Hosting Cost Update Due To The Bots

Long story short: right now even with the current donations and what I was going to cover personally on the overage right now we’re officially $68 over what I can afford to pay from those fuckers

I was really hoping to avoid this, but at this point the forums seriously need massive help to pay the bill when it comes due.

The actual amount due right now is $196.

Like I said, most of that is covered by the monthly donations and what I personally have to cover the bulk of the overage, so I don’t need all of that thankfully.

Any amount that can be donated will help. The hosting company is, at the moment, willing to consider granting an extension on the due date if I can get the balance indee $30 by the 5th.

The good news is that the changes I made earlier to deal with this situation will prevent it from happening in the future so it’s just a matter of fixing the immediate problem.

I hate asking for the donations, but with my wife not working right now, we’re kinda strapped for cash since I’m still fighting to try and get my money that’s been inaccessible to me since @Penguin died.

If you can help, please do. And note, I strongly discourage using PayPal these days if possible because the amount they kill is for on debit/credit card funded payments is ridiculous.

That said any method listed here with the exception of gift cards works. Although, if you donate by the square donation link, please be careful as I’ve had a couple of people accidentally setup recurring donations when they intended it to be a one time thing. It defaults to recurring donations because that’s what most people who use it want.


Quick update. Still short $25 of the overage, but they have given us until the 21st to come up with it. :slight_smile:

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hello I am happy to help you with patreon, happy to be able to help with my small means.


Thank you!

Believe it or not, I somehow got the notice from the forums about your reply before I got the push notification from Patreon about it. The only notification I got faster was it adding you to the Discord server :slight_smile:

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