Hello I am the new old guy on the block.

I came in here and registered after reading a little note about Naughty Elf. I have had the fortunes to know the Naughty Elf for some 15 years prior to his death. Please I would like to hear from any of the good folks that interacted with him in Zity Biz or in these pages.

Re: Hello I am the new old guy on the block.

So very sad people judge others for their own personal selection. It does seem rather comical for a fetish site to act that way. You are not alone, many have and still talk about how badly they had been treated. That was one of the things the Naughty Elf would not ever consider doing. I had the opportunity to attend a few of his parties ( open to all ) no one was judged or not made welcome. I learned more about people and their selections of lifestyle at those parties. Dam good fun and still some dam good friends.

Re: Hello I am the new old guy on the block.

  1. In the memory of my old friend! ( Elf Mind Drivel ) The bell rings the mail person is at the door. Without thinking you dash to the door. You swing the door open forgetting you are wearing a very well folded and diaper pinned diaper, covered with only a perfect fitting pair of plastic pants. Surprise it is not the mail person but the gorgeous young lady from next door. She smiles and reaches out and pats your diapers. Poor baby need a diaper change, she asks. The embarrassment mounts as you involuntarily start to wet your diaper. What do you do as the wet spot spreads and she giggles aloud at your predicament.

Sorry I don’t have his mind or talent but I would love the situation.

Be well all. Nice to have a few powdered bottoms to talk to again. 8)