Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 5.

Ch. 5 - June 14, 2000

The early morning sunlight filled the room, stirring Lisa from a deep, restful sleep. She stretched out while still lying on the bed, noticing that either she or Chrissy kicked the sheet off during the night, which was fine because Lisa felt unusually sweaty. As she stretched, Lisa heard the now familiar crinkle of the special undergarment she wore. She slid her hand inside of her Goodnite, feeling that it was perfectly dry. Lisa thought back to the previous night of secret sharing and diaper wearing and smiled. Since she was still a bit groggy and not quite ready to get out of bed, she decided to try using her diaper for her morning pee. She could hear Chrissy’s soft breathing and a quick glance to the boys’ bed showed that they were asleep. Lisa pulled her hand out from her Goodnite and took a deep breath. She began to pee as she exhaled. Lisa felt the warm urine flowing out of her and all around her private area and her butt. She smiled, basking in the sensation. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she stopped. She cupped her hand over her crotch and felt an extremely soggy diaper. It was a good feeling.

Lisa glanced over at Chrissy, who was still fast asleep. Just be looking at her Lisa could determine that Chrissy was the one who kicked off the covers. Chrissy’s yellow tank top had twisted around and scrunched up at her chest, leaving it partially exposed. Lisa gently and carefully tugged the shirt around, covering her friend’s flat chest. Lisa glanced down to see if Chrissy had wet and gasped. She quickly shook Chrissy awake.

“Wh…what?” Chrissy groggily stammered.

“Chrissy, wake up! Your diaper!” Lisa hissed under her breath.

Chrissy rubbed her eyes and yawned. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down. At some point in the night, she had definitely wet her diaper. Unfortunately, the medical tape Lisa used to fasten it didn’t hold up against Chrissy’s tossing and turning. Chrissy’s diaper had popped open, not only leaving her most intimate parts uncovered, but leading to a very wet bed. Tears formed in Chrissy’s eyes and started to cascade down her cheek. Lisa glanced at the boys, making sure they were still asleep, and sprung into action.

“Sshhh! We can take care of it before they wake up. Quick, let’s get into the bathroom.” Lisa whispered.

Chrissy carefully climbed out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom, naked from the waist down. Lisa scooped up Chrissy’s wet diaper and followed. Lisa was surprised at how heavy her soaked Goodnite felt as she waddled into the bathroom shutting the foot behind her. She looked at Chrissy, who was quietly sobbing. Lisa tossed Chrissy’s diaper in the trash and took her friend’s hand.

“Sshh…don’t worry about it, Chrissy.” Lisa consoled.

“But I wet the bed…” Chrissy whimpered.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better my Goodnite is about to fall off because of how much I peed in it,” Lisa said, eliciting a smile from Chrissy. “Want me to make you another diaper?”

Chrissy nodded. Lisa had her lay on the floor as she retrieved a Goodnite, the scissors, and medical tape. Lisa took a wipe and gently wiped Chrissy’s diaper area clean and then patted on some baby powder. Lisa felt almost motherly as she took care of her friend, as if by changing her diaper she was forging an even stronger connection. Chrissy, who would normally be humiliated in this situation, instead felt strangely at peace. She loved how Lisa was lovingly taking care of her. Without realizing it, Chrissy’s thumb had been slowly making its way toward her mouth. Lisa noticed this and gently pushed it in. Chrissy smiled and began to suck.

“You’re so cute!” Lisa exclaimed, lightly pinching her friend’s bottom. Chrissy cooed and giggled, clearly enjoying being babied. Lisa cut the sides of the Goodnite and slid it under Chrissy’s butt. She snugly folded the front over and taped the sides snugly into place. Lisa stood up and helped Chrissy to her feet.

“All better baby?” Lisa asked.

“Yes!” Chrissy responded with a smile and a hug.

“This is fun,” Lisa began, with Chrissy nodding in agreement. “Let me change mine real quick and then we can go wake up Sam and Joey.”

Chrissy sat on the toilet and watched Lisa. Lisa pulled up her shirt to get to her Goodnite, but her shirt kept falling down. She struggled with this for a moment before stomping in frustration.

“Ugh! I can’t get this to stay up and I don’t want it to get pee on it!” Lisa huffed. With that, Lisa pulled her arms out of the sleeves and left the shirt hanging from her neck. Chrissy stared at her friend’s budding breasts and sighed, wondering when she would get those. She continued staring as Lisa pulled down her sopping Goodnite revealing a very sparse growth of pubic hair.

“It’s not fair!” Chrissy exclaimed.

“What isn’t fair?” Lisa asked.

“When do I get boobs and hair? When do I get to grow up? I look like a baby!”

“I don’t know. My mom said it’s different for everyone, but it’ll probably like runs in the family.” Lisa began. “Hey! You could ask your sister when she started!”

“That’s a good idea! I’ll have to ask her tonight if she’s home.” Chrissy smiled at this thought as Lisa wiped, powdered, and rediapered herself. Lisa pulled her shirt back on and Chrissy stood up.

“Let’s go wake up those lazy bums!”

Joey’s eyes opened as soon as he heard the bathroom door open. He felt how wet his Goodnite was but didn’t care. For once, he woke up wet and it didn’t bother him at all. Joey felt incredibly lucky to have friends who not only accepted his problem, but also completely embraced it. Lisa gave him a somewhat shy smile as she walked by with Chrissy, and Joey blushed. He wondered if they would become boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Lisa greeted Joey.

“Good morning yourself,” Joey responded. “What are you doing?”

Lisa and Chrissy had began stripping the bed.

“Well, we both just got changed out of our wet things, and one of us accidentally leaked a bit last night.” Lisa stated matter-of-factly.

Joey was shocked and somewhat thrilled. He wasn’t the only one to wake up wet today! He smiled as he stood up and stretched. Lisa whacked him on his padded butt, giggling.

“Looks like you should go change too!” Lisa pointed out.

Joey smiled sheepishly and went into the bathroom. His mind was racing. Last night he kissed Lisa. She just touched his butt, albeit through a Goodnite, but still! Joey felt a stirring below as he thought of Lisa, but quickly put it out of his mind trying to think of things like golf, creamed corn, and boring Sunday television to ease his dirty mind. Luckily, it worked. Joey tore off the wet Goodnite and trashed it. He had his morning pee, cleaned up, and following the girls’ lead, put on a fresh one. He walked back out to wake Sam up.

Unbeknownst to all of his friends, Sam woke up first. He looked around at his friends, all diapered and sleeping. He couldn’t believe that just a few weeks of seeing someone in a Goodnite that he managed to get himself and his best friends to wear them. He thought that he couldn’t be luckier, remembering how cute Chrissy looked in her diaper. Sam smiled and glanced over at her in the next bed and instantly realized that he could indeed be luckier.

Chrissy was sleeping in one of the strangest positions he had ever seen. But that’s not what caught his eye. When he looked over at Chrissy, Sam could not only see her chest, but her diaper had popped open and he could see something he had never seen before. Instantly, Sam’s normal “morning wood” had increased tenfold. Sam glanced around nervously, and once he was sure everyone was still fast asleep, he slid his hand into his dry Goodnite. Within a matter of seconds, it was damp and sticky. Sam sighed with relief. Suddenly, he noticed Lisa stretching on the other side of Chrissy. He blushed with shame at what he had just done, and quickly pretended to be asleep.

Over a breakfast of bacon and eggs, they all decided that it was a good day to walk over to the par and hang out for a while. After breakfast, they had returned to the pool house and decided not to let their Goodnites go to waste. They stood in a circle and simultaneously wet, promising to try it again sometime. Following that, they all changed into clothes to wear for the day. Joey put on a Superman tee and denim shorts over his favorite smiley face boxers. Sam donned his Orlando Magic basketball jersey and shorts with a pair of Orlando Magic boxers, should anyone question which team he supported. Chrissy opted for a pair of pink panties covered by a white tank top and baby blue short shorts. Lisa, after struggling a bit with her bra, was adorned in a Scooby Doo tee shirt, cut off denim shorts, and, of course, her Scooby panties. The four friends each took a water bottle and made their way out into the sweltering Florida summer.

Sam and Chrissy took the lead on the way to the park as Joey and Lisa brought up the rear. There was a noticeably awkward silence among the group as each person’s mind was swimming with thoughts of another. Joey and Lisa felt their hands “accidentally” bump into each other a few times before they finally intertwined their fingers. Meanwhile, Chrissy was curious about Sam’s fixation.

“So, um, you like, uh, like diapers and stuff?” Chrissy shyly inquired.

“Um, yeah, I guess so.” Sam responded.

“They do feel kinda nice, don’t they?” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah. They do.” Sam smiled.

“I think I kinda like them too.” Chrissy began. “I don’t know, it just feels really nice to wear them and get changed and stuff.”

“You mean like when your mom changes you on your trip?”

“Well, yeah, and, um…” Chrissy glanced back and saw Joey and Lisa had fallen behind a bit. “Um, Lisa kinda changed me this morning.”

“What was that like?” Sam asked, his eyes widening.

“I really liked it, it felt nice to have someone like take care of me,” Chrissy answered quietly.

“Yeah, yeah. I think that would be cool.” Sam agreed.

“Which part?” Chrissy asked.


“Do you want to like, be changed or do you want to change someone?” Chrissy inquired nervously.

“Um, I guess maybe both?” Sam responded. He felt relieved when Chrissy smiled and moved a little closer to him.

As that conversation wound down, the four members of the WDC found themselves at the park. There were two slides, two see-saws, plenty of swings, and one of those spinny things. The playground equipment seemed to break the tension of burgeoning relationships as all four ran towards the swings. They spenta couple of hours playing on the equipment, playing tag, running races, and even getting into a game known as “Kiss and Capture.” The awkward flirtations of their first romances were almost as high as the mercury on a thermometer. Eventually, the heat came to be too much. Lisa and Chrissy had downed their water and Joey and Sam had ever so gentlemanly offered the remainder of their water to their respective objects of attraction. Hot, sweaty, and tired, the four friends were sprawled in the shade of a tree.

“Ugh, it is way too hot out here,” Lisa complained.

“Tell me about it,” Joey agreed.

“I want to go back to the pool but I don’t want to get up,” Sam added.

“Oh! I know! We can go by Dairy Queen, I think Marie is working today!” Chrissy suggested.

Immediately everyone’s spirits lifted. The promise of ice cream was enough to get the teens off of the ground and on their way to visit Chrissy’s older sister at work and get some much needed refreshment. They trudged along the sidewalks of their town before the bell above the door signaled their arrival to the ice cream shop. Marie greeted them excitedly as they came in. Marie was pretty much a nineteen-year-old version of Chrissy. She was barely five feet tall, had the same long, brown hair and facial features. The main difference between the two, aside from a few inches of height, was the fact that Marie had developed into quite an attractive and slightly curvy young woman, where as Chrissy has not.

“Hey you guys! How’s it going?” Marie cheerily greeted them.

“Hot,” came Lisa’s reply.

“Well, you’re in the right place. Go take a seat and I’ll whip up four sundaes, my little treat!” Marie exclaimed. Lisa, Joey, and Sam plopped down at a table as Chrissy walked over to her sister.


“What’s up Chrissy?”

“Can we do a sisters night tonight?” Chrissy quietly asked.

“Of course! Mom and dad will be out so we can have free run of the house, sound good?” Marie responded. Chrissy nodded and joined her friends at the table. Marie refilled their water bottles for them and sat with them for a few minutes, asking about their sleepover and talking about the big 4th of July party coming up in a few weeks. They enjoyed their chat with Marie, leaving out the details of their sleepover, which didn’t go unnoticed. Marie was certain she’d get the scoop from her little sister later.

Having been sufficiently cooled off by the air conditioning and the sundaes, the friends made their way back to Joey’s for another swim. Their spirits were lifted and they had reclaimed their energy. They began talking about the previous night’s game of Truth or Dare, the Goodnites, their secrets, and plans for the impending Independence Day celebration. They got caught up in their conversation and Chrissy, who had spent the better part of the past 24 hours in a diaper, must have forgotten that she no longer wore one. All of the ice cream and water caught up with her, and she didn’t even try to hold it in. Suddenly, she stopped walking and froze, realizing her mistake as she peed through her shorts and underwear onto the sidewalk.

“Oh my god!” Chrissy cried out. Every stopped and looked. She was standing, frozen on the spot with her legs spread slightly apart. Her friends could all see the steady stream of urine coming from between her legs and splashing onto the pavement.

“Chrissy! Are you okay?!” Lisa asked.

“I…I forgot!” Chrissy exclaimed, clearly frightened at what was now subsiding.

“Forgot what?” Sam asked, concerned.

“I forgot I’m not wearing a diaper, I just went, I didn’t even try to stop it!” Chrissy was beginning to freak out. As usual, Lisa spoke up and took action.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’re almost there! Here, let me help!” Lisa began arranging her friends. Sam and Joey finished the walk directly behind Chrissy, hiding the wet spot on her shorts, as Lisa walked to her side and slightly ahead of her, casting a shadow over Chrissy’s lower half. They hurried back to Joey’s in this formation.

They went through Joey’s yard and into the pool house. Lisa and Chrissy hurried into the bathroom leaving Joey and Sam in the main room. Chrissy stood in the bathroom, somewhat in shock.

“Let’s get you out of those wet clothes,” Lisa offered. Chrissy simply nodded in reply. Lisa grabbed the hem of her shirt, and Chrissy obediently raised her arms as Lisa tugged it over her head. Lisa pulled down Chrissy’s wet shorts and panties, and Chrissy absentmindedly stepped out of them, once again leaving her nude in Lisa’s presence. Lisa, remembering how Chrissy had behaved this morning, switched into a nurturing mode. She gently guided Chrissy to the floor, laying her on her back.

“Should I get you into a new diaper?” Lisa asked soothingly. Chrissy frowned. She really wanted a diaper, but she also knew that everyone wanted to swim.

“No, not now. We should get out bathing suits on.” Chrissy quietly responded.

“Ok, I’ll go get them, you stay right here.”

With that, Lisa went out into the other room to get hers and Chrissy’s bathing suits. Unbeknownst to Lisa, Sam and Joey had opted to change into their own swim trunks and Lisa walked in on two naked boys.

“AAHHH!” Joey screamed as he covered himself, tripping over the trunks at his ankles, and fell over. Sam backed into the wall, both hands over his private area.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod…” Lisa repeated as she whirled around and covered her eyes. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t see anything I swear!”

The two red-faced boys pulled their suits into place and composed themselves.

“It’s okay, you can turn around,” Sam said.

Lisa, beet red, hurried to her bag and then Chrissy’s, and retrieved both of their swim suits. She hurried back into the bathroom and closed the door. Chrissy was still lying on the floor, with her thumb in her mouth. She popped it out when Lisa came in.

“What was all the noise?” Chrissy asked.

“They were getting changed when I walked out, they were like naked!” Lisa explained.

“Did you see their, you know…” Chrissy began. Lisa just shook her head.

“Want me to help you get cleaned up?” Lisa asked. Chrissy nodded and returned her thumb to her mouth. For the second time that day, Lisa cleaned her friend with baby wipes. Lisa then helped Chrissy into the orange and blue one piece she wore for the school swim team. Chrissy again sat on the toilet seat and watched Lisa change from her clothes into her hot pink bikini. They rejoined the boys and were back in the pool within moments.

Much like the day before, there was a lot of clowning around in the pool. The main difference between the two days was that on this day, the clowning around was much more flirtatious. The girls would jump on the guys’ backs and push them underwater, and the guys would come up behind the girls, wrap their arms around their waists, and dunk them under. At one point, Chrissy got onto Sam’s shoulders as Lisa was on Joey’s for a chicken fight. Finally, after a couple of hours of pool time, they retired to the lounge chairs, in which a unique game began.

“Let’s have a contest!” Sam exclaimed.

“Oh! Yeah! I’m in!” Lisa chirped.

“What kind of contest?” asked Joey.

“Let’s see who is the funniest,” Sam proudly stated.

“And how are we going to determine the winner?” Chrissy asked.

“By seeing who can make Lisa pee first!” Sam blurted out. Sam, Joey, and Chrissy laughed as Lisa folded her arms, a gesture which Joey couldn’t help but notice accentuated her breasts.

“Fine!” Lisa retorted. “Do your worst, I’m not laughing.”

Chrissy, Joey, and Sam each took turns telling a joke. After one round, they managed to get Lisa to smile. Round two elicited a few giggles, and round three had her laughing.

“Knock knock!” Chrissy yelled.

“Who’s there?” Lisa responded between laughs.

“The interrupting cow!” Chrissy answered.

“The interrupt…” Lisa began.

“MOO!!!” Chrissy hollered, sending Lisa into a fit of laughter. Lisa stood, holding her sides.

"Two blondes lock thier keys in the car. One of the blondes tries to break into the car while the the other one watches. Finally the first blonde says “Darn, I can’t get in the car!’ The other blond replies, ‘keep trying, it looks like it is going to rain and the top is down,’” Came Joey’s joke.

“Aw man, stop, you got to stop!” Lisa pleaded between tears of laughter, doubling over.

“Yeah, well, your mama is so fat that I didn’t laugh when she fell down but the whole world cracked up!” Sam joked.

Lisa shrieked with laughter, crouching down holding her stomach, and lost control. Her friends joined in the laughter as she uncontrollably wet her bikini bottoms for the second time in as many days. Joey got the hose and began squirting her and the area around her, to which she responded to by shoving him into the pool. Once everyone’s laughter subsided, Lisa announced she was going to get changed. Chrissy followed her lead and they took their bags form the main room of the pool house into the bathroom. Sam and Joey followed them into the pool house.

“We’re getting changed out here, so knock on the door before you come out this time!” Joey shouted.

The girls giggled. Lisa peeled off her bikini bottoms and rinsed them in the sink. She then removed her top as Chrissy took off her suit. The girls dried off. Lisa pulled her Scooby undies back on and was fastening her bra when she noticed Chrissy standing there with her towel, still naked.

“What are you waiting for?” Lisa asked.

“Um, well, I was wondering if you would put me in another diaper,” Chrissy bashfully replied. Lisa smiled.

“Of course! Now lie down,” she instructed. As Chrissy laid on her towel, Lisa finished getting dressed. She went to the closet and took out all of her supplies. Chrissy lifted her butt and Lisa slid the makeshift diaper under her.

“This is fun, isn’t it?” Lisa asked. Chrissy nodded as she put her thumb in her mouth. Lisa powdered Chrissy’s diaper area and then taped the diaper over. She had Chrissy sit up and helped her back into her white tank top. Lisa helped Chrissy to her feet.

“I’m going to put on your jammie shorts since your blue ones are still wet, okay?” Lisa explained calmly as Chrissy nodded. Lisa helped Chrissy into the shorts, and then patted her on the bottom. “All set!”

“Thanks Lisa!” Chrissy said with a hug. The girls knocked on the door and then rejoined the boys in the main room.

“So I was thinking,” Joey began.

“Don’t hurt yourself.”" Lisa jabbed.

“Ha ha.” Joey continued, “I was thinking about the 4th of July party.”

“What about it?” asked Sam.

“Well, I was thinking that you guys should all bring a different kind of pull up or diaper to wear so we can be the WDC again. What do you think?” Joey asked hopefully.

“I’m in!” Lisa replied.

“Me too!” Sam and Chrissy responded in unison.

“Awesome,” Joey exclaimed, “I can’t wait.”

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