Hi i am mh5, i have a question for admin.

hi i am mh5, thank you for allowing me back in the site. i will refrain from shouting in the future.
my main concern is … sending PMs to writers. i tried to send one and it said i was not authorized. i’m not aware if commenting and PM is under the same restriction or not.
is there a special proof that you all need to PM?
i enjoy giving feedback to writers, i know they need it and also suggestions for new subjects and such.
please reply when it possible with what i need to be allowed to pm. if age is a issue i can verify that.
thank you for your time. mh5 /mike

As you were previously informed before being banned, your access to the PM system is restricted because your posts are on moderation due to repeatedly ignoring mine and other moderation team members instructions. Until you prove to us you can follow instructions you shall remain on moderated posting and you will not have access to the PM system, sorry.