Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 12.

Ch. 12 – July & August 2000


Lisa stretched and smiled as the sunlight peeking through her curtains stirred her from a deep sleep. Groggily, Lisa slid out of bed and stretched some more. As she walked over toward her dresser to select her clothes for the day, she let out a deep sigh as she released her morning pee into her…

“Oh shit!” Lisa yelled.

The sound of her stream or urine hitting her hardwood floor snapped her out of her hazy post-sleep state. After weeks of staying with Chrissy and wearing diapers all the time, she was used to just letting go whenever the urge came. Lisa tried to stop peeing, but the flow was too strong. She sighed and gave in as she finished soaking her panties and leaving a huge puddle on the floor. Once her pee subsided, Lisa carefully stepped into her bathroom. She peeled off her wet panties and dropped them in the sink. Luckily she was wearing a tank top instead of a nightshirt, so that stayed dry, but she took it off anyway, tossing it into her hamper. Lisa rinsed her panties in the sink and draped them over the edge of her hamper to dry before returning to her bedroom.

Lisa dug into her closet and pulled out her Minnie Mouse suitcase from under a pile of clothes. She opened it up to reveal wipes, baby powder, rash cream, and an open package of diapers with baby Disney characters on them. She took out a diaper and some wipes and went over to the puddle she left on the floor. Lisa quickly got to work on sopping up her pee with the diaper, and cleaning up what was left with the wipes. With a sigh she dumped the diaper in wipes into her trashcan, deep below assorted tissues and papers to hide them.

“Hopefully that’s the last diaper I waste on the floor,” Lisa sighed to herself.

Lisa looked at her clock. It read 7:22. She looked at her suitcase. Lisa marched back over to the suitcase and took out the powder, cream, and another diaper, which she opened up on the floor.Lisa cleaned herself with some wipes, applied the rash cream and some powder before sitting her bottom on the diaper and securely taping it up around her waist. Lisa put everything back in the suitcase and returned it to its hiding place before drawing the curtains shut, and waddling back over to bed. She grabbed her teddy bear, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and went back to sleep.

Less than an hour later, she was awoken by her mother’s voice, calling to her to not sleep all day as she left for work. Still grumpy from the morning’s accident, Lisa was not pleased on being woken up again. Nevertheless, she got out of bed. Lisa again stretched as she heard the front door close and her mom’s car rev up and pull out of the driveway. Lisa checked her diaper, which was unsurprisingly dry.

“Well I’m not wasting another one, I’ll get my shower later,” Lisa said to herself.

With that, Lisa waddled over to her computer and turned it on. Lisa checked her email, saw that no one was on instant messenger, and perused some websites for a while. She was quickly becoming bored with the internet, which was a lot more fun when there was someone online to talk to. Lisa’s thoughts began to drift, and before long they were focused on two things: Joey and Marie.

Lisa had noticed recently that thinking about the times she saw Joey and Marie naked made her feel the same way. Her face would turn a little red, she would start breathing heavier, her nipples would stick out, and her private area would moisten. Inevitably, these thoughts always led to the same conclusion, and today was no different.

Lisa, though she was home alone, locked both her bedroom and bathroom doors. She typed in the address for the dirty story site and looked up her favorite story. It was about two girls who were best friends and liked the same guy. Instead of fighting over him, they decide to share him. Lisa found the story and began reading. About two paragraphs into the story, Lisa’s breathing increased and she felt her face flush. By the time she reached the second page, she was unconsciously toying with her chest with her free hand. Then she got to her favorite part. The part where two girls and the guy are in bed together, and after the guy finishes, the girls take to each other. Lisa’s free hand found its way into her diaper, and as she finished the story she climaxed, bringing a different type of wetness to her diaper.

Lisa blushed deeply. She was so embarrassed by the act she had just performed and the feelings that accompanied it. She had a vague idea of why thinking about boys, especially Joey, in that way made her excited. But she wasn’t quite sure why thinking about Marie or reading about those two girls made her feel the same way. Lisa couldn’t remember exactly when she started having all of these complicated thoughts, but at that moment, she longed for a simpler time.

Determined to push her conflicting emotions aside, Lisa waddled back over to her bed. She once again curled up with her teddy bear and stuck her thumb in her mouth. Lisa pushed and pushed until she felt another stream of urine escape from her. She sighed happily as she peed into her diaper, and clutched her teddy bear to her chest.


Joey’s alarm clock woke him up at 6:15. Joey started getting up early to go for morning runs before it got to be unbearably hot outside. His plan was to try out for the Cross Country team at school, so he started preparing. Each morning he went through the same routine.

The alarm clock was still shrieking, so Joey shut it off. He stood up next to his bed and cupped the crotch of his diaper, feeling how much he had wet the night before. As he walked to his bathroom, he began peeing into his diaper, enjoying the feeling of the warm urine surrounding his penis and testicles. Joey stood at his sink and turned on the faucet as his stream began to wane. He washed his face with cold water to wake up a bit more, and then towled it dry. Joey untaped his diaper, carefully lowering it to the floor to avoid spilling the puddle of pee that had not yet been absorbed. With a baby wipe, Joey cleaned his private area, dropped the wipe into the wet diaper, wrapped it up, and tossed it in the trash can.

Joey strode back into his room naked and went to his bureau. He selected a sleeveless shirt adorned with the Tasmanian Devil and a pair of black gym shorts. He put on socks and his running shoes, applied some deodorant, and began to stretch. Joey added a few extra seconds to each stretch, as he was planning to hit three miles that day.

Once he finished stretching, he went downstairs, grabbed his water bottle from the fridge, headed out the front door, and began his run. As always, he glanced across the street up at Lisa’s window as he ran by her house, hoping to catch a glimse of his girlfriend. Though he knew she was never awake at this hour, he always hoped to see her.

Joey thought about Lisa as he ran. He found this was the “safest” way to explore his thoughts about her. Often he would think about Lisa in the confines of his bedroom that would lead to the inevitable erection and subsequent masturbation, which always made Joey feel tremendously guilty afterward. Yet he found if he had these same thoughts while running, the physical activity quelled his penis from stirring and therefore, this was the time he dedicated to sorting out his thoughts.

As he turned out of the development, Joey remembered seeing Lisa naked in the poolhouse bathroom earlier in the summer. Since then, he had managed to see her butt during truth or dare, and her boobs after a jump into the pool caused her bikini top to jump up to her neck. As much as Joey liked these sightings, he liked kissing even more. He and Lisa had taken to walking to the park, hand in hand, a couple of times a week. Once there, they would go into the small clump of trees that lined the park and kiss. At first they were just a rapid succession of quick pecks. After a few visits to the park, they moved up to longer kisses, open mouths, even a little tongue! Last night was a big deal as they graduated from hugging during their smooch-fests to letting their hands wander. It started with Lisa rubbing Joey’s back and led to each resting a hand on the other’s butt.

Joey snapped out of this train of thought when he realized he missed his turn. He turned back and ran a few tenths of a mile to the intersection at which he was to turn. Joey continued down that street, checking his progress on his digital watch that was timing his run. He hoped that his brief detour didn’t harm him too much.

Joey’s thoughts then returned to his evening walks with Lisa. While their time at the park was limited to making out, they had plenty of time to talk on their walks to and from. Sometimes they’d talk about school, sports, or whatever the latest cool looking movie that was coming out. More often than not, however, they’d end up on the subject of diapers.

Both Joey and Lisa admitted to liking diapers. They were at the point where they could compare brands and types without thinking such conversation was odd for a couple of teenagers to be discussing such things. The young couple also shared their fears of losing their control like Chrissy, who was in the process of being potty trained by her older sister Marie, had. Joey and Lisa both had legitimate concerns regarding the potential loss of control. Lisa had wet her panties on five different occasions since their last party. Mostly this occurred when she first woke up in the morning, but it had also happened once while she and Joey were kissing. Joey, on the other hand, had outgrown his bedwetting problem, only to force himself to start wetting again. At this point, even if he held back on liquids and peed right before bed, he would still wake up in a very wet diaper. Joey also had one non-sleeping accident, which he told Lisa about. Despite their concerns, Joey and Lisa both said they weren’t ready to give up diapers. They had considered wearing diapers for their walk once or twice, but never ended up going through with it.

As Joey reached the turn around point of his run, he thought about last night’s walk with Lisa. On the way to the park they talked about sports, on which they had differing opinions, as citizens of towns lacking major sports franchises tend to do. While both were avid fans of the Orlando Magic, they were split on other teams. Lisa liked the Miami Dolphins and Fusion while Joey was a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mutiny. Neither one cared much for baseball or hockey. By the time they reached the park, this argument was forgotten as the kissing commenced. Eventually, the smooching subsided, and the young couple got up from the log they sat upon and began walking home.

“Any accidents?” Joey asked.

“Yeah,” Lisa responded with a sigh, “I wet myself the other morning, it was all over my floor.”

“Well, why don’t you just wear the diapers you have to bed?” Joey suggested.

“Oh, yeah, I did,” Lisa began, “I got tired of just using them to clean the floor, I figured I might as wel use them for what they’re supposed to be used for. I’ll have to get more for the sleepover though.”

“Yeah,” Joey agreed, kicking a pebble as they walked.

“Hey, uh, Joey?” Lisa started quietly.

“What’s up?” Joey replied.

“Well, um, I was kinda, um, thinking,” Lisa stammered nervously, “Do you, at the sleepover, do you wanna, you know, like change each other’s diapers?”

Joey’s eyes lit up. He looked at Lisa, who blushed and smiled nervously. Joey was ecstatic.



Marie got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her dripping wet hair. She used another towel try dry off her body. She walked to her room, admiring her nude body in her full-length mirror as she passed it. Marie strode directly to her closet, and pulled out the little black dress she had purchased last semester to wear when she went out with her roommates back at school. Marie smiled as she felt the silky material of the dress. She hadn’t been on a real date in awhile, and was quite flattered that Sean asked her out all of thirty seconds after seeing her for the first time.

Marie laid the dress down on her bed and moved to her dresser. She pulled open the top drawer and began rooting through her bras and underwear. She put on a black bra and a matching pair of panties, admiring how cute they were. Although she knew Sean wasn’t going to see any of this, she still liked to wear cute or sexy underwear on a date. Marie slipped into the dress and looked in the mirror. She immediately noticed both the side of her bra cup and her panty lines showing. Marie removed the dress, bra, and panties and wnet back into her drawer. After two more attempts, Marie settled on a green thong and a strapless black bra. She put the dress back on, gave her a reflection an approving nod, and then retreated to the bathroom to do her hair and apply a touch of make up.

Just under an hour later, Sean showed up right on time. He was wearing black pants and a green polo, and Marie smirked as she thought that they matched and she was the only one who knew it. She smiled as Sean opened and closed the passenger door of his car for her and walked around to the other side. He got in, started the car up, and turned to Marie.

“You look really cute,” Sean complimented.

“Thanks, you too,” Marie said with a smile.

“So, what movie do you want to see?” Sean asked as he began driving toward the theater.

“Hmmm,” Marie pondered for a moment, “How about X-Men?”

“Sounds good,” Sean replied, practically beaming. He had resigned to the fact that he’d more than likely end up taking her to Coyote Ugly, but instead she picked X-Men! He couldn’t believe his luck.

The movie was better than Marie expected it. She chose the movie almost as a way to reward Sean for having the guts to ask out a girl he had just met, but she ended up enjoying as well. After the movie, they wandered throughout Downtown Disney’s West Side arm in arm, enjoying the summer night. At several poitns throughout this walk, and at various times prior to it, Marie noticed Sean stealing several glances at her butt. At first, it was flattering, but now it was reaching the point of being annoying.

While Marie did indeed have a very nice butt, that wasn’t exactly what kept Sean looking. After he had asked Marie out, he was baffled as to why a girl his age would be wearing a diaper. He looked it up online, and was stunned at what he found. There was a whole group of people who actually wore diapers for fun! He was amazed as he found photos, drawings, stories, and true-life accounts of grown people wearing diapers. Even more shocking was that some of those pictures elicited quite a reaction from his groin. The photos of girls his age wearing diapers at parties, in their dorms, or to bed after a night of heavy drinking were turning him on. By the time he found the photos of several young women clad in nothing but a diaper, he had a full on erection and a new turn on. Because of this discovery, Sean had spent the evening trying to see if Marie was diapered under her dress.

“Stare much?” Marie asked, slightly annoyed.

“Huh?” Sean was caught off guard as he snapped his eyes away from Marie’s backside.

“That’s like the twentieth time I’ve caught you checking out my ass,” Marie accused.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry,” Sean apologized, “it’s not what you think.”

“Oh really, what is it then?” Marie asked as Sean wished he hadn’t had said that.

“I was just, uh, just checking,” Sean offered weakly, hoping she’d pick up on what he was saying.

“Checking what?” she demanded.

“Here, come on,” Sean steered her away from a crowd toward the parking lot. Once they were out of earshot, she stopped and turned to face him.

“So?” Marie again demanded, arms crossed at her chest.

“Well, you know…” Sean said, to embarrassed to actually say it.

“Actually, no, I don’t know, which is why I am asking you to explain what you’re checking for,” Marie retorted impatiently.

“A, um, a diaper,” Sean practically whispered, expecting the worst.

Marie blanched. How did he know? She had been wearing diapers at home whenever she could, and only a few times when they were on the phone. There’s no way he could have heard the crinkling over the phone, it’s not that loud.

“I saw it the night I delivered the pizza,” Sean explained, noticing how Marie was freaking out. A look of realization came over her face and she blushed, running her hands through her hair and taking a deep breath.

“No, listen, it’s cool,” Sean blurted out, “I’m cool with it. I just wasn’t sure if you always had to or if you did it for fun, so that’s why I was, uh, checking.”

“Just for fun,” Marie meekly replied, mortified that she was having this conversation.

“Oh, ok, that’s cool,” Sean said, noting that it was Marie who was now expecting the worst, “No, really, I think it’s kinda cute, actually.”

Marie smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

“Can we talk about this later?”


Sam woke up to a familiar sensation. His waking had interrupted a sexy dream as evidenced by the erect tent pole beneath his sheets. Sam kicked off the sheets and yanked his boxers off, wrapping them around his erection. His thoughts immediately turned to Chrissy as he begain pulling at his morning wood.

Every morning went pretty much the same way. He thought about the sleepover at the beginning of the summer and seeing Chrissy wearing the Goodnite. Sam then recalled how, the next morning, Chrissy’s shirt had moved exposing her chest and her makeshift diaper popped open, exposing her most private area. He remembered her wetting her pants on the way home from Dairy Queen, and later, her cute little swimming diaper. Sam thought about how he and Chrissy had recently kissed a few times, and how when they first French kissed he put has hand on her butt, feeling her pull-up through her shorts. At the thought of that, just like evry other morning, Sam ejaculated into his boxer shorts. He used his boxers to clean up his mess, and then got his morning shower.

Later that day, Sam joined Joey for a swim. With both of them spending more time with their respective girlfriends, this was the first time they had hung out since the last sleepover. They spent hours in the pool, took a quick break for tuna salad sandwiches and Mountain Dews, before getting right back into the pool. After a couple more hours of splashing around, the boys got out of the pool. They were walking over to the pool house to change when Joey stopped.

“Shit!” Joey cursed.

“What?” Sam asked.

Sam looked at Joey and saw that his nest friend was wetting himself. Joey couldn’t do anything but stand there on the walkway from the pool to the poolhouse as he continued to pee.

“Uh, dude, are you ok?” Sam asked with concern.

“Yeah,” Joey replied as his wetting slowed to a stop. “Hanging out like this and being wet from the pool, I just forgot I wasn’t wearing a diaper.”

“Dude! That happened to me!” Sam exclaimed.

“Really?” Joey inquired. “When?”

“A couple of days ago,” Sam recalled. “I’ve been wearing Jake’s Goodnites sometimes at home, especially when I’m playing N64. I almost beat the Bond game the other day, and I really had to piss. So I just went, thinking I was wearing the Goodnite but I wasn’t, and I pissed my pants!”

“Crazy,” Joey commented.

“Yeah, crazy,” Sam agreed. “At least we won’t have to worry about that at the next sleepover. We’re still wearing diapers, right?”

“Yeah,” Joey answered, wondering how much this was affecting them.


Chrissy woke up like she did every other morning, in a soaking wet diaper with an empty bottle next to her head. Marie had tried putting Chrissy in Goodnites at night, but they tended to leak with Chrissy’s heavy wettings. Chrissy yawned and got out of bed. She waddled through the bathroom she shared with Marie and into Marie’s room. Chrissy’s older sister was still in bed, one bare shoulder sticking out from her sheet. Chrissy made certain that her diaper was not leaking, and then climbed into Marie’s bed. Chrissy had gotten in the habit of laying there with Marie until she woke up, which today, was as soon as she felt Chrissy climb into bed. Marie rolled over to face Chrissy, and the sheet slid down, uncovering her naked breasts. Marie rubbed her eyes and focused on Chrissy, who sat Indian-style, causing her Winnie the Pooh nightshirt to ride up and expose her wet diaper.

“Good morning diaper girl,” Marie mumbled sleepily.

“Good morning naked girl,” Chrissy replied with a giggle.

“I’m not naked, now get into the bathroom,” Marie ordered.

Marie kicked off the sheet and stood. Chrissy smiled at her big sister as she stretched. Marie’s long hair fell just between her shoulders and her perky breasts, which stood proudly above her flat tummy. Below that, was a cute pink diaper adorned with Disney princesses. Chrissy scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom, hearing her sister crinkle along behind her.

“Are you gonna pee pee in your diapey?” Chrissy cooed.

“Oh shush you,” Marie retorted, playfully swatting her little sister’s padded rump.

“How was your date?” Chrissy asked as she layed down on the floor.

“Very nice,” Marie smiled.

Marie knelt between her baby sister’s legs and took the diaper supplies out from under the sink. Mare untaped Chrissy’s diaper and opened it up. Marie noted two things. One was that her sister was growing up. A few sparse pubic hairs had begun sprouting on Chrissy’s mound. The second was that Chrissy had nearly soaked through this diaper. Marie lifted Chrissy by the ankles to wipe her clean and slide the wet diaper from beneath her. Marie powedered Chrissy and stood her up, helping her into a purple pull-up decorated with butterflies.

“Marie?” Chrissy piped up.

“Yes sweetie?”

“Can I change your diaper?” Chrissy asked hopefully.

“Not today Chrissy,” Marie replied, “I have work today so I’m going to wear panties.”

"Oh, ok, " came Chrissy’s response.

“Now remember, when you feel like you have to pee, try and hold it in and make it to the potty, ok?” Marie coached her sister.

“Ok! I will,” Chrissy promised.

Marie put on a robe and the girls went down to the kitchen for breakfast. Marie had a bagel and a cup of coffee as Chrissy scarfed down some Alpha-Bits. After they cleaned up the dishes, they made their way back upstairs and into their shared bathroom.

“Do you have to go potty?” Marie asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so,” Chrissy answered.

“How about this, why don’t you sit on the potty and try to go while I wet my diaper?” Marie suggested, fully noting the irony of potty training someone while wetting a diaper.

“Ok!” Chrissy exclaimed.

Marie pulled Chrissy’s pull up to her ankles and Chrissy sat on the toilet, watching Marie eagerly. Marie knew that Chrissy seeing Marie wet a diaper made her feel a little better about her current state of incontinence. Marie took off her robe and spread her legs slightly. After a few relaxing breaths, she was able to release and pee into her diaper. Chrissy clapped and bounced on the toilet seat as she saw the wetness spreading and heard the faint sound of her sister’s steady stream filling the diaper. In her excitement, Chrissy also began to pee and she heard the tinkle of her urine hitting the toilet water.

“Marie! Look!” Chrissy yelled out.

Chrissy spread her legs giving Marie an unobstructed view of the stream of pee leaving her vagina and shooting into the toilet. Marie patted Chrissy proudly on the shoulder as she finished wetting her diaper. Chrissy stood up proudly after she finished peeing in the toilet.

“Good job! Make sure to wipe real good and get your pull up back on,” Marie reminded Chrissy.

Chrissy wiped herself clean, pulled her pull up back into place and walked into a big hug from Marie.

“Great job, Chrissy,” Marie congratulated. “That’s the fifth time you’ve made it to the potty! Keep it up and you’ll be ready for panties!”

“Do you think I could try panties today?” Chrissy asked.

“Well, that depends, what are your plans for today?” Marie asked.

“Lisa was gonna come over and watch a movie,” Chrissy responded.

“Ok, go get dressed, and put on some panties,” Marie acquiesced. “Just be sure to keep trying to pee on the potty!”

“Thanks Marie! I will!” Chrissy assured.

“Alright kiddo,” Marie said with a hug. “Now get outta here so I can get out of this wet diaper and take a shower.”

Later that day, when Lisa came over, Chrissy was all too excited to show off her progress. As soon as the two girls were in her bedroom, Chrissy lifted the skirt she was wearing to show Lisa that she was wearing panties.

“Awesome Chrissy!” Lisa exclaimed.

“I know, right?” Chrissy began. “I peed on the toilet twice today! Once with Marie and once after she went to work.”

“Did you wet your diaper last night?” Lisa asked.

"“Yeah.” Chrissy said, “Did you?”

“Nope, but I peed as soon as I woke up,” Lisa revealed.

The girls put Titanic in the VCR and watched as the love story unfolded. They were lying side by side on Chrissy’s bed facing the TV about halfway into the movie when Lisa jumped up.

“Oh no!” she cried out.

Chrissy looked over and saw Lisa’s little denim shorts darkening between her legs. Pee was starting to run down Lisa’s leg and onto Chrissy’s floor. Chrissy sat up, and upon doing so, looked down. Her skirt and the hem of her shirt were soaked. At first she thought it was from Lisa’s wetting, but when she lifted her skirt and examined her panties, she found them thoroughly saturated. Chrissy, sitting in her soaked panties looked at Lisa. Lisa, who was still peeing into her panties looked at Chrissy. Both girls couldn’t help but laugh, which increased Lisa’s flow and caused Chrissy to wet again. Once they stopped, they looked at each other again through teary eyes.

“Pull ups?” Chrissy asked.

“Pull ups.” Lisa agreed.

Several hours later, Marie came home, eager to see Chrissy’s progress. She went into her little sister’s room and found both Chrissy and Lisa chatting on Chrissy’s bed, naked save for the wet pull ups they were wearing. Marie realized just how much work she had to do.

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