Hello, I'm new here.

Hello everyone,

To all the AB/DL and Sissy AB’s. I was happy to find this site and a place where I could find some good Sissy AB Stores as well being able to post some of my own. Yes, I may be a Newbie this site but I have been writing stories for many years and have just posted the beginnings of one that I ahve been working on for some time now. It is pending approval and hope those interested will stop by and read it. Thanks so much. Don’t forget to have Mommy change those wet diapers!

Diaper Girl

Re: Hello, I’m new here.

Hi. You probably won’t get to know me too well as I mostly handle tech issues and usually releasing first posts by new members as part of the anti-spam stuff :slight_smile:

Speaking of releasing first posts, I actually approved your story while you were writing this post apparently :slight_smile: