Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 3.

June 13, 2000

Joey rolled around in his bed, trying to shield his face from the sun to no avail. Despite numerous attempts to fall back asleep, he was awake. Joey glanced at the clock on his bedside table, it read 11:11. A slight grin formed on Joey’s sleepy face as he mulled over what his wish would be. A light bulb went off in his head.

“I wish I didn’t need to sleep in diapers,” Joey whispered.

With that, Joey slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. After a yawn and a stretch, he kicked the covers to the foot of his bed. He slid off of his bed onto the floor and walked to his bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way. Joey pulled off his tee shirt and shorts and was about to take off his Goodnite to use the toilet when he heard the phone in his room ringing. Joey sighed and walked back into the room, picking up the receiver.


“Well hello Mr. Sunshine! Did I wake you?” Lisa’s way-to-peppy-for-morning voice sang on the other side.

“Nah, I was just about to get in the shower,” Joey responded with another yawn.

“Ooohhh, did I catch you at a bad time? Are you naked right now?” Lisa asked in a playful tone.


“Well then, Mr. Studmuffin, what are you wearing?”

Joey’s face turned to a crimson hue. “None of your business.”

“Well, fine, whatever, be that way,” Lisa retorted in a mock-pouty tone. “Anywho, I was thinking about tonight. Is there any, like, music or movies you want me to bring? I know you have a pretty decent collection, but I know you’re missing some good ones. If we even get around to watching them, what with swimming, Uno, more swimming, food, Truth or Dare, more swimming, maybe even a little sleep…”

Joey was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on his chatty compadre due to his current predicament. He had just woken up and the phone had prevented him from his morning ritual: wake up, pee, shower. Joey shifted his weight from one foot to the other, pressing his legs together. The crinkle noise between them reminded him of what he had on. Joey began to think, ‘should I use it? It’s pretty wet already, there’s no reason not to. Would Lisa notice? Nah, she’s still yamming on about Sam wanting to play truth or dare and his motives for wanting to play said game.’

Joey hesitated, as he was not 100% comfortable with peeing in a diaper. Granted, he had done so each of the past four nights in his sleep, but wittingly and willingly doing it while awake was another story.

“JOEY!” Lisa’s screaming of his name made Joey jump, and he immediately felt his diaper get warmer and wetter as his bladder made the decision for him.


“I asked you if I should bring an extra change of clothes in case we go for two nights in a row like last year,” Lisa said. Joey, still not paying attention, smiled a relieved smile as he finished peeing into his diaper.

“Aaaahhhhhh…” he sighed.

“Oook, I guess I’ll take that as a yes. Are you ok?” she asked.

Joey blushed. “Uh, yeah, why?”

“You and Sam have both been like, I dunno, just weird recently,” Lisa began.

“Weird? This coming from the girl who has a Barbie lunchbox and Disney Princess book bag? The girl who still loves going to Chuck E. Cheese? The girl…”

“Yeah, ok, you can shut up now,” Lisa cut him off. “Whatever. You’re a different weird, my weird is cool. Don’t get all jealous 'cause I know how to have fun.”

Joey laughed. The friends said their goodbyes and hung up. Joey returned to the bathroom and had to laugh again. He looked ridiculous. Thirteen years old, and wearing nothing but a diaper that was sagging from his multiple wettings. Joey discarded the wet Goodnite and jumped into the shower, looking forward to the day ahead.

Sam showed up first, around 2:30, and both Chrissy and Lisa were at Joey’s house by three. Once they were all there, Joey led his friends through the house and out the back door. They walked around the pool towards the pool house, where they dropped off their bags.

“Wanna start with a swim?” Joey asked.

“Um, yeah, it’s like a hundred freaking degrees out there, I need to cool off!” Lisa responded.

“Sweet, let’s do it,” Sam said, peeling off his shirt and grabbing a towel. Joey followed suit. Both boys were prepared, wearing their swimming trunks as shorts all day.

“Do you two need to change?” Joey asked.

“Nope, got mine on under my clothes,” came Lisa’s reply.

“Me too,” added Chrissy. Chrissy took off her tee shirt and shorts, revealing the one-piece she wore on the school swim team. Lisa took of her clothes to reveal a brand-new hot pink bikini. Chrissy saw Joey’s eyebrows raise as he noticed how Lisa’s attire complimented her burgeoning curves. She smirked as she grabbed her towel and tossed one to Lisa.

The four friends went back outside to the pool, each one laying their towel on a lounge chair. They walked to the other side of the pool where the yard began and stood side-by-side about ten feet away from the water. Lisa smiled.

“Ready to kick off the summer?” she asked excitedly.

“Let’s do it!” came Sam’s enthusiastic response.

“One, two, THREE!”

On Lisa’s count, all four charged toward the pool and cannon-balled in simultaneously. They surfaced, laughing, splashing, screaming, and releasing all of the school year’s tension in those first few moments. Gone were the thoughts of homework, tests, and textbooks, it was officially summer.

As usual, it didn’t take long for Sam to begin clowning around in order to entertain his friends. On this particular day, he chose to show off his Mr. Peepers impression from Saturday Night Live. He began chasing his friends around the pool. Joey, Chrissy, and Lisa were laughing hysterically as they dodged Sam, who was flailing his arms and spewing gibberish. Chrissy climbed out of the pool to avoid him, as did Joey. Lisa followed suit with tears of laughter clouding her vision. Sam, seeing his “prey” had escaped, brought his impression to a new level, giving his best Peepers freakout in the middle of the pool. Lisa doubled over with laughter, and couldn’t stop the inevitable. As she laughed harder and harder, she began uncontrollably wetting herself. She could feel the urine streaming into her suit and onto the ground, but luckily all of the water falling from her body as she exited the pool helped disguise it.

Across the pool, Chrissy saw what was happening. The water pouring from Lisa’s body seemed to intensify instead of wane, and then it hit her. Lisa wasn’t kidding. Get her laughing hard enough, and she would pee. Chrissy stared as Lisa peed all over her bikini bottoms and the ground. Chrissy looked at Sam and Joey, they had no idea. Joey was too busy laughing at Sam who was really getting into his impersonation. Chrissy looked back at Lisa, who had grabbed the hose and starting squirting Sam in the face. Chrissy smiled as Lisa casually used the hose to rinse herself before holding it nonchalantly by her side to rinse the poolside pavement. Sam finally finished his act and climbed out of the pool.

“Anyone else need something to drink after that?” Joey asked as his laughter waned. Three resounding yeses came as the answer. Sam followed Joey into the main house to get some drinks. Chrissy used this moment without the guys to join Lisa on a lounge chair.


“What’s up?”

“Did you just pee yourself?” Chrissy asked. Lisa looked at her and blushed.

“Yeah, I didn’t think anyone noticed. Do you think the guys saw?”


“Good,” Lisa sighed with relief. “Well, I told you so. Get me laughing and whoosh!” The girls laughed. Joey and Sam came back out with four glasses of lemonade. Joey gave one to Lisa and sat to her right and Sam gave one to Chrissy sitting at her left. They sipped their ice cold drinks and reveled in the moment. As usual, Lisa was the first to speak up.

“I love summer!”

A few hours later, after two large pizzas and three gallons of lemonade had been consumed, the four friends got back in the pool for an evening swim. The sun was beginning to sink low in the sky and the underwater lighting illuminated the pool. Swimming races, cannonball contests, and games of Marco Polo kept them occupied until the sun was gone and the moon had taken its place. Mrs. Stevens came outside to let them know it was time to get ready for bed and move the party into the pool house. One by one, they got out of the pool, dried off, and entered the pool house.

“Alright, what should we do first?” Joey asked, ready to continue the fun.

“How about get changed? I don’t want to sit around in my swim suit all night,” came Lisa’s reply, to which Sam and Chrissy agreed. Joey was nervous. He was hoping to put off getting changed until right before they went to sleep. Now he’d have to spend all night wearing his diaper. Joey decided to put it off as long as he could.

“Ok, well, ladies first,” Joey said with a gesture towards the bathroom. Lisa grabbed her bag and went in. She untied her bikini top and draped it over the shower curtain rod, and soon it was joined by her bottoms. She took her towel and dried herself off. Lisa hung the towel on the rack on the door and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was proud of her “recent developments,” as her mother referred to them, and wondered if the boys noticed. With a sigh, she opened her bag and dug around for her sleepwear. She pulled out a long Tigger tee shirt, which she had gotten at Disney World on their trip last summer, and a pair of panties that also featured the cartoon tiger. She looked around for her PJ pants, which she normally doesn’t wear to bed, but would tonight due to the mixed company. Unfortunately, as she searched her bag, she came to the realization that she had forgotten to pack them. All she had were the denim shorts she planned to wear the next day. Worried, she pulled on her underwear and shirt and then took another glance in the mirror. The shirt came down about halfway between the top of her knees and the bottom of her panties. She would just have to be careful about he she sat. Lisa zipped up her bag, took a deep breath, and came out of the bathroom.

“Ok, next!” she announced. Chrissy grabbed her bag and made her way into the bathroom. She peeled off her bathing suit and draped it next to Lisa’s. After toweling off, she pulled her favorite summer pajamas out of her bag. They consisted of a yellow tank top adorned with a smiling sun, matching shorts, and a matching pair of panties. She dressed quickly, and was out of the bathroom in half of the time it took Lisa to change.

Chrissy came back into the main room of the pool house. Sam looked at Joey, who made no move to get changed, and then headed to the bathroom with his bag. Sam whipped off his swim trunks and tossed them onto the side of the tub. He dried off, trying to warm up and undo the shrinkage that swimming had caused. Sam knew trying to pee in his current state would be a messy ordeal. Unfortunately, his efforts were fruitless and the call of nature was strong. Sam lifted the toilet seat and let loose. At first he sprayed the floor next to the toilet, but he managed to adjust his aim and finish going as planned. Sam knew that the Stevens’ kept wipes in the linen closet next to the sink, and he decided to use those to clean up his mess. Sam opened the closet, grabbed a couple of wipes from the container, and was about to shut the door when he noticed a towel on the floor of the closet. At first glance, it looked like it was folded, but something looked weird. Sam picked it up and gasped. The shrinkage that was a problem a moment ago was gone. He was staring at an open package of Goodnites!

Sam quickly recovered the package as best as he could. He quietly shut the closet, cleaned up his mess, and flushed the toilet. He put on his boxers, basketball shorts, and a tee shirt and then looked down. It was pretty obvious something was exciting him. Sam put all of his thoughts into as many boring things as he could think of like golf, politics, old movies, and homework until his erection subsided. Taking a deep breath, Sam rejoined his friends in the other room. Joey walked past him and into the bathroom as Sam joined Chrissy and Lisa on the floor. The girls were chatting about a movie they wanted to see and Sam pretended to listen. Instead, he was trying to see if one of them was wearing a Goodnite.

First, he checked Chrissy out. She had on a yellow shirt and shorts. He glanced at the rear waistband of the shorts, and couldn’t see anything poking out from the top. She leaned forward a bit to grab something from her bag, and the material of her shorts stretched across her butt. Sam could just barely make out the same picture of a smiling sun that was on her shirt. He smiled. Chrissy may not have been wearing a diaper, but she sure was cute.

Sam then turned his attention to Lisa. He frowned. Her shirt was so long that it covered the shorts she was wearing. Sam had an epiphany. Maybe that’s it! Maybe she’s wearing the shirt to hide the diaper. With that, Sam tried to get a better look. As he was trying to inconspicuously sneak a peek, Lisa’s animated conversation had distracted her from her clothing predicament. She went from kneeling to sitting, and then, crossed her legs in front of her. She stopped in the middle of her sentence about the virtues of Leonardo DiCaprio when she heard Chrissy and Sam gasp.

“What?” she asked, following their glances down. When she saw Tigger smiling back at her from her panties, she blushed and pulled her shirt down over her knees. “Oh my god, I’m so…HEY! Stop looking!” she admonished Sam, who blushed as well.

“Um, uh, sorry?” he stammered.

“Why aren’t you wearing shorts?” Chrissy asked.

“I guess I forgot to pack them, and I figured this shirt was long enough, but then I forgot that I didn’t have shorts on, and, well, ya know,” Lisa explained.

As Chrissy and Sam laughed at Lisa’s absentmindedness, Joey was standing naked in the bathroom in a panic. He couldn’t tell if someone had moved the towel that was hiding the Goodnites or if it was his nerves playing tricks on him. He heard Lisa yell something in the other room, and figured he should get out there before they wondered what was taking him so long. He took a pull up from the package and pulled it on. He quickly put on his shorts and a long tee shirt before re-hiding the package. Joey looked in the mirror. It didn’t seem to be noticeable that he was basically wearing a diaper. He thought about what his mom said earlier about his friends. Maybe she’s right, Joey thought. Maybe they wouldn’t care, they wouldn’t make fun of me. Reassuring though that thought may have been, it was a theory Joey didn’t want to test. He took a few deep breaths, and rejoined his friends.

Sam hardly noticed Joey come out of the bathroom and slowly walk by. He was still embarrassed by what he had been caught peeking at. If he had been paying attention, he may have noticed that Joey was going out of his way to not make noise. Joey, on the other hand, was freaking out. He needed a way to mask the crinkling noise that his Goodnight made. Suddenly, it came to him. Just get Lisa going, and she’d cover the noise with no problem. He smiled.

“So Lisa, what’s with all of the yelling?” Joey inquired.

“Well, to make a long, embarrassing story short, I forgot to pack shorts and these two saw my undies!” Lisa replied as overdramatically as she could. Joey, now sitting beside Sam, laughed. Not just at Lisa’s story, but that his plan had worked. Or so he thought.

Sam’s eyes widened. He heard a familiar sound next to him as Joey sat down. It sounded like a padded bottom hitting the floor, a sound that he had heard every night for the entire week that his cousin Jake was over. A sound that he now heard from his best friend. Sam looked at Joey’s shorts, and he was almost certain that he could see the outline of a diaper. Sam gradually began listening to the conversation, trying to figure out a way to know for sure.

“So, if you were wondering Joey, Lisa’s panties match her shirt!” Chrissy said with a laugh. Joey giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Lisa demanded.

“She said pan…pant…” Joey blushed and giggled some more.

“Panties?” Lisa asked, causing Joey and Sam both to laugh. “What’s so funny about panties?” The boys cracked up, neither one of them being able to say that word without breaking into laughter.

“Wow.,” came Chrissy’s response.

“No kidding,” added Lisa, continuing, “So, are we gonna like get this party started or what?”

“Ok, ok,” Joey replied, wiping a tear from his eye. “Should I get the Uno deck?”

“I was hoping we could start with a little truth or dare,” Lisa said. Sam’s eyes lit up, which Chrissy noticed with a smile.

“Sounds good to me!” Chrissy agreed. “Sam! You up for it?”

“Uh, yeah,” he answered.

“Alright then,” Joey began, “should we set some ground rules first?”

“Yes,” Lisa replied quickly. “Here’s the deal. We’ll go around in the circle taking turns. We’ll pick someone, and ask truth or dare. If the person doesn’t answer the question or do the dare…”

“Wait,” Joey interrupted, “Why don’t we do it this way. Instead of asking one person, you ask everyone. That way, we all answer every question and we all do every dare.”

“Ok, that’s fair, but if one person backs out, they have to do a dare the other three pick for them, no matter what!” Lisa finished.

“Sounds good to me,” Joey said, turning to Sam and Chrissy, “You game?” They nodded.

“Ok, well, since Chrissy is the youngest…” Lisa began.

“…by three hours and forty minutes!” Sam interjected.

“Yes, Sam, you remind us constantly,” Lisa replied patronizingly. “As I was saying, since she’s the youngest, Chrissy should go first. Chrissy?”

“Ok.” Chrissy stood up and paced back and forth for a moment, pondering over a question to ask. “Ok. Got it. What’s the most embarrassing CD you own? Mine is the Spice Girls.”

" Sleepytime on Sesame Street." Was Lisa’s response.

" Britney Spears." For Joey.

" Hanson. " came Sam’s reply.

“My turn!” Lisa chirped. “This is a little payback for tonight, what is your most embarrassing moment? Mine, of course, is flashing my Tigger panties tonight!” Everyone laughed.

" Probably in the school play last year when I tripped coming on stage. The whole audience laughed." Sam recounted.

" In February when I got my check-up, the doctor asked me if he could have a medical student come in and watch. I said ok. He told me to get undressed and he’d be right back. When they came in, the student was a girl! She saw everything, it was embarrassing." Joey said, blushing.

" Don’t make fun of me, but I actually peed my pants watching a movie once." Chrissy replied timidly. Again, they laughed. Lisa smiled, knowing how recent it was, and winked at Chrissy, who blushed a bit and rolled her eyes. Sam stood up.

“Well, on that note, when was the last time any of you actually had an accident?” The laughing quickly died down as all three of Sam’s friends were silently wondering how to get out of answering this question. As usual, Lisa piped up.

“You have to tell us yours first!”

“Oh, right. Well, two summers ago, remember how I broke my arm when I fell off my bike,” Sam asked. His friends nodded. “Well, when I fell I peed my pants.” After a pause, Chrissy was actually first to respond.

" Well, what I just said actually just happened. Last week me and Lisa were watching Scream, and the guy jumped out at the girl and it scared me so bad I peed myself." Chrissy said. There was an awkward silence, but leave it to Lisa…

“That’s nothing. Sam made me laugh so hard today when I got out of the pool, I peed like crazy but no one noticed because I was already dripping wet.” Lisa stated proudly. “I told her last week, ‘make me laugh and I’ll pee,’ and now you know it’s true.”

“Yeah it is,” Chrissy replied laughing along with everyone. As the laughter subsided, everyone turned to Joey.

“Alright Joey, how long has it been for you?” Lisa asked.

“Well, not as recent as you,” he retorted, delaying the inevitable. They all laughed, but again, Lisa spoke up,

“When was it then?” she asked. Joey sighed.

“You guys promise not to make fun of me?” he asked.

“Um, hello. We all just told you ours,” Lisa replied.

“Ok, fine. Well, I, uh, I’ve been…I’ve been having a little problem recently,” Joey stammered. “I’ve been wetting the bed.”

“Really? That’s it?” Chrissy asked.

“What do you mean ‘that’s it?’ It sucks!” Joey replied. “It’s been going on for like two weeks now!”

“So? I pee almost every time I laugh. At least you’re asleep,” Lisa chimed in.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal,” Sam added, his heart racing with excitement. “Actually, my cousin Jake has the same problem. He actually wears these pull up diaper things called Goodnites to bed.”

“Me too!” Joey blurted out, and then turned a deep crimson after realizing what he’d just revealed. Lisa, sensing his embarrassment, spoke up.

“Cool! That must be awesome not having to get up in the middle of the night.” She said. Joey smiled as she went on. “Maybe I should get those for whenever I hear a good joke.” Everyone laughed as the tension eased. Unfortunately for Joey, Lisa is one of those people who keeps talking. “Are you wearing one now?”

All eyes were on Joey.

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