Hidden Beneath

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Chapter 1

Jayne finds herself on an airplane, soaring high in the vast expanse of the sky. The sense of freedom and solitude envelops her as she is the only passenger on this plane. Soft, fluffy blankets surround her, swaddling her like dollops of whipped cream. The comforting embrace of the blankets brings her a profound sense of security and contentment.

The blankets seem to stretch infinitely, taking up the entire plane, and Jayne feels as if she’s floating on a cloud. As the plane ascends higher and higher, a delightful rush of butterflies flutters in her stomach, filling her with pure joy and exhilaration. The sensation of elevating in the sky, unburdened and weightless, is an experience she relishes.

The enchanting melody of “Let it flow” by Spiritualized plays in the background, its gentle notes adding to the dreamlike atmosphere. With each passing moment, Jayne’s heart dances to the rhythm of the song, amplifying the euphoria she feels.

“Here it comes and then it goes
And that feeling takes me home
And I don’t know where I’m goin’
Let it flow”

As the plane starts its descent, Jayne can’t help but giggle with delight. The excitement of the downward shift fills her with a thrilling sensation. She feels as if she’s on an adventure, descending into a world of pure bliss and ecstasy. The dream takes her to a place of complete release and surrender, where she lets go of all inhibitions and embraces the flow.

Suddenly, Jayne is jolted awake by the song continuing from her alarm clock.

“Let it flow…”

Her heart still races with the remnants of the dream’s euphoria. She realizes that her bladder is full, and she rushes to the bathroom. The relief she experiences as she uses the bathroom is similar to what she felt in her dream.

Jayne, is a 30-year-old girl, free spirited, creative designer at a large gaming company. Slim and tone in posture, she has undergone a transformation in recent years, becoming more conscious of her health and well-being. This all thanks to her partner Ryan, who does marathon runs alongside his day job. Their one year relationship has been a catalyst for positive change, as she found herself motivated to adopt healthier habits.

Long runs have become a regular part of Jayne’s routine. She finds running to be relaxing. On the weekends she likes to unwind and make her runs a little more entertaining. This entertainment is fueled by vaping some of her favorite sativa weed. She enjoys the rush of endorphins and the melodic vibrations that flutter with each stride during her elevated run. In this headspace she is able to achieve not just a runner’s high, but instead, the best of both worlds. The joy of running has become her therapy, allowing her to clear her mind and find solace in the rhythm of her feet hitting the ground.

In addition to running, Jayne has embraced yoga as a way to balance her physical and mental well-being. She’s discovered the transformative power of yoga, not only for its physical benefits but also for the sense of inner peace and mindfulness it brings to her life. Her wardrobe has also evolved to reflect her active lifestyle. Yoga pants have become a staple, not just for their comfort, but as a symbol of her commitment to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

With Ryan away on an offsite project for the past six months, Jayne has found herself facing the challenges that typically come from a long-distance relationship. In the past, she had struggled with long distance relationships, but this time, she was determined to approach it differently. She knew that maintaining her fitness routine was more crucial than ever, as it not only kept her physically healthy but also helped her cope with the emotional distance between her and Ryan.

Jayne has had to learn to trust and be patient, giving Ryan the space and understanding that he’s immersed in his offsite project. The sporadic communication has made her anxious at times, but she’s reminded herself that Ryan’s dedication to his work was one of the things she admired about him.

This past month, Jayne has struggled with feelings of uncertainty as Ryan has been really out of touch in communication. She has been trying to get herself to understand that the sporadic check-ins are likely due to his busy schedule, and she that she needs to trust in their relationship.

Jayne’s morning began like any other as she prepared for her remote workday from the comfort of her downtown apartment on the 33rd floor. Stretching and yawning, she embraced the tranquility of her living space with a sense of calm and purpose. Her cozy apartment was adorned with soft furnishings and elegant touches, creating a serene ambiance that inspired her creativity.

After freshening up in the bathroom, Jayne made her way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Today, she was in the mood for a delicious omelette. But as she reached for the vegetables in her fridge, she realized she was out. Undeterred, Jayne decided to take a quick trip downstairs and a couple of blocks over to the morning farmers market. The prospect of getting fresh, organic vegetables excited her, and it was the perfect excuse to take a short break and savor the beauty of the city before diving into her work.

Stepping outside her apartment building, Jayne felt the city’s vibrant energy enveloping her. The sound of distant traffic and the chatter of people bustling about created a symphony of urban life. With a spring in her step, she strolled down the bustling streets towards the farmers market.

As she reached the market, she was greeted by an array of colorful stalls, each offering a delightful selection of fruits and vegetables. The sights and scents of fresh produce invigorated her senses, and she relished the opportunity to engage with local vendors and support the community.

Jayne carefully selected the ripest tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, and vibrant greens for her omelette. With her bag filled with the freshest ingredients, she made her way back to her apartment, feeling a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

On her walk back to the apartment she decided to stop into her go-to pharmacy, Trust Pharnacy, which is convientally situated at ground floor of her apartment complex.

She loves this pharmacy as it’s always well stocked with her preferred zero-waste feminine products. This time around she notices that it’s not only those products that are well stocked at this pharmacy.

As she walked around, she found out that they moved her aisle to the back of the store and she had to traverse two different incontinence aisles. One of which looked like it was dedicated to single packaged adult diapers and the other for larger packages.

As Jayne explored the back of the store, she noticed that her aisle had been moved to a more discreet location, hidden away from the main shopping area. She had to navigate through two different incontinence aisles to find her desired products. One aisle displayed single packaged adult diapers, while the other held larger packages.

As Jayne approached her aisle, she couldn’t help but notice a striking girl, who appeared to be around her age, refilling the diapers on the shelf. She notices the girl’s posture and body form. Jayne is envious of how round and plump her ass is. Even after Jayne’s rigorous squat routine for her workouts she has nothing on this employee’s ass. This girl had a radiant smile, adorned with braces that Jayne found oddly attractive. Her name tag read “Aria”


“Excuse me, could you help me get this pad brand?” Jayne asked.

“Sure thing! Let me grab the…” Aria’s reply was cut short by the store intercom broadcasting her number for clocking out.

“I thought this time would never come. I can finally clock out” sighed Aria.
She mentioned that she had worked overtime and was finally being relieved.

“I’ll be right back I have to get the right keys for this shelf” Aria said as she sped out of the aisle.

Jayne found Aria’s behavior peculiar as she hurriedly passed her, seemingly fidgety and eager to leave. It seemed that there was more to Aria’s excitement than just the end of her shift, and Jayne couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Less than a minute later, Jayne hears footsteps advancing closer to her and sees Aria speed back into the aisle. Aria steps up on a short step stool and reaches for the flap to unlock the shelf and flips it up.

“Is it this one?” Aria asked.
“It’s actually the one next to it that is almost out” replied Jayne.

Aria seems to be bouncy in her posture. Since there was only one package of the pads left, Aria had to go on her tipy toes to reach for it. Jayne notices that she is bouncing her heals on the stool like she is jump roping without lifting her feetoff the ground.

Suddenly an “ahhhhh” sigh softly exits Aria’s lips. There is a sudden pause as Aria freezes with her arms deep in the shelf.

After about 5 seconds of being frozen, Aria carefully steps down the stool and hands Jayne the pads. Aria looks at Jayne with a spacey gaze says “Here you go, have a good rest of your day!”

Jayne sees Aria take off her apron and walk down the hallway very calmly towards the back room. Jayne couldn’t help but observe Aria’s movements as she walked towards the backroom to clock out. There was a subtle waddle in her step that Jayne found strangely cute. She tried not to stare, but her eyes were drawn to the oddly placed wet patch on Aria’s butt. She notices Aria discreetly reach her hand out to grab something when passing through the aisle.


The checker at the front scanned her pads and looked up at Jayne “I take it you must have met Aria, hehehe she is quite the free spirit!”

Jayne nervously chuckled as she grabbed the bag and headed home to go make breakfast.

As she cracked the eggs into a bowl and whisked them with care, she couldn’t help but admire the panoramic view of the city through her large windows. The morning sun painted the skyline with warm hues, casting a golden glow on the bustling streets below. Jayne sautéed the vegetables with a hint of olive oil, savoring the aroma that filled her home. She expertly folded the omelette, creating a masterpiece of flavors and colors.

As Jayne sat at the breakfast table, her mind couldn’t help but replay the peculular encounter with Aria, the employee at the store. The puzzle pieces of Aria’s behavior seemed to fit together in her mind, and a thrilling realization washed over her. The fidgety behavior, the sudden shift in composure, the weird wet patch on her butt, what she reached for in the aisle… it all pointed to one possibility…Aria wears diapers! But she not only wears them, she uses them. Aria was flooding her diaper while helping Jayne and it had leaked!

Jayne changed topics in her head as she noticed it was 8:45 and she had to hurry to finish her morning tasks before the work day.

Jayne logged in for the work but throughout her day her mind was racing. She found herself imagining Aria wearing a diaper, feeling the same sensations that had brought her pleasure in her dream.

The day went by…Jayne had a typical work day, half virtual calls and half the other time to actually get her work done.

Jayne logs off of work a little bit after 5pm. Her phone rings, and she notices that the number shares the same area code as Ryan’s work phone. Curiosity mixed with a sense of unease, as she answers the call.

It’s not Ryan but instead a woman’s voice on the phone.

Keep it going you are doing great

Chapter 2 - Sad news

Jayne answers the phone call that matches the same area code as Ryan’s work phone.

She’s nervous. She knows there has been noticeable distance between them while Ryan has been away doing his offsite work in another state.

“Hi this is Jayne, who is this?”
“Hi Jayne, I’m Mindy. I learned about your relationship with Ryan by looking through Ryan’s phone”

The woman’s voice on the other end informs her that she has been seeing Ryan and had no idea he was in a relationship until just recently.

Jayne’s heart sinks as she listens to the woman’s apologies for delivering this painful news. Devastated and hurt, she hangs up the call, tears streaming down her face as she tries to process the betrayal.

Fury and heartbreak take over, and Jayne immediately sends Ryan a furious text expressing her anger and disappointment. She hurls her phone across the room, and it lands on the couch. With her emotions overwhelming her, she buries her face in a pillow, sobbing uncontrollably for hours.

The weight of the revelation feels unbearable, and Jayne finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about their relationship.

In the midst of her despair, Jayne confronts the reality of Ryan’s infidelity and the pain it has caused her. Her mind is filled with conflicting emotions, from anger and betrayal to sadness and confusion. The woman on the phone becomes a symbol of the shattered trust and the loss of the relationship she once cherished. As she weeps into the pillow, she wonders how she will ever find the strength to move forward and heal from this devastating blow.

Jayne, with her tear-streaked face, hears a knock at her front door. She opens it to find her best friend Rachel standing there, concerned and caring. Rachel was in her area and wanted to surprise stop by.

Rachel immediately notices Jayne’s distress and asks what’s wrong. Sniffling, Jayne explains the call she received and how Ryan had been seeing another woman behind her back.

Rachel’s eyes widen with shock and anger for her friend. “I can’t believe he did this to you, Jayne. That’s unforgivable.” She embraces Jayne in a comforting hug, letting her know she’s there for her no matter what.

As they sit on the couch, and hug in silence, Rachel wipes away Jayne’s tears with a tissue.

“I’m so sorry Jayne…” Rachel says as she continues to comfort her friend.

As the crying starts to end, Rachel gently suggests going out for happy hour to distract Jayne from her pain.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. A few drinks might help you forget about that asshole for a while,” she says, trying to lighten the mood.

Jayne hesitates for a moment, still feeling overwhelmed with hurt and betrayal. But she knows Rachel is right - getting out and being with a friend might be just what she needs.

“You’re right. Let’s do it,” Jayne replies, mustering a small smile. “I need to take my mind off this mess.”

On the train ride to their favorite dive bar, Rachel discussed how this particular happy hour is going to be extra special. Despite the heartache Jayne is going through, Rachel is determined to lift her friend’s spirits and make sure they have a great time.

“You know, Jayne, I invited Mia and Kayla to join us tonight,” Rachel says with a mischievous grin. “They’ve always been the life of the party, and with everything going on, we could use some extra laughter.”

Jayne manages a small smile, grateful for Rachel’s efforts to make her feel better. “That sounds like a great idea. I could use some fun and distraction right now,” she replies.

As they arrive at the dive bar, the familiar sounds of laughter and clinking glasses greet them. Mia and Kayla are already there, waving them over to their table. Mia, with her infectious energy, wraps Jayne in a bear hug, and Kayla joins in, showering her with warmth and love.

“Cheers to girls’ night out!” Mia exclaims, raising her glass. The rest of the group joins in the toast, and the evening starts off with laughter and good company. The four friends share stories, reminisce about old times, and even manage to squeeze in some light-hearted teasing.

Amongst the friends, Mia takes on the role of holding their table whenever the girls head to the restroom. Kayla playfully teases with Rachel about Mia’s seemingly unyielding bladder, suggesting she must have a bladder made of steel.

“Damn girl, goddess of almighty! Bladder of steel you got there! Thanks for guarding our stuff once again!”

Mia laughs and then the suggests they hit the dance floor.

“Hehe you betcha…hey! Is that our jam playing?!”

“Ah shit girls! Let’s get to the floor!”

Everyone migrates to the dance floor and starts jamming out, drinks in hand, smiles shared all around.

The night progresses with more drinks and dancing.

It’s getting towards the end of the night Rachel always does this thing with Jayne where she always grabs Jayne’s last drink, which since she 21, is an Long Island to set her over the edge at the end of the night. It’s been a while since she grabbed drinks so this throws Jayne for a surprise.

Jayne feels her balance get wavvy as she heads to close out her tab.

Right as the bartender was about to take her credit card from the bar, Mia comes out of nowhere and slams her card on top of Jayne’s card.

“Nice try Jayne, but drinks are on me! I heard what happened with Ryan and that fucking sucks. Let me atleast treat you tonight!”

“Aw thanks Mia!”

They both talk and catch up with each other as they wait for the bartender to get their IDs at the other end of the bar.

“Yeah and my new apartment is actually now way further away from you Jayne” Mia says with a cute sad face, signally teardrops with and fingers and thumbs.

“So that’s why I haven’t see you at yoga in over a month!” remarks Jayne.

“Yeahhh…” sighs Mia as she is now leaning hanging both her arms over the bar, head hanging down between her arms, looking down at her feet.

Mia is hanging her head, looking down, and then slowly raises her head up “Yeah about that, I’ve also needed to take break from yoga in general”
Rachel sighs again as she bends her knees and arches her back and lifts her self up from leaning over the bar.

Jayne wondered if Mia was drunkenly imagining her self opening up her back like doing a vinyasa in yoga class.

Mia adjusts her posture up from the bar with relief as if they had been waiting an eternity for their IDs. They both grab their ids and then soon after, head out of the bar to head home.

The girls start wobbling towards the train station together.

As they walk, Mia is leading the group through the tight and busy sidewalk. Jayne and the other girls notice that Mia is walking with her legs noticeably apart. Rachel, who is a bit drunk, playfully calls out to Mia from behind, joking about her wide steps and advising her to be careful.

“Whoa there big bossy lady with the wide giant steps, do you have business to take of? Are you on a high?”


Mia laughs it off, saying she’s not too buzzed since she’s been sticking to beer throughout the night.

“Yeah…hehehe I in fact, do have business to take care of but I am not on a high, it was just light beers for me tonight!”

“Yeah but that was 2 whole pitchers!” Kayla chimed in.

“Yeah yeah yeah, but like I said, it was light beer so I’m fine with holding myself up straight. Balance is something I can hold” Mia chuckled.

Eventually, they reach their respective train stops, and the girls say their goodbyes. Jayne is the last one to leave the train and stumbles off, feeling a bit overwhelmed with her emotions. In a hazy state, she realizes that she needs to let go of all the expectations she’s been carrying and just take some time to relax and care for herself, like having this social outing.

On her way back home, Jayne stumbles upon a park across from her building and makes her way to the swings.

Sitting there, she contemplates her recent heartbreak and all the stress she’s been experiencing.

The drinks she had during happy hour have thoroughly filled her bladder, and the thought of letting go of control in this moment seems enticing.

Remembering the song “Let it go,” Jayne decides to take a leap and embrace the freedom in releasing herself.

She releases a complete flood of pee in her black dress. She’s feels it puddle and drip down the with the swing, experiencing a strange sense of being hugged with the warmth of her release. She looks down at her glistening wet black dress in drunken relief. The dress is so drenched that it’s stuck to her body. Warm embrace.

She gazes off in the distance across the park and gives a long sigh of relief. “Oh what a month…”

Her drunken fog clears just enough to snap her back into the reality that she has just openly wet herself, and her dress, alone in the city park.

She hops off the swing as another splash follows from the seat, a reminder of the magnitude of her release. As she walks the next block she feels the squish in her sandals and her dress starts to get cold.

“Ughh if only I could only keep this warmth with me a little more longer” she said to herself.

Feeling drunk and drained, literally and figuratively, Jayne stumbles through the lobby, and into elevator.

Unbeknownst to Jayne, there was a woman at the lobby front desk that took note of Jayne’s drunken wet state. The woman chuckled to herself as she heard the wet sandal squeaks of Jayne walk by. She slightly bit her lip, as if in contemplation, and then brought her focus back to her front desk duties.

Jayne gets to her apartment, slams open her bedroom door and collapses into bed, her mind finally finding some peace amidst the chaos.


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