Hello I am Crickle

Hello, I am Crickle. I have never shared my writing before and at the encouragement of my wife I am going to share some of it here.

I have written many many stories for my own satisfaction and that of my wife, half of what I write is gentle diaper play but the other half is erotica with some sex and various other bondage or strong fetish play themes thrown in. All my stories are written from the perspective of an adult, Husband, wife or play companions. A general theme exists within the writing, they are generally about 4000words or so long and could be linked together in a single story if some imagination was used by the reader although the read quite satisfactorily on their own.

None of what I write is age regression stuff, more age play themed if any. Sadly I understand that the stronger Erotica themed stories are somewhat off topic here. However, I still look forward to sharing my play stories, I will share the other stuff if requested OR advised that its okay to do so.

My wife is somewhat biased to my writing and thinks its brilliant, I am a little more pragmatic and think what I write is pretty good but I wouldn’t class it as brilliant, most of the reason I want to post it here is to receive feedback from non biased readers.

I will hopefully post the first story in the next few weeks. For the first one I want to have it reasonably well edited so that people want to finish reading them.

Re: Hello I am Crickle

Welcome. Please do share some stories. Starting with the more obvious stories is probably a good idea to feel your way in here. You’ve probably seen there’s a strong tendency towards more literary works. If you haven’t looked them over, take a look at the rules. If you’re wondering if you are getting close to the line, let us know to give you feedback on that.

That said, we always like to see new writers showing up. We like good writing, and do put in effort to help writers who work to produce it.

Re: Hello I am Crickle

Welcome, Crinkle! There’s plenty of voracious readers here around, just waiting for new material.
Feel free to blend in your recipy the spices your prefer: even the strongest ones do come off well if correctly balanced and kept formally within the playfield.

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Welcome, I think you’ll fit in nicely here.

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Welcome. We’re fairly well mannered and lucid around here, though sometimes it takes a while to hear back and get comments. You definitely seem like you’ll fit in well though, starting off on the right foot with all these fancy things like coherent sentences, intelligence, and a general air of maturity.