Heads up about the Google Account and Discord login methods

I was just informed that after installing the Discourse Chat plugin it broke logins via Discord and Google Accounts.

I have disabled the plugin that was causing this issue. if you are still getting CSRF errors when trying to sign in with these methods then you can add a password to your account by using the Forgot Password function and sign in that way and let me know.

Also as an aside, one of the reasons I was testing this plugin is that due to the excessively low usage of both the Discord and IRC chats I was planning on killing off the IRC server. The cost in time and money vs. the benefits of keeping it at this point are skewed way too heavily into the cost column.

There is no intention to remove the Discord server, in fact I am currently working on getting better integration with the forums working. :slight_smile:

Quick update on this issue. A fix was recently pushed for the chat plugin to fix the CRSF issues so we may be reactivating it in the near future.

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