Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 11.

Ch.11 – July 19, 2000
Joey hung up the phone and looked over at Sam.

“She said they’ll be here in an hour,” he told Sam. “What should we do until then?”

Sam shrugged. His mind was focused entirely on his fantasy from earlier that morning, and the resulting guilt that came with it. Yet somehow, his curiosity was beginning to outweigh the guilt. Sam hoped that he would have a chance to see Chrissy in a diaper again, and maybe even change it. Just the thought of such things brought about a familiar sensation of arousal, causing Sam to blush as he remembered the last time that sensation occurred in Joey’s presence.

Luckily for Sam, he wasn’t the only teenage boy in the room and therefore wasn’t the only one dealing with raging hormones. Joey’s mind was pretty firmly stuck on picturing Lisa naked. Not that he really tried, but he couldn’t shake the image of her standing in the pool house bathroom, her nude body on display for him. Joey could feel his penis stiffening in his shorts.

“Do you, uh, wanna look at that website again?” Joey asked.

“Yeah,” Sam replied enthusiastically.

Joey quickly punched in the address and brought up the site. The boys persued through photos of girls naked, half-naked, in bed, in the shower, giving oral sex, having sex, shaving, and anything else you could imagine. Sam took control of the keyboard and pulled up the dirty story site he found and showed it to Joey. They began reading a story about a female college freshman who discovered a love for diapers. Both boys began to slowly rub their erections as the story described how the girl would masturbate anytime she wore a diaper. As the story’s arc continued to build, the boys were snapped back to reality by the sound of the front door.

Joey frantically began shutting all of the windows that had opened in his browser as Sam turned on the TV to act as though they had been watching, and sat on the bed. Joey turned to Sam as he heard someone coming up the stairs. He grabbed Sam’s arm and pulled him face-down onto the floor.

“Dude! What the hell?” Sam whispered urgently.

“I could totally see your boner,” Joey shot back in a whisper.

Sam blushed as the door opened and Mrs. Stevens walked in to see Joey and Sam lying on the floor, watching cartoons.

“Oh! Sam, I didn’t know you were here!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, we’re waiting for Marie to bring Chrissy and Lisa over to go swimming,” Joey explained.

“Ah, very good. Well, uh, Joey, I went to the store on my lunch and picked something up to drop off, and…” Mrs. Stevens rambled, trying to find a discreet way to tell Joey what was in the bag.

“Oh!” Joey realized what she was talking about. “It’s ok Mom, Sam knows.”

Mrs. Stevens smiled. She put the bag down next to the closet and went over to the boys and ruffled their hair.

“I’m so glad you two are such good friends,” Mrs. Stevens began, “And the girls too, for that matter. You guys behave, I’ll see you later tonight.” Mrs. Stevens began to leave, before turning back and saying, “Actually, tonight is probably another late one, so how about I leave some money on the counter and Marie can order some pizza later, sound good?”

“Yeah!” the boys replied in unison, high fiving.

“Ok boys, be good and have fun,” Mrs. Stevens said as she left with a wave.

“So, what’s in the bag?” Sam asked after he heard the front door shut downstairs.

“Oh, that,” Joey blushed, “Well, my Goodnites have been leaking, so I’m going to try regular diapers now.”

“Whoa! Awesome!” Sam blurted out, unable to contain his excitement. “Wanna try them out now?”

“I guess,” Joey shrugged. Joey got up and walked over to the bag, and pulled out a package of Pampers that said 65lbs.+ on the label. Joey tore open the package and pulled out a diaper. There were Mickey Mouse cartoons adorning the front. Joey unfolded the diaper and pulled down his shorts and boxers. He spread his legs and held the diaper to his crotch, and tried to tape it shut. After three or four tries, he gave up.

“I can’t get it on,” Joey complained.

“Want help?” Sam asked.

“I guess.”

“Ok, well um, lay down then.”

Joey handed Sam the diaper and lay down on the floor. Sam felt his erection returning as he held the diaper in his hand. He slid the absorbent garment under Joey’s butt and wrapped the front of it over Joey’s groin. Sam taped each side tight, securely wrapping Joey into his diaper. Sam took another diaper from the pack and handed it to Joey.

“Alright, my turn,” Sam said excitedly. Sam rolled to his back, feet in the air, to allow easy removal of his shorts. Joey shrugged, and grabbed the waistband of his best friend’s shorts and boxers and pulled them down to reveal Sam’s very hard penis.

“Dude!” Joey exclaimed.

“Sorry, I can’t help it!” Sam replied, a sense of urgency in his voice. “Just put my diaper on, please?”

Joey slid the diaper under Sam’s bottom, and Sam then rested his legs on the floor, his excitement standing proud at attention. Joey wrapped the diaper over Sam’s crotch and taped the left side. He went to secure the other side, but the tapes couldn’t reach due to Sam’s arousal. Joey tugged and pulled at the diaper, trying to get the tapes to reach, not realizing that he was unintentionally rubbing Sam’s penis with the soft diaper as well. Sam, meanwhile, was no longer thinking straight nor breathing normally.

“Just push it down or something,” Sam said, desperate to feel the security of the diaper wrapped around him.

Joey was not aware at the effect the diaper’s rubbing had on Sam. So he took a deep breath, and tried to move as quickly as possible. Joey reached into Sam’s half-open diaper and grabbed his friend’s penis, pushing it down toward the bottom of the diaper. The fact that another hand was touching Sam in his most intimate area, and that the tip of his erection slid down the length of the diaper, proved to be too much. Sam cried out as he ejaculated into his diaper and his best friend’s hand.

“Holy shit dude!” Joey yelled, jumping back.

Sam was in shock. He felt a euphoric sense of relaxation almost immediately wiped out by a tremendous amount of embarrassment as he saw Joey standing at his feet, his hand covered in Sam’s sticky mess. Sam felt his eyes well up a bit and started to panic.

“Oh my god Joey I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, I swear! I didn’t! It’s…it’s just that whenever I even think about diapers I get excited and then to wear one and we were reading that story and those pictures and I had this dream with Chrissy and then it was rubbing me and I got excited about the diaper and you touched it and it felt weird having someone else touch it and I…I’m so sorry!” Sam stammered. “I’m such a sicko.”

Joey was taken aback, he had never seen Sam so shaken before, and perhaps seeing his normally jovial friend in such a state is what calmed him down.

“Dude, chill,” Joey began, “It’s cool, I mean, I guess it’s not cool, but don’t worry about it, I’m not mad.”

“I’m so sorry man,” Sam said, “What’s wrong with me?”

“Um, if somebody touched my dick when it was hard I’d probably do the same thing,” Joey joked as he wiped his hand with a towel.

“No, dude, the diapers,” Sam vented, “Isn’t that sick? Who likes that stuff?”

“Are you serious?” Joey asked. “Where have you been all summer? Lisa and Chrissy clearly like them! And…and you wanna know something?”


“I actually stopped wetting the bed last week,” Joey revealed. “I started peeing in my Goodnites on purpose, even making them leak, so I could get to wear diapers.”

“Are you serious?” Sam asked, bewildered.

“Yeah. And speaking of the girls, we should probably get ready, they’ll be here soon.”

After Marie got out of the shower, she put on a simple black bikini and covered up with a blue sundress. She popped on her flip-flops and went back into the bathroom, where she grabbed the diaper bag. She put three diapers for each girl in and replenished the wipe supply before returning the diaper cream and baby powder to the bag. Marie slung the bag over her shoulder and entered Chrissy’s room.

Lisa and Chrissy were sitting on Chrissy’s bed, chatting and giggling. Both girls were clad only in their Sesame Street diapers. Marie rolled her eyes.

“Girls, I thought I told you to get dressed?” Marie reminded them.

“I know,” Chrissy explained, “but we didn’t know what to do since I can’t wear a diaper and my swim suit.”

“Alright,” Marie said as she began collecting towels and bathing suits for the girls and putting them in the bag. “Put some regular clothes on for now, and you can change when we get to the Stevens’ house. Do either of you need a change?”

“Nope!” Lisa proudly exclaimed. “I’m dry!”

“Me too!” Chrissy added excitedly as she peered down the front of her diaper.

“Well good, now get dressed!” Marie ordered.

Chrissy grabbed a sundress similar to Marie’s, but green, from her closet and slipped it over her head. Lisa took a bit longer, putting on a pink and purple bra, a green tank top, and a pair of shorts. Marie noted that both girls’ diapers weren’t really hidden, at that neither girl seemed to care very much.

The three girls piled into Marie’s car, and she drove off to their local Wal-Mart. Marie then changed her mind, and redirected the car toward another one a bit farther away.

“Why are we going this way?” Lisa asked.

“I figured you two would rather go to a Wal-Mart where you’re not as likely to run into a friend from school, since it’s obvious you’re both diapered.” Marie replied.

Neither girl seemed phased by this and they both were more than happy to accompany Marie into the store. Marie led them to the baby section and perused the shelves until she found what she was looking for.

“A ha!” Marie exclaimed, picking up a package of Little Swimmers. “Exactly what we need!”

Marie was surprised that the girls were cool with wandering around the store wearing clothes that did little to hide their diapers. She was even more taken aback that they not only stood with her as she bought the swim diapers, but even discussed wearing them in front of the cashier! Marie shrugged this off, and before too long she was pulling her car into the long driveway of the Stevens’ house. The three of them immediately went around to the backyard, where they found Joey and Sam splashing around in the pool.

“Hey guys, we’re gonna duck into the pool house and get ready, we’ll be out in a minute,” Marie called out. The boys responded with a wave of acknowledgement as the girls entered the pool house.

Marie immediately went to work, removing Chrissy’s sundress. She untaped Chrissy’s diaper, which was unsurprisingly wet, and let it fall to the floor. Marie took out a wipe and cleaned her little sister before discarding the wet diaper and the wipes. Marie tore open the package of Little Swimmers ad helped Chrissy step into the Little Mermaid-adorned diaper and pulled it up into place. Marie then found Chrissy’s bikini top and tied it around her sister’s chest.

“Can I wear one too?” Lisa asked.

“Sure thing, kiddo, come here,” Marie replied.

Lisa walked over to Marie and lifted her arms. Marie pulled off Lisa’s tank top and unhooked her bra. She pulled down Lisa’s shorts and was surprised to find another wet diaper.

“Lisa, when did you pee?” Marie inquired.

“Uh…” Lisa didn’t need to respond as Marie realized she was still peeing. Marie waited for Lisa to finish, and then untaped Lisa’s diaper and put it down on the floor. Marie quickly took a baby wipe to Lisa’s still-dripping slit and cleaned her up before helping Lisa into the swimming pull-up. Marie helped Lisa with her bikini top before taking off her own sundress and heading for the door.

“Let’s go girls!” Marie ordered, heading for the pool.

At first, the boys were shocked to see Lisa and Chrissy wearing the special swimming diapers. But after awhile, the shock wore off and all five were able to spend an enjoyable afternoon in the pool. After awhile, Marie opted to work on her tan while the younger teens stayed in the pool. About an hour later, Marie noticed several pairs of blue lips and suggested they leave the pool for awhile.

“How about pizza and a movie?” Marie asked. She was met with a round of cheers. “Ok, girls, meet me in the pool house in five minuts to get changed, boys, I’m sure you can take care of yourselves. I’m going to go order some pizza.” With that, she went into the house.

“You guys should wear diapers with us!” Lisa exclaimed. Joey had already told them about his new nighttime set up.

“With Marie here?” Joey asked.

“Oh, she won’t mind,” Chrissy said nonchalantly.

“I’m up for it,” Sam added.

“Ok, let’s go get ready,” Joey said.

Sam and Joey went into the house, and a moment later Marie came out and ushered the girls into the pool house bathroom. She began peeling off her bikini, draping it over the edge of the tub.

“Put your tops here to dry,” Marie ordered, and the girls followed suit. Marie wrapped herself in a towel and walked into the main room, followed by the two girls in their Little Mermaid swim diapers. Once in the room, she yanked down each of the girl’s diapers, both of which were wet, and pulled out two clean Sesame Street diapers from the diaper bag. Marie wiped each girl clean, again invoking a shudder from Marie, and then handed them their towels.

“Here, dry off while I get dressed, then I’ll get you diapered.” Marie directed as she began rummaging through the bag. She pulled out her sundress and put it on one of the beds. She continued digging, somewhat frantically, when it hit her.

“Shit!” Marie cursed. The girls looked at her, alarmed. Marie blushed and explained, “I forgot to pack underwear for myself. I guess I’ll have to run back across the street and get it real quick.”

“Why don’t you wear a diaper with us again?” Chrissy asked.

“Yeah, that would be awesome!” Lisa piped in.

“I don’t know girls, not with the boys,” Marie began.

“No, it’s ok!” Lisa interrupted, “They’re gonna be wearing diapers too! Joey wears them ad bedtime now and he and Sam are upstairs putting them on.”

“Come on Marie,” Chrissy pleaded, " It’ll be fun!"

Marie knew she should be responsible and say no, but she was too tempted by her feelings from earlier in the day.

“Ok, fine, but just this once,” Marie said, knowing it wouldn’t actually just be this once. The girls cheered. Marie dropped her towel, and grabbed a diaper. She secured it between her legs, taped the sides shut, and patted the front. “Ok, on the floor you two!”

The girls laid on the floor next to each other. Marie, topless and wearing a diaper, made quick work of diapering both Lisa and Chrissy. Chrissy and Marie put their sundresses back on as Lisa pulled on her shorts and tank top, opting to go braless just like Marie. The three girls walked into the main house and found the boys in the family room, getting ready to watch Toy Story. The doorbell rang.

“PIZZA!” shouted four excited teenagers as Marie walked over the kitchen to grab the money before answering the door. She opened the door and there was the pizza boy, probably only a year or so younger than Marie, struggling to hold to pizzas, sides of mozzarella sticks and garlic bread, and two sodas. He tried to hand Marie the receipt from between his ring and pinkine fingers, but dropped it.

“Sorry,” he said, clearly struggling with his culinary balancing act.

“No worries!” Marie responded sweetly, as she swooped down to pick up the piece of paper. Unfortunately for Marie, yet perhaps fortunately for the pizza boy, she forgot what she was (and wasn’t) wearing. As she crouched down to pick up the recipt, two things happened. One was that the front of her dress fell forward, exposing her braless breasts to the young man. The second was that when she did crouch all the way down to retrieve the receipt, her legs spread just enough to raise the dress and expose her diaper.

The pizza boy was dumbfounded. He had no idea why this incredibly hot girl was wearing a diaper. He looked over to the other people in the room and was shocked at what he saw. One girl was lying on her stomach on the floor, facing away from him and kicking her legs in the air, but he could see clear up her dress that she was wearing a diaper. The girl next to her sat Indian-style, and the little shorts she had on did little to hide that she too wore a diaper. Just then two boys about the same age as those girls walked by with plates, cups, and napkins, and he could swear he heard the crinkle of diapers as they walked by. His attention was quickly brought back to Marie as she stood up and he caught another glimpse of her rosy, pink nipples. Marie followed his gaze and blushed.

“So, um…” Marie began awkwardly.

“Sean.” The pizza boy responded, thinking she was asking his name.

“Oh, ok, Sean, what do I owe you?” Marie asked, beet red.

“Oh! Right, um” Sean blushed, looking around for the receipt. “Oh, you uh, you have the receipt.”

“Right! Sorry,” Marie replied. “$21.50, so here’s thirty, you can just keep it.”

“Thanks!” Sean said as he handed the food and drink to Marie. She set it down on the side table by the door. Sean took a deep breath.

“Um, say, would you like to maybe go out sometime?” he quickly asked. Marie smiled and blushed some more.

“Uh, sure. Here.” She grabbed a pen and jotted her number on the receipt and handed it back to him. “That’s my number. I’m Marie.”

“Thanks, Marie, I’ll see you later,” Sean smiled, awkwardly acking out the door.

“Bye Sean,” Marie said, giggling as she shut the door.

Sean couldn’t believe it, he had never been able to get up the guts to ask out such a hot girl before. He was beaming as he got back into his car and began to drive away when he remembered.

“Oh shit!” He exclaimed. “I just asked out a girl wearing a diaper!”

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Great update! Really random insertion of Sean at the end though :slight_smile:

Re: Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 11.

Absolutely great so far. Always looking forward to next chapter.

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quite pleased to see you continueing this story you have alot of promise as a writer. always on the look out for more :slight_smile:

Re: Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 11.

I am very excited about this story. It is well written; it has few errors; it is entertaining to read; it is what I’m looking for when I read an ABDL story. Very entertaining to read, although I agree that Sean’s insertion at the end was a little sudden and random.