Hayley's Issues - Chapter 2

Hayley languidly shuffled on the couch, watching the third hour of cartoons for the day. She shifted her legs a little, still trying to get used to the feeling of a diaper between them. It was almost eleven and she was a little worried Karen would take so long all the kids would have already left the park.

She sighed as she started wetting the diaper the second time. It was definitely soaked now. She wondered if she was a baby for using it on purpose, but she didn’t want to miss any of the show and it wasn’t like she chosen to wear them. The warmth was actually kind of pleasant.

“Hey there,” Karen said, lightly toweling her hair after her morning shower. She wasn’t surprised in the least to find Hayley in front of the T.V., that kid was a couch potato in the making. She felt so important, waking up to an empty house for the second day, knowing she was in charge. Last night had gone great, her mom had praised her about doing a good job and the house not being burnt to the ground. She could tell Hayley was still miffed about the diaper thing, but it was just so efficient she couldn’t bring herself to feel very sorry for her.

It wasn’t like changing dirty diapers wasn’t unpleasant, but at least it beat cleaning crap out of random places. As much as she liked being the responsible one, she couldn’t help but be a little envious of the brat. Mom always stuck up for her, she didn’t have hours of homework or social networks to maintain, and now she wasn’t even responsible for getting to the potty on time.

“Hey, when are we going to the park?” Hayley asked hopefully.

“We didn’t leave until one yesterday, your friend might not even be there yet.” Karen replied, “Besides, I want to have some breakfast and check the internet.”

“When are we going?” Hayley whined, adding “I’m wet.”

“Oh,” Karen replied, a little surprised at the forthcoming admission, “Okay, let me get the bag.”

Karen brushed her hair quickly, tying it behind her and grabbed the diaper bag she’d left in her room the previous evening. She walked back into the living room where Hayley was still laying around like a sloth.

“Okay, come over here.” Karen asked

“Don’t wanna.” Hayley replied, lifting her legs in suggestion that her big sister should just change her on the couch.

“We don’t wanna get pee on the couch, right?” Karen suggested, though it held the tone of an order. Grumbling, Hayley rolled onto the floor in front on the T.V. and looked up at her sister from the floor.

“That’ll do, I guess,” Karen shrugged and she went over to Hayley. First she pulled off the Spongebob pajama bottoms, tossing them up onto the couch and ripped the tapes of the diaper. Hayley felt the cool air on her skin as the diaper was removed, and the even cooler wipes caused her to flinch as Karen went about cleaning her up.

“Geeze, this is soaked.” Karen said, wadding up the used disposable, “They will leak eventually, how long had you been wet?”

“I went when I woke up.” Hayley replied shrugging, “And again just a bit ago.”

“You’ll get diaper rash, have me change you earlier.” Karen said, trying to not laugh at the idea of Hayley going to school with a bad case of diaper rash.

“But you were asleep…” Hayley whined again, not having really minded sitting in it. She’d sat in poopy pants for quite a while before, a wet diaper wasn’t even nearly as unpleasant as cold poop.

Karen slid the fresh diaper under her sister and snugly taped it up. She left the pajama bottoms off, assuming Hayley would be getting dressed for the day soon anyway.

Karen returned to her room and logged on to the internet. The laptop she’d gotten for Christmas two years ago was the best thing ever. She glanced down at the messages on Facebook, elated to see that Trevor had replied to her message. He was one of the cutest guys in her grade. She’d been hoping he would notice her, but since he’d had a girlfriend most of the year she’d just been sending flirty messages until the right time came.

“Hey,” The message read, “You heard I broke up with Kristen last week, right? You want to catch a movie some evening”

Karen felt her heart beat a little faster as she typed a causal reply in the affirmative. The message duly sent she started browsing for recent gossip on her friend’s walls.

Meanwhile Hayley was languishing on the couch, much annoyed that her sister was taking forever. She knew for sure that the other kids were already at the park and she was just sitting here at home bored and alone. She let out an over large sigh as Karen walked back into the living room.

“Okay, geeze,” Karen said, smiling. “I’m just going to have a bowl of cereal and we’ll go.”

Hayley immediately perked up, running back to her room to get dressed. She picked out a white skirt with flowers on it and a t-shirt. She pulled a pair of panties up over her diaper and checked herself in the mirror a few times. It was reasonably discreet. At least no one had seen it yesterday, well, Samantha had, but not while she was playing anyway.

Karen quickly ate her breakfast as Hayley paced around, full of energy. Karen thought it was kind of cute, but she wasn’t going to be thrilled if she was going to have to spend a chunk of every single day at the park this summer. It was pleasant yesterday, but it’d eventually get boring. She briefly wondered if she could let Hayley go on her own, but then realized her mom would flip out about that.

By the time they got to the park it was a little past noon, the sun already beating down on the play equipment. The kids from the other day were already over there playing and Hayley ran over to join them. Karen sat down on the bench to read but quickly found herself dozing off.

“Hey guys!” Hayley said happily as she ran up.

“Hi Hayley,” Samantha said, “I totally forgot yesterday, this is my brother Rob.”

“Yo,” Rob replied, as Hayley tried to note the name. They’d been having so much fun yesterday she hadn’t bothered to ask.

“And these guys are my friends,” Rob continued, “Anthony lives down the street from us and Josh just meets us at the park.”

Josh and Anthony nodded in turn and the group started up a game of freeze tag, the kids running around the play equipment in the hot summer sun. Time passed quickly and although the diaper made her run a little awkwardly, it didn’t really slow Hayley down. She did refrain from large enough motions that her diaper might get displayed, and the inability to dodge without a skirt flare ended up making her ‘it’ more than once. However, it turned out Samantha was the slowest of them.

“Guys I’m tired of being it.” Samantha whined through a winded voice. She’d run out of steam and had been chasing to no avail for what seemed like hours.

“You ready to go?” Rob asked, not tired at all but looking a little bored. “I’m hungry,”

“Yeah, it’s way past lunch.” Samantha added. “You coming Anthony?”

Hayley sighed as Anthony nodded. She hadn’t been playing for more than a couple of hours, “You guys are going to leave already?”

“We got here at like 10,” Samantha replied apologetically. “Josh might hang around for awhile.”

“Yeah, I got here just a bit before you did. My stupid brother’s at home, so I’m staying out here as long as I can.” Josh replied casually.

“Oh,” Hayley added a bit disappointed at Samantha leaving. “Are you coming back tomorrow?”

“I dunno” Samantha replied, suddenly remembering something she pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket, “Here’s my phone number, call me maybe I can come over and play or something?”

Hayley took it great and the trio departed leaving her alone with Josh. The kid was probably a year or two older than her but he was only about half an inch taller with a slim build and unkempt brown hair. He smiled, “So what you wanna play now?”

“Oh,” Hayley said, a little flustered at how quickly the situation had changed. She felt a slight pressure and realized what her next order of action was, “Actually, I gotta go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a sec.”

She looked over to the bench and saw Karen sleeping peacefully. She thought about waking her but it didn’t seem worth it. Instead, she headed to the bathrooms herself, pinching her nose as she walked through the door. The extra heat today made the area smell even worse. She pulled her panties off and ripped the tapes, a little surprised when the plastic came off with them.

As she realized using the diaper again would be impossible, she tossed it into the trash and did her business. She felt reasonably proud that she’d managed to poop on the toilet. She hated thinking about it, but it had been awhile since she last remembered making it. She wiped a couple of times then put her panties back on, hoping Karen wouldn’t be pissed she wasn’t wearing a diaper. It wasn’t her fault her big sister had decided to take a nap.

Josh was sitting on the swings by the time she came back and the two of them played on the swings for awhile.

“Hey, wanna see something cool?” Josh said suddenly, stopping his swing.

“Okay, what?” Hayley asked, more than a little interested.

She followed the older boy up behind the restrooms, and then through a service door that looked locked on a first glance. He pulled it open with a lot of effort to reveal a small landing with a service ladder heading up to the roof.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Josh said as he began to ascend the rungs.

“Are we allowed back here?” Hayley said, a little worried. Getting in trouble was not her idea of a good time.

“It’s fine, no one will find out.” Josh said as he climbed higher, “You’re not baby are you.”

Hayley grasped the first rung firmly as her resolve kicked in. She was –not- a baby. She followed Josh up the rungs despite the fear welling in her as the ground grew further away. Soon she was at the top and Josh helped her climb over the rail onto the roof of the restrooms.

The view of the park was great, she could still see her sister sleeping about 25 yards away on the bench under on of the larger trees. Josh turned back to her after taking in the view himself, a superior grin on his face.

“I found out they didn’t lock it last summer.” He said proudly, “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah it’s nice.” Hayley replied, enjoying the feeling of the breeze.

“Umm,” Josh said hesitantly, Hayley turned to look at the boy. He turned bright red “doyouwanttobemygirlfriend?” He stammered in a quick stream.

Hayley felt her face turn red as she looked at the boy she’d met the day before, “Umm, why?” She replied finally.

“I dunno, I think you’re cute,” Josh said, his eyes looking firmly at the floor.

“Okay,” She replied as Josh seemed noticeably relieved. Hayley felt a bit of a rush at being called cute, a boy hadn’t ever said that to her before.

“I’ve,” Josh started as he took a deep breath, “I’ve gotta go home. When will you be back?”

“Umm, maybe tomorrow?” Hayley said, hoping she could convince Karen to bring her back.

“Cool!,” Josh said firmly, “Okay, see you tomorrow!” Josh said, elated as he ran back over to the ladder and started the descent.

Hayley followed him but found that climbing down looked far scarier than climbing up. She was about to call out to Josh to help her, but then remembered what he said. She certainly didn’t want him to think she was a baby after he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Ignoring her fear she swung over the rail back onto the ladder and carefully climbed down. She felt exhilarated as her feet hit the floor. Josh was already jogging out the park, and the play area was empty now. She headed back over to Karen who was still dozing happily.

“Karen, we can go, everyone went home.” Hayley said, touching her sister on the shoulder. Karen shook a little and sat up, “I told you we were coming too late.”

“Oh,” Karen said, still a little disoriented. “Do you need to be changed?”

“No, I went to the bathroom earlier.” Hayley said

“What about the diaper?” Karen asked as she rubbed her forehead.

“I just threw it out and put the panties back on.” Hayley replied, biting her lip. She didn’t know if she was allowed to do that, but it was Karen’s fault for sleeping.

“Oh, okay.” Karen said, hoisting the backpack onto her back and standing up.

“You’re not mad?” Hayley asked a little uncertain.

“I just don’t want you making a mess in the house, if you have an accident at the park it’s you who is going to be embarrassed.” Karen replied shrugging, “But you’re putting another one on as soon as we get home.”

“Okay,” Hayley said as they started walking back, “Oh, guess what? All the kids but Josh left, and we were playing, and he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“Oh, that’s cute.” Karen said smiling,

“No!” Hayley said indignantly, realizing how Karen thought of it. “He was serious! He said I was cute.”

“Yeah, but you guys only met yesterday.” Karen said, roughing up her little sister’s hair.

“So?” Hayley replied, still indignant. It sucked being treated like a kid.

“Nevermind.” Karen added, giving up, “You’re right. Good for you.”

The two walked down the block with Hayley declaring “I’ve got a boyfriend” in a sing-song voice. Karen was a little irked that her seven year old sister had managed to get a boyfriend before her, but she knew it didn’t really count.

“Oh,” Hayley said suddenly, stopping in her tracks, “We’ve gotta come back tomorrow, Josh said he’d be here.”

“Going on a date?” Karen said wryly.

“Come on, please…” Hayley begged

“Fine, tomorrow too. But we’re not coming back after that until next week, okay?”

Hayley reluctantly agreed to that deal as they finished walking back to their house. It was almost four by the time they got back. Karen unlocked the door and Hayley rushed to the bathroom to relieve herself.

“When you’re done come get me so I can put another diaper on you, okay?” Karen called after her.

“Kay!” Hayley called back. She was so excited, she was going to see her boyfriend tomorrow. She finished peeing quickly and ran back out to Karen who was waiting with a fresh diaper.

“Okay, let’s get this on you.” Karen said, motioning her to lie down.

“Umm, but I used the toilet today…” Hayley said, suddenly wondering if diapering her was fair. After all, she hadn’t pooped in her pants once today.

“I know, you did a good job, but you promised.” Karen said, feeling bad for the kid but certain that the alternative would leave parts of the house irreparable. Hayley sighed and made a big show of flopping onto the floor. Karen began to remove her panties only to find Hayley was making herself as heavy as possible.

“Come on, raise your hips.” Karen ordered annoyed. Hayley let out a “hmmph” as she raised her butt and allowed Karen to remove her panties. Karen noticed the streak at the back of the panties as she tossed them aside. “Do a better job of wiping.”

“I did.” Hayley argued as Karen ran a few wipes over her bottom before putting the new diaper on. When Karen was finished she showed Hayley the panties. Hayley just shrugged and ran off to play.

“I swear, that kid.” Karen mumbled as she threw the panties in the hamper. Well, it wasn’t exactly hygienic but it was far better than trying to clean a full load out of her sister’s underwear.

And she was committed to going back to the park tomorrow. She was going to have to find some other way to keep that kid amused. Happy to be home, she headed onto her laptop hoping that Trevor had made some form of reply. Maybe she could catch up to Hayley in the relationship deparment.

Authors Note: Glad everyone has some interest in the story. I’m still trying to get the hang of creative writing, I know I’m not paticularly descriptive and tend to get by on dialogue. I’ll keep going with in as long as there’s interest and I’m not sick of it. Thanks for your kind comments, but if you think my style’s missing something, I’m always interested in a tip or two.

Re: Hayley’s Issues - Chapter 2

You’re actually doing quite well. Don’t underestimate dialogue, it’s what makes a story interesting. I’d say you have a good balance right now… not to mention its a HUGE RELIEF to read a story with proper spelling and grammar; and when the author knows how to use words like ‘languidly’. :slight_smile:

Keep this up! You’ve made at least 1 fan already :slight_smile:

Re: Hayley’s Issues - Chapter 2

Your dialogue is natural (and that’s not so common), behind the dialogue you always care to explain the motivations of the two main characters, the flow is well paced: that’s enough to make a good story.

I have the feeling that you really don’t have a plan about where to go, but the setting is solid. A curve ball now would be interesting.

Re: Hayley’s Issues - Chapter 2

Agreed with all the comments above^^ Mark me down as fan #2 :slight_smile:

Re: Hayley’s Issues - Chapter 2

As I said before, great start! The story is quite believable, but not boring, which is a mix that’s very hard to come across in this genre. It’s also very well written and easy to understand, much more that the majority of the stories posted here.

I’m interested to see how the plot progresses, because you’ve written only a few introductory type chapter so far. But, so far, it’s one of the better stories I’ve read on here in a while. Keep it up!

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Fan 3 speaking up now, except everyone’s already said what I planned on saying, so…
This reminds me of Calliope’s story, and not just because the names are similar.

Re: Hayley’s Issues - Chapter 2

I agree with everyone else. I’ll keep reading.

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This story is very nice. Keep up the great work.