Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’ve read this forum (in its various incarnations) for several years now. By far, this place is my favorite ABDL-oriented site on the Net. These stories really resonate with the “little” side of my personality (I particularly enjoy BabyButt’s stuff these days).

I like to write and find it cathartic and therapeutic, so I may make a contribution somewhere down the line.

Mainly though, I want to be able to give feedback on the stories that I enjoy and get something out of emotionally speaking. I’ve also kept this part of who I am to myself all my life, and if the Net can give me the outlet in which to talk about my AB side with others who get it, this forum is the place I think I would feel most comfortable doing that.

Glad to finally be here!

Re: Hello

And of course you’re most welcome.

Re: Hello

Hmm….someone who is proficient with grammar, is willing to make an attempt at writing here, whose name isn’t entirely unoriginal……

I got nothing.