hello all im bethey/kiara

Hello everyone how are you my name is Bethy aka kiara( furry name)I’ve been visiting this site alot and i love it so now I’m going to start as a full member.I think all the stories I’ve read so far are fantastic and cant wait to read/ discuss more. Id love to chat to anyone who wants to over pm or open forum. I’m also a fiction author of a variety of genres also a “Little Girl”, a furry and a keen Dl Love you all
Beth /kiara

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Yeah, because this is totally a hookup site where people wait anxiously for someone to reply to their intro 6 months after they post it to chat/pm/fuck….

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How in the hell did I miss this originally?

Yeah. Bonus because the OP hasn’t been here since 4 days after posting it…

Although it doesn’t actually violate the rules it comes dangerously close to it.

I swear as annoying as it would I’m about ready to lock everything that’s not a story that has gone more than 6 months without a reply…

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well damn