lisa slowly slid her nightshirt up and slid her hand into her panties, when she heard her parents coming up the stairs. She yanked her hand out of her underwear like it was on fire and pulled the sheet over her. Her mom knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Lisa called.

“Turning in sweetheart?” Mrs. Taylor asked.

“Yes Mommy, I didn’t get much sleep last night,” Lisa responded.

“I thought as much,” Mrs. Taylor responded, turning out the light. “Good night sweetie.”

“G’night Mommy!”

Lisa’s mom closed the door. Lisa was relieved to have avoided another embarrassing situation and her thoughts turned to Chrissy. Chrissy really seemed to like being a baby and Lisa wondered what it would be like. Lisa climbed out of bed and went to her dresser and took her old teddy bear from the top of it. She hopped back into bed, hugged her teddy close, and put her thumb in her mouth, drifting off to sleep.

Joey spent the afternoon cleaning the pool house. As he disposed of the trash that contained a whole lot of wet pull ups, he felt an enormous sense of gratitude towards his friends. He was putting the sheets from Chrissy’s accident in the wash when his mom walked in and saw the wet bedding.

“Oh no! Did your Goodnite leak?” Mrs. Stevens asked.

“Um, no.” Joey responded.

“Well then what happened?” she inquired.

“Well, my friends figured out that I had a Goodnite on,” Joey began, “But they were super cool about it and they all decided to wear one too. Chrissy had an accident and it leaked because it was too big for her.”

“Aww…” Mrs. Stevens’ eyes brimmed with tears. “I’m so happy your friends were understanding about it, that’s so sweet. You go get some rest, I’ll take care of this.”

She kissed her son on the forehead and he went up to his room. Once he was alone, Joey’s thoughts turned to Lisa. She’s always been cute, but now…wow. Joey remembered how she looked in her bikini. He remembered watching her get out of the pool and how her bottoms had wedged up and he thought of how cute her butt was. Since when did butts become cute? Then Joey remembered when she crossed her arms and her boobies pressed together. Joey thought about kissing her and holding her hand, and again thought of how hot she looked in that bikini.

Joey, feeling guilty, tried to push those thoughts out of his head as he got ready for bed. He took off all of his clothes and pulled on a clean Goodnite. Joey opted not to put anything else on, as even the air conditioning couldn’t completely mask the fact that it was sweltering outside. As Joey drifted off to sleep, the thoughts he tried to push out of his head returned.

Joey began dreaming about swimming with Lisa. She was wearing the bikini. They swam and swam and swam and then finally got out of the pool. Lisa seemed to climb the ladder out of the pool in slow motion. Joey followed her to the pool house. They kissed. Suddenly, Joey realized he was naked. As he was about to cover up, the dream-Lisa asked if he wanted to touch them. Joey reached his hands out towards Lisa’s chest.

Back in the real world, the sleeping Joey’s wet dream caused a different substance to wet his pull up. The next dream he had he and Lisa swam again. But this time, when they got out of the pool, they were wearing diapers. Back in the real world, Joey peed in his Goodnite as he continued sleeping deeply.

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