Hey there.

Hello, how are you ? I’m a Male in his Mid twenties, and have a variety of interests, ABDL being one of them, mainly from the stories written about it ( as I love to read ) which is what introduced me to the community in the first place a little while back, however I had been mainly lurking and now want to come out and meet other people, share thoughts on stories and just get a little bit more involved in the community.

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Welcome to the board. If you love to read, you’re definitely in the right place. :slight_smile: Echoing BabyAnna here, but many authors do appreciate feedback.

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Hey, Thanks so much for the welcome, I’m sure i’ll be finding many more stories to give my thoughts on in no time, oh and I do like to try and give very detailed opinions on stories when I give them a full read.

Thanks for the welcome, I have come across a few sites with ABDL stories, though it’s been a while sense I found one mainly dedicated to them. so I certainly am expecting to do a lot a lot of reading and a lot of reviewing heh heh. thanks again.

Just so you know, there are a lot of stories with formatting issues at the moment because the previous forum software was a lot more forgiving. We’re slowly but surely working our way through the old stories and fixing them. :slight_smile:

When you run across a story that needs fixing, please flag it as “Something Else” so we can know it’s one of the many stories that needs some formatting help.

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