Hello to all and a hearty Thank You!

I’ve been an avid reader for the majority of my 37 years. Over the last couple of weeks Barns & Noble and Amazon haven’t gotten any of my money because I found this board.

Thanks to all the authors on here- I have loved the stories on the completed listing, and I’m quickly getting sucked into the others as they evolve. Thank you :smiley:

My interest in the AB/DL world began when I was a child, around about 10 years old. I witnessed the six year old neighbor girl playing dress up while wearing a diaper. The image never left me, and I always wanted to be her in my dreams. Laughing, happy, loved, snuggled, encouraged, rewarded, consoled, and diapered. She grew out of them, of course, but my dream-self never did.

I’ve been a DL ever since. As a child I would steal my mom’s maxipads to line my underwear. As I grew older and started earning money, I would buy and hide diapers around the house, and dispose of them buy stashing them in a garbage bag in the barn and dropping that off in one of the city park garbage cans.

A little over three years ago, while working in a tank aboard a submarine, a fellow worker accidentally broke the handles on his toolbag and dropped it. Ten feet later it bounced off my head and broke my neck. Now My choices are to wear a catheter and leg-bag, or a diaper. I used a cath and bag for about a week, untill a hot spatterball (I’m a welder) melted a hole in it. With a wet leg, boot full of cold pee, standing in a puddle, I resolved to never wear a bag to work again.

I would much rather have the choice of whether or not to wear them, but I make the best of it. I’m blessed I can still walk, still work, still alive at all, really. Wearing a diaper is nothing compaired to what could have happened.

Many of the stories here carry a resonance - they trigger memories or feelings of my past. Remarkable work, great skills, and many of the comments and critiques are positive! Amazing to see people helping each other to become better in what they want to do.

I’m not very creative myself, but I certainly enjoy the creative efforts of others. Keep up the great work!

Re: Hello to all and a hearty Thank You!

Howdy! I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you but happy that you survived it! Its kinda funny about Barnes and Noble not getting your money anymore because of this place, 'cause the exact same thing happened to me when I stumbled across the forum!

You’re likely to meet some pretty cool people here! Welcome aboard!!!