Homework With an AB

Albert stared at the pages, trying to make sense of the sentences on the table in front of him. “A man flips two coins, hoping to get both heads. He knows at least one is a head. What is the probability that both are heads?” How the heck was the answer anything but ½? There must be some trick to it. Albert racked his fingers through his dark brown hair, trying to figure it out. He drank from the glass of water he kept nearby, and continued.

A pair of light footsteps came pattering up. “Daddy” a voice to his left said. Albert tried to concentrate on his work. “Daaadddyyy,” the voice said again.

Albert sighed and turned to see Joshua standing beside him. He was wearing only a pink t shirt with a teddy bear on it over his Cushies diaper. In his hand he held a baby blue pacifier. Despite the fact that Albert was seated and Joshua standing, his head only came up to Albert’s chest, and he stared up at Albert with sad blue eyes. “What is it Joshua?” Albert asked.

“Come and play with me” Joshua said, looking at him pleadingly and sucking on his own fingertips.

“I told you, I can’t tonight. I said it was alright if you stayed but I had to work, remember?” Albert said.

“BUT I WANT TO PLA—AYY!!!” Joshua complained “Here, you can be the dragon, I have the dinosaur. They are fighting with the pirate over the knight’s armour, and he’s dead.” Joshua held up a stuffed dragon for Albert.

“Wha… oh never mind. I can’t now. Go play with your teddy bear. Roger.” Albert added the name, Joshua got upset when he forgot to.

“I can’t. I gave Roger a time out.”

“What? You gave the bear a…” Albert turned, mouth agape, to see Joshua’s high chair turned to face a corner of the room. In it say his teddy bear.

“Yes, like you did to me last week, remember? Rupert knocked over one of the vases, so I punished him.”

“Joshua did you knock over the vase in the living room again?”

“No, Rupert did.” Joshua stared at Albert with a completely serious look in his eyes, seeing nothing wrong with the idea of a teddy bear knocking things over.

“Well, whatever. Just go play on your own for now, ok? I turned your cartoons on already.”

“But I don’t want to watch cartoons! I want to play!”

“JOSHUA! I told you to go. You are being a bad baby. No leave me alone or I’ll spank you.”

“Eeeeppp!” Joshua said, running of, diaper crinkling loudly as he went.

Albert sighed and returned to his work. Much as he loved Joshua, he couldn’t spend every moment with him. It was time consuming enough to change the 20 year old baby’s diapers and help him with what seemed like every aspect of normal life. Albert needed time for school work (which Joshua, despite his marks, never seemed to spend much time on) and they had agreed that night they would forget the roles and be quiet. Joshua really was acting up by interfering.

As he worked, Albert heard Joshua’s footsteps and the crinkling of his diaper as he walked around the house. They went into the kitchen, and he heard the fridge open. It shut, and the footsteps went back into the living room where Joshua’s toys were kept. What was he doing?

Half an hour later, the footsteps approached again.

“Daaadddyyyy” Joshua said.

“What is it now Joshua?”

“Daddy I need a diaper change,” Joshua replied shyly.

“Really? Oh… ewwww…” the smell had suddenly became obvious, and Albert plugged his nose. Joshua blushed slightly and looked away. From the smell, he had made quite the mess in his diaper.

“Pwease dada?” Joshua asked, trying to sound cute. “Its stinky.”

“Yes I realize that. But I already told you I can’t do anything tonight. Go away stinky boy.”

“But daddy! I’ll get a rash.”

“No you won’t, not for a while. And you can change yourself.”

“But… babies don’t change themselves… do they? Actually can I?”

Albert thought better of it. The last few times Joshua had tried to change himself, the diaper had either fallen off or leaked. “No, not after last time. Sorry kiddo, you’ll have to wait. Also, you are just doing this for attention. I know you drank the prune juice in the fridge. It’s your own fault. Maybe sometime in a messy diaper will teach you a lesson.”

Joshua folded his arms and let out a huff. Then he walked up to Albert and started tugging on his arms. “Come on! Play with me! And change me!”

Albert tried to ignore him. In response, Joshua climbed up onto the table and crawled in front of him, placing his messy diaper as close as possible to Albert’s face, making him gag. “Stupid homework. You should spend more time with babies,” Joshua said.

“Ewww, get down! Joshua that smell is disgusting.”

"Then change me! How do you think I feel, I’m the one sitting in it. It’s your own fault anyway. "

“No it’s not, you’re doing it to annoy me. Keep this up kiddo and I will punish you.”
“Uh huh, you always say that and you never actually have. You ignored me and now you have a stinky baby boy to deal with. What are you going to do?”
“Joshua, you’re being a brat! Get down or I really will spank you.”

“Nu uhh! You have to change me or live with the smell.” Joshua turned his butt toward Albert, and in doing so, knocked over the glass of water. “Oops” Joshua said as water soaked Albert’s notes.

“You know what, BAD BABY!” Albert lifted Joshua off the table, backed his chair up, and pulled the squirming boy over his lap. He raised his hand and brought it down on Joshua’s messy diaper. Joshua squeaked in surprise, he had never expected to actually be spanked.

“Wha… what are you doing? No spankings! I’m sorry!” Joshua said as Albert continued to smack his padded rear. The spanking hurt, and, perhaps worse, mushed and spread the mess in Joshua’s diaper around, making the already uncomfortable garment even worse.

When he was finished, Albert stood Joshua on the ground facing the corner and told him to stay in place. He left, and returned with a few supplies. He had received a few abdl toys from his more bondage oriented friends. Joshua didn’t like them, and he never used them except as actual punishment. First, he wrapped masking tape around the waist of Joshua’s diaper, ensuring he’d stay in the mess all night. He placed a pacifier inside Joshua’s mouth and secured it behind his head with a strap and lock, leaving him unable to speak. He put Joshua’s hands inside locking mitts that left them useless. Finally, he dressed Joshua in a short pink skirt and matching baby bonnet. Though Joshua looked effeminate and often wore pink, he had never wanted to wear skirts and was embarrassed by the overtly feminine clothes. Especially with his long hair, the skirt made it difficult to tell what gender he really was.

Joshua blushed, sucked his pacifier glumly and looked at Albert. Albert picked him up again, this time carrying him to the high chair. He took Joshua’s bear out and sat him in its place. Joshua’s diaper squished loudly underneath him as the mess was forced against him. He squirmed, the combination of a messy diaper and a sore bottom making the seat extremely uncomfortable. He turned and stared sadly at Albert.

“Stop squirming! Now listen Joshua, tonight you were a very bad baby. So you are going to have a time out until I say you learned your lesson. When I do let you out, you are staying in the messy diaper and skirt. Until then, no talking, no toys, no moving around. Just sit and face the corner. Understood?”

Joshua nodded sadly, and turned to face the corner. Albert returned to his chair to work on his homework.

As the time passed, Joshua became more and more uncomfortable. The high chair didn’t leave much room for movement, and there was no space for him to raise himself up and out of the mess in his diaper. The smell added to the problem, and he tried to breath as little as possible.

Albert looked up at the sorry diaper boy from time to time. Perhaps he had over reacted. The baby looked miserable! But he had been acting up, and to go back now would encourage further behavior. Albert noticed a tear going down Joshua’s face, and he began sniffling quietly.

Albert sighed and walked over. He began removing the tray from the high chair to let Joshua out. “Alright, listen. I think you’ve learned your lesson. You can get rid of the pacifier gag and mittens and go play with your toys. But you’re keeping the bonnet, skirt, and stinky diaper. No more misbehavior, ok?”

As soon as his feet hit the ground and the pacifier was out, Joshua began bawling. He jumped up and hugged Albert. “I’M SORRY! I’m sorry I was a bad baby! I’ll never do it again! Please don’t hate me! I love you!” He buried his face into Albert’s chest, crying.

“There there sweetie. I don’t hate you. I just have to be strict sometimes when you act up. I still love you.”

“Really?” Joshua looked up into his eyes, sniffling.

“Really” Albert replied.

“Ok Daddy. What is it you are working on, anyway?”

“What? Uh… homework,” the abrupt change in subject surprised Albert and he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Let me see Daddy.” Before Albert could stop him, Joshua waddled over to his work. “Oh Daddy! This is easy! Why’s it taking so long?”

“It’s not easy and move aside,” Albert said, sitting down at the table to keep working.

“Yes it is! Here, I’ll do it for you.” Joshua grabbed the pen from Albert’s hand and began scribbling on the pages, filling in blanks and writing down numbers.
“NO! Joshua I have to do this myself and learn it.”

“Then I’ll teach you. Here, move over.” Joshua climbed onto Albert’s lap and sat down, then kept writing. Albert sighed and leaned back. With Joshua’s back to him, the smell from his diaper was very strong.

“Ok Joshua that’s enough. I’m sorry but you’re really stinky and its getting hard to breath. Go play somewhere el… hey what the?!?!” Albert had suddenly noticed that Joshua filled the first page of his work. It always surprised him. Despite the fact that he wore diapers both for fun, and, at times for necessity, needed Albert to change his diapers and feed him, he played with children’s toys and watched cartoons, and that he had next to no understanding of most of everyday life, Joshua was still probably the smartest person Albert knew. It was an odd match when he was smarter than the person who changed him and essentially took care of him.

“Well if you don’t like having a stinky baby on your lap perhaps you shouldn’t lock them in messy diapers, hmmm? Daddy how could you put this? It’s like saying 2+2 = 10. It just doesn’t make sense. Kind of like not changing me then complaining about the smell. Silly Daddy.” Joshua turned around and bopped him on the head. He turned back to keep working and wiggled around on Albert’s lap. Albert wasn’t sure if he was wiggling to get comfortable or if he thought it would make the smell worse and convince him to change him.

Albert watched as Joshua went through each question and explained how it worked. It really did make more sense now. Also, it always felt nice to have Joshua sitting on his lap, especially when he was in his pampers.

“Now this one… Hey Daddy? Can I have some coffee?” Joshua asked, noticing the mug beside Albert’s papers.

“No. Definitely not.” Albert replied sternly.

“What? Why not?” Joshua whined.

“Because it’s not good for babies. Do you remember the last time I gave you coffee?”



Joshua pondered the implications for a moment. “What did happen?”

“You don’t want to know. Just never visit the Starbucks near the train station.”
Joshua shrugged and went back to work, continuing to explain each step.
Soon the work was finished, and Joshua turned excitedly to Albert.

“Daddy, Daddy! Can we play now?” Joshua asked, bouncing up and down on Albert’s lap.

“I don’t know Joshua. It’s getting late.”

“Awww but you said we could,” Joshua pouted.

“No I didn’t! Not at all!”

“Fine, if you want to split hairs. Well, you said you couldn’t play with me because of homework, now you have no homework, so you should play. I helped you do it anyway. And I know you want to have fun with a cute baby bo… errr…. Girl,” Joshua corrected himself in a higher voice, remembering the skirt.

“Well, I don’t know. Usually the baby GIRLS aren’t this stinky,” Albert said teasingly, plugging his nose.

“Quiet! If you want me to smell better, change me. Now will you play or not?”

“Alright sweetie. Let’s go,” Albert said, kissing Joshua’s forehead.

“YAAAYYY!” Joshua grabbed Albert’s hand and ran off, messy diaper crinkling and skirt flailing, to play.

(these characters are also used in the semi-sequal “The Date” http://abdlstoryforum.info/forums/index.php?topic=5888.msg57787#msg57787)

Re: Homework With an AB

Very well written in terms of structure. Very readable. Without having read the semi-sequel, it seems like a very sweet and intimate vignette. I see strong character work with well defined traits for both characters. A slice of life for this couple. Well done.

P.S. First!

Re: Homework With an AB

thank you, and thank you for your comments elsewhere. I am glad you enjoyed it