Hi from Colorado

So I’m a 19 baby boy, and have been in the abdl since I can remember. I usta write a lot!! too much lol. Anyways I hope to post some soon :smiley:

Re: Hi from Colorado

hey, welcome to the forum.

But tell us more about you, like what have you written? have you put it online before? and also what other non abdl things do you like?

Re: Hi from Colorado

Well I have published about a dozen stories to various forms and sites in the past. I have only a few short stories, I have been apart of the diapers for Jessica story, I also have a second story coming up, I’m not giving away anything on that though :-X
I write when I’m in the baby mood. Anyways I’m getting my education in order currently so a lot of my time is taken by that. I don’t work right now so after classes my time is used by writing or on my xbox. (on that maybe too much) lol :stuck_out_tongue: