Hot Fun in the Summertime, Chapter 10.

Chapter 10 – July 19, 2000

The alarm clock beside Marie’s bed shrieked its eardrum shattering noise stirring the nineteen year-old from her slumber. Marie shut off the alarm, stretched, yawned, and laid in her bed for a moment. She was still wearing the green cami she wore the day before for the trip home. She was also still wearing the diaper she put on after peeing her pants at a rest stop. Marie wasn’t quite sure why she left the absorbent garment on. She wanted to say it was because she was tired and didn’t feel like getting changed, but deep down she knew that she kind of liked the way it felt. Marie looked down at her diaper and saw Elmo smiling back at her. She cupped the front of the diaper and squeezed, making the squishy sound she was now used to hearing from Chrissy and Lisa. Marie then thought of Chrissy and Lisa and the strange summer they were having.

By the time Marie had returned to her house with the girls last night, it was very late and they were very wet. As per usual, Chrissy had an accident without realizing it. More unusual was that Lisa had also wet accidentally, and upon realizing it, began crying. Marie gave Lisa a pacifier and a teddy bear while changing the sobbing girl’s diaper, which seemed to calm her down. Both girls were put to bed with a bottle, clad only in their diapers. Marie sighed, knowing that she’d have two wet diapers to change soon.

With that in mind, Marie got up and went into the bathroom that connected her’s and her sister’s rooms. Marie walked over to the toilet for her morning pee and lifted the lid. She hesitated for a moment. Her hand again went to her crotch, feeling the diaper. Marie peeked into Chrissy’s room, and made sure that both girls were still sleeping. She then decided to try out her diaper. At first, nothing happened. Marie was surprised at how hard it was to intentionally wet herself. She spread her legs wide apart, rested her hands on her thighs and squatted, trying to push out her urine. Finally, after several seconds of pushing, Marie peed. Marie could hear the jet stream of urine hitting the diaper and could feel it surrounding her crotch and butt. She loved it. Her face flushed as her nipples began to harden and she could feel herself start to become aroused. Her hand shot back to her crotch, pressing the diaper against her and enabling her to feel the waning flow of urine that had filled her diaper. As her pee subsided, Marie began grinding the diaper against her saturated crotch, breathing heavily as she did so. Her free hand began sliding up her shirt toward her breasts when she heard two feet hit the floor in the next room. Frustrated, but not to the point where she couldn’t stop, Marie paused her self-pleasuring just in time as Lisa opened the door.

“Hey there,” Marie greeted, still breathing heavily.

“Morning,” Lisa yawned.

" Do you need to use the toilet?" Marie asked, hoping that Lisa stayed dry. The teen, clad only in her diaper, shook her head. “Ok, lie down.”

Lisa lied on the floor as Marie got the diaper supplies together. It was as she was lying on the floor that she noticed a few things. One was that Marie was still wearing a diaper. Two was that it appeared to be wet. Three was that Marie’s face was red, she was breathing heavy, and Lisa could see her nipples poking at the fabric of her shirt. Lisa’s body instantly began reacting to these observations. Lisa began to breathe faster as her face reddened, nipples hardened, and a new wetness formed in her diaper.

Marie knelt down between Lisa’s legs. She noticed Lisa’s little chest rising and falling quite rapidly for someone who had just woken up, which drew attention to the two hardened caps atop her chest. Marie unfastened Lisa’s diaper, and noted that while it had been clearly peed in overnight, that the teen still appeared to be freshly wet. Marie was curious, but assumed that Lisa wet twice. Marie took the cold, clammy diaper away and grabbed a wipe. As she drew the wipe up across Lisa’s vagina, she instantly realized that Lisa must enjoy diapers in the same way Marie just discovered she herself does. Lisa shuddered as Marie wiped her clean and Marie saw the same frustration in Lisa’s face that her own was showing moments before. She stood up, leaving Lisa nude on the floor.

“You stay here. I’m going to go wake Chrissy up and change her diaper, then give you two a bath, I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Marie said as she gathered the supplies and closed the door to the bathroom. Marie walked across the room and gently shook her sister awake.

“Rise and shine Christine,” Marie softly spoke. Chrissy stirred and stretched, then looked up at her big sister through sleepy eyes.

“Good morning,” Chrissy yawned.

“Morning kiddo,” Marie greeted Chrissy as she slid a finger in the leg hole of her little sister’s diaper. “Looks like you’re soaked, let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Where’s Lisa?” Chrissy asked as Marie began untaping her diaper.

“I’m giving her a little, uh, privacy in the bathroom before your bath,” Marie replied coyly as she cleaned her sister’s pubic area with a wipe. Chrissy just shrugged and began sucking her thumb as Marie finished cleaning her. Marie walked across the room to toss Chrissy’s wet diaper in the trash, which allowed Chrissy to see what she was wearing.

“Why are you still wearing a diaper?” Chrissy asked. Marie blushed.

“Oh, this?” she began, “I was just so tired I didn’t get changed before bed.”

“Oh.” Chrissy replied. Marie thought that was that, but then Chrissy piped up again. “Aren’t they nice?”

Marie blushed. She wasn’t sure how to answer that. She definitely liked the diaper, but didn’t feel quite right telling her little sister that. Especially when she knew her sister was beginning to rely on the undergarments. Marie’s hesitation to answer piqued Chrissy’s curiosity, and it was then that Chrissy noticed that Marie’s diaper was wet.

“Well, in a way, yes, they are nice,” Marie finally answered.



“Is your diaper wet?” Chrissy asked.

Marie blushed again, but was quicker to answer this time.

“Yes, you got me, I peed in the diaper,” Marie explained. “I just wanted to see what it was like since you and your friends seem to be so enamored with it. And speaking of your friends, you and Lisa need to get a bath!”

As soon as Marie pulled the door shut behind her, Lisa shoved her hand down to her private area. She hadn’t been this worked up since she saw Joey, and she wasn’t sure why. Lisa kept one ear on the door, paying attention to the goings on in Chrissy’s room as she pleasured herself on the bathroom floor. It wasn’t long before she reached her climax, which was quickly followed by confusion. What was it that got her so turned on? Was it the diapers? Was it Marie? Was it both?

Lisa was still pondering over this confusion when Marie led Chrissy into the bathroom. Marie turned on the bath taps, got the temperature just right, and then plugged the tub, adding bubble bath to the flow from the faucet. As the tub began to fill, Marie helped Chrissy into the bath, followed by Lisa.

“Ok girls,” Marie started, “you can play for a few minutes while I go get changed, then I’ll come get you cleaned up.”

“Marie?” Chrissy piped up.


“Will you wear a diaper too today? We could all match!” Chrissy proposed.

Marie paused. On one hand, she needed to be responsible, and lead by example for her little sister. On the other hand, she really wanted to put on a fresh, clean diaper and pee in it again so she could finish what she started earlier. In the end, her desires overcame her sense of responsibility.

“Ok, but just for a little while this morning. After that I need to shower, get dressed, and we have some things to do,” Marie replied, much to the glee of the two teens in the bathtub.

The girls watched as Marie took a clean diaper from the cabinet and sat on the floor facing them. The nineteen-year-old tore the tapes of her wet diaper and tossed it into the trash. Lisa flushed and felt that familiar tingly sensation return when she saw Marie’s private area. Marie cleaned herself with a wipe, rubbed diaper cream all over her mound, and then wrapped herself up in a new diaper. She stood up and twirled for the girls.

“Ta-da!” Marie exclaimed with a laugh. The girls giggled. “Ok, time to get cleaned up!”

Joey’s plan was working perfectly. After three dry nights in a row, he decided he really didn’t want to stop wearing his Goodnites. He liked the way they felt, the way they looked, and how Lisa said he looked cute in them. He liked the secure feeling of knowing he’d wake up in a dry bed everyday. Joey was determined to show that he needed protection at night more than ever.

The past few nights, he’d drink a lot before bed and be sure not to pee before going to sleep. Despite this, he’d only wet once unintentionally. Every other morning he had to pee into his Goodnite before his mom came in to wake him up. On the second day of intentional wetting, he peed so much that his Goodnite leaked. When he saw a frown of worry on his mother’s face, he knew leaks would get him an even better result. Sure enough, the next day when she found him in a saturated, leaking Goodnite, Joey heard the words he was hoping for.

“Maybe these Goodnites aren’t doing the trick anymore,” Mrs. Stevens observed.

“Sorry mom,” Joey apologized.

“Oh it’s not your fault sweetie, I just don’t know what we can get to keep you dry!”

“Well…” Joey began, acting bashfully.

“Well what?” his mom replied.

“Well, Chrissy sometimes wears actual diapers on long trips so they don’t have to stop all the time. Maybe that could work?” Joey offered.

“Aww Joe,” his mom beamed, mussing his hair, “that’s a very mature suggestion, I’m so proud of you for handling this so well. I’ll see what I can find at the store.”

Joey smiled as soon as she left the room. Not only was he going to get to have his own diapers, but his mom thought he was mature for suggesting it.

Sam woke up greeted by a familiar tent in his boxers. He had been having an intense dream about Chrissy, a dream he was not ready to let go of. His hand immediately took a firm grip on his morning erection as he began recalling his fantasy.

In the dream, he and Chrissy were older, probably in their twenties. They were walking into a house after a night out on a date; holding hands, laughing, and sneaking in kisses here and there. As soon as the door shut behind them, Sam pulled Chrissy into an embrace and kissed her deeply and passionately on the lips. As their kiss continued, Chrissy’s hands slid from Sam’s back, down his chest toward his crotch. Her hand gripped his erection and she teasingly pulled him into a bedroom.

Chrissy fell backwards onto the bed and pulled Sam on top of her. The couple continued kissing as Sam began to fondle Chrissy’s breasts. Chrissy undid Sam’s pants and slid them down along with his underwear, gripping his throbbing penis in her hand. She looked up at him seductively.

“I wet my diaper Sam, and I want you to change it,” Chrissy whispered.

Sam flipped Chrissy’s skirt up revealing a pink baby diaper beneath. Chrissy began stroking him faster as he reached for the tapes. Sam slowly tore one tape before removing the other. He opened up her diaper and…

Sam snapped back into reality as he began cumming all over his hand and his boxers. As he came down from his orgasmic high, the guilt came rushing in. Sam felt embarrassed, confused, and ashamed that he thought of Chrissy in such a dirty way, and that the idea of changing her diaper sent him into such a frenzy. He really liked Chrissy and didn’t think it was proper to pleasure himself while thinking of her in such a way.

Sam sighed and removed his boxers, using them to clean up the mess on his hands and crotch. He tossed them into the hamper where they were soon joined by his shirt. He grabbed his towel and made his way to the shower with the hopes of washing away the dirty deed he just did along with the thoughts that accompanied it.

After she finished thoroughly washing the girls, Marie let them play in the bath for a little while. She retreated to her room and checked out her reflection in her full-length mirror. Staring back at her was an attractive nineteen-year-old girl in a cute little tank top and a baby diaper. Marie could feel herself begin to get a little hot under the collar and took a deep breath, not wanting to get too worked up just yet. Marie checked her reflection once more, and then went back into the bathroom.

Lisa was standing up in the tub modeling her bubble bikini for Chrissy who was laughing on the floor. Marie chuckled at the girls.

“Ok you two, time to get dried off and get dressed!” Marie announced.

“Aw man!” Lisa complained.

“Do we have to?” Chrissy whined.

“Yes,” Marie retorted, “Some of us still want to shower today, preferably before lunch time!”

With that being said, Lisa shrugged and grabbed the cup on the ledge and filled it with water. She dumped it down her chest, washing away the bubbles that hid her nudity. Marie helped her out of the tub as Chrissy stood up. Marie began toweling Lisa dry. Chrissy watched her big sister rub her best friend down with a towel and smiled as she thought of how lucky she was to have them both. Her mini-daydream was interrupted by the sound of a stream of liquid hitting the water below her. She looked down and gasped. She was peeing and again didn’t even realize it.

“Oh Chrissy!” Marie began, “You couldn’t hold it for just a second?”

“I didn’t feel it coming,” Chrissy replied, tears welling in her eyes.

“Now don’t get worked up about it,” Marie consoled as she began draining the tub.

“Yeah, it’s ok Chrissy,” Lisa added. Marie turned to Lisa.

“Are you going to put on panties or do you want a diaper?” Marie asked.

“Diaper please!” Lisa cheerfully replied, causing Chrissy to smile a bit as the flow of her urine waned. Marie laid Lisa down on the floor and slid a Sesame Street diaper under her butt. She carefully rubbed the diaper cream into Lisa’s pubic area before powdering her and taing the diaper up securely. Marie turned to Chrissy and lifted her from the tub and placed her on the floor. She wiped her little sister clean from her vagina down her legs, cleaning the pee from her accident. Marie then repeated the process of applying the cream, powder, and then taping the diaper shut. Just as Marie was helping Chrissy up, the phone rang. Chrissy waddled into her room to answer it.


“Hey Chrissy!” came Joey’s voice from the other end of the line.

“Hi Joey, what’s up?” Chrissy replied.

“Not too much, just wanted to see if you and Lisa wanted to come over and go swimming today,” Joey offered. Chrissy pulled the phone away and shouted into the bathroom at Lisa.

“Hey Leese!”


“Want to go swimming at Joey’s today?” Chrissy called out.

“Yep!” Lisa answered as she and Marie came into the room. Chrissy saw Lisa wearing nothing but her diaper and Marie in one as well, and blushed as she remembered her recent bladder control issues.

“Umm, can Marie come too?” Chrissy asked Joey.

“Sure, why not? How soon will you be over?” Joey asked. Chrissy mouthed the question to Marie. Marie held up a finger and mouthed her reply.

“In about an hour, we have to get ready,” Chrissy replied.

“Ok, cool, see you then,” Joey said.

“K, see ya,” Chrissy responded as she hung up the phone. Chrissy turned to Marie.

“Do you think I’ll be able to swim without having an accident?” Chrissy asked nervously.

“I’ll tell you what, you girls get dressed while I shower, then we’ll take care of that problem, ok?” Marie offered. The girls nodded. Marie turned, went into the bathroom, and shut the door behind her.

Marie looked down at the diaper she wore and sighed. She was looking forward to wetting it again and finishing what she started before Lisa woke up and interrupted. She didn’t feel the need to pee just then, so she removed her top and diaper and stepped into the shower, hoping to try it again sometime. Some time soon.

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