Hi there

What’s up? Name is HockeyMutt and as you already know, I’m new here. I live in the amazing state of Tennessee, though I was reared in the slightly less amazing New Jersey. I am divorced and the father of God sent twins. They, sadly, live with their Mom, but I do have them every other day after school, every weekend, a month in the summer. And for holidays (such as Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, etc) my ex and I celebrate together with the kids. I’m feel blessed that she and I can put aside our differences for them, and truly wish we could somehow find a way to permanently put our issues to the side and once more be a family full-time. Who knows? Odder things have happened after all.

Moving on, I am a lifelong rink rat, having begun playing hockey at the tender age of two…Well, I learned to skate at two anyway. I was playing organized games by four and by six I had found my calling as a goalie. I played on various town, school and travel teams the rest of my childhood. I was even offered scholarships to a few decent schools (the best of which was Boston University) but sadly in my last game of high school I was run over by a winger on the other team which utterly and completely savaged my knees. I lost all the offers for school (no call for a goalie who can barely walk I imagine). I have since had a total of eleven surgeries on my knees, but I don’t let it stop me from finding pick-up games.

As for my AB/DL, I guess I’m kind of a hybrid (not 100% sure that’s how to put it or the correct word to use). There are days I feel like a toddler boy, others like a toddler girl, others still like a little boy or girl (post diapers). If I had to pick, I’d favor being a boy over being a girl - but both are fun. Please don’t ask my WHY I’m into diapers and ageplay. I don’t really know why. I’ve just always had a fascination with diapers, and a yearning to be younger again.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I have for now. Good to be here and I look forward to making new friends here. Later,


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You’re on a forum dominated almost exclusively by ABDL’s. No one is going to ask -why- you are one. Your preference, sure, but not why.

Anyway, welcome.

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We’re probably not going to find you weird. Unless you’re really weird.

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Well, I am a goalie….and we, as a breed, are fairly odd. At least, on the ice we are lol.