Hermione Granger & The Embarrassing Secret

Hermione Granger & The Embarrassing Secret
by Allerted
Hermione woke up with a gasp. She looked around in disbelief for a moment, then realized she was safe at her parents’ house. Yet another nightmare had clung to her dreams like a parasite. She had dreamed of Death eaters, dark wizards and prophecies. The nightmares had started when she was 11 years old and had never stopped. Witnessing so many horrible things at such a young age was a traumatic experience, especially for a girl who had just learned she was a wizard.
Sometimes she wondered what it would’ve been like if she had kept on living as a muggle. Going to college, then university. Oxford, maybe. Who knows. Becoming a lawyer, have a family… All this was denied to her when she realized the power within her.
Now she was a 16 year old fighting the most evil creature the world had ever known, alongside her two best friends. She knew her mind was strong enough to take it, but it didn’t come without a price.
She never talked about the dreams, to anyone. How could they understand? They had spent their lives living in a world full of werewolves, goblins and dragons. Maybe Harry would understand her, but he had enough pressure on his shoulders as it was, being the chosen one and all.
The truth was, she was embarrassed. She wanted everyone to see her strength. She wanted them to see her as “the most clever witch her age” as Sirius Black had once put it.
She was embarrassed by the nightmares, but most of all, she was embarrassed by what came with them.
Hermione lifted her blankets up to reveal her soaked sheets. Once again, she had disgraced herself in the night. Her white, stripped pajama pants exhibited a dark aureole around her crotch. She sighed.
The bed wetting incidents had been somewhat of a routine for her since her first year at Hogwarts. They had started soon after the troll incident in her first year, but since became more frequent, returning full force after the events at the Ministry of Magic. Sirius had died, He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named was back. Hermione couldn’t recount one dry night in all of her summer.
Unfortunately, there was no magical way to stop her from uncontrollably peeing in her knickers when she was asleep. It was no easy task to put a spell on bodily function. She had tried everything she could, read hundreds of books trying to find a way to make it stop, but without success.
The only way she had to at least conceal her problem, was the muggle way. The way any 11 year old would hide such embarrassing accidents…. she wore nappies to bed.
Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t eleven anymore and that method was becoming increasingly humiliating every year. When she was at her parents house, in the summer, she refused to put on the nappies, by principle. She thought if she stopped wearing them, her body would eventually learn to control itself. As she could see at that moment, it did not.
Hogwarts was another story. Living in dorms did not give her the luxury to wash her sheets and pajamas every morning, so she had been reluctantly wearing the childish nappies under her pants every night for 5 years. Hoping that every year the accidents would go away.
But the more she had to go through perilous adventures, the worst the accidents would get… and she had a feeling that this year wouldn’t make exception.

Chapter 1

Hermione shifted uncomfortably on her seat as she waited for her friends to join her aboard the train. She donned her school uniform which consisted of the usual white shirt, Gryffindor tie and cardigan. Along with those she was wearing a dark pleated skirt with tights. However, what made her so uncomfortable and perhaps even paranoid, was what she was wearing underneath the tights.

The journey from King’s Cross to Hogwarts was a rather lengthy one and Hermione knew she would most likely fall asleep at some point. Accident prone as she was, she couldn’t risk making a mess on the train, especially with the whole school around. She had debated internally whether she should use a spell to stay awake for the whole trip, but had finally decided against it as those spells tended to last a lot longer than the duration of that trip. She wasn’t planning on staying up for 3 days straight, so she resigned to taking precautions.

Earlier that day she had put on a pair of Drynites, which were absorbent underwear made for bed wetting muggles. They were less absorbent than the nappies she wore to bed, but far more discreet. She had slipped them on rather matter-of-factly, to get it over with, not even looking at the childish flowery pattern they were exhibiting. They felt pretty much like normal underwear, except with elastics around the legs and a bit thicker. She even threw on a pair of grey knickers over them along with her black tights, to make sure it would muffle the crinkling sound. It was better than wearing her nappies for sure, but humiliating nonetheless.

The package was now sitting her suitcase. She wasn’t sure what she would do with those, but perhaps another occasion might arise when she would need them. She considered it for a moment, fighting death eaters in her Pull-Ups. In a way it only added to the irony of grown adult wizards getting outsmarted by teenagers. ‘’I’m more clever than you and I’m still in nappies’’ she could say.
Hermione Granger, the nappy-wearing witch. It was somewhat funny.

Harry and Ron entered her cabin and her thoughts soon left her childish underpants. Harry was as suspicious as ever of Draco Malfoy, believing he was now a death eater like his father. It wasn’t an utterly foolish accusation, although at 16 years old Draco was a bit young to fit the profile. Ron and Hermione tried to do their best to convince Harry it wasn’t possible, but he wouldn’t listen.
The subject deviated and they started talking about their summer. Hermione, obviously, omitted to talk about the full-force return of her nocturnal accidents, which she had grown quite apt at hiding, even if she was almost found out twice while hiding at The Burrow, once by Ginny and once by Ron when he entered her room without knocking. Fortunately she was quick to throw a book at him using a spell and to yell that she was changing and he promptly exited the room before seeing her in her nappy.
A few hours after leaving the station, Hermione was already feeling her eyes slowly begin to close. At that moment she was grateful she didn’t have to fight her slumber. She tried to be as subtle as possible when she awkwardly slipped her hands under her skirt to adjust the padding of her Drynites on her crotch through her tights, checking the leg holes to make sure there wouldn’t be any leaks.

When she was satisfied she leaned against Ron who was had already shut his eyes, his open mouth pressing against the train’s window. She had a last look at a pensive Harry before her eyelids closed.

Chapter 2:

Ron woke her up as she was drooling on his arm. Harry had disappeared. Probably left the train already, but it was odd he didn’t tell them. Hermione knew instantly that she was wet. Her bum felt cold and clammy, but she hadn’t leaked through her knickers, which was good news. She felt relief that she was wearing the Drynites. As childish as they looked, they had proven to be useful.

Ron got up as everyone was leaving the train. A flash of thought ran through her mind. How was she supposed to change now? Her luggage were being transported to the dorms of the school and the students were expected to join the teachers in the Great Hall for supper.

It appeared she would have to remain in her wet Pull-Ups for the most part of the evening, which was quite distressing. She felt her legs brush against the cold saturated padding of her Drynites as she marched through the corridor of the train. If she could find a bathroom along the way, she thought, she could change out of her Pull-Ups and simply put on the knickers that were covering them.

The bathrooms were far away in the castle and the road was long to get there. She hopped on the carriage next to Ron and Ginny. As she sat on the bench she felt the cold wetness of her Drynite squishing against her buttocks once again, which served as a reminder of her nappy-wearing state. She did her best to forget about it and indulge in a conversation with Ginny who wanted to know where Harry was.

As soon as they arrived at Hogwarts, she flew to the bathroom. She entered one of the cabins and quickly removed her shoes and pulled down her tights entirely. She slid her knickers down to her knees to realize they were slightly damp. Her Drynites had leaked during the voyage, perhaps because they weren’t thick enough. Hermione pondered on the fact that she should’ve worn a nappy like she did on the trip to Hogwarts in her previous years, but as she was growing up it was becoming more humiliating for her to put on nappies in broad daylight and in front of everyone she knew.

She tore down the sides of her Pull-Ups and balled it up. She cleaned herself and pulled her knickers back in place, cringing at the wetness of the fabric. She had no choice but to endure it, as well as the smell of urine that would accompany her for the rest of the day. Hopefully the aroma of the food in the great hall would cover it up.

She slid up her tights on top of her damp knickers and exited the stall. She headed towards the sinks where she found herself facing another student. Hermione swiftly hid the balled up Drynite behind her back.

Lavender Brown: Hey, I didn’t hear you in there… are you okay?

Hermione: Me? Of course!

She threw the Drynite in the trash as quickly as possible to make sure Lavender wouldn’t realize what it was. How could she anyway?

Lavender: Oh… Alright. I saw you on the train, you know. Sleeping on Ron. you too are close, right?

Hermione: We’re good friends.

Lavender: I figured. You tell him I said hi okay?

Hermione: Sure…

Hermione walked out of the bathroom. That was a close one. She should be more careful, especially around that girl. She had such a crush on Ron… Not that it bothered Hermione but… He deserved more than Lavender Brown.

Part 3

Harry joined them in the Great Hall as they were eating supper.

Ginny: Why is it that he’s covered in blood?

He had a recently-fixed broken nose and refused to talk about how it happened, which worried Hermione the most. Lavender was also looking at Ron quite a bit from across the table, but what Hermione really wanted was to go back to the Gryffindor dorms to get changed. The sensation of her cold, wet knickers against her skin was getting very uncomfortable. Not to mention that the humidity had transferred to the tights and Hermione was worried someone would smell the urine stink.

She declared that she was weary of their long journey and escaped to the Gryffindor quarters before her friends could protest or come along with her. She ran across the halls and climbed up the moving stairs as fast as she could without attracting too much attention. She spoke the password and the Fat Lady
allowed her to step inside.
The girls’ dormitory was the same she had known all her life. Covered in crimson and gold. Her luggage was already waiting for her on the side of her bed. Luckily Hermione had come early enough that the room was still empty.

The inconvenience of the Hogwarts dorms had always been the lack of privacy. Sharing a room with 4 other people at their age seemed a bit odd, but the tradition remained.

Hermione walked over to the heavy wooden door to close it, but suddenly a hand caught the door as it was about to shut and pushed it back.

Lavender Brown: Knock knock! Who’s there?

Hermione was taken aback. She didn’t want to see Lavender, especially then. Why was she even there, she was in the Great Hall with the others. Did she follow her?

Lavender: Oh Mimi, you see surprised. Did I frighten you?

Hermione: Please don’t call me that. No you did not scare me I was just about to…

Lavender: Change?

Hermione: Right. So if you’ll excuse me…

She pivoted towards her bed to hide behind it’s curtains.

Lavender : Actually I’d prefer if you did it here. I’m curious to see that.

Hermione: What?

Lavender: You see Mimi, I couldn’t put my finger on it… but I thought you were acting strange in the bathroom earlier, hiding something behind your back and then throwing it away. So I looked into it. I found this.

She produced the wet Drynite Hermione had thrown in the trash. The clever girl’s eyes widened. Lavender examined the Pull-Up with curiosity in her eyes.

Lavender: I was wondering what this… thing might be. And then I realized we were in the bathroom but I didn’t hear you flush… and the smell coming from this… It’s a nappy isn’t it? A big, wet, muggle nappy.

Hermione: Lavender… it’s not what you think… I can explain!

Lavender: Why yes Hermione, I’d very much like to hear your explanation… but first off… [I]alohomora!

[/I][I]Hermione was too shocked to see it coming and before she could react, Lavender had whipped her wand out, pointing at her suitcase, which flung open, uncovering her clothes, making her nappies fly everywhere and exposing the package of Drynites she had bought in London.

Hermione: What the bloody hell are you doing?

Lavender : Just as I thought. Mimi… you’ve got a bit of a bladder problem, don’t you? Can’t manage to get to the loo on time? Wait until everyone hears about this. Mrs. Know-it-all doesn’t even know how to use the potty right.

Hermione : No one can know! Please, Lavender… Don’t do this.

Hermione felt tears coming to her eyes. She had faced death-eaters, she had fought a werewolf and a troll, but the prospect of such an humiliation at Hogwarts was worse than all that. School was the only place in the world where she still felt safe and she would do anything to protect that environment.

Hermione: I’ll do whatever you want. But please… don’t do this to me. There must be something I can do for you to remain silent about this… I’ll do… all your homework!

Lavender: Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe there is something you can do. But first of all you must want to change, don’t you… you smell like piss.

The young girl blushed. She looked at the dormitory, nervous at the thought someone could walk in and see the nappies that had spread everywhere. Lavender must’ve sensed it, as she bent over and picked up one of the disposable nappies lying at her feet. She handed it to Hermione.

Hermione: Oh. don’t… It’s a night-time thing. I don’t need them in the day.

Lavender: Doesn’t seem like it to me.

She pointed at the soaked Drynite that she had thrown at her feet.

Hermione: That was for the train ride… I took my precautions in case I fell asleep.

Lavender: I see… and I’m sure that’s also why you’ve got a wet pair of knickers on at the moment, uh? You smell… Did I scare you Granger?

Using her wand, Lavender lifted up Hermione’s skirt just enough to confirm her suspicion and witness the damp spot that had formed on the crotch of her tights.

Hermione: I did NOT! That’s from before… It’s because I leaked.

Lavender: Of course my dear, I can see you’ve got a leaking problem.

Hermione: No you don’t understand… my Pull-Up leaked… it’s…

Lavender: Save it Granger. I told you to put the nappy on and that’s what you’re gonna do. Unless… maybe I could ask Ron Weasley to come and put it on you. What do you think?

Hermione: You keep Ron and Harry out of this!

Lavender: I will! If you comply… I’m waiting….

She was dangling the folded nappy in front of Hermione’s eyes. The clever witch kept her eyes on it, still frowning at the mention of Ron. Feeling as though she didn’t have a choice, she grabbed the nappy from Lavender Brown’s hand.

Lavender: That’s a good girl. Put your nappy on and then it’s back to the common room.

Hermione: What?! But you said you wouldn’t tell…

Lavender: I won’t silly! It’ll be our secret. I’ll leave you to it then. It should be another fun year at Hogwarts!

Lavender Brown left the room. Hermione stood in the middle of the dormitory with a nappy in her hand, wearing a wet pair of knickers and tights. A single tear formed in her eye and fell down her cheek. Around her were the relics of her torment, white nappies lying on the cold stone floor. She took out her wand and with a swing of it, they all flew back to the suitcase, along with her robes.

She glanced at the nappy she was clutching. ‘’Another fun year at Hogwarts’’ she thought.

Part 4

Hermione climbed down the stairs at a slow pace, aware of the thickness between her legs with every step she made. As she reached the middle of the dormitory staircase, she paused, thinking she should go back up. After a moment, she kept going. She knew Lavender would make good on her promise to expose her secret and the last thing she wanted was for the whole castle to learn she was a bed wetter.

The young witch was already disliked by several of her classmates because of her wits and eagerness to participate. It would be the end of her already limited social life if her secret came out. Harry and Ron would probably stick around, but she’d have to hide in the library for the rest of the year to hide from the rest of them. Now she wished she had kept the time-turner she used throughout her third year to attend extra classes. Why did she even give it away? It would literally change everything.

Hermione reached the bottom of the staircase. She adjusted her skirt over her tights for the fifth time, brushing on her padded butt. She had opted for the skirt and tights rather than the pajamas because she felt the nappy would be less noticeable.

She entered the common room. Harry and Ron were sitting by the fire with Ginny. Lavender was further away whispering in the ear of her best friend, Parvati Patil. Both were giggling as Hermione walked in. This couldn’t be good.

The young girl moved towards her friends, hoping to avoid any scandal in the process, but before she could reach them, she was called elsewhere.

Lavender: Oh Mimiiiiii. Come here darling we want to talk to you!

She stopped, her heart beating fast. What could she do other than obey? She was standing in the middle of the Gryffindor common room with a nappy between her legs, like a yet to be potty trained little girl, not able to hold it.

Harry and Ron turned around to give her a strange look as she changed her course and headed over to the grinning duo. Lavender had a satisfied look on her face that made Hermione want to punch her right in her ugly nose, like she had done to Draco Malfoy in year 3. She abstained.

Hermione: What is it, Lavender?

Lavender: Have you got it on then?

Hermione looked around nervously, to make sure no one was close enough to hear their conversation. Then turned to Lavender reluctantly, not wanting to address the subject directly with Parvati next to her… or under any circumstances actually.

Hermione: Yes.

Parvati was bewildered.

Parvati: So it’s true then!? You still wear…

She was stopped by a distressed Hermione who urged her to speak more softly. The other witch did so respectfully, modifying her shocked tone to an equally surprised whisper.

Parvati: …You still wear nappies?

Hermione: I…

Lavender: Of course she does, otherwise she’d wee in her knickers all the time. I told you I caught her with soaked undies didn’t I? Poor thing… I told her to put her nappies back on, she clearly needs them. You can let me know if you need a change dear, or maybe you can’t notice when you do?

Parvati: So… what, don’t muggles learn how to use the loo?

Lavender: Don’t be ridiculous, Parvy. Of course they do. Mrs. Granger here, however, obviously has not. The muggles even invented special knickers for older babies like her who wet themselves. Mimi was wearing one today. You should’ve seen it, so cute. It’s a big nappy that looks just like little girl undies, with flowers and butterflies on it. Very fashionable, they should sell those here, I’m sure it’d make a hit.

Parvati: I can’t believe she has to wear nappies! I’ll need to see them.

Lavender: And you who thought she could master any spell… obviously keeping her pants dry is one she’s not been able to figure out.

Parvati: I heard Luna Lovegood peed herself in the hall a year ago, when she was sleepwalking in the middle of the night. She blamed it on some kind of magical bug… said it got into her mouth.

Lavender: See Granger? You’re not alone. Maybe we should give Lovegood one of those muggle nappies to wear too. That’s an idea.

Hermione: What do you want from me Lavender? Stop your little games and get it over with.

Lavender: I don’t think you understand Mimi. From now on, you’re mine. Or at least until I get tired of you. I won’t be mean to you though. I’ll let you keep your privacy on your little secret. I just need a few favors in return.

Hermione: Like what?

Lavender : You’ll see in time. Let’s put it this way: I will give you 7 dares throughout the year. If you come through with all of them, I swear on my honor as a Gryffindor that I will not reveal your secret to anyone. Parvati will be a witness. Agreed?

Hermione: 7 dares… and that’s it?

Lavender: That’s it. Plus I’ve got the whole year so you won’t be bothered too much.

Hermione: What if I can’t complete the dare?

Lavender: Then there will be consequences… but I won’t reveal your secret unless you truly break our arrangement. Fine with you?

Hermione : Alright then. I agree with those terms.

Lavender: Swear it on your honor.

Hermione: On my Honor as a Gryffindor, I swear I’ll complete the 7 dares or suffer consequences. You tell me which chores or homework I have to do.

Lavender: Oh but I never said they’d be chores or homework… First dare: Go to your friends over there. Drink as much butterbeer as you can… and wet your nappy in front of them. Come back to me when you need a change.

Hermione: What?! That wasn’t part of the deal…

Lavender: Says who? Do as I say or remember… consequence. Oh! And when you come back, I want you to ask me for a change in the manner of a child. It’ll be good to see you finally where you belong.

Hermione: You’re cruel Lavender.

Lavender: Hermione Granger and the Deathly Dares. That ought to be a good title am I right?

Chapter 5

Hermione sat with her friends near the fire in the Gryffindor common room. She drank yet another sip of her 3rd butterbeer, feeling the pressure growing in her bladder.

Ron: Whoa Hermione, I’ve never seen you so thirsty before! What’s going on?

He smiled as Harry and Ginny’s eyes turned to look at her. She felt like they could all see the nappy she was hiding under her uniform. Her thighs spread appart by the thick padding, her legs crossed. She offered them a light grin in return. Now increasingly needing the bathroom.

Hermione: Nothing. I hadn’t drank a lot in the Hall earlier, that’s all.

She looked over her shoulder. Lavender and Pavarti were hanging out a table, keeping an eye on her. Hermione knew they wouldn’t leave until she came back to them and asked Lavender ‘’in the manner of a child’’ to change her nappy for her. The first of seven dares she needed to complete was to wet herself in front of her friends, otherwise she would ‘’face consequences’’.

Ron: Yeah you left early too, didn’t you? What was that about?

Hermione: I was just tired, but now I’m feeling better, thanks. I …

She gasped. Her bladder was about to release, but she didn’t want to do it while they were all looking at her. She needed to find a distraction. If she was going to wet herself then and there, she would do everything she could to make sure nobody would notice.

Hermione: I… hum, hey! Harry, you have something on your face. Look!

Harry: What, where?

He wiped his chin. Ginny and Ron looked at him.

Ginny: There’s nothing there.

They all turned back at Hermione who was now desperate to pee. Shaking her legs to contain herself.

Hermione: Hum, there… on… your forehead.

Harry: You mean my scar? I’ve always had this…

Ron: What is wrong with you?

Hermione: I… I… Oh no.

She felt her body relieve itself. For the first time in years she was wetting herself while being wide awake. Although the first time she was 11 years old and facing a giant troll in the bathroom. This time she was much older and in front of her best friends. Peeing in her nappy. Even if she had wanted to, she couldn’t stop the flow. Her nappy was filling up. If she had worn a Pull-Up it would’ve definitely leaked.

Harry: What’s going on Hermione?

Hermione: Nothing… nothing. Hum… Girls problem. Excuse me.

She got up, her nappy was heavy and warm, sagging between her legs. Fortunately her tights kept it out of sight. The crinkling that accompanied her steps before had morphed into a squishing sound. She walked over to Lavender’s table, staring at her feet the whole time.

Lavender : Yes Granger? Did you want to tell us something?

The young witch blushed. She had never felt this kind of humiliation before. There was about 10 people in the room and she did not want Lavender to put on a show, might as well get it over with. She leaned in to make sure she wouldn’t be heard and whispered, in her best attempt to mimick a child.

Hermione: I… I had an accident. Can I get a change?

Lavender: Why don’t you try this again and be more specific. And louder please. Call me Miss Brown.

Hermione swallowed. Both saliva and her pride as she held back tears. She wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of crying though.

Hermione: I went pee pee, Miss Brown. Can you change my nappy… please?

Parvati Patil burst into laughter. She couldn’t believe her ears. Hermione Granger, one of Hogwarts most brilliant students was wearing a nappy like a 2 year old, begging them for a change.

Lanvender: Well of course my poor sweetie. Let’s get you changed.

They both got up and Lavender took Hermione by the hand. The witch looked at her friends who were staring back at her in total disbelief.

They entered the dormitory and closed the door. Hermione stood in the middle of the room, waiting anxiously for what was about to happen. The two other witches at their eyes locked on her.

Lavender: Well, what are you waiting for Granger? Show us that nappy of yours. Get her suitcase Parvati, her baby supplies are in there.

Hermione took off her shoes one by one, then slowly slid down her tights.

Lavender: Skirt too. Come on, we don’t have all night. We’ll put you in something more comfortable. Get you ready for the night.

The girl obeyed. She undid her skirt and stepped out of it, exposing her thick, drenched nappy. A yellow spot had formed on the front of the all-white garment, which had Lavender giggling.

Lavender: …and she said she didn’t need nappies in the daytime.

Parvati: Oh my Goodness, those are adorable!

She was searching through Hermione’s bag, holding a pair of unfolded Drynites, with flowers printed on it.

Lavender: I’m afraid these aren’t thick enough. Our little girl leaked through them earlier today and wet her knickers. Get her the big ones for night-time, maybe if she’s nice she’ll get to wear the trainers tomorrow. Now Mimi, lie on the bed, we’ll take care of you.

Hermione kept doing as she was told, hoping to speed things up to make sure nobody would walk in the room and see her like this. She lied on her bed and covered her face.

Lavender leaned over her like a dementor about to give her a kiss. Her slender fingers brushed the nappy, which was getting colder. She undid the tapes on the sides and took the soaking wet garment off. She cleaned her up with wipes and lifted her butt up to slide a clean nappy under it.

At that exact moment, a helpless Hermione, lying on a nappy, her naked bum up in the air, heard wood creaking. She realized with horror that the dormitory door was opening.

Chapter 6

Hermione lied on her back, sliding down her hands from her face to her crotch in a desperate attempt to hide her shame. The young witch glanced at the door, as she wanted to identify the newcomer. It could only be one of two people. Oddly, the door was still ajar and no one was coming in.

Lavender and Parvati remained silent, hoping they wouldn’t run into professor McGonagall, although at this hour it was very unlikely. Lavender quickly looked down at Hermione.

Lavender: Whoever that is, your second dare is to pretend you asked for us to change you. This whole thing is what you wanted. Got it?

Hermione looked back at her in disbelief. She had swore on her honor as a Gryffindor to complete the seven dares Lavender would choose.

The wooden door slowly opened to reveal Luna Lovegood standing behind it, alone. She stared at them with a puzzled expression, albeit not as surprised as one might’ve been in such a situation.

Luna: Hello everyone. What’s going on?

Hermione wanted to shout for help, or at least tell her to leave, but her vow was binding her.

Hermione: Oh… Nothing Luna. We’re just… getting ready for bed.

She spoke awkwardly accompanied by a forced laughter that wasn’t very convincing. Lavender, acting as if everything was normal, picked up the powder and sprinkled it on Hermione’s crotch, forcing her to remove her hands.

Lavender: Isn’t that cute? Look Parvati, she has no pubic hair… is that the muggle way or didn’t you grow any yet?

Hermione: I… I shave.

Pavarti: Makes sense, better to avoid a rash, isn’t it?

Luna moved closer to the trio, her eyes fixed on the surreal display as Lavender folded the nappy on Hermione’s private parts and began to attach the tapes on the sides.

Luna: Is that a nappy Hermione?

The young witch blushed, ashamed by her unfortunate predicament. As the nappy was fixed in place, she lifted up her back to sit on the bed, donning her t-shirt and nappy.

Hermione: Hum… Yes. I wear them at night. Lavender has kindly offered to help me put them on.

Lavender: She says at night, oh poor thing. Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here.

She turned to Luna with a fake expression of kindness.

Lavender: Our poor Hermione has always had… trouble making it to the potty on time unfortunately. I guess with all the wisdom of an old witch… she needed to also have the bladder control of a little girl. I actually was just changing her nappy because she went tinkle in her previous one.

Hermione remained silent, biting her tongue as Lavender talked about her like she was a toddler.

Luna: Oh I’m sorry to hear that… It’s okay Hermione, your secret is safe with me. It used to happen to me too a few years ago. I wet the bed in my sleep because I had contracted the Dandelion Curse.

Lavender: The what now?

Luna: You know… The Dandelion Curse. When you pick up a cursed Dandelion it makes you wet the bed. In french they’re called pisse-en-lit, which actually means wet-in-bed. It’s a well-known curse. The cure is to make an herbal tee with Dandelion roots and drink it at midnight. Maybe you should try it Hermione.

Hermione: Sure… Sure Luna. Thank you.

Luna: You’re welcome! I was just getting my coat for a walk in the castle. I’ll see you later.

The blonde witch closed the dormitory door behind her. Hermione was left alone with her two roomates, sitting on her bed in a nappy. She got up and picked a pair of pajama trousers which she pulled up her legs to hide her nappy.

She prayed her tormentors wouldn’t ask her to come back down to the common room with them as the bulge the nappy made under the pajamas was very apparent and the noisy crinkling would certainly betray her.

It crossed her mind for a moment, what her friends might say if they saw her walking down the stairs in such an attire. Ron would most-likely burst into laughter when he’d notice her disproportionately big butt, clueless as to why it looked this way but knowing something odd was up. Harry would realize what she was wearing and probably ask her why. She’d have no choice but to admit she was a bed wetter.

Then they would connect this to the events earlier and realize she had an accident in front of them, drawing the conclusion that she actually needed nappies full time… and Hermione wouldn’t be able to justify herself due to the Solemn Vow she had stupidly made on her honor in a rushed attempt to keep her secret safe.

All her thought process was cut short by Lavender, who was surprisingly phlegmatic, although she did look like she had something on her mind.

Lavender: Well, I guess we did our part here. We’ll let you go to bed Granger, I have a few things to do tonight. We’ll see you tomorrow morning. After all, we do share this room. Come along Parvati. Let our baby sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

They both left the dormitory. Hermione covered herself up in her velvet sheets. She thought about this whole crazy day. The 5 dares she still had to complete for Lavender and the fact that she had wet herself in a nappy twice in the same day.

Inadvertently, she slid her hand down her pajamas and stroke her nappy slowly, pressing her hand on the thick padding. In the last few years of wearing them, they had become part of her routine. A normality. Although she always knew how to conceal them, she hadn’t realized how shameful it really was to wear them until this day.

With Lavender, Parvati and now even Luna knowing she wore them, it made her feel so much younger. She had gotten changed out of her wet nappy and into a fresh one by a fellow student. Even in her nightmares she couldn’t have imagined a more embarrassing situation. It could only go up from there right?

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Re: Hermione Granger & The Embarrassing Secret

This is by far the best Harry Potter diaper story I’ve read, and there’s a ton of those, so that’s saying something. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for more.

Re: Hermione Granger & The Embarrassing Secret

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! :slight_smile: I appreciate the support!