Hi I'm drew

I’m Drew and after reading Red Brick’s post I took the courage to introduce myself as well. I have to admit that I joined also to have more access but am happy to contribute when I have time.

Love this sight and have been reading stories here for some time. I like the fact that it is dedicated to good diaper writing but doesn’t get too sexual. (Not that we should all be puritans of course). So yes I’m an Ab as opposed to a DL.

Falz’s stories are probably my favorite up to date. Keep it up Falz.

If you have specific questions I’m all ears.

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Well, all ears and a Diaper ;D and by the way Babysitters is a great story. How long ago did you write it?

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?

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@ Wildekarrde

Obviously, a wood chuck could chuck just as much wood as a
wood chuck could chuck Norris, IF a wood chuck could chuck Norris. But it can’t because it’s made of wood and therefore can’t chuck anything :smiley:

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Maybe. You could have also said “all of it”! ;D