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Hey Penguin, I’m new to this site but definitely enthralled by the stories. I have asked this question now to three different members without a response to my question. Maybe you can help this newbie figure out how to avoid the following issue. Here goes. If I leave a story even though the app is still open, my place is lost and I have to scroll thru pages upon pages of content to find where I left off. What am I doing wrong here or more importantly how do I bookmark a page within a story. Thinks!

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First, please don’t post support requests like this in story threads, it’s a really good way to ensure that I won’t see them most of the time. :slight_smile:

So, first let me ask who those other users you asked for help were. You have only one public post, and that’s the one I’m replying to. If it was via a PM, then I really hope it wasn’t @system or @discobot as neither of them are real users. :slight_smile:

So first off, when you say “app” are you referring to the DiscourseHub app from Google Play/iOS app store or the “app” you’re prompted to install with banner that creates an icon on the home screen of your device? The answer to what is happening and why is slightly different depending on which you’re talking about.

Either way, as far as bookmaring goes, I’m going to assume you didn’t complete the tutorial with discobot as one of the first things he teaches you is how to bookmark an individual post.

On every post do you see that little bookmark icon next to the flag? If you click on that it will bookmark the post, which can accessed several ways. The first is Bookmarks tab on the home page.

The second is on the avatar menu in the upper right of the page (Yours will be a green circle with a white N in it). There’s a Bookmark tab with same icon that appears on the posts, and (depending on your screen size) will be the 5-20 most recent bookmarks you’ve saved. If yo click/tap that tab a second time, it takes you to your profile bookmarks on the Activity instead, which is not the same one you get from the homepage tab.

The third is the same as the second, except that it’s easier on mobile. When the bookmarks tab on your avatar menu is open there is a downward pointing arrow at the very bottom. Clicking/tapping it takes you the same place as clicking/tapping the tap a second time while it is open.

There is technically a fourth way as well, but it’s just silly and takes you the same place as 2 and 3. For completeness, if you go to your profile and click the Activity tab, there is (depending on mobile or desktop) either two drop menus or a sidebar.

If you have the menus, click the second one and one of the options is Bookmarks.

If you have the sidebar, just click Bookmarks.

And as this is something I know confuses people, your bookmarks are not visible to other users except moderators and admins. This is also true for the Drafts section (except that not even admins can see those. Only you can see your drafts)

Thanks and no I didn’t complete the tutorial


I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond to my ignorance. I do use the mobile app with my IOS device. The app icon is the “white” undies set to a black square. Nice and discreet too since my wife is also a nurse and knows exactly what that icon was if tape tabs included. I’m 58 but not a techie type by any means. Thanks

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Sorry, thought I responded to this days ago.

Since it’s the Progressive Web App and not DiscourseHub, then part of the issue is that it’s being forced to close after roughly 10 minutes of being in the background and Discourse isn’t having time to save the information it needs to bring you back to where you were. The bookmarks system will definitely help with that issue.

If you’re talking about the topic lists though, that’s a different issue and we’re actually working on sorting out the story sections to help with that. We’re in the process of tagging stories and shuffling things around to better organize them. It’s something I literally wanted to do years ago but my hands were tied and I didn’t have the time to do it myself. We recently added some additional mods to help with moderation in general and to help with the organization side of things as well.

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