Him and Her (Part 2)

(A/N: I’d just like to say, I know I’ve started some other stories, but I want to have one “good” one before I continue any others…anyway I’ve appreciated all the criticism in helping me become a better writer.)

My perch on the carpeted stairway keeps me hidden well but still gives me a clear view of my brother’s “study group”. He’s three years older than me, and throws little get togethers when my parents aren’t home. He insists to me that they all are just studying so I don’t tell mom and dad, but all they do is play video games. I figure there will be lots of “get togethers” for the next three days, as for my parents are on a cruise (I know, how nice of them to not invite us).

“Hey, Zach,” one of my brother’s friends, Mark, calls out. “I’m gonna go upstairs to the bathroom. Derek clogged the one down here.”

There’s a chorus of “Aww, Derek!” and Mark begins to make his way up the stairs. I scramble about, trying to hide somewhere. But I’m too late.

“Hey Tina,” Mark smiles at me with bright green eyes and perfect white teeth. Too stunned to say anything, a blush creeps across my face. I correct him under my breath, “Tonya,” but I don’t think he hears me.

He walks past me into the bathroom. Maybe I should go kill myself or hide in a hole? That was way too embarrassing. One of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen doesn’t know my name, just says “hey” and nothing else. Am I overreacting? I guess I am just the younger sister…

I quickly turn and start rushing down the steps, but my brother Zach apparently wants something from Mark and sprints up the stairs. We collide, I fall, and I see nothing but darkness.

. . .

I blink awake. My vision is foggy for a few seconds, but I wipe my eyes and it’s normal again. I’m in my bedroom. The clock reads 10:44 AM. I guess I was put to bed after being hit.

“You awake?” A familiar voice asks. I turn over to face the doorway. It’s…Mark?

“Mark?” I ask.

“I guess you are,” he chuckles. “Hey Tonya. You were knocked out so me and your brother put you to sleep. He’s really sorry for running into you.”

Mark leaves and I rub my head. I see why Zach would’ve chosen Mark to help him, they’ve been best friends since kindergarten. Still, it’s weird.

I decide to accept it, whatever it was, and have breakfast. Strangely, when I get up, I hear a faint crinkling noise.

“Oh, just my Goodnite,” I whisper to myself, looking down. My bladder was injured when I was a kid, so ever since then I’ve had to wear “special underwear” during the night to prevent any accidents. I know they’re just diapers for teens. Wettings came occasionally, and every once in a while I’d poop in my sleep. This morning I’m dry.

Thoughts start rushing through my head. I didn’t put this diaper on, so who did? Probably Zach, but had… Mark seen? Had anybody seen? It was nice of Zach to remember. He wouldn’t show anyone else that I wear them… Would he?

Quietly, I pull off the diaper and wrap it up in tissues and throw it away. I get dressed, make my bed, and head downstairs for breakfast.

“Morning, Tonya,” Zach greets me. “Sorry about what happened. I didn’t see you on the stairs…”

“It’s fine,” I shake my head.

“Did you wake up wet?” He asks in a low voice.

“Shh!!” I scold. “Nobody can know!”

He awkwardly steps away, as if somebody already did know… I shake the thought away. He wouldn’t do that. Only by accident. Oh dear… What if somebody accidentally walked in when he was putting it on me?

Only two boys are still there from last night, Mark and Sam. I wave to them as I grab a bowl and box of cereal. Sam waves back, and Mark grins at me.

I crunch my cereal slowly, thinking about last night. My head still hurts a little, but not too bad. The whole diaper thing scares me… But probably nothing serious happened. I decide to forget about the whole incident.

Stepping into the bathroom upstairs, I nervously glance in the trash can at the Goodnite wrapped in toilet paper. What if somebody notices? I shove it deep down into the can, and cover it with even more tissues. When I think it’s concealed enough, I brush my teeth and tie my hair into a loose ponytail. Then I put on some concealer, lip gloss and eyeliner. After attempting and failing at a smoky eye, I wash everything off my face and decide to just go with concealer.

I pick out a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top, change into it, and head downstairs for my morning run.

“Hey, Tonya, I’m gonna run with you okay?” Mark says. Confused, I nod, grab a drink of water and walk onto the front porch with Mark.

“So when I run, I just go down to the train tracks and back, okay?” I tell him, hoping that he agrees and doesn’t put up a fuss. Today is definitely not a day that I can deal with that sort of thing.

“Alright, let’s go then.”

I start with a slow jog, Mark right by my side.

“So why are you coming with me?” I asked.

“Um… Your brother…” He says, sort of unconfidently. Unlike him.

“Yeah? What about him?”

“I wanted to make sure you don’t get hurt.” He said, pointing to my head. “Again.”

“I won’t.” As if on cue, I trip over something, and right before I hit the concrete ground, Mark grabs my and pretty much saves me from falling.

“Yeah, that’s why I came.” He said, chuckling. I giggle with him, and after brushing myself off, start running again.

“How are you liking being a freshman in high school so far?” He asks. I shrug.

“It’s nothing special. What about you? How’s being a…” I think for the right word for a minute, “…junior! How’s that?”

“It’s alright. I’m ready for the year to end.” He replies. I nod in agreement. It’s almost the end of the school year for both of us, about a month.

For the rest of the run, we just chat about things that we’ve never talked about before. We never really talked before last night, just meaningless “hellos” and “goodbyes”. We kind of already knew a lot about each other before now, after all, he’s been hanging around my brother and I since he was in kindergarten.

Apparently he forgot my name last night, though.

When we reach my house again, I took a big drink of water. I hear Sam laugh at Mark and say something like, “How do you like your girlfriend?” He rolls his eyes, and I do too, although nobody can see. We aren’t dating, as much as I would like that.

Sam and Mark head home before lunch, but before he leaves, Sam comes up to me, and kisses me on the cheek.

Confused, stunned, not thinking right, I fall back onto the couch. I would expect Mark to be the one doing that, not Sam… Right? Is he jealous that Mark went on a run with me? …But why would he be jealous of something stupid and simple like that? I’m just as good of friends with him, maybe even more so, than Mark.

What had he and Zach talked about? Why did he do that? Why am I so confused about stuff like this? It was fifth grade, the last time somebody flirted with me. I think. Did that even count as flirting? I don’t even know. Too many thoughts are rushing through my head.

The question circulating through my mind the most is, what happened last night?

Re: Him and Her (Part 1)

Nice start. I quite like Tonya. :slight_smile:

Him and Her (Part 2)

“Um… Tonya. You okay?” Zach towers over my position on the couch. I look up at him. Did I have an anxiety attack or something? My neck and forehead are coated in sweat and I feel sort of dizzy.

“Y-Yeah…” I gulp. “Did-Did you see that?”

“See what?” He replies, with a confused look on his face.

“Sam!” I shout. Too many thoughts are running through my mind, it’s all I can spit out at the moment.

“What about him? Are you okay?” Zach reaches out and grabs my hand, pulling me to a standing position off the couch.

“Y-Yeah, did you see Sam k…kiss me?” I stutter. Zach’s eyes wander down to my shorts., as if he ignored my latest statement. Is everything okay? I look down, and gasp. “It was anxiety, I promise!”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Zach says. “This happens all the time when you get attacks, just go change.”

I nod in embarrassment. It had been months since I’ve had an anxiety attack, and this one was over something so dumb! A kiss!

I go upstairs and change out of my wet clothes. They aren’t even that wet, sometimes when my emotions are very strong my mind gets off of my bladder and, well, I guess it relaxes a bit? It’s not like my pants were sopping, just a tiny squirt of pee had came out. Enough to make me change, though.

“Hey Tonya? We’re gonna go meet Sam and Mark for an early dinner in an hour!” Zach calls from downstairs.

“Okay!” I shout back.

I glance over at the drawer of Goodnites. I open it and pull one out, blushing at its childish design. I check the doorway, then the window, and slide it on. Just in case.

Although I do kind of need diapers, they provide me with some sort of comforting feeling. I guess when I had the accident when I was a kid, diapers were, I guess, there for me.

I blush at the babyish thought, and pull off the Goodnite. I do my best attempt at folding it back up for later tonight, and stick it back into the drawer, and close it. I didn’t need diapers during the day.

I slide on some lace panties and a pair of jean shorts, and scroll through social media for the next hour.

“Tonya! Time to go!” Zach hollers. I cringe at how loud his voice booms through the house, and slide on some shoes. I reluctantly meet him downstairs.

One of the last things I want to do today is have another encounter with Mark or… Sam. Both boys have been acting very strange with me lately. Maybe I can ask my brother about it later.

Mark and Sam arrive in our driveway in Mark’s mom’s minivan. Zach sits in shotgun next to Mark, Sam’s in the back. Which means I have to sit next to him.

Mentally crying, I open the car door and sit down, and buckle in. Sam stares out the window next to him as if earlier hadn’t even happened. Had it? Or was it just a dream caused by anxiety?

I’m so full of questions.

We arrive at the restaurant. It’s themed like an eighties diner. Being a nineties child, I prefer then, but I guess the eighties are cool. I clench my fists when Mark and Zach sit next to each other, and I’m shoved into a booth with you-know-who.

Our waiter comes over, takes our order. We order a big sample plate for everyone to share, and I order a personal salad.

I’m quiet for the ten minutes that occurs before our food arrives. I pull out my fork and start eating the salad.

“You gonna eat your olives?” Sam asks, reaching over and grabbing a few from my salad before I can even answer. I glare at him, then return to my meal.

A few minutes pass, and the urge to pee strikes me.

“I’ll be right back, gotta go to the bathroom.” I announce, gesturing for Sam to get out so I can. He has me sitting on the inside, of course.

After stepping out of the booth and heading towards the restroom, a voice speaks behind me, startling me.

“I came with you just in case.” Mark says.

“Wait… What?” I ask. “Why?”

“Um… Your brother wanted me to watch to make sure you don’t run into anything. You know, 'cause of your head.”

“…Okay…” I say, not believing him. Well, it may be true, but he didn’t say it in his normal confident voice, so I doubt it.

I glance back at him before going into the ladies room. He still stares at me.

In the bathroom, my makeup gets fixed, my hair gets rearranged, oh, and I actually do go to pee. Then I walk back out, Mark waiting to escort me back. When we arrive at the table, my salad is mostly gone.

“You’re a pig,” I tell my brother in a jokingly manner. He looks confused.

“That was me,” Sam tells me with a jerk grin. I roll my eyes at him as he lets me back into the booth.

I’m quiet for the rest of dinner.

We all hang out and walk around the mall the restaurant was in for an hour or two, then the boys sit me in Mark’s car as they walk into a bar.

“You’ll be fine,” Zach assures me, grabbing his wallet. “Just, uh, lie down or something. You’re too young.”

“Wait, you’re too young!” I shout. Sam covers my mouth from behind, silencing me. He makes a shushing noise.

The boys all walk in after locking me in the car. I bang on the car windows, but nothing gets anybody’s attention. I pull up the child lock on the side door and jump out. I rush inside the bar.

It’s hot and crowded, and people bump into me every five seconds. I make my way around and find my brother’s table.

“Hey, Tonya… Come on in…” Zach greets me in a slurred voice. He hands me what looks like a water. I take his offer and drink a bit. The rest of the night is a blur. I remember blacking out.

The next morning, I’m awake in my bed, the clock says 10:02, in a heavily wetted Goodnite. It’s so wet and swollen, as soon as I stand up, it sags below my waist. I remove it, put on a pair of panties, and walk to the bathroom with the soaked garment.

“I’ll get that,” Sam says, behind me. I jump, spin around, and hide the diaper behind me as I blush profusely. Sweat beads on the back of my neck, my head spins, and I feel like dying.

“Who… Why are you… What?” I manage out, heart pounding its way out of my chest.

“I said, let me throw that away for you. You look like you need rest.” Sam does this strange grin and opens his hands out, I assume for the diaper.

“Wha-What? No!” I shout. “How did you–”

“Shh, it’s okay.” He smiles. “Nothing to get worked up about.”

“But you-you saw me in a–”

“In a diaper, so what? I won’t tell anyone.” He says. “I won’t judge you. You can’t handle it anyway.”

Tears fall from my face. I turn away from him and throw the wet diaper into the trash can. I don’t even bother covering it up, he probably already told everyone.

I return to my room and pull on a pair of shorts, and go downstairs for my morning run. Sam avoids me, but I’m not complaining.

“Morning, Tonya.” Zach greets, sitting next to Mark. “How’d you sleep? You passed out really bad last night.”

“Fine…” I glare at him. He’s the whole reason this happened.

He pulls me aside. “Look, sis, I’m so sorry about the whole alcohol thing. I needed a break, but I’m so sorry. Seriously.” He looks at me like he’s about to cry.

“Hey, no, it’s all good,” I say. “Zach, it’s fine.”

“I’m a horrible brother,” he says, shoulders shaking up and down.

“No, you’re not!” I say, hugging him. “I was the stupid one who took the drink. Seriously. It’s fine. I’m not mad, I won’t tell mom or dad.”

“They get back in… tomorrow.” He says, eyes watering.

“So? I won’t tell them.” I say.

He seems to calm down after a little bit more reassuring him. I grab a drink of water, stretch a bit, and head out to the front porch. Mark meets me out there.

“Hey, because you may have a hangover, we’re just going to walk today. Got it?” He orders. Why is he being so bossy all of a sudden?

“Okay…” I give in, knowing there’s no point in arguing. We walk down the steps and start towards the train tracks.

“Tonya, are you okay? You seem tense.”

“I’m fine…” I say, thinking about all that happened with Sam.

“Okay, I’m just gonna say it,” he says, “I know about your diapers.”

Gasping, warm, salty tears fall from my eyes. My chest heaves and I cover my eyes with my hands. I don’t even care where I sit, but I place my butt down. It lands on a soft patch of grass.

“Wait, no,” he says. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.” He sits down next to me.

“How do-how do you know?” I ask. There’s way too much crying going on this morning, so I wipe my eyes.

“Well, last night, and the night before, you had to be put to bed.” He says.

“Yeah, I know. Did you see my brother change me into a Goodnite?”

He takes a deep breath, and replies, “Your brother didn’t change you. Sam did.”

Re: Him and Her (Part 1)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the next few parts :slight_smile:

Re: Him and Her (Part 1)

It’s a definite improvement over the others. It’s well paced, gives enough insight into the characters and their relationships so how they act makes sense and I can understand Tonya’s shock over how things changed. I’m very intrigued by it so far.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

This story is rather unpredictable so far.

I feel that you should have said the parents were gone for a week sooner, if it were for just one night you wouldn’t have had to say anything until they got home but a week is a bit much. I honestly wondered where they were and assumed that they were dead and Zach was Tonya’s guardian (I forgot the mention of Tonya not ratting Zach out to them in the first chapter by this point) because of how parental he acts around her at times.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

Oh, good point. I’ll go change it, thanks!

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

You should consolidate your threads.

This story is currently in two threads, just post this one as a reply in the first one. Then it’s all in one spot.

Also, introducing plot points like anxiety attacks and past relationships, whilst using only the protagonist herself to explain, isn’t very captivating to the reader.

It feels like you’re just dumping in stuff to cause her to be embarrassed and/or wet herself, and then following it up with a low-effort explanation.

It would be good to lead up to things, or, if you’re going to surprise the reader, doing it with things that are common to the characters, isn’t really a good idea.

It’s really jarring to read. Your other stories are the same. That’s why I’ve said to flesh it out. We should get to know the characters, we should be aware of who they are and all the neat things about them. A surprise to the reader should likely surprise the characters too. There can be mysterious people, but you should at least establish them before they do something no one saw coming.

I’m no expert writer myself, so there is likely a more clear and concise way to explain what I mean.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

They should do whichever they’re more comfortable with.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

Is that so? Every other site I went to wanted things consolidated instead of new topics all the time.

I spoke out of turn.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

From a personal perspective, I find it annoying to have to hunt down several threads to read a story. Especially if that story actually gets interesting but goes longer than a couple days between updates, because I often find my old-ass brain in need of refresher scans to get back into the narrative.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

Yeah, me too. I’ll probably post the rest of the story here.

Re: Him and Her (Part 2)

I would definitely prefer every story be in its own thread, maybe if it were an anthology series it could be justified but one thread per story is most convenient in every case I’ve come across. (although I do respect an author’s choice regardless and am not asking for the board to add this as a rule by any means)