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Hi. I just want to say hello. I was lurking around for a while but I thought maybe it is worth registering.
English is not my first language and therefore I’m not that good with writing. It takes a lot more time than I have patience, so I tend to be less active and just read.

I hope to find more stories that fit my interests. Sadly I got the feeling that the things I like are more rare. If you can give me any advice, I would very much appreciate it. Hm it is probably easier to explain what I’m not a fan of. I’m not in any way an AB, or anything that would fit in that category. I only have a kink for diapers. Usually I avoid humiliation, and regression, but there can be exceptions in some cases. I did like some of the dark stories, but I think that had more to do with the fact that they are, hm unusual I guess.

Oh and a big thanks to all the autors out there.

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Thanks. I didn’t even thought about writing stories. More something like participating in a forum in general. I’m registered on other platforms but rarely do something other than reading.

Diapers with no infantilisation, no humilation and no regression is a tricky niche but try authors like Didba and BabyDoc. I’m sure others can offer better suggestions.

Yeah, I think the topics I’m not a fan of are more or less the basis for the majority of stories.
I will look into these two, thank you.

I suppose it might be helpful to have a clearer definition of these terms. By regression, you could be referring to physical regression of mental regression (although based on what you write I’m going to guess you mean both).

Humiliation is a trickier one. On one end of the spectrum that can be someone exposing someone else’s diaper (or the fact that they wear them) in order to intentionally humiliate them for whatever reason (sexual, blackmail, whatever…). On the other end it can be the embarrassment of somebody accidentally having the diaper peek over the waistpant of their pants, or the nervousness of somebody wearing a diaper in public even if nobody can tell.

There are stories catering to either ends of this spectrum here, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or we end up steering you in the wrong direction, please let us know. Also, I’d like to second @anon26987748 's opinion about your English.

In short: Welcome.

What, you’re not gonna plug your own stories?

@TheSilentReader, you should check out @Gummybear 's Nikki and Sarah series.
Here’s a link. Nikki and Sarah index thread

There’s not much in the way of any of the items you listed, and the stories are nicely paced. When I say ‘not much’ I mean there might be instances where I character is dealing with humiliation, but it’s an internal struggle and never inflicted.

I highly recommend the series.

Well, that is true and you are right about your guess.

Also very true. For the most part I mean the more extreme variants of both and how it is presented. If the humiliation part is “only” because of an accident than its fine. But it’s not easy to find a definition that fits perfectly.

Thank you very much. That was a missed opportunity it seems. :upside_down_face:
Also you brought up a good point.

What is the intent behind what is happening? Is it malicious or not? If the protagonist is constantly suffering under someone’s malice which leads to humiliation (and or forced regression), I’m out. Expetion would be a case in which the tables turn. But I came across very depressing storys in that regard.

That’s another big point for me. The tone (is that the right wording?) of the story in general. I (usually) want to read something optimistic. Sure there can and should be some struggle but not something soulcrushing or similar.

I hope that gives you a better understanding.

I did look into @Gummybear 's Nikki and Sarah series and it seems like a good one. I only read the first part but I will continue.

I’m not so sure about that :sweat_smile:
I do quite like fantasy and/or magical elements. It doesn’t have to be realistic, only hm, internally consistent, would be the wording I guess?

Some of them are in deed interesting, and a silly story is a nice change.

Edit: Now I know I made a huge mistake.

I tried to write this to the best of my abilities. English is my second language, and I mostly write by feeling and google translate. I can’t write fast, and I don’t know many grammatical rules.

What I tried to convey was, that because I had my own experience with things like dementia in my family, I have trouble to understand this. It confuses me. I think about an illness that I never would wish anyone had to experience. Not something I would wish for someone to have, or to fantasise about it. I saw people suffer from this…

I don’t want to hide it, I don’t know what to do, but I certainly don’t want to insult anyone else that reads this…

This is the old text, and I can’t repeat how ashamed I am. I would prefer to delete this.

The Story “Her Mother in Diapers” can even serve as an example of how I view many types of regression.
As a disease and nothing good or desirable.

But many stories picture this in the complete opposite way. Sure, some of reasoning behind that are even understandable for me. But as soon as you put pleasure or sexual desire into that mix, it seems like a contradiction for me. That happens a lot…You can see it even in many err “other diaper related media”.

Do you know the feeling you get if you watch some of these optical illusions? Or magic tricks? The ones that seemingly defy the laws of physics? Thats what I feel with these stories.

That also does not mean there can’t be any of it the story. In small quantities it can be totally fine. But in many cases it is a central part and than it is probably too much for my taste.

Anyways, I didn’t want to delve too deep into that. It is just something that very much affects what I like to read.

Hiding it behind a spoiler tag doesn’t change what you wrote, and besides, for some of us, it just highlights it in red instead of blurring it.

And believe me, angry does not even begin to describe my feelings about the fact that you basically described the only reason one of closest friends and (legally speaking) my DAUGHTER is still alive as a “disease” and “nothing good or desireable”

Okay than my english is way worse than I thought. THAT is not what I meant. Not at all. I was trying to point out how foreign that concept behind it is for me. The idea, not any living person. Oh my god, I’m truly sorry if that is what it means. I don’t even know what to do now.

I didn’t want to toot my own horn. At least not until I knew how @TheSilentReader defined the kind of humiliation they didn’t like. After all, Sarah often ends up being intensely embarrassed by what Nikki either does or makes her do. But based on what I know now: TOOT. :postal_horn:

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