Hi I am new here

I am DL not AB. I became DL as a result of being incon. Well it was either embrace the pull-ups and diapers I have to wear or let it get me down!

I would like to tell my story, albeit anonymised. Is that appropriate for the stories section or is there somewhere else better for it?


Yes, stories do go in the story section.

hi my name is shotatai
and i’m new to abdl forum


I am going to give you a bit of advice, which is all it can be since I am not a mod.

Don’t post on stories just to post. You asked in one if you could be in the story, and in the “Advice for new Writers” you just said you write stories. There was no content that would be helpful or help critique future stories. It’s fine to say thanks for a chapter, etc.

People here have a pretty good BS filter. Please take that to heart and be a good example for the community.


ok i will

Not true.

This right here is exactly what that flag button on posts is for. They alloow members of the community to report issues to the moderators, and if enough members of sufficiently high trust levels flag the post it even auto-hides until a moderator or admin can deal with it.

In fact, feel free to flag any posts you see even if they’ve been made after the timestamp on ths post. Just because he’s locked at trust level 0 and thus on permanent moderated status doesn’t mean a post won’t accidentally slip through.

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