Hello again...old intro, new name

Hello everyone. I have posted here before under the name bmaster1500. I decided that after deep consideration, to change my name to BubbleGum… I am trying more than before to discover myself more as an infantalist. I recently moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta, Canada to live with my aunt. And now I have more freedom to post on here without someone breathing down my neck.

As for who I am, and what led me to be who I am today

I am 19 years old. It was about age seven when I discovered that I liked baby things… I was at a friends place, she had a baby brother and she always wanted to play house…blah blah blah…you’ve heard the same thing from others im sure… I have always had a strange fascination with soothers and other baby things…but what I dont hear much about is jolly jumpers. You know, the things that hang from the ceiling allowing a baby to bounce in a harness with springs.

As for people who know, I have one friend who I consider my cousin who knows about me being into this…And recently this year, a girl who just started working with me around august, added me on facebook…I discovered she liked this too and had a girlfriend who she mommie’s! I will try and post more later…

but for right now… Im going to see what there is to contribute to on the board!

Thanks all!

Re: Hello again…old intro, new name

Those sex swings are pretty much the same thing…