I’m LittleKaito! Nice to meet you all! I hope I can make some stories for everyone. :3


For the purpose of attracting more interest to yourself or your possibly upcoming stories, how about sharing some of your interests more specifically.

What kind of stories do you like to read?
Girls or boys specifically, does it even matter? Drama, horror, comedy, etc? Do you like regression in stories, stories about fun youthful adventures; or maybe more mature stories; and those could be things like darker tones and serious topics, or simply more along the lines of sexy/kinky?

Now, I’m not asking you to spoil your stories if you don’t wish to. (I enjoy stories that surprise me) But…
What type of stories do you plan to write?
Something personal, perhaps something that happened in your past?
Fantasy, be that wizards and castles, sci fi, or just classic diaper fantasy where you just have fun writing about the things you wish would happen?

We like all kinds of stories here, and compared to other sites, we offer a lot more freedom in what’s allowed. That said, do make sure to check the rules before posting something.
A fair warning too: a lot of the authors here are very experienced writers who can and will give helpful feedback, whether it’s some pointers about grammar, or a full breakdown of all the things that might hurt the enjoyment gained from reading your story. Some of the feedback and critiques may occasionally seem harsh (especially if you’re new to writing.) but we wish to help if you wish to listen. No one’s trying to scare you away.

Also, if you read a story on here and enjoy it, feel free to drop a comment about what parts you enjoyed. Or you can hit the “like” button if you don’t have anything to say, but still enjoyed the story. Authors here appreciate feedback.

Again, welcome.
Enjoy your stay.

I never noticed the Like buttons before. The more you know.

What’s really sad about this statement is I had to make a sticky about this in General because people were bitching about them being “facebook” like buttons. Which they would be, if I was so epicly stupid as to enable the facebook integrations, which I’m not :wink:

@LittleKaito Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

waves her magic wand and makes something special happen

Eh that makes two of us.

Anyway littleKatio I look forward to reading your different stories. I also look forward to seeing you grow and develop as a writer just like everybody else in this forum, and I hope that you are able to make lots of online friends here as well.:wink: