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Alright, well this is my first attempt at writing stories ^^ Comments are definitely welcome and I appreciate all that took their time to read my story! I have to give props to BabyButt, Dr_J, and a couple other fellow authors who helped me with revising this story. Well, without further ado, here it is!

Her Name Is Lea
Chapter 1: The One & Only, Marshall Soel

The hallways were decorated in a very dull blue and yellow coat of paint. Not much was hung about, other than the pictures drawn by many children or random bulletins pinned up detailing about upcoming social events. The inevitable noise of children playing and shouting amongst themselves grew louder and louder with each step I took to the bright outdoors. Finally, we were outside.

“Well, here we are.” The caretaker began, with a smile.

Maybe I should explain. My name is Marshall Soel. You see, because of circumstances still unknown truly even to me, I would not really consider myself to be someone who would be stuck in the current predicament I’m in. A movie premier or maybe a film interview on the set of a major motion picture is what the public would generally see me in. Life for an international celebrity is something strived for by quite possibly, millions.

Yet, the side that the public eye is blinded from, there in lays the stress and difficulty I unfortunately have to face on a day to day basis. Sure, money, popularity on a global scale, having virtually anything you wish for with little or no difficulty seems to be the answer to any problem in life, right? Wrong.

Life, as far back as I can remember, was always difficult. No family or friends to turn to at such a young age, it’s surprising how far I’ve come, standing on my own two feet. Maybe, that in turn was what made me successful in life. Who knows? But, I digress; yes, life is very difficult, even to those that have it “made” supposedly.

A romantic relationship with a significant other, I recently have found out, is not my strongest field. Of course, the “Hi, how’s it going”, the physical attraction, and even initial dating aren’t usually the culprit for my past failures. The long term relationships; that ends up basically ruining everything.

After what seemed like countless emotional and economically painful break ups, I began thinking: “There has to be someone I could connect to, without it ruining me!”

The sheer thought of having someone to love and care for brought me an insurmountable amount of joy. But who? In this life, decent friends are rarity in their own right. Most of your supposed “friends” usually would end up screwing you over to save their own skin, or trick you into being more than generous to them, especially if you have the ability to. I couldn’t ever consider these types of friends to really be close to me.

My answer to this impressively annoying question came to me one day while on a serene walk around a park with an ex-girlfriend. (One of the few who actually ended the relationship on a peaceful note, so we still kept contact with one-another.) I saw a family of four; two joyous parents playing with their two children nearby. The father playfully chased his two energetic toddlers around while the mother sat close and watched, laughing right along with them. A child! It seemed so obvious now that the answer was right in front of me. From that day forward, I began to do all that I could to get a hold of adoption information, and under complete secrecy.

That was four months ago. At last, I was standing, staring out into the distance. The orphanage’s workers gave me a number of folders on many different children. To be honest, reading up on someone didn’t interest me much. Information by sight was much more rewarding, I believed.

“If you have any questions or need any help at all Mr. Soel, you know w-”
“Wait,” I interrupted.

I then quickly landed myself on the nearest bench and shuffled through a number of pictures before I thought to myself: “Huh, She isn’t here.” with surprise.

“I-Is something wrong sir?” The caretaker asked worriedly.

“Well, just that there’s a girl, playing out in the sandbox. I don’t know it’s odd… I guess someone did spark my interest.” I chuckled.

The woman looked out into the distance, and after a couple of seconds, she found her target.

“Ah, one sec Mr. Soel.” The caretaker ran quickly inside and brought back out an old, dusty folder.

“Here she is. Let’s see…” A pause ensued as the young woman quickly skimmed through all the info.

“Yup, that’s her, Little Lea.” She resumed, Still keeping her eyes on the folder: “Age four…mumble…blood type AB…mumble…oh…” She stopped for a moment.
“Mr. Soel, could we talk for a sec?”
I nodded while following her back inside.

“It’s very interesting that Lea caught your eye sir.” The caretaker said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.

I was curious by what she meant by that.

“Well, you see Lea has been here practically her whole life Mr. Soel, and… When you’re around a person for that long, you end up catching on to some things. We who work with the kids regularly have noticed something about Lea.” The caretaker explained.

“What hopeful, future parents look for in an adoptee is at least a healthy, well rounded child. Not too long ago, doctors here diagnosed Lea with Autism.”

A heartbroken look swept the woman’s face.

“Lea is…Very special sir. More than you know. When people first meet her, they think she might be mentally impaired, but she isn’t! Her affliction does not warrant her to true emotions, especially under moments of social interaction. All these problems and stress added this poor little girl has been under have really had their effects. We noticed that after she turned two, she was still having immense trouble with speaking. If only those that didn’t take an interest in Lea knew just…Just how she touches your heart, sir.” She told me earnestly.

The caretaker slumped to the nearest bench, accompanied by a heavy sigh. A short silence filled the halls.

My fist clenched as the caretaker told me about Lea’s unjust life and how her fate was played out under such terrible conditions. A girl who was never given a chance to show people what she could do. Stricken with a problem that limited her in life from the get go. I truly felt for her. Everyone deserved a chance, and I was going to give her hers.

“Ok. She’s the one.” I said.

Almost as if on cue, the caretaker looked up at me in surprise; in wonder if what she heard was really what I said. I simply smiled and sat down next to her. I released a heavy sigh as well, but more of relief than anything else.

“So…” I curiously said while clasping my hands together. “I’m uh, kind of new to the whole adoption thing-”

“Oh! Of course, I’m sorry Mr. Soel, please right this way.” She gestured, glowing in suppressed excitement.

She led me to an office nearby and no sooner did she close the door, she pulled out what appeared to be an encyclopedia’s worth of paper.

“This is where the fun starts.” The caretaker said with a small chuckle.

“Grreaaat.” I muttered, in shock at the ridiculous amount of paperwork needed.

The initial papers that were needed right then and there took several hours to complete. Before I knew it, the sun had set, and sounds of kids shouting and yelling simultaneously were creeping into the office. We quickly went to go inspect what it was all about.

The caretaker gave a worried expression as we paced through the halls, coming closer and closer to the room. She apparently already knew the reason for it, unlike me. But it was later made very clear what was happening.

“Like I said, Lea doesn’t really have a solid placement for interacting with others. When a number of people talk while overlapping their voices or just speak too loudly, it will kind of mash up and distort; basically she can’t understand what a person says unless it is spoken clearly and quietly.” The caretaker explained with hand gestures.

“The kids pick on her a lot for it.” She continued. “We who work here, try to do our best, but we can only save her every so often from the bullies.” The room was only a turn away, and as the young caretaker entered, I stood back and watched the group of children around Lea.

“Oh man.” The caretaker hastily made her way into the group of kids.

“Hey, how come you don’t talk, huh?” An older kid in the group spitefully remarked towards Lea.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with her?” Another kid added.

“Alright, that’s enough! It’s Time to go back to your rooms!” The caretaker authoritatively yelled over the group’s talking.

The children quickly dispersed and Lea was once again left in peace.

“Lea, are you okay?” The woman asked softly, in a very paced and quiet demeanor.

The small girl gave an idle nod.

The caretaker looked at me, then back at Lea, and said
“Oh, um… Sweety, there’s someone that wants to meet you.”

Lea calmly looked about, from left to right. It only took her a second or two to find me near the entrance of the room the kids were in. Her eyes met mine, and I froze in anxiety. Should I wave? Or maybe smile? Man, do I already look like a fool? Oh crap, they’re heading this way![/img]

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

A fantastic start Silent Virus. I look forward to more. Its also unique from what I can tell. Well as unique as you can get with our subject matter.

Very enjoyable

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Thanks LB, Appreciate the comment! I always enjoy relying on originality for things I do or write.glad to see this is as well^^

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

I really enjoy reading it Silent Virus.

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Thanks MGB! chapter 2 will be up soon enough ^^

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

This is interesting. It shows a lot of promise.

One thing I think I ought to point out, though. Few countries, if any, allow single males to adopt girls who are not related to them, except in certain rare circumstances. And adoption is rarely a case of filing paperwork and being able to get the child; prospective adoptive parents usually have to go through a lot of sessions with a counselor or other healthcare professional before the application is approved.

I don’t really understand some of the language you use…such as (towards the end) an ‘idle nod’. I also feel that some of the phrases you use is slightly awkward (eg ‘paced and quiet demeanor’).

But overall, it’s a story that shows a lot of promise.

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Hmm Interesting Point vicky i never actually noticed that. i never did see annie though, sounds like a good musical tho :smiley: thanks again for the comments every1!^^

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

And Here is Chapter 2 ^^ Hope it is up to par with the first chapter! Enjoy!^^

Chapter 2: No Fear, No Worry

It’s amazing how my hands shook! My nervousness and anxiety to make a good impression was making me feel queasy. I didn’t know whether to seem firm and strong, or mellow and laid back! What would a young child expect from an adult they’ve never seen before? As both began walking towards me, I regained my composure and showed a warm smile.

“Mr. Soel, this is Lea.” The young woman nudged Lea gently closer to me.
“Hello there.” I said to the small girl before me. I knelt down to get at her eye level, and ending up chuckling slightly as she still needed to look up, even with me kneeling.

It had seemed that she read me very clearly at how nervous I initially was to meeting her. She gave back a welcoming smile, and reached up to pat my head.

I laughed, saying: “Well, it’s nice to meet you, too.” and patted her curly, brown hair back. She giggled slightly at my similar gesture.

Something that seemed to captivate me about her was those incredible eyes. How unbelievably foolish any parent has to be to deny such a beautiful child, I’ll never know. We stood in front of each other for what must’ve been only about a minute or so, but felt like hours, just staring. The lighting in the room seemed to intensify her emerald eyes. As piercing and deep as they were, they also presented innocence. Such eyes of deep intellectual thought, all the while carrying innocence and youthfulness; definitely not something I had seen very often.

“Um… Mr. Soel?” The caretaker said, breaking my train of thought.
“Oh! I’m sorry about that.” I chuckled sheepishly.
“Well, I think it might be time for the kids to head back to their rooms. It is getting kind of late. Lea, wanna say goodbye to Mr. Soel?” She gestured to Lea.

The little girl walked closer to me and wrapped her small arms around my torso. My surprise to the spontaneity of her action was obvious, but I managed to recover quickly as I gave a soft hug back.
Our hug was brief, and was broken off soon afterwards, and I stood back up waving goodbye to the small girl. The caretaker and Lea turned to another hallway, leaving me with only my thoughts regarding all that’s happened today.

“She could very well be the one.” I contemplated. A moment later, I chuckled at myself, realizing how over the top I sounded. She wasn’t a mystical key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. But a child; a child that had been neglected her whole life because of indifferences. There was definitely something about her though, that just seemed right.
I couldn’t place my finger on it, but she had it.
All this time thinking, left me distracted as the caretaker had come back from leaving Lea in her room, and ended up scaring the living daylights out of me.

“Mr. Soel?” She said, tapping me on the shoulder.

“Whoa where’d you come from? You sure walk quietly.” I joked, still startled.

“Oh sorry, Well, Lea is back in her room and all the kids are probably going to be heading to sleep around eight.”
I looked at my watch. It read about 15 minutes to eight.

“Wow, what a day, Jeez…” I said, rubbing the back of my neck.
The caretaker laughed and said: “By the way, do you have the center’s contact information?”

“Yup, all right here.” I replied, holding up a folder, thick in papers.
“Alright then, if anything comes up we’ll be sure to call you.”
“Perfect, it was nice to meet you miss…” I offered my hand to the smiling woman.
“Amber, Amber Smith.” She told me, returning the handshake.

We then said our goodbyes, and I exited the front doors of the center.

I headed to my car and turned it on. During all of today’s interesting turn of events, I had completely forgotten to turn my phone back on! 37 Voice-mails. I let out a small chuckle at the staggering number.
“Oh fun…” I thought to myself.
Most had ended up being from my agent, who had been nothing short of freaking out about where the hell I’d been all day. The rest were simple acquaintances wanting to know my plans for the day. Hardly anyone knew of my plan for adoption, and I was hoping to keep it that way, at least until the time was right.

I closed my phone and turned on my car. The parking lot had a number of cars scattered about, very poorly parked I might add. I turned around and headed back home.

As the radio buzzed quiet, old school tunes in the ever-darkening dusk, many things ran through my mind: "How would having a kid affect my career? My relationships? My social life? How would my life in general be affected? I rhythmically rubbed my stubby chin, so many things to think about. All that needed to wait though; I needed to make a call.

The phone rang twice, before a gruff sounding, low pitched; older man’s voice answered:
“Jimmy’s Beds and Furniture, how can I help you?”
“Hey Jimmy, how’s it going, it’s Marshall.” I replied, livelier than usual.
“Hey long time no see, how’s Hollywood treatin’ ya buddy?”
“Oh you know same old, same old.” I joked.
“What can I do ya for brother?” Jimmy asked.
“Well, uh… I’m having… A… niece! Yeah, a niece over for awhile and uh… Was wondering if you had some furniture for kids around her age and stuff…?” I nervously lied. Lying was never a specialty of mine, so when the time came to answer his question, my response was backed up by virtually no thought before-hand.

“A niece? Aren’t you an only child or something?” Jimmy suspiciously replied.

“Damn, caught. Well he is a long time friend, and he is a very understanding person as well. I guess I’ll tell him.” I thought.

I sighed slowly, and finally admitted to Jimmy about my idea for adoption, and how it must remain on the Down Low until I could find a right time to reveal it.

“A kid, huh?” He let out raspy laugh, and finally said jokingly “Let me tell ya Marsh, they definitely ain’t all that they’re cracked up to be.”

“Well, I’m just glad you understand Jim.” I replied solemnly.
“Hey, it’s no problem. Listen, a twin mattress set just came in yesterday. I doubt anyone is really interested in it. The design on it I think is perfect for your little girl. Think you can take it off my hands?”
“R-Really? Are you sure? I wasn’t expecting to find something so quick!” I asked surprised. The thing that I really liked about Jimmy was that he was a very giving person. Whenever he’d see a friend in need, he wouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand. He might be the closest thing to a true friend I’ve ever had.

“Oh yeah, it’s no problem, really. Just get some of your guys to pick it up sometime tomorrow, alright?”

“Yeah, of course. Hey Jimmy thanks again, man. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.” I told him truthfully.

“Heh, don’t worry about it. Now if I can just take that GT500 out of your hands, I think we’ll be even.” He joked.
I laughed heartily along with him. “It’s a deal! I’ll talk to you later though, alright?”

“Most definitely, take care of yourself Marshall.” I hung up the phone, and continued to drive into the night. It only took another 2 minutes before I reached my house. The garage doors opened as I pulled my SUV inside. The insects chirped quietly as I made my way to my front door.

I hung my jacket on the stairway handle and dragged myself up to my room. It had been a very long day, and my body rarely felt this tired. With my bed just inches away, I crashed onto it, with all the force and pressure built up from the day’s adventure. It didn’t take long for me to go to sleep.

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

I almost missed the 2nd chapter. Didn’t realise you would post on the same page. Now that I know I make sure to check.

Keep it coming. I find this story to be innocently charming (charming where did that come from) and I anticipate the future. The possiblity for cuteness is unending

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Thanks so much LB ^^ charming huh? I like the sound of that :smiley: I’m currently working on chapter 3 and should be up in a just a day or two ^^ thanks again 4 all reading!

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Alrighty chapter 3 is here! ^^ Comments once again are greatly appreciated, enjoy ^^

Chapter 3: The Annoyances of Life

The morning came all too soon as the sunlight beamed heavily down on my face, through the half open curtains. I lazily got up to close the curtains, but was shocked awake as my phone-still in my pocket- furiously vibrated. I picked up hastily and answered: “W-What, what is it?!?!” I groggily yelled.

“Marshall! Where were ya?! I been calling all day yesterday, but no answer! Thought for a second there, someone had done up and kidnapped yous.” Frank, my agent yelled back.

For a well known Hollywood agent to multiple celebrities, he sure liked to get into people’s business about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! It was just my luck to find him unfortunately, but it’s not to say he didn’t help me in my career. What else are agents for? Ironically enough, because of his snooping, I was able to confirm a major deal with a fellow company on the making of a film during that time. I guess Frank isn’t one to complain too much about. A good guy to know, but definitely someone to keep your eye on.

As he finished his tirade on how worried he was, and wanting to know just exactly what I was doing yesterday, I slowly rubbed my temples to remain concentrated. “Jeez, he sounds like a mother on a cliché family show.” I thought to myself.

“Listen, it’s alright Frank. I’m obviously still here, not kidnapped. And what I did yesterday is of no concern to you.” I spoke up finally.

“What’d you do Marshall? Don’t tell me you been hangin 'round them floosies again.” Frank said, with an obvious shaking of the head.

“W-What?!?! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, wow you are off dude.” I replied quickly, trying to drop that topic as soon as possible.

"Come on, then what? Marsh, it’s me, Fra-

“Ok, don’t even try it Frank.” I said interrupting him.
“Just… Drop it. I have enough problems built in my day to allow you to ‘accidentally’ leak out some important information of mine to the nearest newspaper, just for a quick buck. Just mind your business on this one.”

“You think I would do that to yous?” Frank replied, sounding slightly offended.

“Yes… And three different magazines claiming you ‘told all’ for a lousy twenty grand will agree.”
“Alright, alright, don’t tell me then, damn! Let’s jus’ hope you ain’t doin’ somethin’ that’ll really fuck ya up in the long run, Marsh.” Frank said back.

I thought about what Frank had just said for a moment before responding. Could my choice for adopting Lea really have such negative effects on my life? No, no, of course not. If anything it’s a blessing to have a child to love in your life. I sighed deeply and said: “Don’t worry about it. Listen, if it’ll help you sleep at night, I can assure you I wasn’t doing anything illegal.”

“I guess that’s somethin’. Well anyway, for today GQ set up your shoot at around 2:00, you didn’t forget did ya?”

“Of course not.” I lied. With everything that happened yesterday, I had to put the rest of my activities on hold. Luckily, Frank was good at keeping track of events that required my presence.

“Great. Let’s see… And remember those guys that came in last week for the roles in this year’s film?” Frank asked, still skimming his calendar of events on his phone.
“Oh yeah… Those guys, uh… Of course…” I replied, with no idea who he was talking about.

“They called me yesterday about having brunch to discuss the movie. We set it up for today at about… 11:00. You have exactly 30 minutes to get to The Blue Vineyard or you will make a very bad first impression.” He finished in a cheery tune.

“The Blue Vineyard?!?! The drive alone is like half an hour!” I angrily barked.

“Then you better hurry the hell up and get your ass over here!” Frank replied back.

I sharply closed my phone and jumped into a new shirt. I quickly checked my hair only to see it was exactly the same as yesterday. It tended to spike up naturally, making it a very casual, but still a mature and adult hair style. I grabbed my jacket from the stairway handle and leaped off a small set of stairs, landing in front of my entrance. I sprinted to my car, turned it on, and blazed out of my driveway.
Traffic seemed to be on my side, since there was virtually no stopping or slowing down during my travel to The Blue Vineyard. My car’s wheels screeched as I stopped on an open parking spot, just in front of the restaurant. I checked my watched: “Oh wow, its 10:56! I can’t believe I made it.” I thought to myself. I breathed a sigh of relief as I pushed an entrance door open and marched to Frank who was waving me down, on a far corner table with two other gentlemen sitting nearby him.
Our little social gathering lasted hardly two hours, talking about an endless assortment of topics. Frank and I shook hands with the two men and we parted ways, at least until our next scheduled meeting. It’s odd, throughout the time talking about projects and film ideas, and other technicalities of our jobs, I couldn’t remain concentrated. That child, Lea, was stuck in my mind. I remembered Amber’s words very clearly: “…If only those that didn’t take an interest in Lea knew just…Just how she touches your heart…” Those words burned with anguish in my heart. I felt I really had a chance for the first time to truly help someone.

“Marsh… Marshall! Hello? You there buddy?” Frank said, disrupting my moment of thinking.
“Yeah, I’m here, I’m here.” I replied.
“Watcha planning on doing today anyhow?” Frank asked, with a slight suspicion in his voice.

As Frank said that, I remembered about the furniture for Lea!

“Hey Frank, I’m going to be pretty busy today, alright? Maybe next time we can hang out.” I told him with a small pat on his back as I turned to my car.

“where ya going Marsh?!” Frank exclaimed as I practically ran to my car.
I rushed as coolly and quickly as I could, leaving Frank in the dust. Giving him a small wave just before I exited The Blue Vineyard, I went immediately back to my house.

I decided to call a friend from my old school days; He was to this day still considered a meathead, but an all around ok guy. It took about a minute or so before a young, surfer-dude sounding voice answered my call.
“Yooo! What’s goin’ down Marshall, bro?!” yelled Toby.

“Hey, how’s it going Toby? I’m doing aright, listen I got to ask you for a big favor.”

" Course, anything, what’s up?"

“I’m going to need a little bit of help moving just a bed set into a room in my house. It’s kind of clunky so I was wondering if you could give me a hand…?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh yeah, most def Marsh. When uh…You think you need that help?” Toby inquired.

“Can you come over now?”

“Yeah sure! I’ll be there in 10.”

“Great, see you in a bit.” I finished.


I closed my phone and turned to the street leading to my house. I pressed in my gate password and it signaled me in. The gates hummed slowly as they opened, allowing my car through. I arrived only about a minute or two earlier than Toby did. Just as I was parking my car, I noticed a black Jeep Wrangler waiting patiently for the gates to open, leading him to my house.

We both exchanged greetings and I told him where the furniture store was going to be. I suggested leaving his car here, and to car pool with me to our next destination. He agreed and we were off.

“So what’s the furniture for anyway Marsh?” Toby asked as he took a sip of his water.
“A girl…” I replied casually.
I figured that if people were going to be put into the position of having to know about my idea of adopting, I may as well tell them as casually and normally as I could. It would be a big deal if I made it sound like a big deal. Of course, secrecy would still remain toward the subject; I would make sure of that.

“What, you finally settling down or something?” Toby asked with a gulp.

“I guess it’s something like that…” I said.

“Oh congrats bro! I better make sure she’s right for ya, I know the type you like!” Toby replied, with a wide grin.

“I’m not getting married Toby.” I told him flatly.

“Wha… You’re not? I’m confused.” Toby said, taking another drink.

I chuckled slightly. “It’s for my daughter.” I said.

With those words, Toby spit out the water he had in his mouth all over the dashboard of my car.

“DUDE!” I yelped, almost losing control of the car right then and there.

“Your daughter?! When the hell did this happen?!” He yelled back at me.

“She’s not really my daughter; I spent all of yesterday doing paper work for adopting this little girl I met in an orphanage. That’s what the beds for. My god, look at what you did to my car!” I said changing the subject as Toby’s backwash dripped everywhere.

He grabbed a couple of napkins, and began to dry up the mess.

“Sorry about that, just kinda surprised is all. Can’t blame me there!” Toby remarked in defense.

We rolled into the furniture store just as Jimmy stepped outside and noticed us.

“Hey there Marsh, how’s it going Toby.” Jimmy greeted us. I gave him a quick ‘bro hug’
And we were led inside.

“Well here she is.” Jimmy said while placing his hand on the wooden frame of the bed.
The wood covered the entire edge of the bed, and had engraved many intricate designs through out it. The mattress itself was a light pink, with fluffy pillows to match.

“Wow, its beautiful Jim. I feel kind of bad having to take it apart, looking like that!” I joked.

“Hey, it’s pretty easy to re-assemble so don’t even worry about it.” Jimmy chimed.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Toby said, already beginning to unscrew the frames apart.

With all three of us quickly taking the bed apart, we had finished much earlier than expected. Toby’s dissatisfaction clearly showed on his face. The bed was so small; it didn’t even need to be tied to the roof of the car. We set everything in the back and said our good byes to Jim.

“So…” Toby started up again.
“No more parties at your house?” He continued, with an obvious intent for joking.
“I’m afraid not bro. She’s only like 4 years old. Not the best place for wild raves that can last will 3 in the morning.” I said, laughing. We both had a good laugh while I rode up my driveway, to park my car once again.

We took all the things straight to the room and began assembling the bed, piece by piece. After about 10 minutes, the bed was fully assembled and placed in the very middle of the room. My phone began to buzz quite loudly and I excused myself to go find privacy in the downstairs kitchen. I answered quickly, once I knew Toby was out of hearing distance.

“This is Marshall.”

“Hello, Mr. Soel, my name is Bridget Johnson from the CDSS and I recently was handed the paperwork you filled out yesterday on adopting the little girl, Lea Summers?” The woman on the other end said.

“Oh yes, I did! Is there something wrong?” I asked cautiously.

“Not exactly, just now that the adoption process has taken place, one of the routine things done is checking the adopter’s background, living accommodations, and things like that.” Bridget replied cheerfully.

“We have your police records on hand. Let’s see… Well other than a couple of unpaid parking tickets, you seem pretty clean.” She continued.

“I appreciate that.” I chuckled at the social service worker’s comment.

“Next is to check your living conditions; just to be sure how they’ll be for when the child is brought here. Things that will be seen will be overall cleanliness, house structure, and from I’ve read, Lea Summers is marked down as 4 years old. So, baby proofing the house won’t be all that necessary.” She added cheerfully.

“Oh ok.” I simply replied.

“When do you think you’ll be available for the home study Mr. Soel?” Bridget asked.

“How about next week; same day, same time?”

“Perfect! Monday, at noon. Let’s hope you don’t forget, now!” She chimed.

“Oh I won’t. Talk to you soon.” I said, closing my phone.

As I closed my phone, I noticed the atrocity of filth that covered my kitchen, not to mention my living room! “Note to self, clean house before next Monday.” I quietly told myself.

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Aaaarrrrrr, your one of those ones. The kinda writer that likes to drag things out and tease, leaving the reader wanting more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your a very good writer. Although its a little frustrating when you tease like this. It will be an excellent story when there are a few more chapters together.

4.5 gold stars :smiley:


Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Hello everybody ^^ Sorry about the late chapter update, but i had been pretty busy and sick and even more busy this past week. hope you enjoy chapter 4!

Chapter 4: A Small Problem

I began to walk back upstairs as I heard Toby call to me.
“Hey yo Marsh, Get over here!” He yelled from the room above.

I quickly made my way up the stairs, and was confronted with Toby facing away from me and him looking peculiarly at the walls surrounding him. Attempting to see what Toby was fixating on, I slowly stood next to him. Looking around, but finally giving up after a couple of seconds, I asked: “So… Is something wrong?”

“Hmm… The walls are so plain…” Commented Toby as he began to cross his arms.
I surveyed the walls, and basically everything inside the room as well. The newly done wood floors shined quite brightly as the sun passed through the one window on the far right of the room. The recently set up bed stood with almost elegance against the true plainness of the walls surrounding it. The walls themselves had a very basic light gray tone to them. To be honest, I thought the bed did stand out a bit against the wall’s incredibly boring colors.

“You’re right. What should we do?” I asked Toby, still contemplating on the wall’s condition.

“Well we could always give it a new color.” He suggested, excitedly.
“Yeah, maybe we could make it match the bed? It’s definitely a girly color, I’m sure she’ll like it.” I replied enthusiastically.

"Right on! Where do u think a Home Depot or somethin’ might be at?

“Oh I’m sure we’ll find one around here somewhere.” I replied confidently.

We both headed straight to the nearest car and drove out of the driveway, back on the road.

After about 10 minutes of driving around, we stumbled on a Lowe’s that I had never really noticed in all my time living here. Nevertheless, we parked, and went in.

The assortments of colors and varieties available were truly astounding! Both, Toby and I knew we needed help to find the right color. Just as I thought this, a middle aged woman came upon us.

“Can I help you gentlemen find anything?” The kind woman asked.

“Oh yes, I’m just wondering what color you would recommend in a room for a girl about… Four years old?” I asked.
“Four years old you say? I honestly can’t say for sure, did you have a color in mind at all?”

“Well, the thing is I recently got this bed for uh… My friend’s kid! Her daughter’s room would really look great with a new color painted on it. It’s just too plain, you know? The bed is pink; I just need to know a good color to match everything with.” I explained, with a hint of nervousness.

The woman stood nearby, thinking for a moment, before moving to several different slots on the wall and picking a number color cards out. Pausing to look at them and then turning to me. “What do you think of these colors? My daughter never cared much for pink, but it sounds like your friend’s might.” She said with a wink.

I immediately noticed that the shades of colors on the cards handed to me matched Lea’s bed near perfectly! They were soft, but still giving some contrast, making it very appealing to the eye.

After a small argument on what would look best between me and Toby, we finally settled on one color called Soft Baby Pink. It was definitely a lighter pink than the bed’s and was very easy to look at, almost calming if you think about it. The customizing of the paint took almost half an hour, but our patience was rewarded with two full buckets of the perfect color for Lea’s new room. I paid for the colors, and we were driving back home.

After about ten or so minutes into painting the second wall, my phone began to ring wildly. It was Frank, and I instantly began to mentally kick myself since I had completely forgotten about the photo shoot this afternoon! I reluctantly picked up the phone, knowing completely of the inevitable yelling that Frank had in store for me for being oblivious to my schedule.

“Hey Frank…” I said, desperately trying to sound mellow.
“It’s 1:50 Marshall, where the hell are you?!” He yelled back.
“I’ve been stalling the photographer for ten minutes; he’s getting mad that you aren’t here yet!” Frank continued.
“Listen, I’m leaving right now, I’m at my car. I’ll be there in 5.” I replied calmly, while signaling with my hands to Toby that I had to leave. He silently gestured “Ok” and began to pack everything up.

As I finally got to my car and began to turn it on, a thought crossed my mind: “If my career is already being affected by Lea, without me even having her yet, how will it be when I am actually taking care of her?” I concentrated for an answer, before quickly remembering about the shoot, and roared out of my house.

I arrived just in time meeting Frank once again, and saying hello to everyone on the set. After giving a gracious apology to the photographer of my tardiness, we began taking the photos.
All in all, the entire shoot lasted a couple of hours, simply taking pictures of me sponsoring some very unusual foreign soft drink. We all had a good laugh at something Frank had said to liven up the mood, and I was soon out of there.

Checking my watch while driving, I saw that the day was still quite early. “Only 5:00 PM and I don’t have anything else to do.” I thought to myself. I began to turn my car around and head to the Orphanage.

I arrived shortly and was greeted by none other than Miss Amber Smith.

“Hi there Mr. Soel, How are you?” She said, extending her hand.

“Oh just fine, thank you; Say, do you think it’d be much trouble to see Lea?” I asked, shaking her hand back.

“I don’t think it would be any trouble. Might help you guys get acquainted and all.” She replied cheerfully.

We both crossed into a hallway that I was not familiar with. While passing, I noticed a couple of slightly opened doors, and gave a quick peek inside. Children seemed to be packed in great numbers in these very small rooms. Many bunk beds filled each room, but what surprised me were the looks of fun the children were having amongst themselves, even in small spaces.

Amber turned into a room just as I was observing the children play, and I quickly caught up with her. “Oh not again,” She muttered quietly, me close behind. She walked up to a bottom bunk, where a small figure was enwrapped in a green blanket. I immediately also noticed something wrong as Amber began to shake the small girl awake. The blanket’s color was a dim sea green tone, but just around Lea’s lower half, the color turned a deeper, darker green, like the color of a blanket after someone wets the bed, which also apparently was what happened.

Lea was taken by the hand to another room to get changed out of her wet clothes. It took a mere minute or two and Amber came back out, Lea close by. She signaled the little girl to stay near her bed for a moment before walking back to me.

“Listen; there might’ve been something we forgot to mention about Lea.” Amber said hesitantly.

“She has chronic bedwetting Mr. Soel. Some doctors believe that she just has a very immature bladder and that is the main cause of it all. It was incredibly difficult just to get her potty-trained, so when this came up… We couldn’t do very much sir.” She explained, with a heavy sigh.

“The best we could do was supply Lea with ‘protection’ for her night time accidents.” She continued with a quieter tone of voice.

“Unfortunately, just a few months ago we found out that our funds were losing more money than gaining. Almost anything that wasn’t completely necessary was let go of, which included Lea’s protection. We’d hoped that she could outgrow it or something; But so far no luck.”

I thought for a second before finally responding to the situation.
“Alright, so… How much would you need?” I asked curiously.
“I’m not sure how much we even get regularly; the money was usually either from the government or charities set up around here.” Amber replied quizzically.
“Hmm… Do you think 100 thousand will do?” I said, to which Amber replied with a most astonished look on her face.

“Mr. Soel, I-I d-don’t think we ca-”
“Did I ever tell you how much the name Mr. Soel sounds really old to me? Just call me Marshall.” I replied warmly.

“Marshall… I…”

“Listen; don’t even worry about the money. What you should worry about is making Lea comfortable for the rest of the time being that she’s here.” I consoled, with a hand to Amber’s shoulder.

“Thank you.” Was all that she said, before wrapping me in a surprise hug.
Just as I broke off our hug, I decided to ask her about something that had been bothering me ever since she told me about Lea’s “accidents”.

“The bedwetting…” I began. “How bad is it? Do you think she really will be able to outgrow it some day?”

Amber looked out at Lea, still standing next to her bed.

“We’ve been informed that there’s a chance she might as she gets older, but it’s unlikely.” She said gloomily.

After a short silence filled the air, a smile escaped my face, much to Amber’s surprise.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s bedwetting or Leukemia; I still feel the same for that little girl. I will help her overcome her obstacles, one way or another, no matter what they are.” I told her solemnly.

“Lea’s very lucky to have someone who cares for her so dearly.” Amber softly replied.

I followed Amber to where Lea was quietly standing by, watching us both with curious eyes. I was shocked to see that Lea had overcome a great deal of shyness since we last met not too long ago. She slowly walked up to me and waved at me a “hello”. I knelt down and decided to softly shake her hand in compliance to her greeting.

“Nice to see you again, Lea.” I softly told her.
Lea saw me take her hand and place it in mine while pushing my thumb just on her small palm, and proceeded to move it up and down with a kind but firm grip. I felt her grip harden slightly in retaliation of my handshake. Smiling while staring at her emerald eyes I quietly told her: “You deserve so much more Lea. I promise you; very soon, I’ll give you everything you will ever need in life. I promise.”

Her body language did not change; neither did her physical position face to face, just staring back at me. I wondered if she had heard me or not, but just as I thought this, she released a joyful smile that eased my worries. She slowly released her grip on my hand and patted my head gently. As she began to take her hand off my head, I brought the small child in front of me into a warm embrace. I wish it could be explained the feelings that Lea brought me when she smiled due to my actions. She really could hear me, and she trusted me. I had only known her for a few days, yet the feelings of compassion that had been built up from then, could feel like I had known her all my life.

After a couple of seconds, the hug had ended. Lea was still smiling joyfully, and I stood back up from the moment to thank Amber and tell her not to worry about anything. Minutes later, it was time to leave and I gave another soft hug to both girls. Just before stepping out, I pulled out my checkbook. Quickly scribbling all the essential info down, I handed the check to Amber. From the look on her face, I was more worried about her fainting than anything else.

“Say it was a donation from a friend.” I told Amber.

She gratefully thanked me once again and we said our goodbyes.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, night time had settled all around me.

As I entered my room I began to set everything that I had with me on the desk next to my bed. Slowly, everything dropped from my hand, onto the desk, producing a number of sounds in the process. I took off my jacket and laid it on a chair nearby.

The day had been an assortment of unusual events after another. Just before finally drifting off to sleep, I wondered if this was how life would be from now on.

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Very excellent …keep them coming


Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

An excellent story. Keep it up Silent Virus.

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

I just started reading this today… I’m finding it very enjoyable. Very good for your first attempt.

Keep up the great writing. :slight_smile:

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

wow I really appreciate all the positives responses so far ^^ I’ll soon have another chapter up, hopefully i’ll finish it before the week is out :slight_smile: thanks again guys, it really motivates me to keep adding more to this story ^w^

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

more plzs

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

An excellent addition as always my friend! :slight_smile:

Her Name Is Lea Finale^^ July 07-09

Ah here is the fifth chapter to “Her Name is Lea”^^ I decided to instead of just writing every chapter out on the thread title, to simply write the date i update for a new part, makes things easier is all :slight_smile: well without further ado, here’s chapter 5!

Chapter 5: Love Right There

The week seemed to blaze right by me, having been up to my neck in dull meetings surrounding a number of film projects. Before I knew it, the ominous Home study had arrived, and I was scrambling to get things prepared. At around 11:30 am, I received a call from the same Miss Bridget Johnson of the CDSS about our upcoming “date”, and mentioned how she would be at my front steps in one hour.

“Nervous” could not describe how I felt when the time came. “Terrified beyond belief” would be a better description.

After tidying up everything I possibly could, especially my room, I slumped down on my couch and breathed an exhausted sigh. Almost like clockwork right after 12:30 struck, my door bell rang. I anxiously got up from my seat and headed towards the door. One thing I was always taught under social situations is that the first impression is the one that leaves the biggest impact. Body language can tell those around you quite a bit about how your personality is before you even open your mouth. Knowing how to maintain proper body language under difficult situations can really give you a positive start on first meeting someone. Unfortunately, with my nerves kicking in and thoughts of doubt ascending, my skills were beginning to weaken.

I tried to shake as much fear and doubt out of my mind just before finally opening the door.

Revealing on the other side of my doorway was a woman that seemed to be in her mid 30’s, wearing a light brown business suit and white V neck under it, accompanied by a short, white Asymetrix pearl necklace. She had medium length brown hair and bright, popping blue eyes. Her shoes had a slight lift to them, and matched quite well with the rest of her outfit. She greeted me with cheerful smile.

“Hello Mr. Soel, I’m Bridget Johnson; glad to finally meet you in person!” She said while happily shaking my hand.

“Likewise, Miss Johnson.” I replied confidently.

“Now Mr. Soel, before we begin evaluating your house, I would just like to ask you a couple of questions.”

“Oh of course; please this way.” I said, gesturing to the couch nearby.

We made our way to the white leather couch in the middle of my living room, and quietly sat next to one another. Before sitting though, I knew that Miss Johnson might get thirsty from asking me all of her questions, so I brought two cups of water back to our spots. She smiled at my thoughtful gesture and we began.

“I have to say Mr. Soel, you have a distinct advantage in all this process. You see, when people plan for adoption, a number of circumstances can affect if they will be able to bring the child home or not. One of these being physical and mental health of the adoptee, and your records show no problems in either field. Another problem that some may face is the possible economic hardship of having another mouth to feed.” Bridget explained.

“You seem to have a very successful business going for yourself, and I’m sure taking care of one more person shouldn’t be that much of a problem.”

"Well money is money; what I truly appreciate in life is trust, love, and devotion. I gotta admit, living here can get kind of lonely. You know, friends are all fine and dandy at times, but… "I paused to think on what to say next. “I guess… I’ve never really felt closeness from them; or anyone for that matter. But Lea gives me that feeling of closeness.” I replied firmly.

“My family abandoned me when I was 5 years old; just… Went on… and left me on the street one day.” I continued misty eyed. “I don’t remember much the next few days afterward; but I do remember fighting a group of kids all by myself, and beating them too. A cop pulled up to the scene of me wailing on a bunch of 8 year olds.” I chuckled softly. After quickly swiping my left eye from any possible tears, I continued. “He called for back up soon after he had all of us under control. Another car pulled up and took the group of kids, while I rode with the original police officer. I was placed in a local orphanage only about a week afterward. The next couple of years, I moved, a lot.” I paused once again, seeing those moments of my early life flashing in my mind. After some time in deep thought, I continued where I left off.

“Most of the people I was left with either completely ignored me, or really enjoyed treating me like a punching bag. After years of being of being neglected, I finally ran away. I had to have been… Oh I don’t know… maybe, 9 or 10 years old.” I said while rubbing my forehead. A deep sigh escaped my mouth.

“Look, the reason I’m telling you all this is… because I never want this to happen to that little girl. She has had such a harsh disadvantage from the very beginning… It isn’t right. I want to be the one to help her.” I told the woman intently listening to every word I had said.

“I understand what you mean; and by what you’ve just told me, I can tell you truly have an honest heart Mr. Soel. You do deserve happiness and love in your life, and rumor has it around the center that little Lea definitely has taken an interest in you.” Bridget said winking.

“Thank you, I really appreciate that.” I replied smiling warmly.

“Now just to wrap this little questionnaire up, would you consider the people you generally socialize with to impose any threat toward a household that would now accompany a four year old? And…” Bridget added slowly while shuffling through a packet of papers. “Ah yes, do you have any specific expectations for this child in long run if you do end up adopting her?” She added.

“Well, people I’m around know when to limit their ‘craziness’ around certain others, so I think they’ll be alright.”
The final question was what really stumped me in thought for a proper answer.

“My expectations of her… are to be happy.” I finally said firmly. The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to find happiness in another person. Whether it is a close friend, a significant other, or a child of my own; to share with that deserving someone all my joy was what I strived for. My heart heavily pounded as I recited all this in my head.

Bridget did not respond to my reply; simply stared back at me, almost empathetically to what I had said. After a short moment, she readjusted herself and we began the house evaluation.

Every corner and edge was noted down, and after a long while of investigating all suspicious areas in the downstairs, we began to head up the stairway. My nerves arose once again as we turned to my bedroom, anxious to know what Miss Bridget might’ve been thinking of my abode thus far. I would become uneasy every so often she would go to check a specific spot, but luckily all were deemed safe. In the end, she finally spoke up: “Well, everything checks out.” with a joyful smile. A wave of relief swept over me as I calmly thanked her for saying such a thing.

Just before leaving, Miss Johnson gave me a copy of her notes for the house evaluation. She also mentioned how in about one month if everything checks out well in the orphanage for last minute details, that I could finally take Lea home! I was extremely glad that all was well here; taking me so much closer to finally giving little Lea the life she deserves.

We waved goodbye as she made her way back to her car, and I slowly inhaled and exhaled a sigh that had building up since the very beginning of the visit.

As I rested my eyes for a moment while laying my back to the front door, thoughts raced in my mind on how close I really was to fulfilling everything that was imposed almost half a year ago. One Month and I will see just what my plan brought forth. I checked my watch and noticed it was only about 3:00 PM, yet the exhaustion was all the same.

I slowly got up and decided to head back to the orphanage to see how Lea was doing. After a whole week of not visiting her, I worried if she would still remember me or not.

The drive seemed faster than usual and I arrived after only a couple of minutes. Casually strolling into the center, I noticed Amber’s absence and decided to walk around until I met with a worker that could help me out.

I began to walk along the familiar hallway that Amber showed me the last time I was here. As I paced along the same rooms and saw the same faces from not too long ago, I knew I was nearing the end of my search for Lea. I calmly walked up to her room but immediately heard something unfamiliar occurring from inside. Opening the door, I was witness to poor Lea fighting with two other workers. One of the two was attempting to unclothe Lea while the other was vigorously holding the child still. As I got closer, I could hear what the two women were yelling about.

“Please hold still!” One told the screaming girl.
“Stop it Lea! Quit… moving…. around!” The second yelled as she pulled onto Lea’s wet pants. The tug of war lasted for about half a minute before Lea elbowed the woman in the face. She instantly fumed while angrily taking a hold of Lea’s arm saying:
“That’s it, you’re in for it now!” while raising her other hand to deliver a punishing spanking.
Just as her fury was about to be unleashed on Lea’s bottom, I caught her hand from doing so.

“Don’t.” I said with a firm grip to the woman’s wrist. All stared in utter shock and silence as to what I had just done. Lea had stopped crying, and was looking at me with just as much surprise. I gave her a smile of compliance; those that say “It’s Ok” and reverted to concentrating on the woman I was holding back.

“What the he- Oh Mr. Soel!” The woman said, instantly calming down. I let go of her hand so she could explain herself to me face to face.

“Please apologize to Lea before I report you to your headmaster for abusing a child.” I said calmly.

“Mr. Soel, y-you don’t understand.” The woman said taking me away from the scene. “Lea always gets like this when she has an accident and we… well… have to take different ‘measures’ to help her with her problem.”

“What ‘measures’ are you talking about exactly?” I asked suspiciously.

“Day time protection; you know… diapers? She gets really upset when we have to put them on her… as you just saw.” She nervously replied.

I briefly looked over to where Lea and the second worker were standing, both staring curiously at what we were talking about. With an idea in mind, I quickly returned to the talking to the woman in front of me.

“Look, if I can get Lea to change into her ‘day time protection’ without trouble, will you just be able to take it easy when around her from now on?” I calmly asked.

After giving me a nod for confirmation, I walked back up to where Lea was.

“Hey there,” I said, kneeling down to the small girl’s height. “Are you alright Lea?”

She gave me a vigorous shaking of the head while wiping her eyes. I swept her into a gentle hug, hoping that it could lift her up from being so upset.

I asked Lea if there was any way she would be alright with being changed in case of future accidents. After a short moment of thought, she slowly shook her head. Disappointed, I softly asked her why she didn’t want to. She pointed to the two women standing nearby, while taking a grab at my shirt.

“Oh I understand. You don’t want them to change you, do you?” I asked Lea, who was now hiding behind me. She shyly nodded.

“Did they scare you or something?” Her response was another nod. I knew it had to have been something in regards toward her just being scared of the other workers. Only people she truly acknowledged and had faith in could perform such a deed.

I began to rise back up just as Lea clung onto me with a powerful grip. I took her hand in mine and told her:“Come on, let’s get you changed.” with warm smile. She smiled back at me and I gathered up all the supplies needed.

I was actually quite surprised there were no disinclined feelings on what I said show in Lea’s face. I knew now that she very much trusted me, as she knew that I did care for her.

For an inexperienced bachelor, I thought I did pretty well diapering Lea for the first time. She fell into her new pair of pants without hesitation and rewarded me with a grateful smile for helping her through all this. We made our way back into the room, smiles and all. I quickly gave a suspicious stare at the two women next to Lea’s bed, causing their backs to immediately straighten in fear of what I might say or do next.
I gently placed Lea back on her bed.

“You be good; I promise I’ll come for you very soon.” I said, while giving a quick peck to her cheek. Lea giggled at my gesture and fell back onto her pillow. I waved “goodbye” as I began to leave and she copied a similar act with her left hand. As I was closing the door on the room, I noticed I still had a smile on my face. The rest of the day, I kept that smile, knowing it was because Lea was now such a major part of my life.