Hello, I am Humilatron. I started posting stories on the Girls Pantsing and Stripping Board a few years ago. But my stories tend to be more about girls in diapers, and that’s not really something people on that type of board are a fan of, and so I wanted to a better home for those types of stories, and so I found this board. I plan to post new stories as well as older stories that I wish to continue. And I hope that you all will end up enjoying those stories. I have so many ideas to explore and so many stories to share. All of my stories are completely fiction. None of them are real nor based on real experiences. Some of my ideas do come from Porn videos and comics that I’ve seen but nothing is intended to be stolen work, it’s just that sometimes when I’m thinking of story ideas a concept or idea that another person had comes to mind and I like to be able to flesh that sort of thing out. I don’t like pooping, so I almost never use it in my stories. Peeing is fine for me but pooping is a bit too disgusting for me, but that’s just me. Don’t know why, but it’s just a thing.

Welcome! Humiliation is always welcome as har as I’m concerned. People have based stories here off of images and other stories, before, so don’t worry about being accused of stealing ideas over that.