Hello everyone

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to all the wonderful authors we have here. I know I am now to having an account but I have lurked for a while and love reading the stories. So about myself I am a broken transgender little girl that has alot of past traumas that would make for some good stories but in the same token would be on the darker side of things. Well hope to read many more wonderful stories and you all have a great day.

Welcome. I’m not sure, but I think having an actual account might give you better access here, and if so, congratulations on possibly finding even more stories.

Also, that’s a cute profile picture :slight_smile:

Yes there is definitely more access and the archives are available. And thank you I adore that one.

Some of the more sensitive forums and ones that are popular with spammers only become available after an admin validates your account.

Yeah I’m just waiting to be approved through tap talk. As it is I have to log in online to type anything

I’m not sure what’s going on with Tapatalk, but you’re in the normal users group now so you should be able to post normally and not have to wait for approval from the moderators :slight_smile:

Ohhhh nice thank you for checking. I’m wondering if it was just waiting for me to become a regular member before allowing posts through taptalk

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I didn’t have to check :slight_smile:

Users who haven’t validated their emails or aren’t approved by an admin/meet the auto-validation requirements have usernames with special coloring. Your name no longer has that coloring, that was how I knew :slight_smile:

Lol I didnt even notice.

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