Hermione, Ginny, and The Spellbook

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“You got it?!” Ginny said to Hermione enthusiastically. With an ecstatic smile, Hermione nodded her head and held the book up.

“Yes!” Hermione exclaimed, before finally handing the book to Ginny. With eyes the size of the moon, Ginny instantly flipped it open and started quickly flipping through the pages.

“Hermione this is amazing, I-I can’t believe you actually convinced her! I thought she was never going to budge…” Ginny said before reading a few lines of text. She slowly shook her head, then looked back up at Hermione. “She told us she’d never give up her mother’s book! What did you do? Tell her you’d subscribe to The Quibbler for life?” Ginny said with a sly smile and a wink. Hermione exhaled through her nose and smirked.

“No, no. I was simply honest with her. I told her you and I have been trying to study new spells together, and what we’ve been learning in class just hasn’t been enough!” Hermione said to the still wide-eyed Ginny.

Hermione originally had an entire speech concocted to try and convince Luna to give up her mother’s experimental spell book. She knew it’d be a hard sell, given the fact Luna’s mother literally died over making up new spells. The book was the last thing Luna had of her mother at this point. Hermione expected a long-winded fight.

As it turned out though, Luna was rather sympathetic to Hermione. She understood better than anyone Hogwarts had become a much different place. Ever since Umbridge turned the whole school on its head, classes were practically a joke. Defense against the Dark Arts was a shell of its former self. No one had learned a single spell in months.

“Be careful with it. I etched out the spells that were dangerous.” Luna had said after handing over the book. “… Oh, and don’t use the spell on Page 394, I had to spend three weeks constantly clipping my toenails after that one…” Luna said, before looking unpleasantly at her feet. She shook her head, then gave Hermione her trademark warm smile before skipping off.

Hermione had been practically dumbfounded in that moment but decided to take her victory and not argue with it. She made her way back to the Gryffindor common room instantly to tell Ginny the good news.

On the way back she pondered how things would play out between her and Ginny. If she was being honest with herself, she had been caught off guard initially when Ginny asked her to teach her new spells. It made sense given the state of things, but they simply had never had the closest friendship. After a constructive conversation though, the two figured out a way for this partnership to work. Ginny brought up the fact Luna’s book could teach the two of them brand new spells. Hermione always found the greatest joy from new knowledge, and Ginny simply loved learning new spells. It made sense for the two to form an illegal “Study Group” together. Hermione just hoped they could get the same education through each other as they would through traditional school.

Ginny closed the book and flipped it over to examine the back.

“Do you think we could start tonight?” Ginny said, looking back toward Hermione. She shrugged with an uneasy look.

“I better make sure that this thing is completely safe before we start learning together…” Hermione said, before gently taking the book back from Ginny.

“What do you mean? We’re practically the same age, and I’m only one year behind you. You and the guys have gone on crazy adventures the past how many years? If you could cast dangerous spells then, that means I’m ready now!” Ginny said with an annoyed tone. Hermione considered the point for a second. She wasn’t being unreadable…

“I don’t know, Ginny. I do think you’re ready, it’s just…” Hermione said, trailing off. She examined the book for a few seconds before responding. “We don’t know what’s even in here. I know I’m not your teacher; but in a weird way, I feel responsible for you.” She said, looking apologetic. Ginny replied with a disappointed look. Her face struck an emotional chord in Hermione.

“Tell you what.” Hermione said, “How about I’ll test some spells tonight to see if they’re safe. If there’s any finicky ones I’m sure, I’ll be able to handle it.” She said, clutching the book and bringing it toward her chest. “Any safe ones and we’ll work on them together tomorrow?” Hermione said, doing her best to sound fair.

Ginny chewed on the words for a few moments. She looked guarded at first, before her demeanor softened. Her body language opened.

“Alright, that’s fair.” She said with an agreeing nod. “But don’t wimp out on me, Granger! I can hold my own. I’m a lot stronger than you think.” She said confidently. Ginny started gathering her things from off the ground a moment later. She shoved some papers and books into her bag before shouldering it onto her back.

“Tomorrow, 2 p.m. I know you’re free then!” Ginny said, as she started walking toward the common room exit. “We’ll meet at the Owlery!” She said, before slipping off into the exit. Hermione pursed her lips and nodded.

“She is one motivated girl.” Hermione thought, before gathering her own belongings and headed up to the dorm rooms.

Snoring women and sounds of steady crickets filled the women’s dorm room. Hermione was the only one up. She carefully opened her bedside drawer and pulled out the book. She did the best she could to be quiet so as not to wake anyone.


Hermione whispered; the tip of her wand cracked to life with a small ball of white light. She quickly got underneath her blanket. The illuminated wand gave just enough light for Hermione to see the front of the leather-bound book on her knees. She took a deep breath in and out before opening it.

“Just be smart here.” She reasoned, before flipping to the first page. “Be cautious and be smart. Hasn’t failed me yet…” She thought with a slight smile.

A table of contents stared back at Hermione. Although, a better description might be a scribbled mess of words and lines. At some points there were page numbers indicating specific spells, but that was about where the helpfulness of the index stopped. Hermione did her best to read through the grocery lists, strange water stains, and random doodles to find any kind of guidance.

It didn’t take long for her to give up and simply flip the book open to a random page. “Hmm…” A zoned in Hermione said. She looked closely at a single spell scribbled onto the page.

Vere Flos: Use only in a pinch when you need a gift for an anniversary or birthday party!” The note said. Hermione squinted at the words. Her eyes became ridged and her face grew confused.

“For a birthday party? The hell does that even mean?” She said, she tried looking further along the page for any more information, but all she could find was other spells with similar simple descriptions. “This woman is all over the place. I see where Luna gets it…” Hermione thought. She pondered for a few moments about using the spell. “It seems harmless enough though.” She reasoned, looking at a notepad below her. She neatly wrote “Vere Flos:” before turning back to her wand.

“God, I hope I don’t regret this.” She said, before taking a breath in.

Vere Flos

A green stem began slowly growing out of the tip of Hermione’s wand. The top of the stem grew quickly into the head of a flower. A few seconds later, and a beautifully vibrant bouquet of flowers popped out from the wand.

“Haha, how cute!” Hermione said, using her wands light to get a closer look at the flowers. They were a complex array of purples and reds. They smelled incredible. They reminded Hermione of the kind her family used to grow in their garden. It brought a smile to her face.

“Flower spell, alright that’s definitely one we can use.” Hermione said, turning back to the notepad. She carefully wrote out a much more accurate description compared to Luna’s mothers.

For the next 20 minutes Hermione sifted through consecutive pages of spells. Each one was as harmless as the last; mostly due to the fact Hermione only picked the ones that seemed safe. She didn’t dare use one that didn’t have a description. Most though did simple things like turn an object a different color, turn small items into food, all easy spells that could have specific uses. She wrote each of them down into her notebook.

She was starting to feel the exhaustion hit her after the 7th spell. The clock next to her read 2:45 A.M. Way past her normal early bedtime. She resigned herself to one more spell for the night before calling it.

“Alright let’s see….” She muttered, flipping the book to the next page.

“Calming Spells” Read at the top of the page in loopy text.

“Hm, let’s see what these ones do.” Hermione thought, looking at the first spell below the header.

Infan cerebrum : Brings a light joyous pleasure to the user” The description read. Hermione cocked her head slightly to the side. The description seemed a little strange, but not outlandish. There were spells they learned even at a young age that altered the body. Some would warm the user’s body temperature or focus their mind on a task.

“A light joyous pleasure. What does that mean? Like a warm hug?” Hermione reasoned, before writing down the spell’s name in the book. “I’ll try it, if it’s only meant to be a positive spell. It shouldn’t do any harm. Most of these are gimmicky spells anyways.” Hermione muttered to herself, “Last one though before bed.”

She steadied her grip, and took a deep breath in.

Infan cerebrum

Hermione’s eyes went wide with fear. Her hands quickly shot up and held her face. She knew instantly that something wasn’t right.

“Ugh!” She groaned in discomfort, she closed her eyes to try and steady herself.

The pain felt like a splitting headache in her brain. Even worse though, it felt like the pain moved and slithered throughout her mind. As if sections she’d never felt work at the same time together were suddenly one.

“No! Urgh what’s going on!” She whispered sharply to herself. She took in deep breaths, just doing her best to stay conscious.

The pain started to soften after a few minutes as it traveled through her mind. The motions in her mind started to feel warmer, and she started to feel a sensation she never dreamed would come from this spell. Sexual arousal.

Something felt different though. The normal images and fantasies Hermione would play out in her head weren’t coming to her. Instead, an image Hermione had never associated with pleasure before suddenly burst into her mind.

GASP!” Hermione loudly gasped into the quiet room. She quickly clasped her hand over her mouth. She heard a short stir in the bed next to her, but no one woke up from her revelation.

“Oh my god, No. No. NO!” Hermione whispered loudly to herself, she closed her eyes and tried shaking the thoughts out of my head. She succeeded for a moment. Only of course for the images to come flooding back.

“Diapers?!” Hermione thought, as the thought of a taping an adult diaper around her waist flooded her mind. It sent a wave of intense arousal through her body. The pleasure was stronger than any fantasy she’d ever played out in her life.

“Is that what this spell just did to me?! I-?!” Hermione thought, too afraid to finish that sentence. She tried pushing the thoughts away, only for them to return. “…I… Like diapers?!” She thought, as the image of herself in a diaper came roaring back. This time though she indulged it for just a split second.

It felt good. Too good in fact. The thought of waddling around in a thick diaper sent waves of pleasure through her entire body. It was intense. Hermione felt herself loosen up, while she basked in the fantasy for a few seconds.

“Urgh no!” She thought, before clamping down on her mind. She shook the fantasies in her brain away. “Meditate, Hermione. Meditate.” She said, taking in some deep breaths. For years she’d always found meditation to calm her often stressed mind. It calmed her and allowed her to think more clearly.

It worked. She felt her mind grow calm. The new intrusive thoughts were able to stay at bay for a few moments. Hermione centered herself and tried playing out her normal sexual fantasies.

She envisioned in her mind that she was laying completely naked on a bed. A strong man was at the base of the bed staring down at her.

“Get over here, Girl.” He said, climbing into the bed with her. Hermione bit her bottom lip as the fantasy played out. It was normal. Sure, it was vanilla, but it’s what she’s always been into. She felt herself relax knowing the strange sexual thoughts from before may have finally left her.

“Oh, Hermione!” A woman suddenly exclaimed as she burst into the sex scene. She was her mother, clad in a classic motherly looking apron and gown.

“How’s is the little play date going?! Are you two having fun?!” She exclaimed, walking up toward the bed. Hermione looked over at the man, the whole scene had changed. Instead of a bed, she was in a crib. The man was wearing nothing except a shirt and large puffy diaper. Hermione looked down and saw herself in the same attire.

Sexual pleasure a hundred times stronger than before started pulsating through her body. She couldn’t stop herself from playing out the fantasy in her mind.

“Do you need a diaper change? Hm? You two both look like you need changes.” Her mother said, sticking a hand in Hermione’s diaper.

“Mommy I don’t need a change, I’m potty trained!” Hermione said, finding herself going along with it.

“Ha! That’s rich. Maybe in a few years’ sweetie. Right now, that diaper is telling me you’re almost soaked through!” Her mother said. Hermione looked down again, and sure enough, her diaper was practically leaking.

It was all too much for Hermione in that moment. She felt her eyes roll up, and her toes curl. With a burst unlike ever before, Hermione came harder than she ever had in her life.

“MMMmmmm…” She moaned softly, as she came back to reality. She had no idea she had been masturbating to the fantasy this entire time. She floated in the high for only a split second, before a mountain of shame hit her.

“Fuck.” She thought, pulling her head from the covers. She stared up at the dark ceiling. Her thoughts cleared. The intense sexual feeling she had before finally sated.

“I…” She whispered, yet again she didn’t want to finish the sentence. “…I think I have a diaper fetish now.” She thought, before breathing in the heaviest sigh of her life.

Chapter 2

Thick steam drifted from the cauldrons scattered across the room. The musty smell of moist stone walls permeated strongly through the nostrils of each student. The lighting was dim, but you could just make out what Snape had written on the chalkboard.

“Does anyone here know what would happen if I added powdered root of Asphodel to the infusion of Wormwood, I’ve drawn on the board?” Snape said with his characteristically annoyed tone. It was as if it was a chore to even be in the presence of these students.

Hermione, knowing the answer instantly, shot her hand up. She subtly waved her hand to get his attention, even though she was the only student amongst the classroom that knew the answer. Snape rolled his eyes at Hermione’s eager response. With an audible sigh, he pointed at her.

“Come, Granger. Show us on the board what would happen.” Snape said sharply, he extended a piece of chalk forward for Hermione to use. Hermione quickly got up, causing her chair to scrape loudly across the floor. She started explaining the reaction the second she walked up to the board. Her hands grabbed the chalk from Snape and started drawing.

“It’s quite simple really. When the Wormwood interacts with the Asphodel infusion, it begins to bubble. Indicating that- “Hermione cut herself off. She heard a strange fit of giggling from the back. It was loud enough where it easily broke her train of thought. Hermione swiveled her head back toward the students and shot them an irritated look.

“Excuse me. I’m trying to show you the reaction up here!” Hermione said exasperated. She threw her hands up in the air for extra effect.

“Ha! Yeah, okay. You can’t even keep your pants dry!” A woman’s voice yelled from the back. Hermione’s eyes instantly grew wide with fear.

“What?!” She murmured, before looking down at her lower half. All that looked back at her was a large adult diaper. Hermione couldn’t feel any of her muscles gushing warm pee into the diaper; but the front side was unmistakably growing yellow and starting to sag. She was having a full-blown accident right in front of the class. Adrenaline shot through Hermione’s veins.

“AHH!” Hermione shrieked, crossing her legs instantly and shooting her hands over the diaper to try and hide it. Laughter echoed loudly off the walls.

“I DON’T WET MY DIAPERS!!” Hermione yelled, suddenly sitting up in her bed. The world came back into focus almost instantly. Sweat rolled down her forehead. Her chest expanded up and down rapidly while she grabbed deep breaths of air. She wasn’t in class; it had only been a dream. The empty common room reassured her of that.

“Oh my… God… That… Was…” Hermione whispered, trying her best to catch her breath. She closed her eyes and centered herself. She felt herself fall back down into her bed. She drew more breaths in and out for a few more minutes before finally calming down to a reasonable emotional state.

Normally, you’d feel relief after waking up from a nightmare dream like that. Wetting a diaper in front of your classmates is everyone’s greatest fear. Hermione though, was far from that emotion.

She was still shaken up. But there was a clear feeling between her hips that wouldn’t go away.

Hermione was emphatically horny.

“Urgh!” Hermione yelled out in disgust; it took a large amount of willpower to not masturbate right there to the dream. “This damn spell is still in my head!” Hermione said, “I still have this bloody diaper fetish! Ugh this is excruciating!” She thought, pounding her hands onto the mattress. She huffed and crossed her arms.

“I have to get rid of this. I’m not living my life with a diaper fetish.” She thought, before looking down at her crotch. The urge to indulge herself was strong. “…No matter how good this might feel. I need to find Luna. I have to fix this!” Hermione thought. She flung her blankets off and started getting ready. The horniness between her legs lingered clearly in her mind throughout the entire process.

Hermione heard the scraping of silverware and plates before she even rounded the corner into the Great Hall. If you’re going to find anyone in Hogwarts, it’s the place to start. Hermione stopped once she got the doorway. Her eyes scanned the room for a girl with long soft white hair.

“Where is this girl. Come on… Come on…” Hermione mumbled to herself. “I’ve tried avoiding that girl for years, and the one time I need her…” Hermione thought to herself. She scanned the room for a solid 5 minutes but couldn’t find a single trance of the girl.

“She must be in the Herbology lab. She loves spending time in there.” Hermione thought, before spinning around.

“Uhf!” Hermione yelped as her body collided with Luna’s.

“Woah!” Luna said, recoiling from Hermione’s quick turn-around. The collision dislodged the books Luna was holding close to her chest. They fell to floor alongside fluttering loose papers. The books met the ground with a loud snap that rang across the Great Hall vestibule.

“I’m sorry, Luna! I didn’t see you there!” Hermione said apologetically. She got on her knees and started helping her collect the loose papers and books. Luna gave her classic warm smile back in response.

“It’s quite alright. I’ve been told that I’m a quiet walker. Thank you for the help.” Luna said softly. The two finished grabbing the materials and got back on their feet. Hermione squared her stance and went right into her predicament.

“Luna, we need to talk about your Mother’s book.” Hermione said with a mix of worry and anger. Luna, sensing this strange tone, cocked her head to the side.

“What’s wrong? Did you find a spell we need to erase? I thought I got most of them…” Luna mused; she placed a questioning finger on her lips. Hermione shook her head.

“No, it’s not- well, maybe- it’s…” Hermione fumbled over her words. She didn’t want to casually mention her diaper fetish in public. Her eyes caught a storage closet a few feet away. “Here, follow me.” Hermione said, taking Luna’s arm and guiding her toward the closet. The two made it there quickly. Hermione’s free hand gripped the handle and opened the door.

It was a small closet. It was no more than three feet long, and four feet across. Just large enough for two people to stand in between some mops and brooms. Once crammed into the closet, Luna shut the door behind them.

“Listen, one of those spells did something, erm… really weird to me.” Hermione said, she wasn’t quite sure how to phrase it to Luna. She felt her face flush with embarrassment.

“The one where it gives you frog legs? Yeah, that was a little weird at first for me too. But I thought the spell right below it changes you back?” Luna said. Hermione gave a strange look before shaking her head.

“No… Not that one. It’s one that um, it kind of changed how I think.” Hermione said, still embarrassed to confess her new feelings. Luna could sense the unease in Hermione’s body language.

“It’s okay, Hermione. There’s a lot of spells like that in there. Which one are you talking about?” Luna said, doing her best to seem reassuring. Hermione inhaled briefly before responding.

“It… The spell made me…” Hermione said, pausing for a moment before finally pushing through her embarrassment.

“… It made me like diapers.” Hermione said so quietly it was practically a whisper. Luna’s face instantly softened with a smile.

“Infan cerebrum?” Luna said with a playful tone. Luna’s strange response confused Hermione.

“You know what I’m talking about then? Is there anything in the book that fixes it?!” Hermione said desperately. Luna shrugged in response.

“Eh, not that I could find.” She said lightly. Her whole demeanor seemed oddly nonchalant to Hermione.

“Wait so, you’ve cast it yourself?” Hermione said, suddenly hanging on Luna’s every word.

“Oh yes, I have. You’re not the only one who’s dug through my Mother’s old spells.” Luna said happily. Hermione looked at her in complete shock.

“Luna. You. You have the same feelings as me?” Hermione said, this new information stunned her. Luna simply nodded.

“Yes. At first I tried looking for something to change me back.” Luna said, she shifted her books to one arm. Her free hand grabbed the hem of her skirt. “I couldn’t find anything.” She said, lifting the skirt to her bellybutton. “I stopped caring shortly after, it’s a lot more fun that way.” She said.

Hermione’s eyebrows shot upward, and her mouth flung open in shock.

“Luna, PULL-UPS?!” Hermione said. Luna giggled and nodded. She moved to the side for Hermione to get a better view from behind. The light purple pull-ups hugged her waistline perfectly. The pattern on them was unlike anything Hermione had seen before. They were a beautiful array of magical creatures. It looked just like the one’s muggle make, but the person who made it obviously knew much more about the wizarding world.

Hermione wanted to feel more shocked about this. She wanted to feel weirded out by Luna’s underwear choice. Instead though, all she felt was jealousy. She tried fighting it as best she could, but her fetish felt strong in the moment. Hermione wanted to be in those exact same pull-ups. A wave of pleasure pulsated through her. She subconsciously bit the bottom of her lip.

“I haven’t been able to show them to anyone. They’re actually quite comfortable as regular underwear.” Luna said, letting her skirt fall back into place. She faced toward the door to indicate she was ready to leave.

“Wait!” Hermione said, grabbing her arm. She pushed through her horny brain and tried one last time to get answers. “Are you sure there’s nothing in there? Please, Luna. I don’t want this.” She said, her eyes looking desperate and vulnerable in that moment.

Luna grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “If I could give you any advice.” Luna said, before turning the knob, “I’d learn to enjoy it. Like I said, it can be a lot of fun to have this fetish.” She said, before opening the door and walking out of the closet.

Hermione stood there defeated. “It was so stupid to cast spells from that book. What was I thinking?!” she whispered to herself. She tried thinking of her next steps. Luna was a lost cause, but there had to be other options. She tried focusing her mind on the task at hand. But a lingering thought was making it difficult to concentrate.

Try as she might, Hermione couldn’t shake that image of Luna’s pull-ups from her head, and how badly she wanted to be in them too.

“Ah-ha! I knew she’d keep it here!” Ginny said, the Spell book’s leather felt almost warm to the touch. Ginny let her fingers run along the edges.

“Hermione is so stuck in her ways. If I let her call all the shots, I wouldn’t get to use any of these spells until months from now. She’d have to check every single one before I even got to look at this thing.” Ginny thought to herself.

From the start, this had been Ginny’s plan. She knew Hermione would be her uptight self and keep the book away from Ginny until she felt it was 100% safe. Every female had access to another’s common room, so it was easy to walk up to Hermione’s bed and start looking around. The nightstand next to her bed seemed like the logical place to keep a book. One quick Alohomora later, and Ginny was staring right at the Spell book.

“Alright, let’s see what this books got!” Ginny said, before flipping open to the last bookmarked page. Hermione’s notes fluttered out of the page and onto her bed. Ginny didn’t pay much attention to them at first. Her eyes were too eager to scan the list of spells and descriptions.

“Hmm… no not that one…. Not that one either… Oh! This looks good.” Ginny said, focusing in on a spell in the middle of the page. She quickly read the description; “Use when Stressed” was all it read.

“Can’t be harmful if it relives stress. Let’s try it out!” Ginny said. Her hands laced around the wand in pocket. She gently pulled it out. Ginny steadied herself; book in one hand, and wand in the other.

Sis Meta

A loud “Pop” shot through the common room. A split second later, an object appeared right on Hermione’s nightstand. An object she’d never expect to form from any wizarding spell.

“A pacifier?” Ginny wondered out loud. She placed the Spell book and wand on Hermione’s bed. She slowly grabbed the pacifier and brought it closer to her face. It wasn’t anything special. Just a light green pacifier with a ring around the front side. It was much larger than a standard soother. It was clearly meant for an adult’s mouth.

The size seemed strange to Ginny, but overall, she thought it was cute. “Seems like all this Spell book does is make cute baby toys. What’s the harm in that, Hermione?” Ginny thought to herself. She twirled the Pacifier around for a few more seconds, before placing it back down on the nightstand.

“Adult sized pacifiers, check. Let’s see what else this book has.” Ginny thought. She looked back at the open book on the bed. She also noticed in that moment the notes that had fallen out before and onto the bed. “Hm, I wonder what she wrote down here.” Ginny murmured. She picked up notes and briefly scanned them. They all had the name of the spell, and a much more accurate description of what they did compared to the book. Her gaze caught the last entry.

“She didn’t write a description for this one. Maybe she forgot?” Ginny thought, she could easily see Hermione working on these spells late into the night. Ginny reasoned she must have fallen asleep in bed before casting the spell.

“Let’s help her out here.” Ginny said. She steadied her stance again and read the spell out loud.

Infan cerebrum

The spell went through Ginny’s head much faster than Hermione’s. It wasn’t nearly as painful either. Ginny felt a brief pressure in her head. As quickly as it formed, it left her instantly.

“Woah…” Ginny said, blinking multiple times to bring her vision back into focus. She stumbled for a moment. Her hand grabbed the nightstand for balance. Whether she did it intestinally or not, her hand clumsily clasped the pacifier instead.

Ginny got her balance a moment later. After finding her footing, her hand brought the pacifier to her face.

She grew the most delighted smile.

She popped the pacifier in her mouth a split second later. It felt like pure joy and ecstasy the moment her tongue wrapped around the bulb. She instantly started greedily slurping on the pacifier.

“Mmm, owh yeah. Dish ish gownna be fuwn.” She mumbled around the pacifier, feeling the effects of the spell still working its way through her brain.

Chapter 3

“Hm?” Hermione mumbled around her pacifier. A strange feeling suddenly started pouring out around her crotch. She instantly shot her gaze down to the thickly padded diaper around her waist. A familiar warm feeling was spilling down the center and front of her diaper. Hermione, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, simply shrugged and went back to playing with her dolls on the floor.

“Everything all right? Pumpkin?” Hermione’s mother said softly from the doorway. Hermione’s head swivled to answer.

“Yepp! Me jush pwayin’” Hermione said around her pacifier. She beamed the happiest smile to her mother in response.

“Don’t need a change or anything?” Her mother said, taking a step into the room to get a closer look at Hermione’s diaper. She clearly had made serious use of her diaper. It was heavily discolored and squishing onto the floor. Hermione, without a moment of hesitation, simply shrugged.

“I don’ kno!” Hermione said, genuinely unsure of how she’d even know when she needed a change. Her mother smiled at Hermione’s childish answer. She took a step back toward the hallway.

“You definitely need a change there, little one. I’ll be back in a minute to clean you up.” She said, turning away from the room and starting down the hall. Hermione turned back around to her toys and continued to play.

“Me gonna get my diapie changed!” Hermione exclaimed happily to her toys as she turned around. Except, instead of seeing her dolls on the ground, she was suddenly staring up at the wooden frame above her bed.

GASP” Hermione gasped, as she got herself up onto her elbows. Cold sweat dripped down her back. She scanned the room frantically to see if anyone had heard her say that last part of her dream. Her eyes looked to see if anyone was in the dorm room. Her heart sank once she locked eyes with Angelina Johnson in the doorway of the room.

“Everything… okay…. Hermione?” Angelina said with an uneasy look. Hermione felt her cheeks flush red.

“Yeah. Haha… Sorry. Just, uh, a really weird dream.” She said, giving a weak reassuring smile to Angelina. Angelina slowly nodded and turned back toward the exit. She left the room with a clearly bewildered look on her face. Hermione, reading the weirded-out look on Angelina’s face, fell back onto her bed.

“Ugh, these bloody dreams!” Hermione said, instinctively feeling around her bed for any wetness. She didn’t feel anything. That was only the first test though, she knew the real moment of truth was about to come.

Slowly, Hermione drifted her right hand toward the center of her waist. Her hands glided across the cotton feel of the pull-up around her waist. Her fingers got to the crotch. She took a squeeze to see how she did that night.


Sigh That’s three nights in a row now. It looks like I’ll be wearing these for a while until I stop wetting the damn bed.” Hermione thought to herself. She yanked her hand away from the cool wet pull-up and grabbed the wand from her nightstand. With a flick, the pull-up vanished from her waist, and into the discrete never-ending bag in her nightstand.

After a deeply childish night, it always helped to have some normalcy. Hermione began her morning routine by making her bed, and then immediately showering. She always felt grossed out about her body when stale pee had been lingering in her pull-up for that long. After cleaning herself up from another wet night, she changed into her house garb and gathered her things for Transfigurations.

“Normal day. No diapers. No pacifiers. Just a normal witch’s day in Hogwarts.” Hermione repeated the mantra a couple times to herself as she slipped out the common room door, and into the ever-changing staircases.

It always helped Hermione to focus on classes after another night of babyish dreams. Transfigurations had been one her favorite classes this year. So, she was excited to put her nose to the grindstone, and keep her growing diaper fetish at bay while she learned.

Hermione entered the classroom with nearly everyone already there. She took her normal seat in the second row, directly in the middle. It was the best seat angled toward the black board. She started grabbing her books and quills out of her bag. That’s when she heard tapping at the front of her desk.

“Hey, how’d things go this morning?” Ginny said plainly. Hermione looked up from her book with an annoyed look. She placed her things on the desk and leaned in closer to Ginny.

“Could you maybe be a little quieter?” Hermione said, her voice near a whisper. She leaned back into her chair and gave an annoyed look. “I think you know.” Hermione said, folding her arms for affect. Ginny gave back a sly smile.

“Hey, chin up Granger. Sounds like we’re in the same boat. It’s been 4 days in a row now for me.” Ginny said almost as if she was proud of that last fact. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“You know, you could at least act as if you want to fix this.” Hermione said, her frustration running clear through her words. Ginny took the backhanded insult in stride.

“We’ll figure this out, Hermione. Until then though, I’m not going to stress about it. You’re too smart not to figure this out.” Ginny said, earnestly trying to boost Hermione’s confidence. It marginally helped Hermione feel better. Ginny continued with, “I still think we should talk to Luna again about this. She has a better understanding of this than we do.”

“She isn’t going to help. She showed me her…” Hermione said, leaning in toward Ginny again to whisper, “… pull-ups…” she leaned back and continued in her normal voice, “last time. She seems to think we should just accept it and move on.” Hermione said. Ginny nodded, before she could respond Professor Mcgonagall cleared her throat at the front of the classroom.

“Alright, class. Let’s begin out lesson today on…” She said, as she started drawing and writing notes on the board. Hermione started feverously taking notes while following along to the lesson. The rest of the class followed.

The lessons helped Hermione take her mind off her diaper fetish dilemma. Constantly thinking about a way out normally just lead her in circles. It was important for her to take a break, and just focus on being a senior Witch in Hogwarts.

The class had been going on for nearly 2 hours at this point. Hermione felt her eyes wandering away from the black board, and toward various parts of the room. Her eyes found their way to the front of the room again. She scanned the people in the front to get a look at their wardrobe options for the day. She scanned until she got to Ginny.

“OH MY GOD!” Hermione screamed in her mind. Her eyes flew open with shock the second her eyes locked onto Ginny’s lower body. She didn’t believe it at first. She never thought in a million years that Ginny would be so reckless about their diaper secrets.

Riding up from Ginny’s waist band was unmistakably the band of a light purple pull-up.

“WHY!? Why would she wear one of those out in public like this?! She’s actually wearing a pull-up right now in class. God, how could she be stupid?! She’s going to get us caught!” Hermione thought, feeling her frustration with Ginny grow.

“That’s our time, class. Make sure you complete the homework assignment BEFORE midnight tonight!” Professor Mcgonagall said, as the class started putting away their belongings. Hermione kept laser focused on Ginny’s every movement while she gathered her supplies. The pull-up was hidden from view by Ginny’s overhanging sweater the moment she got out of her chair.

“Um. Ginny.” Hermione said shortly, she stared daggers at the girl. “Can I speak to you?” Hermione said quickly. Ginny looked confused at Hermione’s angry looking demeanor. No one else seemed to pick up on the tense conversation though and went about their normal business.

“Yeah sure, Hermione.” Ginny said, grabbing her bag and slumping it over her shoulder. Hermione made sure to walk behind the girl to reduce the visibility of her pampered behind. They walked out of the classroom and immediately down toward a vacant hallway. Once the two were alone, Hermione quickly unloaded on Ginny.

“What are you THINKING?! Wearing a pull-up out in public like this? It’s not okay! What if you were seen by someone?! What would you say to them?!” Hermione said, clearly upset about this whole predicament. Ginny did her best to assuage Hermione’s anger.

“Hey, relax Hermione. No one is going to notice a thing. So what you saw me wearing in class? Do you think people are actually looking for a girl wearing pull-ups?” Ginny said in her defense. Hermione wasn’t buying it.

“Maybe not, but I know plenty of boys who would love to get a good look at your ass. If one of them saw you were wearing pull-ups, it would be the talk of the whole school!” Hermione said, doing her best to show Ginny the weight of this situation. Ginny shrugged.

“You’re worrying too much Hermione. Look I’ll do a better job of concealing them next time.” Ginny said, as if she was trying to strike a deal with Hermione. Hermione continued to press.

“Why are you even wearing them? I thought we agreed we wouldn’t indulge in…” Hermione said, trailing off at the end to make sure no one else was around. After a quick look she whispered, “… In our diaper fetish.” Ginny sighed and looked away for a moment. Her gaze found Hermione again and continued.

“I like wearing them. Okay. They’re comfortable, and not to mention convenient.” Ginny said, placing a hand on her hip for extra effect. Hermione recoiled at the last part of Ginny’s sentence.

“Convenient… You…. You didn’t…. In class?!” Hermione said dumbfounded. Ginny’s cheeks quickly flashed red.

“You’d be surprised how much class time you miss going to the bathroom!” Ginny said. Hermione scoffed and rolled her eyes. She grabbed Ginny’s arm and started pulling down the hall.

“Come on. We’re going back to the common room to get changed out of your WET pull-up, because you don’t want to keep your pants dry for some reason.” Hermione said with strong conviction. She’d never admit it, but she felt a pang of jealousy bolt through her chest. A growing part of her being wished she was the one in pull-ups.

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t knock it till’ you try it, Hermione.” Ginny said. Hermione shot a fierce look back before rolling her eyes.

“Oh, shut it, come on.” Hermione said. The sound of their footsteps echoed through the empty, fire lit hall.

“Are you done in there yet?” Hermione yelled out behind her. She simultaneous flipped to the next page in the Spellbook.

“You guys have much better bathroom’s than we do. I love the flooring.” Ginny said, as she walked out of the bathroom and into Hermione’s common room. Hermione shook her head.

“Yeah, yeah. Are you wearing another pull-up? Or did you decide to be a big girl and wear regular underwear?” Hermione said.

Ginny winked and said, “I’m good. I’m wearing my regular underwear.” She shifted her hips to the side, simply to relish the padded feeling of her ‘regular’ underwear.

“Alright well, let’s keep looking for some spells in here to try and fix us. We haven’t had the chance to look at this together” Hermione said while she scanned the lines of spells.

“Oh! I actually did find some spells the other day that I think you might like.” Ginny said, she rushed over toward Hermione’s side. She grabbed her wand out of her pocket and flicked in the air.

Sis Meta

A loud “Pop” echoed through the common room. A moment later, a light green pacifier appeared on Hermione’s nightstand. Ginny quickly snatched it brought up to eye level with the two. Hermione’s face grew a deep shade of red. She quickly scanned the room to double check it was empty again.

“Ginny! No, that’s not going to help us! Put that thing away. That’s not what we’re trying figure out from this book…” Hermione said, her eyes lingering on the soother. Ginny could tell Hermione was fighting her deep desires.

“Looks pretty cute, huh? You could use it if you want…” Ginny said, extending it toward Hermione. Hermione looked longingly at the pacifier for a split second. She even bit the bottom of her lip. The sexual tension lingered for a moment before Hermione turned away.

“No. Ginny, I… I don’t want to use it.” Hermione said, looking back toward the book. Ginny smirked and took a step closer to Hermione.

“I got another one too.” Ginny said, taking out her wand yet again. She waved it in the air and cast another one of the book’s spells.


A shimmering crinkle-like sound snapped from the tip of Ginny’s wand. A split second later, a white disposable diaper appeared on Hermione’s bed. The diaper was much thicker than a normal diaper you’d get at a drug store. It looked like three diapers packed into one.

For the second time that day, Hermione’s eyes lit up in shock. She gasped, before lunging for the diaper on her bed.

“Ginny!” Hermione yelped. She quickly grabbed the diaper from her bed. She flung open her dresser drawer and threw the garment into her never-ending bag. She snapped back up at Ginny. “Stop this! We aren’t here to play. We’re trying to figure out how to fix this!” Hermione said.

Ginny took in a deep breath before she started walking toward Hermione’s bed side. She plopped down onto the cushion and looked back at Hermione.

“You don’t have to worry so much about this, you know.” Ginny said.

“And why do you say that?” Hermione said while she picked backup the Spellbook.

“Because even if we don’t find a spell that fixes us, I don’t think it’s that bad of a thing to live with.” Ginny said, trying to sound persuasive. Hermione shook her head while her eyes stayed locked on the book. Hermione didn’t respond.

The room grew quiet for a few minutes. The sound of the wind blew across the windows. The floors creaked in response.

“Hermione, there’s no one else here except us.” Ginny said, breaking the silence. “You don’t have to worry so much. We share this diaper fetish now. We can have a little fun with it here and there.” Ginny said, trying her best to sound reassuring to Hermione.

“Ginny, no. We can’t indulge this!” Hermione said sharply, she snapped the book shut. “It’s not right. We aren’t supposed to have this fetish. I don’t want it. I want to feel normal again.” Hermione said, while turning away from Ginny. Ginny placed a hand on Hermione’s shoulder.

“Why do you feel so much guilt? What’s wrong with having a diaper fetish?” Ginny said empathetically. Hermione didn’t respond at first. She took a few moments before turning back around.

“I… I don’t know.” Hermione said. Suddenly, an unexpected voice drifted from the doorway of the common room.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.” The voice said. Luna appeared suddenly in the entrance of the dorm room. Hermione and Ginny shot utterly confused faces at the girl.

“Luna? How… how did you get in here? You’re not even a Gryffindor. You’re not supposed to have the password.” Hermione said quizzically. Luna smiled softly.

“Oh, I have quite a lot of friends that are paintings. If you listen to them, they love to tell you things.” Luna said softly. Hermione and Ginny looked strangely at each other after that response. They both shrugged simultaneously.

Ginny took the moment to look at her watch.

“Oh shoot, I have Dark Arts in 15 minutes! We’ll figure the rest of this out later, Hermione. I have to go.” Ginny said, as she started gathering her things.

“I hope.” Hermione said, as Ginny started making her way toward the exit. Ginny looked back before she left.

“It’ll be fine, Hermione.” Ginny said. She looked toward Luna, who nodded, then back toward Hermione. “See you guys.” Ginny said. Her steps down the stairs became quieter and quieter.

“Well.” Luna said, “It seems you’re struggling with your new diaper fetish. I did too.” Luna said, while taking a few steps toward the center of the room. Hermione looked uneasy.

“You two make it sound as though this is something I just have to accept. That this is always just going to be a part of me.” Hermione said, closing the Spellbook and placing it on the nightstand.

“I’m not sure if there are any spells in there that will get rid of your new fetish. I gave up not long after I cast the fetish spell.” Luna said. Hermione’s aura quickly became more welcoming.

“You mean, you didn’t actually look through all the spells to fix this?!” Hermione said, her voice filled with excitement for the first time all day.

“Haha, yes. There may very well be something that can change us all back.” Luna said, she started looking around the walls of the room. “But if I’m being perfectly honest, I wouldn’t change myself back even if I could.” Luna said matter-of-factly. Hermione was thrown off guard at that response.

“Really? Why?” Hermione said, leaning in a little closer. Luna smiled, then clutched the hem of her skit. She pulled it up and revealed the slightly used adult diaper around her waist.

“I like wearing diapers. They make me feel safe.” Luna said, her diaper fully in Hermione’s view.

Hermione stared at Luna’s crotch. Her eyes were like dinner plates. She wanted to look away, but part of her, just this once, wanted to let her eyes linger on the diaper.

“You can touch it, if you’d like.” Luna said warmly. The words were pure fuel on Hermione’s growing sexual desires. She was starting to lose the battle of her diapered restraint.

“I… I…” Hermione said, unsure of what to do next. She had no clue what rabbit hole she’d crawl down if she touched that diaper. The intellectual part of her knew she should just leave the room. Get out of there and live to fight another day.

But a deeper part of her. A side that had been itching to be let out all day. Wanted nothing more than to feel Luna’s diaper. Really, that side wanted Hermione to be in her own thick, slightly used diaper.

Hermione didn’t even realize she had taken a few steps toward Luna. The diaper was practically hypnotizing her at this point. Luna could tell she was almost at the tipping point. She took a step forward. Her and Hermione were practically a foot apart at this point. Luna leaned in toward Hermione’s eyes.

“I know you want to touch it. Go on. Hermione. Touch my diaper.” Luna said, letting her stance fall back into place.

Hermione’s mind was screaming. Each side, her rational and sexual, fighting for control. She didn’t want to admit it, but this was the hottest sexual experience of her entire life.

Hermione wasn’t sure when it started, but she slowly tightened the muscles in her arm and started moving her hand forward. The second her hand started gaining momentum, she quickly moved to cup the bottom of Luna’s diaper before her mind had second thoughts.

“Oh…” Hermione said involuntarily, her fingers pressed up against the bottom of Luna’s diaper. She could feel the warm wet accident in Luna’s diaper still cooling.

It was like fireworks in her mind.

Hermione felt high feeling the bottom of Luna’s diaper. This was simply the greatest experience she had ever had in her entire life. It felt like a million tons was sliding off her shoulder. It felt wonderful. It felt amazing. But, above all, it felt right.

“Do you want, your own diaper?” Luna said, looking up toward Hermione. Hermione’s eyes shot up from the diaper and locked with Luna’s. Her face looked scared. As if she didn’t have the strength to make that kind of move yet.

At first, Hermione’s head didn’t move. After a few seconds it began to move down at a glacial pace. Hermione’s head, as if it had a growing weight on top, moved down faster. She stopped after a few inches, then raised her head back up. Her head slowly nodded down again, then up. Then suddenly, Hermione slowly nodded up and down into a cautious “Yes”

Luna smiled. She pulled the wand tucked into her waistband.


The same thick diaper from before appeared and fastened itself tightly around Hermione’s waist. That wasn’t the only change though. Lightning quick, Hermione’s entire outfit melted away, and into one much more childish. A onesie with cute pictures of wands and brooms snapped into place. It perfectly hugged her diaper. A pacifier also popped quickly into Hermione’s mouth.

“Wuna!” Hermione exclaimed, feeling fear and anxiety rush back in. Luna though stepped forward and lovingly comforted Hermione.

“Shhh. This is your time now. This is your time, to enjoy your diapers.” Luna said. Hermione didn’t see it, but Luna quietly placed the tip of her wand onto the front of Hermione’s diaper. “Have fun, little one.” Luna said, before a white flash escaped the tip of her wand.

“Huhh…?” Hermione said, suddenly the front of her diaper started to feel warm. She could feel that physically something was running out from her crotch, but she strangely couldn’t recall what that feeling was, or even what it meant. She took a few stumbling steps backwards, before falling butt first onto her bed.

“This spell is my favorite. The effects will wear off in a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one comes in.” Luna said happily. She smiled down at the regressing Hermione, before turning back toward the door. Within a few steps, she was gone from the dorm room.

Hermione didn’t really care though. She was totally engulfed in the warm mushy feeling still growing wet and heavy in her diaper.

“He…Hehe….Ahehehe….Taheheh” Hermione giggled uncontrollably, letting her little emotions bubble up and take control of herself. She squealed in delight, relishing entirely in the warmth that was her soaked diaper.

Her mind felt fuzzy now. All the thoughts and cares she had before felt so distant. Her regular brain was sort of still there, but it felt so far away. Like a jar of cookies placed way too high for someone as little as her. Words and thoughts felt so difficult to hold onto. All she could really think about was what was right in front of her.

As if on cue, a couple of dolls grew into existence right next to Hermoine.

“Oooo! Twoys!” Hermione squealed, feeling her brain getting lighter and sillier by the second. A note next to the toys read, “Almost forgot, another favorite spell of mine.” But to Hermione it looked like: “

ሌላ ተወዳጅ ማለት ይቻላል ረሳሁ”

Hermione threw the silly scribbles to the side and started playing with the fun dolls. She tried setting the scene to the dolls, but found her mouth was getting harder and harder to control.

“Youws gwanna bwe dra drooww woomaa…. Anaa naa ahah! Bwuooo!” She babbled, letting herself sink deeper into her new fun little world.

Her ever growing distant adult brain. Miles and miles away. Knew that searching the Spellbook for a cure could wait for a little bit.

Chapter 4

“There’s no way…” Ginny thought to herself the moment it caught her eyes. She let the book in hand sink down toward her waist. She peered through the busy hallway. Her eyes scanned for a couple of seconds to confirm her suspicions.

“That little… I can’t believe it!” Ginny thought to herself. She jumped up from the stone bench she was sitting on. Slouching her bag over the shoulder, she entered the sea of students walking to and from class. She squeezed and maneuvered her way through the bodies until she reached her.

“Hey!” Ginny said, tapping Hermione on the shoulder.

“Hmm?” Hermione said, spinning her head around to see Ginny. Her face flashed from curious to delighted. She greeted Ginny with a surprising embrace. “

“Helloooo, Ginny!” Hermione said, squeezing Ginny tight as she lifted her feet into the air.

“Ooff! O-kay, Hermione. Put me down.” Ginny squeaked out. Hermione let her arms relax, and placed Ginny down onto the floor.

“Watcha doin’? Heading to class?!” Hermione said jubilantly. Her happy smile and face was just a little off putting to Ginny. She seemed happy for no apparent reason. Like a dog happy to just be alive and around a friend. Ginny placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Here, lets get out of this traffic.” Ginny said, pushing her friend to the side. Ginny lead Hermione down an adjacent, less traveled hallway. They walked until they were out of earshot of anyone else. Ginny stopped Hermione, then looked around. Seeing the coast was clear, Ginny placed a probing hand on Hermione’s crotch.

“Hey!” Hermione said from the sudden move. Ginny didn’t respond to Hermione’s reaction; she instead squeezed the mushy padding around Hermione’s waist.

“Just like I thought. You’re wearing a diaper, Hermione! And a wet one at that.” Ginny said, flashing a teasing smile. “You must have had a lot of fun with Luna…” Ginny said. Hermione laughed before vigerously shaking her head.

“Yepp! It was tons of fun. But I didn’t know I needed a new diaper…” She said, before looking down at her waist. She pulled her black pants to the side to get a closer look at the state of her diaper. Ginny was right, it was starting to get a little saggy…

“What happened to, ‘We need to fight this’ or ‘We can’t indulge in this fetish.?” Ginny said. She had a point; Hermione had been heavily against indulging in the spell. Hermione’s apparent 180 was taking Ginny by surprise.

“I don’ knowww… Diapers are just fun! Luna and I had a super fun playdate. She wore diapers, I wore diapers, I played with some toys, then leaked into my bed. What’s so bad about all of that?” Hermione said before letting her waistband snap back.

Ginny almost couldn’t believe it. Whatever Luna had done to Hermione, it was baby-fying parts of her brain. She’d never seen Hermione so nonchalant about anything before. If you stared at Hermione’s ass for more than a few seconds you could realize she was wearing a diaper. It was almost if she didn’t care the entire student body found out about her diaper fetish.

“Listen, I like diapers. I’m wearing them from now on. Why don’t you trade in your pull-ups for a little more bulk and join me?” Hermione said, poking at Ginny’s crotch. She prodded the soft thin padding around her friend’s waist.

“Stop it! Haha… Hey! Come on…” Ginny said, trying her best to hold back a fit of giggles from Hermione’s tickling hands. “Alright, fine. I don’t care if you wear diapers. But I’m super jealous of whatever Luna did to you. It’s like you’re walking on diapered cloud nine.” Ginny said. Hermione nodded before taking in a deep exhale.

“Ahh… Yepp! I’m feeling a lot better about things now. I love diapers, and I’m gonna think about them as muuuuch as I want. It’s just soo much fun to think about how soft they are… how fun it is to wet in them… Ugh the more I think of them, the more I can’t get them out of my head!” Hermione said happily. Her gaze lazily looked down the hallway. “Anywho, I guess I need a change before class now?” Hermione said, looking down and prodding her soggy diaper. “Why don’t we meet up again after dinner?” Hermione said. Ginny shrugged then nodded.

“See you then, Ginny!” Hermione said before walking down the hallway. Ginny watched as her diapered friend’s butt swayed side to side.

“Damn, I need to get some of whatever Luna is cooking.” Ginny thought to herself. She knew the spell book was likely still in Hermione’s room. And she did have a free period coming up…

“Yeah, I think I might do a little digging to find out what else is in there.” Ginny thought. She was already acting on the plan before she could think of any reason not to. Her feet started taking her toward the Gryffindor common room.

“There. All padded and ready to play!” Ginny said to herself. She admired her diaper handywork. The tapes were practically perfectly aligned. She looked at Hermione’s nightstand next to her. Her hands grasped the handles, then pulled the drawer open. The Spellbook was right on top. Ginny snatched it with greedy fingers. She flipped it open to the diaper spells section.

“Let’s see… .Let’s see… Ah okay, I think I remember Luna talking about this one.” Ginny said as she pinpointed a spell in the book. Excitement bubbled up in her chest. She felt a flash of arousal light in between her thighs. She placed the tip of her wand on the front of her diaper.

“Opus Libero”

A yellow spark flew from the tip of her wand, then dissolved into Ginny’s diaper. Instantly part of her brain started to disappear. Like a vacuum, her memories were sucked up until they were blank and missing from her head. Every shred of memory she had about potty training started erasing from her mind.

It was like it never happened. She wore diapers when she was born, and simply never made a single effort to get out of them. Her whole life, the only underwear she’d worn around her waist was diapers. She didn’t think about the potty. She didn’t even know how to use the potty. She didn’t even know what it was . It was like trying to understand a foreign language you’ve never heard before.

“Whoaa… hehee…” Ginny giggled to herself. She naturally shifted the weight in her thighs. In that movement she became vaguely aware of the fact her diaper felt heavier. She didn’t know why or what had happened. But something was definitely different.

She didn’t really care though. Her diapers were always in a constant state of change. Sometimes they were dry, sometimes they felt squishy, but most of the time they were completely full. That’s just how life had always been for Ginny.

“Okay, potty training, totally gone. I’m totally using that on Hermione the next time I see her. She’d love that one!” Ginny thought, as she looked back down at the book.

“I want something big though. Forgetting my potty training is weak sauce. We need to go bigger. We need to get to the next diaper level.” Ginny thought. She flipped to a page she’d never seen in the book before. She murmured the spells out loud while she read them.

“Legs get hard to walk on, no…. the world is more colorful… eh no…. hard to focus on things… No, no… Ooo. Blissful mind for as long as you’d like. Okay, let’s try that one out.” Ginny said, readying the wand tip toward her brain.

“Caput Muta er… one minute”

Her mind instantly screeched to a halt. Thoughts didn’t make sense anymore. Ginny didn’t really know how to formulate them in the first place. Her weak, inattentive brain simply rode along with any random dissipating thought that briefly grabbed her attention.

Her legs buckled and her she fell with a mushy thud onto the ground. She didn’t know how to stand. Even if she tried, the best she’d be able to do was muster a clumsy army crawl. The ceiling was interesting to look at for a few seconds. The moment her hand came into view though, everything changed. The only ounce of brain power she had told her to shove it entirely in her mouth. And that’s what she did.

Ginny mindlessly chewed and sucked on parts of her hand while her legs randomly kicked and swayed. Drool covered her hand and started pouring down the sides of her lips. Her babyish coos echoed through the room. This was bliss. This was everything Ginny wanted now. Her emotions felt ten times stronger as a mindless baby than as an adult. Pure happiness ran deep through her mind and body. She wanted this. She loved this. She wanted to be a dumb mindless baby.

After about a minute, her mind slowly started to focus again. It was as if her brain lead an expedition back toward adulthood. Her thoughts felt small at first. Gradually, they started making coherent sense. She started registering the world around her, rather than simply reacting to it. The expedition back to the top of adulthood was hard and exhausting. After another 10 seconds, her brain groggily came back to reality.

“Wowie, that ones really really… um… make funny dumb head.” Ginny said, her vocabulary was still coming back to her. She was hooked. This was going to be the new way she’d spend her free time. Baby braining herself out like that? It was all she wanted in her ever growing and consuming fetish.

She clumsily got back to her feet. She had to take a few correcting steps once she was standing. She grabbed the nightstand for support.

“Oof… That ones is pretty intense. That… wow. I literally thought like a baby. Nothing. Just slow and mindless. That was….” Ginny said, looking back toward the spell book. “… Fricken awesome. I gotta find one more for Hermione. She’s going to LOVE these.” She said, grabbing the open book and flipping it to the next page. She scanned as her eyes danced around the pages.

Losing your potty training is fun. It’s more of an introductory spell to getting into the little head space though. Becoming blank and mindless is without a doubt the next step. It was fun, and Ginny was 100% going to use it on the regular. But there had to be one more. One more spell that really knocked everything out of the park.

“Holy shit.” Ginny said the moment she read the unique description. Most of the spells had a vague floaty description of what they did. This one though was different. It read exactly what would happen in plain English. Ginny couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

“Oh yeah. Here we go.” Ginny said, pointing her wand into the air. She didn’t think twice about it. She cleared her throat, and uttered the spell.

“Gloria Mundi”

A purple orb grew from the center of Ginny’s wand. Quickly it grew to the size of the room, then faded through the walls. Ginny felt a tingle run through the back of her spine.

She stood there for a moment. Not sure of how to test if the spell had worked or not. The only sound she heard was her quick breathing. Her head swiveled toward the bathroom. She didn’t know much about the room, but she did know there were normally mirrors in there. She quickly skipped over to the bathroom.

Ginny gasped the moment she saw her reflection. Her hand involuntarily cupped her mouth.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Ginny squealed at herself. She couldn’t stop the bursting happiness and euphoria erupting from her body if she tried. She started jumping up and down in place like an excited little girl. “I HAVE to tell Hermione!!!” She said, as she admired her reflection.

“This is crazy, this is going to be SO much fun.” She thought. “She wanted to meet at dinner time, right?” She thought, looking down at her watch. She had a couple hours to kill before then. “Eh, I can miss a couple classes to play before then.” Ginny thought as a devious look spread across her face. “Besides, I have to break the new spells in…” Ginny said, as she looked back toward the Spellbook.

She shoved a thumb in her mouth and started casting spells.

“HERMIONE!” Ginny said, slamming the Spellbook down on the Great Hall table. Hermione jumped from the sudden noise.

“Eep! Hey don’t scare me like that!” Hermione said before slapping her friend on the shoulder. She looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. “You made me leak a little in my diaper…” She said seriously.

“Seems like someone work up from her baby nap.” Ginny said teasingly. Hermione rolled her eyes.

It was true. Hermione did seem more “present” then she had the last time Ginny saw her. She was still wearing a diaper though. Being smart and top of your class didn’t necessarily mean you had to wear big girl panties. Even though there was a risk wearing in public, she did changed into a skirt so no one would likely notice.

“We don’t have to talk about that. Why do you have the Spellbook here anyways? I thought we decided we were going to keep it in the common room.” Hermione said. Ginny gave a smug look.

“Hermione. I’ve found the BEST spells of all time in this book. I’ve been trying some out the past few hours, and boy are they-“ Ginny said, before Hermione cut her off.

“You’ve been trying some out?! Without me?!” Hermione said concerningly.

“What? What’s wrong with that? Jealous you didn’t get to have baby time too?” Ginny said. Hermione blushed and looked away bashfully.

“No it’s not exactly that… what if you got hurt? These spells can be dangerous.” Hermione said, doing her best to not let her actual jealously shine through.

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” Ginny said, waving off Hermione’s concerns. “I’ve found some spells that can take us on a one-way ticket to baby land for as long as we want!” Ginny said. Hermione perked up at that last part. She was suddenly way more interested in what Ginny had to say. She didn’t want to come off that way though, she tried playing it cool.

“Oh really… That’s neat.” Hermione said before looking away for a moment. Her excitement got the best of her though, she quickly looked back and responded with, “What are they?!”

“Listen, I’ve found a spell that will make you forget your potty training. I got one that totally babyfies your brain. Like literally you have the mind of a newborn. It’s nuts and sooooo much fun! I spent the last like three hours in baby mode.” Ginny said while pointing to the Spellbook. Hermione looked quizzically at her for a moment.

“Didn’t you have class though?” She said. Ginny again waved her off.

“Whatever, listen. I have the best spell of all time in here though. It’s insane. Are you ready for this?” Ginny said, doing her best to build up the spell. Hermione played along and nodded.

“Okay… So…here it is. Literally, the entire world… sees you as a baby! It’s amazing. When I casted it, I checked my reflection and I looked exactly like one!” Ginny said triumphantly. She expected Hermione to have a stronger reaction to the new spell. But her body language seem only mildly unimpressed.

“Okay? How is that better than the baby brain spell? Or even the potty training one? I feel like those are way better for us. Why would we want people to see us as babies in the first place?” Hermione said. Ginny leaned in closer.

“Hermione. Break is coming up in a couple weeks.” Ginny said softly.

Hermione’s eyes lit up.

“And I think I just figured out how we’re going to spend it.” Ginny said.

“Are we…” Hermione said, Ginny finished her sentence for her.

“Spending the entire break as mindless babies? Oh yeah.” Ginny said.

Hermione couldn’t stop the growing excitement in her chest from forcing a smile.

Chapter 5

Ginny flipped to the next page in her potions book. Her page turning was almost too loud in the quiet library. It was so quiet that Ginny easily picked up on footsteps growing louder from behind. Moments later she felt a presence standing behind her. A light tap on her shoulder caused Ginny to spin around in her seat.

“Yes… Oh.” Ginny said, she quickly shot a joyful expression at Hermione. “You figured it out?” Ginny whispered. Hermione nodded her head, she motioned toward a nook across the room. Ginny smiled and nodded.

The two girls quickly walked over to a secluded corner of bookshelves. Ginny tried her best to keep excitement from bubbling over. She drew in consecutive deep breaths to remain calm. The two girls checked the area around the corner for any eavesdroppers. Once they determined the coast was clear, they sat down in the nook.

“I’m about to explode in anticipation.” Ginny said, her voice was just above a whisper. Hermione tried to stop equally excited emotions from taking over. She did the best she could to keep her voice steady.

“Alright, I’m fairly certain I thought of everything. If you have any questions or ideas, I’m all ears. But otherwise, I think we’ve got a foolproof plan here.” Hermione said in a low volume. The two leaned in closer so not a single step was missed.

“Hit me! I’m ready.” Ginny said.

“Before we even get to the plan. Just in general throughout this plan, we’re diapered the entire time.” Hermione said matter-of-factly. Ginny exhaled sharply through her nose, then shot Hermione a look that said ‘well duh?’

“Obviously, when was the last time you even wore regular panties?” Ginny said, as she pointed down at Hermione’s crotch. Her skirt laid across her groin. One could just make the outlines of a diaper if you looked close enough.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you.” Hermione said, smirking at Ginny. The two quietly giggled together before collecting themselves. Hermione cleared her throat and began delicately laying out the plan.

“Okay, step one. We gather all our belongings into my trunk. It’s enchanted to fit anything and everything, so we don’t need to worry about space. I’ll cast the illusionary spell, that way the suitcase looks like a box of baby clothes.” Hermione said quietly. She looked composed, yet Ginny could tell Hermione was just as eager as her to get this plan in motion.

“Smart, after that?” Ginny said.

“Then you cast the first spell. Gloria Mundi, the one where everyone sees us babies. You said it can be set for a certain amount of time. I’m thinking we set it for 14 days. That way when we get back to Hogwarts on the 15th day, people will see us our normal selves.” Hermione said. Ginny, already liking where this plan was going, nodded along.

“Mhm, go on.” Ginny said.

“Then, suitcase in hand, we apparate onto the front steps of your parent’s house. You knock on the door, while I cast the regression spell. You said we can set it for as long as we want. I was thinking we remain under the spell for-“ Hermione said, Ginny cut her off.

“The entire time?” Ginny said hopefully. Hermione’s face and body language reciprocated the excitement.

“Yep.” Hermione said with a wink.

“Yes!” Ginny whispered sharply; she pumped an enthusiastic fist into the air. “That’s perfect Hermione. This is going to be a-maz-ing. My parents will open the door, see us as a couple of abandoned babies, they take us in, then we play along in our baby-state for the entire break? It’s brilliant, Hermione!” Ginny said, truly in awe at how perfect of an idea this was.

“Mhm, and your parents will have no idea it’s us the whole time.” Hermione said.

“I do not know how I’ll be able to make it through the next couple days of classes. I literally can. not. WAIT.” Ginny said, her volume increased from the excitement. Hermione politely shushed her.

“Quiet down there, Ms. Pee pants. We don’t want the whole school to know we’re a couple of adult babies.” Hermione said quietly. Ginny nodded reluctantly.

“I know, I know. Okay, but anyways. What are we going to do on the last day of break? Grab our things and apparate back to King’s Cross?” Ginny said curiously. Hermione confirmed her line of reasoning with a quick nod.

“Yes, and as a failsafe, I’ve enchanted one of our toys so on the 15th day it’ll glow. That way we know to leave. I also made one of our toys a portkey incase we get ourselves into a bad situation. It’ll take us to my parent’s house. They’re traveling this holiday, so it would just be us. We’d have plenty of time and secrecy to clean ourselves up.” Hermione said, she continued, “The portkey is our key ring . Get it? Portkey… key…? I thought it’d be easy for us to remember even when we’re regressed.” Hermione said with a direct tone. Ginny understood and agreed.

“Portkey, key ring. Portkey, key. Got it. We won’t need it, but it’s always good to have a failsafe.” Ginny said.

“Exactly. Basically: We cast the spells, get to your parent’s house, play baby all break, jump back to King’s Cross, and head back to Hogwarts with everyone else.” Hermione said.

“Can you make it break already?” Ginny said, shimmying in excitement. The quick movement caused her diaper to crinkle. Hermione chuckled to herself.

“Heh, I wish. If you have any questions or think of anything before then, let me know. Otherwise, let’s stick to the plan.” Hermione said.

“Agreed. Hey, do you need a diaper change right now? I’ve got some questions about potions I wanted to ask you.” Ginny said. She knew even before Hermione came into the library that she needed a change. Her diaper was starting to feel bulky and swollen around her legs.

“Let me check…” Hermione said, she discreetly placed two fingers into her diaper. She felt moderately wet. She could stretch her diaper out another hour if she wanted, but she was never one to turn down the feeling of a fresh dry diaper. “Yeah, I could change. Let’s go.” Hermione said, before the two stood up and walked to the bathrooms together. Their conversation topic changed quickly from potions, to hypothesizing all the fun games they could play this break…

Hermione and Ginny finished getting undressed in the train’s bathroom. The sound of the train chugging along vibrated through the bathroom walls. Quick jerks and nudges almost caused the girls to loose their balance, but they were quickly able to regain their footing by placing their hands on the stall walls.

They had everything packed and ready for their break. The first step of their plan was moments away from happening. Hermione looked at Ginny.

“Sucks we can’t just apparate out of Hogwarts.” Hermione said, clearly annoyed by this step.

“I know. Who cares though, we’re minutes away from baby land.” Ginny said, trying to brighten the mood.

“Are you ready for this?” Hermione said to Ginny. The two were naked except for adult diapers around their waists. They both had a hodgepodge of emotions churning through them. They were ecstatic, nervous, cheerful, and horny all at the same time. Ginny gripped the handle of her wand a little tighter before she responded.

“I’m ready. I’ve been ready the past few days. This break is going to be the best time of our lives. I’ll cast the second you tell me to.” Ginny said, she held her wand at the ready.

“Okay.” Hermione said, taking in a deep breath to steady herself. She was nervous, but confident in the plan at the same time. Even with the butterflies she knew the portkey failsafe would get them out of any sticky situations.

“On three.” Hermione said, Ginny nodded. The two looked into one another’s eyes. You could tell they were ready. It was time to go home.

“3…2….1!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Gloria Mundi fourteen annos”

A purple orb grew from the center of Ginny’s wand. Quickly it grew to the size of the room, then faded through the walls. Hermione and Ginny felt the tingle run through the back of their spines.

“And just like that, everyone sees us as a baby for the next fourteen days.” Ginny said enthusiastically.

“Hold on!” Hermione yelled; Ginny grabbed onto her arm. A split second later, a loud crackling sound shot through the bathroom. The two began apparating through space, their beings twisting and turning around one another. The sensation lasted only a few seconds, before the same crackling sound rang out again. The world spun back into view.

Hermione and Ginny stood right in front of the Weasley’s front door.

“Cast!” Hermione said, nudging Ginny in the ribs.

“I know! Okay…” Ginny said, she cleared her throat and lifted her wand again.

“Caput Muta fourteen annos”

“Haha… Me love this part…” Hermione whispered to Ginny. The light from Ginny’s wand nearly blinded the two. Instantaneously they started feeling the effects in their minds. The high-level frequency thoughts dulled to quiet, simple platform of warm feelings and experiences. Worries and cares started melting into a blissful weightlessness in their heads. Their minds, becoming unburdened by knowledge, grew into a swimming fog of lost, fragmented thoughts.

“Ginny! Doowr!” Hermione said, her brain using all it’s mental capacity to remind her to knock.

“Goowd Tinking!” Ginny said. The wobbly girl used her dwindling mental might to coordinate her hand. She couldn’t remember how to fully fist her hand, so she lazily banged her knuckles on the door. It barely did enough to get the attention of Arthur and Molly.

“Who is that in the middle of a Sunday…” Arthur murmured to himself. He dropped his edition of The Daily Prophet down onto the kitchen table. His chair scraped across the wood floors as she stood up.

“It’s nearly noon. I don’t understand why someone would-“Arthur muttered as he pulled the door open. The sight of two infants, rocking aimlessly on their backs, caught him completely off guard.

“Molly!! Get down here!” Arthur yelled into the house. He was completely bewildered at the sight of the two babies.

“Hehe… he tinks we babyyysss!” Hermione said to Ginny. Her mouth felt numb and hard to articulate with. Her mind was having a hard time with following along with any train of thought. The moment those words left her mouth, she instantly forgot why she said them. Ginny lazily looked toward her friend and simply uttered what was on her mind.

“I… aghopeepee…” Ginny said, feeling that her diaper was getting wet. It was a pleasurable sensation of warmth spilling through her diaper. She could only slightly perceive the expanding sensation in her diaper. Knowing when and how to pee were increasingly complex concepts to her.

“What is it, Arthur. Oh my!” Molly said. She recoiled in shock at the two infants on her doorstep. She quickly got to her knees and examined the babies.

“Oh, look at you two cuties, come here… let’s get you off the ground now…” Molly said, she picked the two girls up, and placed them in her arms side by side.

“Weee!!!” Hermione said, but it sounded like, “wugubaba” to Arthur and Molly.

“Looks like someone doesn’t know how to go through the wizard orphanage process.” Arthur said, looking down at the case next to Hermione and Ginny. He bent down on a knee and flicked the locks open. His hands opened the case so he could peak into the contents. “At least they left us with clothes and diapers for them.” Arthur said to Molly.

“Who on earth would leave these perfect cuties on our doorstep? Hm? Who’s a cutie?” Molly said to Hermione. She tickled her belly, which caused squeals of delight from Hermione. Hermione didn’t notice a feeling of weight grow in the middle of her diaper.

“Welp, whoever they are. I’ll contact the Ministry and see if there are any missing children reports. Maybe we can try to connect them with their parents.” Arthur said. He closed the case and got back on his feet. He laced his fingers around the handle and pulled it into the house. “For now, I guess we’re stuck with them!” He said jubilantly. Both Arthur and Molly felt oddly excited about the prospect of watching these little ones. All their kids had grown out of the toddler/baby phase. It’d been years since they’d taken care of infants.

“That’s quite alright with me! Let’s get these two little witches into the living room so they can get comfortable.” Molly said happily. She walked the two girls around the house, and into the living room. She bent down and plopped the Hermione and Ginny onto the floor.

“You two go ahead and play while Arthur and I do grown-up things, play nice!” Molly said, she smiled and turned back toward the kitchen.

Ginny and Hermione locked eyes the moment Molly left the room. The two felt mountains of ecstasy erupt in their bodies. They couldn’t help themselves from rolling around in excitement.

“Dey tink we… we jus’ dum babies!” Hermione exclaimed. She let waves of relaxation wash over her as she realized her plan had worked perfectly. Her mind sent fireworks of babyish happiness. She lost herself for a few seconds in the warm blissful emotions.

“We get ta’ pway lwike dis fo’ sooooooo l-lwong!” Ginny said lazily. Her words sounded wet as drool started dripping down the sides of her mouth. She didn’t care, she simply kept talking through it as lines rolled down her chin. “T-tink Herminy how lwong… fou—fourrr… we’re here’ fo’ eva. Fo’ EVA!” Ginny exclaimed, feeling herself clap in spontaneous joy. Hermione nodded profusely as she felt a bubble of snot burst from her nose. Numbers didn’t make sense to Hermione right now, but she too felt like they were going to be in baby land for a very long time.

Arthur and Molly fell for Hermione and Ginny’s plan hook line and sinker. After calling the ministry with the exact description of the little witches, they obviously found no reports of the missing kids. The only two options for them now were to send them to a witch orphanage or keep them. They decided to take care of them for the holidays before making a decision. It all luckily played out in the girl’s favor.

The girls were hesitant at first to fully commit themselves to this new lifestyle. Before this plan, they’d only spend a couple hours playing baby at most. There was always the worry of being caught in the back of their minds. It kept them from jumping all the way into the mindless deep end. They had to keep just enough adult in them to react to a situation if need be.

It took the girls a few days to convince themselves that their plan had worked. Once they felt secure to let go though, the last of their brains slipped out of their minds, and into their drool on the floor. There was no holding back from the spell’s power at this point. The two wanted to be the dumbest, babyish babies they possibly could be.

Each day the two of them committed themselves further and further into this mindset. It wasn’t just the spell working on them, the two wanted to be this way. They purposely acted as little as possible, even in instances when the spell didn’t inhibit them.

Hermione and Ginny could understand one another, but about halfway through the break they started to talk baby babble to one another anyways. Hermione purposely started talking gibberish to Ginny one day just to see how she’d react. Ginny loved it, and from then on, they constantly gushed incoherent nonsense to one another. It was almost too much fun to act that way. It was like their brain rewarded them for making as little sense as possible.

Diaper use was round the clock. There wasn’t a single instance where Hermione or Ginny tried to hold it. They couldn’t if they tried. Their brains had completely dumped any and all knowledge about how to control their bodily functions. Their minds just didn’t have the capacity to register what a full bladder was, or what their bowels even did. To them, their diapers caught any all messes they were expected to make in the first place. They committed so hard to their incontinence, that it was going to take a couple weeks for their potty training to return to normal once they got back from break.

The best was right in the middle of their break. Hermione and Ginny babbled and played along with toys in their nursery one lazy afternoon. Hermione had felt the sexual desires burning in her diaper more and more as the days went by. She wanted to tell Ginny about emotions that had been growing inside her ever since they found that Spellbook.

“G-giny…” Hermione said, as she turned toward her friend. Ginny was staring blankly up into the ceiling.

“Wha?” Ginny said, too spaced out to comprehend someone was talking to her. She was thinking about all the pretty colors of the ceiling. Ginny felt Hermione’s presence appear next to her.

“Me wove diapies, and me wove you” Hermione said, suddenly, Ginny felt Hermione’s lips across hers.

The girls were regressed, but they still were in their adult bodies. Which meant they still felt every ounce of sexual power emanate through their bodies.

Ginny reciprocated the kiss. She felt her arms lazily wrap around Hermione’s head. Ginny felt the repressed sexual emotions she’d carried about Hermione burst out of her. Her mind had zero barriers at this point. She felt her mouth tell Hermione exactly how she felt.

“me wan dis… fo’ fo’ lwong… mhm… tiwme…mmhhm Herminy…” Ginny muttered as their lips remained locked. Hermione kissed Ginny harder, as she began positioning her hips on top of Ginny’s.

Slowly, their hips started to gyrate. The warm wet padding around their waists squished with each push. They rubbed on one another as an avalanche of sexual pleasure crashed into their beings. The pleasure wiped out any control of their minds. Complete babyish blankness cascaded through their skulls. They didn’t have the ability to make thoughts. Even the simplest concepts of letters words were too much for them. Their minds were shattered into a million glass pieces.

They were hooked at that point. It wasn’t just the sexual embrace, cuming like that together pushed them even further over the babyish edge. Each time they rubbed their diapers, it was like starting back near the mental age of zero all over again. Nothing but gurgles and whimsical diaper use once they finished a session.

It was a blissful week. Hermione and Ginny couldn’t have had a better experience. Every emotion and play time culminated to the end of the break. Both of them were having the time of their lives playing baby. This felt right. It felt almost like this was how they should live everyday of their life.

“I lowve dis.” Hermione said on one of the last nights, as the two laid in their cribs.

“Me two.” Ginny said, trying her best to focus through the fog of regression. She did her best to focus on Hermione’s words.

“Why nowt be baby wike dis all time?” Hermione said seriously. The rational part of her mind wasn’t there to fight these blissful feelings. Hermione loved acting and being treated like a baby. What’s the point of living any other way?

“I feewl da same ways, Herminy.” Ginny said. Playing baby brought more happiness and joy into Ginny’s life than any person, experience, or memory. Why fight it then? If she wanted to play baby in her whole life, then that was completely okay.

“Skool doe.” Hermione said. The thought had popped into her head on reflex. Ginny sat up in her crib and looked over at Hermione. Hermione got up and locked eyes with the girl. She was slurping away happily on one of her thumbs.

“I know, buwt wets do dis evwery day den? An-an-and summa’ bweak cawn be sooo fuwn baabieee tiwme too!” Ginny said ecstatically. Hermione’s mentally feeble brain felt itself light up with joy at the idea of being a baby like this for a long time.

“Yeawh! A-and dewn we babiee fo’ a w-…” Hermione trailed off, she felt herself grow lost in the conversation. Whatever the two had been talking about before completely left her. The growing feeling of a warm, wet soppy diaper started producing oceans of warm fuzzy feelings in her brain. Hermione instinctively gave into those emotions. Letting herself blissfully whisk away into sleep.

Ginny forgot they were talking shortly after that too. She became fixated on the spinning stars glowing and twinkling above her. They were so pretty to look at. They commanded every ounce of attention she had. She didn’t even register the expanding mass in the back of her diaper. To Ginny, those grunts were lost in the noise of her general incoherent babble. It was like white noise to her.

“Ginny” Hermione said in a slurred childish lisp. Ginny felt herself getting shaken awake. She opened her eyes groggily.

“Erhmrm gmum….um…” Ginny gurgled. The weight of sleep and regression rendered her mind utterly useless. Hermione shook her even harder.

“GINNY!” Hermione yelled. Ginny’s eyes shot open as she felt herself falling. She hit the ground a split second later.

“OW! Was dat fo’?!” Ginny said, the pain from hitting her head on the ground jolted her back to reality. She started rubbing the spot that had hit the ground.

Hermione pointed down at a glowing green fish toy on the floor.

“Iz gwowing.” Hermione said, for the first time in two weeks her tone wasn’t dumb and giggly. It was nervous and tense.

“So?” Ginny said, seemingly unimpressed. “Towys do dat.” She said, feeling anger growing in her chest. Why did Hermione wake her up for this?

“We suppose’ to be in skoowl now. Rwememba? I made dat if we babies fo’ too long.” Hermione said, her mind feeling it’s clearest since she got here. Ginny’s demeanor shifted from anger to uncertainty.

“Oh.” Ginny said, suddenly realizing the weight of the situation. “Why we not in skoowl?” She said.

“Ginny.” Hermione said, her face looked grim. “We not suppose’ to be dumb no more. We are suppose’ to be smawrt big kids right now. Why da spewll makin’ us dumb? It’s suppose’ to be done in fouurr… ergh, you know how many days! What’s goin’ on?!” Hermione said frantically. Ginny was doing her best to dig her mind out of the mental hole she’d put herself in this past break. It was so hard for Ginny to focus. She’d had switched brain to off for a very long time.

“Was it da spewll?” Hermione said, trying to piece together the situation with her infant mind. It was proving to be the hardest mental challenge she’d ever faced.

“I don’… I don’ know… One time me said wong’ ting… and… I stay baby long time….” Ginny said, she found her mind was waking up just enough to recall the faintest adult memories. She kept trying to focus, but there are mental consequences to being a baby this long. It was hard for Ginny to find the mental stamina. She already wanted to give up and do something else.

“Did you…. Say spewll cowrrect?” Hermione said, realizing in that moment what was going on. Her eyes grew wide with fear. “Ginny, da spewll longer den fourrrteen days!” Hermione said, Ginny responded with the same level of shock as a primal fear coursed through her.

“How we gonna mawke tings betta. We not biwg kids!!” Ginny said, but directly after finishing her sentence, her mind surprisingly delivered a memory during this critical moment, “Herminy! Da powt key!” Ginny said.

GASP Hermione gasped in surprise; Ginny was right!

“YES! We….” Hermione said, but her voice grew quiet. The air excitement deflated like a balloon.

“Whats we make da powrt key?” Hermione said, she couldn’t remember what the key was! Her mind was working at its absolute max to piece together their situation. She did not have the mental capacity right now to remember.

“BEE!” Ginny squealed. “Wememba, we say key, bee, key, bee!” Ginny said in a singsong manner. Hermione looked perplexed.

“Key, Bee?” Hermione said unaware of Ginny meant. Ginny felt relief wash over her, she felt the hum of regression start buzzing through her brain again knowing they’d be alright.

“We made da key da bee toy. Wememba? It rhymes. Find da bee towy and we no poopy!” Ginny said. Hermione finally understood what she meant. She sighed in relief, feeling that the situation was back under control.

“Youw sow smawrt! Find da bee!” Hermione said triumphantly. The two started an all-out search for the Bee toy. Of course, even if they did find a bee toy, it wouldn’t do anything.

The girls spent nearly two hours searching around for a bee toy. They kicked over toy boxes, searched under their cribs. They even hatched a special search mission for Ginny to sneak downstairs and find the Bee toy down there. When their searches turned up empty, Hermione felt like her control over the situation was slipping away again.

She felt a rising bubble of sadness rise to the center of her chest. She couldn’t stop the emotion from taking over her tear ducts if she tried.

“We neva’ gonna find it!” Hermione screamed, feeling tears uncontroably spill down her cheeks. Her sulking quickly escalated to full whaling moans. “Gi-nny. We’re. never. gonna. find. it. and. we’re. gonna. be. babbies. Foreeevverr!” Hermione whined in between her short breaths. Ginny felt a crashing wave of tears hit her eyes too.

“Cowme on Herminy, if you cwy… I’m gona… gona…” Ginny said, feeling herself lose control to a rain of tears. The two girls burst into a blubbering crying fit.

“Oh my goodness! What is going on in here!” Molly sang out in a motherly tone, as she swung the nursery door open. “We are losing it over here, aren’t we! Oh, I know how to take care of a fit like this!” Molly said, as she pulled out her wand. “Arthur said the Ministry found if they’re younger than 2, the charm won’t impact them when they’re older.” Molly said as she aimed her wand at the two girls. “This always does the trick!”


“Humwuh?” Hermione uttered, as a white orb grew from the tip of Molly’s wand. Hermione eyes felt dull. Her mind grew quiet, as things started to fall. Every memory. Every experience she ever had. They all erased from her mind.

“Grwaah…” Ginny slurred, a drooling tongue flopping out of her mouth. Her mind erased back to zero.

Complete, total, reset.

“There you two go! That’ll keep you quiet for at least a couple few hours. I’ll be back with breakfast in a moment, dearies!” Molly said lovingly. She closed the door and exited the room.

Hermione and Ginny didn’t say anything. They didn’t know how to. The two of them pushed babbles and gurgles through their mouths, as random fleeting experiences drifted through their brains. The blank void of nothingness hummed through their brains.

They didn’t have to worry about making it back to school anymore. That was back when they were grownups. There was no way for either of them to recall that life again. There was no spell in the world that could those memories back. They had a new life to live now. One where the world saw and treated them exactly the way they are, for the rest of their lives.

Dumb, mindlessly, babies.

MC 2020

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