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I am glad to beable to be be a member of this website and forum. I am new to the site, but I am a long time ab/dl and lg. If any one has question or comments for me just post them.

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Heya, buddy.

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Hi there.

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Hi Rebecca, and welcome. Your .sig mentions you’re TG… I’d be curious to know the LG thing evolves as your transition. I also started there, and have been slowly exploring different ages, getting older as I go. I’m now up to being a teenager, or maybe early 20s, given those are the latest characters I’ve chosen to write about. In a way, it’s been like an attempt to replace the childhood I didn’t have. Did you experience anything similar? Or is it too early to tell?

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My ab/dl side is more of the DL side of things. I have come to enjoy diapers over the years more and more. At first they started out as a punishment when, I was young. I had an issue with bed wetting and a few other issues, when I was young. In the long run they turned into a way for me deal with certain issues in my life as I got older.

I will say this much on my past, I was a ward of the state for 12 years, During this time I dealt with many personal issues. This was also when my I started too learn about my TRansgender side.

I was in my late 20’s when I finally acpeted who and ehat I was. This was after 2 divorces and neing a father, up intil this point I had tried to be the person everybody else eanted.

In the last few years since , I have fully transsistioned in life and am a woman now.

As I started my transistion, foind my Lg side and this joined with my Dl side. I see mu self a young girl between 7 -8 years old, that still has wetting accident day and night. My LG side is basicly living the youth, that I wanted and never got.

I hope this explains a little bit more. As always just ask and I will try to reply.