hey everyone I'm Grace

Hey everyone I’m Grace I’m new to this diaper kinda form thing never been a part of one before.

So a little about me I guess. We I wear diapers 24/7 and I thankfully have a mom that will change me. I was ten when I started wetting the bed and it slowly progressed in to me wearing 24/7, but its ok I really like wearing diapers anyway and talking to others that wear diapers.

Im still a normal teen though I’ve managed to keep a lot of my friends dispite my diapered condistion, and I like to play a lot of sports. My favs. are tennis in golf though.

So ya idk what else to say so I’ll end it hear

hope to talk to you all sometime soon

hey everyone I’m Grace

well welcome to the forum, hope u have a good time here :slight_smile: