Hey there, all of you

Hey everyone. I’ve been looking for some critics to review my work. I’m improving in my writing bit by bit, but I feel I could be improving at a much faster rate if I got some feedback. I’m a college student in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m working part time at an auto shop as an assistant/errand boy, I hope to become a phycologist and help as many people as I can.

I’m an easy going, lazy, gamer who enjoys junk food, appreciating certain aspects of life. I’m oddly skinny for a guy my height. In the past, I’ve had teachers talk to me about anorexia help groups before I told them it was just my metabolism responsible for my figure. ^^;

I’d be happy to get to know any of you guys or for any of you to ask a question or two to me. I have a personal rule: Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you. Thanks for reading. :3

Re: Hey there, all of you

Welcome. It’s always good to see someone looking to improve.

Re: Hey there, all of you

Yeah. I’d be improving at a faster rate if people actually commented on my stuff though. ^^;