So, I guess I’ll say hi there. My name is Dale. I’m nearing middle age (blah >.<) but am forever young at heart. (Wish I was young in body too). As Dale I’m into college football (GO VANDERBILT!), hockey (GO PREDATORS!!) and NASCAR (GO JIMMIE JOHNSON!!! Yes, six “!'s” for each Championship :P). I work in retail but hate it and want to someday open my own business, either a taxi cab company or do freelance sports photography. Oh, and I’m a divorced father of three amazing triplets (two girls and a boy, age 11).

As for the other side of me, I am ABDL as well as ALG. My little is a 3 1/2 year old girl who goes by the name of Kennedy Nichole. As Kennedy, I’m into Disney cartoons ('specially Doc McStuffins!), playing dolls and playing dress up games.

I guess I’m here for the stories and the acceptance from people who know what it’s like. Lord knows my family doesn’t. I do have a few RL friends who accept Kennedy for who she is, but not nearly enough.

Well, gotta run for now. Retail at Christmastime is pretty daunting.