Hermione's Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Hermiones’s Gin By: Long_Rifle

First off this is my FIRST ever “Fan Fic”. I was sitting out in the noonday sun with an Englishman friend of mine, watching his clothes become more creased when I thought this up. I think it will be a quick one, let’s see.

Now all her books open with a quick kind of run-down of what you’re about to read, as if you hadn’t read any of the other books, so I’m going to try that here as well. I know about nappy/diaper. I like diaper more, sorry if that American change offends.

I must say that Harry Potter, the Harry Potter Universe, and the Harry Potter Characters are not my property, but are the sole property of one J. K. Rowling. I take no possession of any rights concerned with her property.

Contains female mental regression, transformation, violence, and disturbing dark ideas, plus a dark ending, including vore, and death. Again this story isn’t FAIR. Good doesn’t always win, and this story mimics that. So yes, this has a bad ending. If you want a good “and they lived happily ever after”, don’t read this. PLEASE.

ALSO, I swear all I wanted to do was put Hermione in diapers. That’s all. Have her romp around without any care. But as the story progressed the tone changed greatly. And it went from just being about the diapers to something else. When I read the books I ENJOY the ending. The GOOD ending. I think seeing Voldemort hoisted by his own petard was an awesome way to finish the series. And that Harry kept trying to “talk him down” was the icing on the cake. So please don’t think this is the kind of ending I preferred for Harry’s associates. It’s just when I start one of these I have no real way of knowing where it’s going to go. Some go one direction, and others just go crazy. And really it’s not right to fight ones’ own creations. I just relax and see where the story takes me.

Now, on with the show:

Combing her hair out, in front of a large ornate mirror a young lady smiles at her reflection. “I guess there’s no way my hair will ever lay flat.”

A comforting voice seems to come from the mirror, “At least your complexion is wonderful dear.”

A normal person would scream and run away if a mirror spoke to them, but this wasn’t a normal person. This was Hermione Granger. And she was a witch. And it wasn’t a normal mirror, it was part of a school called Hogwarts where witches and wizards went to learn. Hermione smiled back at the mirror, “Thank you. At least I have something going for me.” She set down her comb and walked towards her bed yawning while she waved at another Gryffindor girl who was leaving for the common room. Hermione sat down on the bed and thought for a few moments how glad she was that out of all four houses in her school she was in Gryffindor. “I think I would have rather stayed a muggle if I was going to be put in Slytherin.” A muggle being what witches and wizards call a non-magic using person.

She was still in her night shirt when another girl walked in, she had flaming red hair and freckles on her face. The new arrival checked to make sure they were the only ones in the room and walked straight to Hermione.

Hermione leaned forward and gave her a light hug. “Hey Ginny. Ready for the weekend?”

Ginny smiled and sat down next to her, “Of course! Gryffindor verses Slytherin! A chance to see Harry on his broom!”

Hermione nodded as she stood. “Of course you only really get to see him when he’s waiting, with that new broom he’s a blur the rest of the time.” She walked over to her dresser and started looking for something to wear for the day. A look of concern washed over her face, “I just hope I get enough written for my report in History of Magic. I know he only asked for 10 inches, but I’ve already got 14 and I’m not halfway through the revolt.”

Ginny nodded in wonder at the girl who had been the top student in her year every time, then looked down at her hands. “Her- Hermione. I need your help for something.”

Hermione was about to pull her night shirt off but stopped, Ginny had never asked her for help before. “What do you need?”

Ginny’s face went even redder, “Well, you know I have this thing for Harry.”

Hermione laughed, “Yeah, about half the school knows. What do you need? You know it’s against the rules to make up love potions for use on other students.”

Ginny stood up and walked closer to her, “Nothing like that. I know that Harry was a muggle… Well, he lived with them.” she watched as Hermione nodded. “And I know you lived with muggles as well.”

Hermione looked confused, “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Oh! Well my dad says muggles celebrate Holy Ween.”

Laughing Hermione shook her head, “It’s Halloween. And it’s just an excuse for kids to get dressed up and receive free sweets.”

Ginny’s face took on a serious look. “Right! And muggles dress up in costumes right?”

“Yes, even adults do that. But they just do it to party. No candy involved.”

“And it’s today right?”

Hermione nodded. “Yes. But the real reason behind Halloween is-”

Ginny cut her off. “Hermione, I want your help. I what Harry to feel more comfortable around me.” She cut off and looked down, then looked back at Hermione with tears in her eyes. “After everything that’s happened I know he likes me, but he doesn’t want me involved. But I already am! My family is on the list just below him!”

Hermione hugged her gently. “I know. He still cares about you. He’s just afraid of what could happen.”

Ginny stepped back and wiped her eyes, “I have an idea. Can you wait here? I’ll be right back!”

She darted out of the room and came back moments later with a large canvas bag. “I want him to stop being so serious. Look what I got!”

Hermione walked towards her and the bag and looked in it. At first she could only see fabric. Then Ginny started pulling things out. Pastel clothes, what looked like booties, then something fell from her hands and Hermione picked it up.

“A bib? What are you going to do? Hand feed him?”

Ginny laughed, “No! I wanted to treat or treat! This is what you do right? Dress up like little kids and enjoy it?”

“Not exactly Ginny. There’s more to it. And you don’t have to dress up as a little baby.”

Ginny held up a large white object and unfolded it. “Please Hermione! I spent so long buying this stuff. And then I had to learn the enlarging charm to make them fit us.” she handed the white thing to her.

Hermione was stunned. “This is a diaper!” she looked it over and realized Ginny was telling the truth. It looked like she enlarged real baby diapers big enough to fit them. Then what Ginny had said hit her. “Us?! What do you mean us? Why do I need to dress up?”

Ginny had started setting the pieces of the costumes into two piles. She looked at Hermione with a pleading look. “I don’t want to do this alone! Please Hermione! I really need you!”

Hermione set the diaper down on the bed, “Honestly Ginny!”

“Please! It’s not that bad!” She picked up what looked like a giant pink onsie. “It’s not like it’s furry and has a tail.”

Hermione’s face went red at the memory. She absently picked up the diaper again and pulled at the elastic waist band. Only two others had seen it, but the whole school had known. “Well, I suppose. But you tell Harry it’s your idea.”


Hermione quickly dropped her nightshirt and waited while Ginny undressed. Then watched as she pulled a onsie from one of the piles and started to pull it on.

Ginny noticed Hermione wasn’t dressing. “Come on! Let’s get this over with before Harry gets up! We’ll go to his room and less people will see us!”

Hermione sighed and grabbed from the other pile. The onsie felt oddly soft as it slid over her. She started to grab the diaper but Ginny stopped her.

“Wait, we need to do our hair too!” Hermione saw Ginny swing her wand up, and closed her eyes as it pointed towards her head. Without hearing a sound Hermione felt her hair start to move and writhe on it’s own. She walked towards the mirror and saw that her hair was tied into pigtails and secured by pink ribbons.

“This is so silly Ginny.” she said. “Are you sure about doing this?” Hermione looked towards her just in time to see her flaming hair twist into similar shape.

“Of course! A little muggle humor for Harry to make him feel like home!” As soon as the words left her mouth Ginny stopped and remembered how much Harry loathed living with muggles. “Well, to make him see what he was missing!” Then she started to slip the booties on.

She shook her head but did the same thing. Then she watched as Ginny grabbed the open diaper from Hermione’s pile and stand.

Ginny swallowed as she held up the enlarged Pamper, “Look Hermione. I really checked this out, and after a lot of trial and error I learned one fact. It’s a lot easier to diaper another person then to try it yourself.”

Hermione shook her head, “Ginny, that’s going to far. I’d rather just do it myself.” Hermione grabbed the diaper out of her hand. “I change enough babies during the summer breaks”

“Well then miss smarty pants, let’s see you do it.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, then pulled the onsie up out of her way and set the diaper carefully on the bed. Ginny watched as she sat down in the middle of the soft padding and laid down with a soft crinkling sound.

“So far so good baby!” Ginny said.

Hermione just rolled her eyes as she grabbed the front of the diaper and folded it over herself. She had to move around and pull the diaper forward more to get it to line up properly, then she pulled the left side up and opened the Velcro tape. A quick pull and it was on, she did the same to the right flap. She automatically used her fingers to pull the leg gatherers into position between her legs then stood up. A few adjustments and the diaper was on perfectly. “There Ginny, I told you it was simple enough.” She looked up from the diaper to see Ginny coming at her with a pacifier. Before Hermione could stop her it was stuck in her mouth.

Ginny was grinning from ear to ear. “I never told you were I got this stuff did I?”

Hermione shook her head, she started to reach up for the ring on the pacifier.

“I got most of it from a few muggle shops. But the best parts I got from Borgin and Burke’s.”

Hermione’s eye went wide, her hand lunged for the pacifier and ripped it out of her mouth. “What! That’s terribly dangerous! That shop is full of cursed things.” She tried to open her hand to drop the pacifier but her hand didn’t open. She brought her other hand up and tried to pry it out but couldn’t. “Ginny! I need help, hurry!” She kept struggling for a few second more. “Ginny! Please!” She looked up and saw a wide smile on her friends face.

Ginny walked towards her, but stopped before getting to close. “This is worth everything I had to do to get that thing.” She stopped talking and laughed. “I’m sorry Hermione, but I love Harry. And I know he likes to hang around you. Maybe with you out of the picture, and me being smarter he’ll finally realize what he’s missing.” Hermione’s mouth dropped open, but she kept trying to pry the pacifier out of her hand. Ginny tisk tisked, “Just to let you know, the longer you fight it, the more intense the final effect will be.”

Hermione didn’t understand what was going on, she didn’t know what Ginny was doing. Or why she would do this for Harry. But her arms were getting tired fighting each other. As she relaxed she realized the hand with the pacifier in it wanted to come back up to her face. She started to struggle again. But after a short fight she couldn’t hold off any longer and the rubber nipple popped back in her mouth.

Immediately she felt an intense calm come over her body. She barely managed to step towards the bed before her body collapsed into Ginny’s arms. Hermione looked up into the eyes of Ginny and tried to ask why, but her mouth just didn’t want to work. Instead she rhythmically sucked on the nipple of the binky.

Ginny staggered under the extra weight towards the bed and carefully laid her out on the cushioned surface. She grabbed Hermione’s wand as she checked to make sure they were still alone, then smirked down at Hermione. “You didn’t hear me cast that spell outside the door did you? You know the one, that little spell you hated when Harry used it so he and Ron could talk privately.”

Hermione wiggled uselessly on the bed, she wanted to stand but she couldn’t gather the will power to do it. She watched as Ginny opened a drawer and pulled out an ancient looking book, then opened it to a pre-selected page. Again Hermione closed her eyes tightly when she saw Ginny point her wand at her. She could hear nothing but her own crying as she felt a new warmth blossom in her belly, which slowly turned to a feeling of fullness in her bladder. She opened her eyes to see Ginny flipping though more pages in the book.

“You’re lucky I like you Hermione. Normally instead of using piss the wizard just empties the blood.” Hermione’s eyes took on a look of confusion at Ginny’s words. Ginny checked behind her again, then took a deep breath. “I hope I’ve got it down pat, swish and flick you know.” The wand in her hand seemed to move on it’s own towards Hermione.

She kept her eye’s open as long as she could, but soon her head hurt so badly she closed her eyes in pain. She was screaming behind the pacifier, and her body twitched in convulsions. As quickly as it started she felt the pain recede, and she was left panting and covered in sweat. She blinked her eyes several times then tried to lift her head to look down at her body. But other then the fullness in her bladder she felt normal.

Ginny giggle and sat down next to Hermione. “See, that wasn’t to bad was it? Now we wait for the best part.” Hermione scrunched her eyes in confusion, then felt warmth between her legs. Ginny wondered how long it would take, then she smelled pee. “Ah, there we go. That’s what I was hoping for.” She reached over and placed a hand on the outside of the diaper then looked back at Hermione’s face.

“It’s a memory transfer spell. It uses any liquid in the body to remove things from your head, and allow me to put them in mine.” She got up and straddled Hermione, “The paci cost me all the gold I had. I didn’t have anything left for the book.” Her face blushed as she continued, “Thankfully I still had something else he wanted.”

Hermione hoped Ginny was lying, that it was a bad joke. She tried to remember a few spells and found it difficult to understand them. As she fought to think, the idea of magic and wands became to faint and disappeared from her mind altogether. She looked up at Ginny, and wanted to plead with her. Then suddenly she didn’t remember who the girl on her was. She turned her head and looked from side to side, realizing in horror she didn’t know where she was at all.

Ginny got off her and pointed her wand at her again. She looked at the confused girl laying on the bad without pity. “You don’t know who I am do you?” Hermione shook her head. “Do you believe in magic little girl?” Again Hermione shook her head. “How old are you?” Ginny watched as Hermione mimed with her fingers. “Eleven huh? Such a big girl. Do you want to get up?”

Hermione nodded. And tried to talk around the pacifier. Instead a bit of drool rolled out, and ran down her cheek.

Ginny gently wiped it off. “Well hold on honey. Let me get changed first.”

Hermione watched confused as the strange red head removed what looked like a large onsie and dropped odd looking clothes over her body. She looked like something from the middle ages. Then she reached over and untaped the wet diaper around Hermione’s waist.

“Now comes the bad part.” Ginny said as she held the diaper in front of her own face with one hand and poked the sodden inside with her wand. Dark fumes started to rise from the diaper which Ginny tried to breath in as fast as she could.

Hermione started to cry at what was going on around her. She didn’t know why she couldn’t move, and wanted to know why her body felt so odd. When she looked up at the red head again she saw the diaper fall to the floor and the girl drop roughly into an antique chair.

Slowly Ginny felt control return to her body. She stood up, and smiled as the new memories reset in her mind. She ran through them all quickly. Flexing her wand hand as she remembered how to do complex spells she could never manage before.

Hermione watched as the girl pointed at the wet diaper with the wand and it disappeared with a yellow pop.

“Wow Hermione. I could never really handle non-voiced charms that well before. Now I don’t even need to move the wand as much either! Thanks!”

Hermione just kept looking confused and scared as she realized something was very wrong.

“Oh, let’s get baby dressed then.” Ginny said sarcastically as she pointed at the unused diaper causing it to spring to life and secure itself to the now terrified girl. Ginny was still going through the new memories and came across ones dealing with her brother. She started laughing loudly. “Oh my… You were in love with Ron?” she almost doubled over with laughter. Then she saw where the sun was outside the window and realized she was taking to much time.

She looked at Hermione one last time, then with much more ease then the last time caused the girl’s bladder to fill again. “I’m sorry Hermione. I only needed your memories of magic. But I can’t leave you like this now can I? So while I don’t want the rest of your memories, I don’t think you really need them anymore either.”

Hermione started to bawl behind the pacifier as the forgotten pain came back, this time worse. After several long minutes her body fell limp. Her eyes twitched back and forth behind closed lids while Ginny watched the new diaper turn yellow and distended. She watched Hermione’s eyes pop open in what looked like surprise as the light of intelligence faded and left her with the mind of a few month old infant.

Ginny removed the almost leaking diaper, and let it plop wetly to the floor, it seemed to be glowing with the memories of her friend. She felt sad looking back up at Hermione, then ran through a few memories she had of Harry, making her resolve harden. “Love is all that counts. Sorry Hermione.” And with that she vanished the diaper from this world.

She grabbed another large Pamper from the bag and had it on the drooling girl before she could make a mess. Ginny pulled a hair from the top of Hermione’s head and dropped it in a crystal vial, the contents immediately turned pinkish. “Bottom’s up!” Ginny said as she drank the pink potion. She thought she could taste Strawberry, just as her body was wracked with pain.

The infant minded girl on the bed watched as the person standing started to change. Her eyes popped as she watched the blurry image in front of her change to a different person.

As soon as the pain stopped Ginny looked at herself in the mirror. “Perfect, I look just like you.” She said to Hermione. Then giggled, “Without the vacant grin, and the diapers though.” She grabbed her wand and shrunk the large book, then slipped it into a pocket. Then wordlessly uttered a curse that pulled Hermione’s limbs together and petrified her.

With her new found skill Ginny carefully worded a curse that started to shrink Hermione’s silent form. When she was only a few inches tall she picked her up and carefully placed her in another pocket. Ginny vanished the enlarged baby clothes on the floor, then with a final look in the mirror she took a breath and walked out of the room, down the stairs, and with nothing but a wave to a still half asleep Harry crawled out from behind the picture hanging over the Gryffindor common room entrance and carefully ran down the hall.

She kept her eyes peeled. This was the most dangerous part. But looking exactly like a prefect she was in no real trouble until she got to the end of her trip. Turning a corner she finally saw the entrance to the secret passage that Harry and Ron used all the time. After a careful look around she dashed towards it, opened it’s humped back, and slid down inside.

She could feel her heart pounding as she ran down the passage towards it’s exit. She hoped the shop was busy enough that she wouldn’t be noticed. She pushed the trap door open and peered between boxes to make sure the coast was clear then popped up and ran for the back door.

She pulled her robes up as high as she could and skulked down the street towards her final destination. The Hog’s Head Pub got closer and closer, Ginny looked behind her and sure she wasn’t being followed stepped inside. She immediately walked towards a dark back corner and sat down. Before her eyes had a chance to adjust to the darkness another figure sat down next to her, and a third across from her.

“Well lookie who it is? A widdo mud blood. Did we gets lost little girl?” said an insanely sweet sounding voice from the figure to her right.

The person across from her hushed her, “Be quiet Bellatrix. This is our guest. Right, Ms. Weasley?”

Ginny nodded nervously. She recognized the voice from her first year. “I didn’t realize you would be here Mr. Malfoy.”

“Well when I heard about your little problem I couldn’t help myself.” He stopped talking and looked around the pub casually. He looked back at Ginny and saw her hand going towards a pocket.

“So you want it now?” Ginny whispered.

He almost lunged across the table, “Not here silly girl. Walk out the door and turn to the left. Go down two houses and turn over the cauldron for your next place to go.”

Ginny shook her head, “Look I only have so much time till the polyjuice potion wears off.”

Bellatrix laughed. “Don’t worry. We only need a few more minutes, now hurry little girl before we get tired of this game.”

As soon as Bellatrix got out of her way Ginny stood and walked towards the door. She turned left and almost jogged towards the overturned cauldron she saw. As soon as her hand touched it she felt as if she was being squeezed while an invisible force grabbed her and pulled her away.

Her body fell with a thud on a clean floor, before she could do anything she felt herself lifted up and hung, slowly twirling in front of a fireplace.

“Hello Young lady. Welcome to my… home.” The owner of the voice walked towards her. Almost gliding. His face seemed contorted, almost snakelike. He seemed to regard her for a moment, then with a flick of his wand she lowered gently to the floor.

Ginny almost felt like throwing up. “La…. Lor… Lord Voldemort! I didn’t know-”

A dark laugh erupted from him. “You didn’t know what you were doing would lead to me?” He sat down and gestured to a chair across from him. “Such is love I suppose. Please, sit.”

Terrified Ginny sat down and tried not to look at the face across from her.

“I don’t like that face. I don’t want to see such ugliness in my presence, let’s fix that.” A wave of cold washed down Ginny, when it left she looked down at the polished floor and saw her own reflection. “There, much better young lady. I love seeing pure bloods finding their proper places. Now you have something for me?” His eyes darted towards the pocket with the dark book.

Ginny pulled it out and set it on the table where it started to grow to normal size. She caught his eyes again, and saw him looking at her other pocket. Ginny suddenly felt shame roll through her as she pulled out the shrunken and stiff form of Hermione, and set her on the table next to the book.

“Excellent job.” he said as Hermione started to swell to normal size. “Now you go back and keep Harry Potter busy for me, correct?”

Ginny nodded, “Ye… Yes sir.”

Lord Voldemort stood and wrapped a boney hand around Hermione’s foot, then twisted, the load snap of the bone breaking hit Ginny like a knife. She felt sick, and threw up over her robes. Voldemort turned back to her, “Good job. Even with the pain the mud blood doesn’t move. I could really use you.”

Ginny was still wiping vomit from her lips, when her body was lifted into the air again, “But I could never trust you could I? Bellatrix?”

The lithe form of the woman from the pub slid into view. “Yes master?”

“You know what to do, you helped the girl before.”

Ginny watched in silence as the pale woman’s face broke into a lustful smile and looked at her. “Told ya little babies shouldn’t play with adults.”

Ginny watched as Bellatrix raised her wand, a sharp pain came from her side and wet warmth ran down, and dripped to the floor. Ginny could smell blood.

“This is how it’s done baby.”

Ginny kept slowly twisting, she felt the pain receding, as her body grew colder. Hermione slowly came into view. Ginny could only keep one eye open as she screamed in her mind, and wished she could go back. As Hermione’s stiff body twisted out of sight Ginny saw a giant snake slither up towards the petrified girl. She felt a cold hand on her jaw, and thin fingers open one of her eyes.

“I’m sorry it has to come to this, such a distinct family. Such pure blood. But this has to happen.” Ginny’s head flopped forward as he let go.

Sound faded away for her as she felt colder and colder, she could feel her heart pounding, trying vainly to pump blood that was no longer there. “Dad will come.” Her heart fluttered. “And Harry too.” She felt adrenaline rush through her body at the thought. As she tried to remember her time with Harry her memories started to get hazy. She reached for another but it to fled. She tried to remember anything happy at all. But nothing would come. She could feel a pounding coming from her body. But as she tried to remember what it was the pounding slowly stopped, and she knew nothing.

Voldemort turned to Bellatrix who was leaning against a chair holding her head. “Well! Did you get it?”

Bellatrix turned to him, “Yes my Lord. It’s so horrible.” She saw the look he gave her. “But I can do it master!”

“Excellent. Now gather enough of her for the potion. Get close enough to Potter next time they go to Hogsmeade and bring him here! Do NOT try to kill him.”

She quickly soaked a rag with blood and gathered it into a vial. “Of course master.”

As she left his sight Voldemort sat down and felt the welcome embrace of his snake. “Ahh Nagini. It’s almost time. I’ll rectify my mistake of going after Potter soon. And when he’s gone the world is mine.” He could feel the stiff mass of the girl in Nagini’s stomach. He waved his wand and the form softened and became much more flexible. “There you go. That should feel better.”

The large snake coiled around his master. Warmed by the flames, and happy to be so full. Voldemort leaned back and felt the same. “Two of Potters closest are mine.” He looked towards the hanging form of Ginny, and smiled. He felt better then he had in a long time. He flicked his wand, and her body glowed bright red before shrinking slightly and disappearing in a cloud of dust.


Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle


But there are some pretty glaring errors.

First off: in every book, Halloween is actively celebrated, making your premise pretty shaky.

But I think that the biggest error you made is that you didn’t contextualise things time-wise. What year is this happening? Because it seems not actually to fit properly with anything.

Otherwise, not too bad a job.

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Well that’s a bad one. I’ve read the books several times each and didn’t remember them celebrating Halloween… Oh wow… Looks like I’m REREADING them again.

I guess this one is more “fic” then I intended…. Sorry 'bout that. I’ll go smack my head off the bed post.

Oh, and I purposely didn’t set a time as Vickie suggests. I know there’s a point for many that “breaks” a fan fic. I thought if I said, this happened in Harry’s 7th year to many would forget “fan fic” and say Harry didn’t GO the school that year. And it would put me in to much of a corner.

By writing in hints of things that happened in the past I hoped to give some “hints” of when it happened, but leave the story up enough for people to assume their own time line. Maybe it happened in the 6th year, maybe in the 5th. Maybe he got held back? I don’t know. I just didn’t want to do what so many seem to, and just rewrite a part of the story, and only change it by sticking in diaper content.

Thanks for the comments Nemo, the Halloween thing is just… Dam.

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Yeah, the Halloween issue is a problem- they had a big ball on one occasion, I’m sure. And also, in the UK Halloween is not nearly so much a big deal as in America- I don’t think many teenagers would choose to dress up and particularly not in such an elaborate and potentially embarassing costume. “Onesie” is also not a word used in Britain, although you can argue that along the same lines as “diaper”.

I wasn’t sure about the timeline, but Hermione indicating she was eleven and thinking about being put in Slytherin house made me think more of her first year, which of course couldn’t fit with Ginny being at Hogwarts at all.

An interesting take on the HP diaper fanfic, certainly not what you’d expect, which is refreshing (though perhaps not pleasing to people who only want the light and fluffy kind of diaper story). Ginny’s character felt a bit off, though, in terms of her pushiness and the lengths she was willing to go to: because when she was writing in the diary in CoS she was resisting doing things she didn’t want to do somewhat by trying to get rid of the diary, and it’s too much of a leap for me to assume she would want to do dark magic to Hermione.

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Anise - you’re correct about UK Halloween.

Long_Rifle: in book one, it’s after the Halloween feast that they encounter the troll that then leads to the trio being formed.

The trouble with not giving a time is that it must happen post book 6 given some other things you’ve said (non-verbal spells, plot references), but you never make clear how much of the story you’re adopting. If you were to say at the top that it is an alternative 7th year story it may just make a little more sense, as otherwise I found it confusing. But I’m a bit of a Potterphile.

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

I guess I apply costumes and kids running around for candy too directly to Halloween and blew off the reference to any other type found in the books. After the post I sat down and ran through the books in my melon and realized they did celebrate it, just not as I like.

I really didn’t want to lock the story down to much. It’s it the later years, and you got it right about non-verbal spells and such. But to people that are casual fans they don’t need much else. I just slapped this together in a few hours.

I didn’t really think to basically start my own “chapter 6 after her chapter 5”. I just rolled with it. Gave the story enough meat to give an idea of what’s going on, and let it go from there.

I’ll have to dig out the books next time, when I tackle, “The Lord of the Rings”. Not really, just joking there, though I’m thinking of trying a “Hyperion” fan fic. THAT should be fun. The Shrike in diapers!

And Ansie, what if Riddle managed to weasel a bit more of himself into her? And it took this long to “get out”?

I seem to recall he was taking her soul/life to become real again. Maybe as he was killed, and she got her soul back enough of him tagged along to slowly use her love against her? Voldemort hated love, and I bet he’d get a kick out of using it to trap/kill Potter.

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Gotta say… i have read much better from you….

But altogether a good harry potter fic.

I guess I am just not a fan of harry potter AND diapers in the same universe. haha

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

This was a quick one. Only a few hours of “work”. I appreciate your comment and hope the next one will be better. Well it BETTER be as I’ve spent weeks on it.

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Anytime :slight_smile: I am a huge fan of your stories. When do you expect to be done with the next one?

Hermione’s Gin, By: Long_Rifle

Wow. This is one of the better HP fan fictions I’ve ever read. You’re a good writer but I must mention one thing and that is your use of “to”. I believe, although I can’t pinpoint exactly where, you need to change this “to” to this “too”… Other than that, fabulous.