Her Husband’s Affair’sThe Honeymoon

Her Husband’s Affair’sThe Honeymoon
based off of Her Husband’s Affair’s by Ben Hecht, Charles Lederer “Screen Director’s Playhouse” broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on May 22, 1949
the Honeymoon written by diaperAB ©dp production 2011


NARRATOR: Before we start ore program le t me remind you of what has gone on so fare .
William works for Mr. Cruikshank. He is to come up with a slogan to sell the most comfortable hats.
Margret his wife and old business partner working on a slogan to sell the hats.
Also William has his friend Prof. Glinka totaling a way in his garage working on some experiment to improve the imbaling people and animals and plants,
by turning them in to glass. But he is just not getting it . side effects may but are not limited to growing hear , removing hair.
Turning hair in to glass . well Margret convince her husband to sell the waste product to Mr. Cruikshank as off a gene .
well this is a problem as it nearly land her husband in jail but the quick thinking Margret changes the name to on agene he pays them $5000 for the rights to sell it.
Now on with today’s stories called THE Honeymoon

MARGARET: Oh William I can’t wait to get to the island it is going to be so great .

WILLIAM :Yes dear it will be the honeymoon that u would not stop talking about for the last year. And we owe this all to Mr. Cruikshank and Prof. Glinka.

MARGARET: What about me honey I help you come up with the name and was able to help keep you out of the slammer .

WILLIAM: That is true. but before we left for Bermuda you said that u would keep out of my affairs.
And that means you are not to take my credit at all dear.

MARGARET : YOUR credit without MY help you would not have had the idea to even take this to Mr. Cruikshank.

WILLIAM: Dear let’s not yell we are on the plane and people are staring and whispering about us.

SOUND » » » »whispers are heard in the back ground

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Mr. and Mrs. Weldon could you please keep it down some of the other passenger are trying to sleep.

WELDON’S: Sorry we will keep it down.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT : Thank you and well I am here would you like a drink or a pillow or blanket?

NARRATOR:Our couples settle in for the long flight. They make it to the air port, and gather their bags and board a bus. They arrive at the St. George resort the town of St. George.

Scene 2

Production note Sfx fade in classic island music in the back ground and softer at the end of the scene . also note the sound add in the end of the scene

HOTEL CLERK :Name please

WILLIAM : Why hello to you as well I am Mr. Weldon

HOTEL CLERK :Ok one moment MR Weldon. Here is you’re key to the honeymoon suite. let me get the bell hop to take your bags to the room

WILLIAM :Thank you ok let’s go to the room shall we.

BELLHOP :Mr. and Mrs. Weldon if u would fallow me please.

SOUND » » » »Footsteps and a squeaked weal are heard in the back ground and a keys can be heard as they unlock the door and the door opening as well .

Scene 3 hotel room
[sub] ©dp production 2011[/sub]
MARGARET: Oh William this is so beautiful. It is just how i pictured it in my dreams.
Rose petal on the bed, some Champaign.
Oh look at the view it is breath taking you can see the water and the beach.

BELLHOP:Will there be anything else I can do for you Sir or Madame?

WILLIAM :No thank you young man. Here is a tip and thank you for your help

BELLHOP: Gee sir I can’t take this much money from you. This is $ 100.00

MARGARET:How about this we give you the $100 and we call down for you when we need something set up . oh I all most forgot to ask you what is your name is?

BRYCE (BELLHOP):My name is Bryce and that will be fine.

[sub]©dp production 2011[/sub]

Scene 4

Production note Waves lapping at the shore and sound of the wind as it starts to pick up in the background

SOUND » » » » Sound of someone picking up and using a rotary phone

MARGARET: Is this the front desk?

FROUNT DESK : Yes, this is the front desk. This is Cassie how may I help you?

MARGARET: Yes this is Margaret Weldon. I was hoping to go out on the beach and have a picnic.

CASSIE :Yes mam you can do that would you like me to set it up for and is there anything else I can do for you?

MARGARET: IF Bryce is in could he set up a picnic for my husband and myself?.

CASSIE :Yes Bryce is in. I will let him know right now when would you like it ready ?

MARGARET: Say in an hour. That would be great. We are going for a walk first.

CASSIE : Ok, it will be all set up for you when you are done with your walk

MARGARET:Thank you cassie .
Come one honey let’s take a walk

SOUND ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ You hear the phone being set back down on the receiver, and the you hear footsteps and the door opening and closing.

NARRATOR: The couple walk on the beach and pick up some shells


[sub]©dp production 2011[/sub]

CASSIE:Bryce there you are I have been looking all over for you. Mr. And Mrs. Weldon would like a picnic set up on the beach. And asked that you set it up.

BRYCE: Sure cassie I can do that when do they want it set up ?

CASSIE :In less than 30 minutes

BRYCE: What! I don’t have time to make them lunch and set it up in 30 minutes

CASSIE:Relax I all ready had the chef make the lunch basket all you have to do is pick it up and lay it all out

BRYCE :thanks cassie and I hope they enjoy it as I heard from some of the sailors that there is a big storm coming this way some say it is a hurricane.

NARRATOR:As the Weldon’s walk back they see that Bryce has set out there lunch. Bryce also is weighting to inform MR Weldon of the possible hurricane that is heading their way . he tells Mr. Weldon that the sailors that have just come in to port are informing people to that there is a big storm getting closer to them and that it looks like it might be a hurricane , but they will not know how bad till it is tonight. As they talk the waves start to pick up and so does the wind

[sub]©dp production 2011[/sub]

Scene 6 hotel bed room

Production note: Sfx fade up wind during the night adding the shutters banging loudly
MARGARET:Hey will did you hear that?

SOUND » » » »Wind holing and shuter banging

WILLIAM : Shush Margret it is just the wind go back sleep.

MARGRET : William wake up I’m scared, and someone is knocking at the door.

SOUND » » » »Knocking load and fast(fade up knocking)( Wind holing and shuter banging)in back ground

WILLIAM : Fine I’m up honey and I will see who is at the door.

SOUND » » » »Unbolting the door and slowly opening door

BRYCE : Sorry to wake you Mr.Weldon but I have to give ask that wake your wife as we are haveing an evacuation the hote

WELDON’S :What why?

BRYCE : Hotel policy is to keep the gust safe at all times and this is no normal storm like I told you earlier to day sir , this is a monster hurricane. And we have to get to higher ground well we can.

WILLIAM : Quick honey pack only what we can carry in one bag it must be the essional only.

MARGRET :Ok dear I all ready heard what he was telling you and I have started .
but I can’t make up whether or not to pack my make up or not .

WILLIAM :dear the esencalse only that does not mean your makeup .

MARGRET :but honey

WILLIAM :sorry dear no makeup. Are you ready to go now .

MARGRET :done we are ready.
SOUND » » » »Sound of suitcase being dragged and door open fast and slammed shut with hurried footsteps .

NARRATOR:The Weldon and the other hotel guests are gather in the lobby to get on the bus that will take them to the shelter. 30 hours later the civil authority gives the all clear to return .

MARGRET: I can believe we are alive .

WILLIAM : I know dear. Let go back to the room and see what there is any damage to what we left behind.

[sub]©dp production 2011[/sub]

Scene 7

NARRATOR:We now find our lovely couple sitting in the airport, weighting for their plane to arrive. and we here them talking about the trip

WILLIAM: Honey this was the best honeymoon. You were right when saying that we will never forget this

MARGRET: What this had to be the worst honeymoon known to man. First we fought on the plane. Then there was the hurricane.
And you say that this was a great honeymoon.

WILLIAM:It was great tell me honey will you forget any of this?
We enjoy our time with one another, we had some scary moments yes but we lived and we can tell our friends back home what it was like .

MARGRET:Well no I will not well then it was a great honeymoon then

©dp production 2011

Re: Her Husband’s Affair’sThe Honeymoon

hey i forgot to say hi and thanks for reading , but this may look like it is done but trust me u will see that this is episodic in nature and should continue . but to do this i will need your help . like all good radio programs we need feed back so in the first installment i am giving u a preview of the man actors . but i am not limiting them. so tell me who u like and why . and would u rather add new cartors to the storie or keep who i have in it so far.